CT 257


CT 257

main theme : Adam speaks
(shorter chapter)

this spell – how we know it is about Adam ? :
… we know that the Egyptians (as spirits) were infatuated with him ,
while the used terms and syntax support that it is indeed about him ;
for diagrams about ‘the watercourse’ etc , see previous posted spells ;

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as paralell text :
and goto page III-370 of the PDF , always reading from down upwards


CT 257

III 370
b) sweet. (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] the torso (-region). ,
[in order for] the matrix) sky.
to become – [by] the word for speech [-for] above (‘north’). ; +
a) [see next 369 a] III 369
b) [because] the (matrix-) sky. +
[is bý] the torso (-region) above (‘north’). standing upright (‘matrix-vector’). ;
[and so to be] Râ (‘also as our sun’). [bý] the (dimensional-) side. [of] speech. ,
[by means of] he. the mouth (‘matrix-gate’) – [which] has – manifested. ;

a) [and therefore to be] the (matrix-) sky. [like] (eden-) existence. ,
[through] the king (‘of the south’). [as] the retired Adam (-ámakh-i). [whom] I am. ; +

context so far :
… so the mouth – as matrix-gate – is in their region called “the torso”
(because belów that is the destroyed eden-land as “their belly”) ;
he doesn’t directly say here ‘that he made the sun’ yet the theme is there ,
and prophets name him as inventing its blueprint ;
2) the king :
… compare in prophets “the king of Assyria” as term used for him
(one coffin has Khensu but that is a totally different concept) ;
the ‘retired’ must read “from eden” – an unusual glyph but often used for Adam ;

III 368
c) [as] the real-type-adm-soul. within (‘the matrix’). , + [<< as Adam] [by] me to make (-to come) the watercourse (‘Nile, see diagram’). ;
b) [and through] place-T (‘matrix-gate’) fór the watercourse. , +
my. (type-) (eden-) existence. to make (-ár). [for] the gods (‘spirits’). ; [<< sic]

a) [and so by means of] the (-now) divine words having become new (‘in matrix’),
(eden-) existence. [by] me. to repulse (-khsf). ; +
III 367
d) [because of] me. [being in] the divine image (‘sic !’ ; -âshem+crocodile). , +
c) [to become] the doubled (matrix-) light. +
[bý] the willow-tree (‘eden-tree’). [as] mine. existence. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;
[as] the doubled (matrix-) light. [by means of] the willow-tree (‘eden-tree’). ;

context of 367 :
… the “divine image” can only mean 1 thing : as the reason whý he can steal it ;
… it is doubtable whether the used glyph indeed means ‘willow tree’,
but written as TH-R-TÁ it reads “the staff – of speech – to connect to (+matrix)” ,
and it is not too difficult to connect the context of this theme ;

a) [closing :] the king. (now-) [having] (matrix-) speech and nature. +
[is] the (divine-) retired Adam. [in order] for. speech to be transformed (‘the matrix-way’).

end CT 257
26.01jan.2021 — submitted — first version — hetreport


‘official’ translation
“TO BECOME ONE HONOURED WITH THE KING. O you two of the willow (?),
you belong to me, for I am made divine, I drive off the slaughterers,
prepare a path for me that I may pass on it, for I am one honoured of Khons,
I issue from his mouth in the presence of Rê, I stand up in the midst of the sky,
and those who are above the sky, their hearts are glad.”

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