Many people cherish the False conclusion of “because hieroglyphs were written befóre (the originals of) scripture, therefore scripture is some Offshoot of ancient egypt”: Nothing could be further from the truth – because “timeframes” are irrelevant here;…the spells themsélves start by the Fall of Eden [see introduction page], and therefore only their content matters: not the era they was written in;


introduction to the real BOOK OF AM TUAT




… it is almost with some hesitation, we present this to you;
so, so many have published all kinds of the very similar off-translations,
that even for ús it is hard to un-learn the terms théy presented all this time
– as stated before,
this is about a “war between two mutually opposing realms”,
and that is the *only* way to correctly understand the concepts of AM-TUAT;
for those, who are familiar with the common am-tuat texts,
it is absolute contextual Nonsense what Rã supposingly tells his own followers:
…but that contextual Nonsense is so common accepted, that it’s tough to show anóther version;
No one appears to understand,
that this is about a War between two Realms,
of which this egyptian one is óne great victory-chant of having acquired aspects of their enemy’s realm, God’s,
even the constant use of the very glyphs show that!
as the repeating glyph of ‘having acquired’ [SHEP], etc.,
…yet no translation so far has taken this context into account;
but to ignore this most crucial concept, this Vital truth,
consequently, gobbles up the meaning of the texts,
into a mysterious-sounding but totally Illogical type of quasi-mysticism
..the AM-TUAT book is totally congruent with other texts as PT, CoffinTexts, BD,
and even the Book of Thoth [upcoming], she but describes several different aspects of the same mosaic.
We therefore ask you to be patient – because the mosaic is very complex,
and it’s separate aspects need to be congruent in áll texts,
which, as for the concept we gathered so far, is true;
the Core of AM-TUAT
is “the stealing of the spoken word of Creation”,
a concept, which is for us ‘modern men’ impossible to grasp,
but this Word is the very being of the type Realm, her essence,
and, apparently, can be mis-used to be spoken by anóther realm
we perhaps, blind as we are, would equate this concept with “frequencies”,
which sustain aspects of the physical life as we know it,
but that is a very Poor analogy of a genuine concept,
so genuine,
that the one realm *steals* the word of creation from the óther realm,
in order to ‘go create a universe according to their ówn nature’
.. a fair analogy would be,
that a poor contractor would go steal golden taps and slide doors from his concurrent,
to go install those in his own built mud-brick house.
This is exactly, what the book of AM-TUAT is about.
– and in fact, all of the other books, and entire ancient-egypt as a whole.
– following the same analogy,
the “words” can be viewed as ‘the golden taps and slide-doors’ etc, aspects,
which the egyptian realm uses to create their world by — to create “by speech”,
to build by speech, to create this reality by speech.
It is no coincidence, that Scripture starts with the line “the word was God” etc.,
it depicts exactly the same Theme:
namely, that the realm in question builds a reality for us —
and, at the moment, we live in the Egyptian one: built with stolen concepts.
…you will apologize us that we leave it to be Drafts,
until we gathered from other books how the Concepts should be completed;


AM TUAT hours, with an overview: