reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, draft posted : september 2016 first revision : 14/6/17
theme : four flames
scribe : Nu
given title : 'chapter of the four flames', addition
first revision 14/6/17
status : 90%
notes : below, notes in text added in
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
situation : place-T and above, see diagram
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
see also : see bd 137a, opening of mouth pages plate 16, tuat V,
text note : after finding the important -T, as midpoint of the vertical and horizontal axis of either realm, and this point deciding which realm is "at the foreground", many glyphs seem to be adressing this; we used T-e (eden) or T-m (matrix),
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
renouf link: see below


the divine his mother (mut-f). [of] the Án-pillar. [being] the place-T-m through the prisoner (su-t,Cain). [for] the divine eye (utcha)., [by means of] Horus’. double-treshingfloor (sep). [for] ãnkh-life. [as] the house of the T-e of m-b-soul-adam for great speech (*pic,urit+house). [as] the innermost sacred place for the kh-house (khennu). 5] of [=for]. the divine eye (utcha).;

[by] Horus’. double-treshingfloor (sep glyph). [for] ãnkh-life. [through?] Rã., [by means of] thou. the place-T to copy [in order to can breathe] (sensent). [to get] the word \\[of] willpower [for] willpower (matrix). the head. (main-willpower)., [ for?] to come the branch [former ãpp] (khet). of [=as?]. the sky of earth. [by means of] the place-T-e to go direct (sert,likely). [in order] to come \\the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0). [by] to bring. 4] the opened word inside (nu). to hurry to hail., [through] the place-T-e to go direct (sert). [by] the teKAt flame (T-e + Ka-double). [in order] to come \\the advanced beautified-soul.;
[by means of] he. the speech. [of] the original adamite soul. [into?] the flame of T-m of the metal-land (tta+). [causing] the original adamite soul’s. T-e to carry-Off., [for] the T-m by the prisoner (su-t,Cain). \\[but by] the original adamite soul. to bring.; [namely as] existence (matrix). [by] the legs \\(to the hand of speech) (*pic,rut’u). the head (main-legs). [to] the divine sheb-foundation of T-e of the adamite soul (Set+)., 3] [in order for] the sekhem-sceptres. the original adamite soul. to erase (t’er).; [and for] the house of the horizon (*pic,yellow cube). of [=as]. Rã (glyph). alike-Adam (miá)., [through] the shining backbone (pest’t). [for] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep)., [and] of [=as]. the staff TÁ (*pic). to come \\the advanced beautified-soul.;
to become a spirit. [through] he. the divine eye. [of] Horus. to come \\the advanced beautified-soul., [and by] the white light of saturn (h’etcht). 2] [for] the divine eye. [of] Horus. to come \\the advanced beautified-soul., [as] the true voice [from below]. [of] Nebseni (this scribe).;

the house of Saturn. [of] open-work engraving (pteh’)., [and] of [=by] (means of). to engrave by rotation (s-pekhar). the design (sesh). [for] existence (matrix)., [through] the flame (teKA). to máke the flame of place-T-mof the metal-land [via adamite soul] (s-ttat+). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (sheb-dome).

——– end BD 137 B
first draft september 2016

the divine his mother (mut-f, eve?). [is,in?] Õn (hostile universe, ruling eye south). the prisoner (sut, also Set). the divine Eye (of the prisoner? since the next word refers to previous – then eye is another name for eve?). [is?] Horus’. double-treshingfloor (second treshingfloor, sep-glyph). [of] ãnkh-life. [in?] the Hall, pylon (urit, also ãrit pylon). the innermost sacred place (khennu). 5] of [=by]. the divine Eye. [stop?]
Horus.double-treshingfloor (sep glyph). [of] ãnkh-life. [for?](rã glyph). thou. secondary/clone (sensent, to unite / breathe / sen, to kiss; may be a veiled glyph here). to wander / penetrate (khet). of [=by?]. the sky of earth. to go (get) the speech? (ret+walk). [from?] the adamite soul. [for?] the advanced beautified-soul., to bring. 4] the opened word inside (nu). to hurry to the beautified-soul (áás). – the adamite soul. [as?] the fire (teKAt, ka-spirit-double). [of] the advanced beautified-soul. [stop?]
his. speech. adamite soul. the fire, to burn of anger (ta, kiln). adamite soul. the thing carried-off. s\\sut – the prisoner as aspect from the adamite soul?. to bring. existence. [by?] the legs (rut’u). the head/first. Set (fallen adam). 3] sekhem-sceptres. [sekhem…is made by burning the word – in the chalice- and ‘the word’ is eve…) the adamite soul. to erase (t’er). [by,as?] the house of the horizon (áakhet,north). of [=by]. Rã (glyph). alike-Adam (miá). [via?] the shining backbone (pest’t), pillar?). [of] peace (h’etep, saturn). of [=by]. the staff of rule (tá, adam’s rule). [for?] the advanced beautified-soul. to become a spirit.; [stop?]
The divine Eye. [of] Horus. [for?] the advanced beautified-soul. [by?] the white light of saturn (h’etcht). 2] the divine to make? (ár,make – not árt,eye). Horus. advanced beautified-soul. [stop?]
the true voice [from below]. [of] Nebseni (this scribe). the house of Saturn. the hidden root of saturn (pteh’). of [=by]. to guide. the design 9sesh). [of] existence. the flame (teKA, ka-double). [bý?] the hidden,mysterious fire (setat), from shetau, hidden). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (north vesica, speak creation).


  'the eye gives ankh-life'… in the urit-hall — eve is 'the words', they 'made from her the 4 cardinal winds' by the WORDS… and this is the house/of most-beautified-souls-adam/great-speech… (urit).. the divine-his-mother, they use 'mother' to denote 'carrier'.. not just 'wife'.. and it is the treshingfloor of [ankh-]lífe…

end first draft september 2016
B] notes :
  • — line 6] Án pillar, [has cross on top, compare diagram axis]
    context must be, that befóre Eden started, their "place of rule, as the
    T of their realm", was on or near the main mountain ; but since they
    had to Lift their construct abóve the cube [using the RT', legs],
    their new -T was constructed - also as copy of eden's,
  • — line 4] metal-land,
    we haven't yet found better description, but T+TA, welded into TTA, must
    be their original centre of realm, (comp. note line 6); likely the root of
    glyphs as THA,'stolen masculine' , T'AT old name for Tuat, etc,
  • — line 3] backbone and tá,
    it seems they are the same : the connection between T-e and T-m,
  • — line 1] make the tta flame,
    the last word cannot be 'adamite soul' (for existence by mouth)' , so the -S
    must be "to make / that flame",
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