BD 78

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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theme : transfer of Attributes
summary : off. title: "chapters of transformation"
notes : pending,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
the nebertcher cobra (boundary/of speech/ master-holder, chalice below solarplane). the adamite soul. [is] the master [all of] (neb). the divine “One” [real-moon] (uã). his, he (the). Eye. of [=by]. millions (h’eh’u, saturn, not:eternities). he. to make ãnkh-life (the imprisoned realmoon does).  ;  + ?

millions (see above).
55] he. to seize (shet’). the gods. his. existence. to work (bak). the place of completion [or,blackness] (kam). he. to become to rule (h’eq, to sorcery, h’ekau,saturn). the dirt (huat,saturn+Word). within. his,he. existence. he. the divine father (átef, adam staff-related). [word] within. the dimension. [an-]face. Horus. existence. [for] the advanced beautified-soul.;
Horus. this (root). to make to deliver, make to snatch away (s-neh’em, also: locust). Horus. this (root). to snatch away,recue (neh’em).
54] his,he. divine father (átef). existence. to assemble and collect together (saaq + rage). the faces. to go make a transcript \\ [of] them (ad.souls; sen, comp.). Horus. this (root). [by] offering [geom.tree of life,south vesica] ( ãbaai). [to become] the divine tooths of the word of saturn (h’u, comp., ‘an offering’). his. existence. existence. the thing to say (tchet’t).:
his. existence. to become the riverbank [solarplane] (utchub here, ‘by law’). without/lacking. the gods. the “One”[realmoon]. divine sekhem-sceptre (of power). the god Tem (‘to complete’,
53] existence. to say.:
to become, was (áu). the pautu primeval gods.,  his. existence. to fear (sent’). the pautu gods.,  his. existence (eden’s). to work (bak, Ka+solarplane). [for] the millions (h’eh’u, saturn).,  his. existence. to work (bak). he. the most-b-s-adam speech (and nature, kher). all [of] ãnkh-life. thou. house of the throne (get,giants-related). [in?] the anunna-face (vesica north).
(….. so the léft side is “get”, the right side the imprisoned hebrew-H – now “ást”,isis?…)
to rise and crown (khã). Horus. thou. divine son.
52] the West/áment. the Ka-spirit-double bull. of [=by]. the Staff of rule (tá, adam rule). to become stability (men+tá). thou. to become. thou. the gods encirceling / the gods béing encirceled (sheniu, south vesica). existence. the Torso (Eye,south,áb). to become the word for totality (auu, to ‘aspects of totality’= 144,000). [by?] the Staff of rule (tá, Adam staff). to become stability. thou. to yoke [by the solarplane] (neh’eb, saturn). thou. Torso (Eye,áb). to become sweetness [by holding hostage] (netchem). Osiris. thou. mighty jackal staff of speech (user, ad.soul speech).
51] thou. existence. [as] the one (tu). to make stability (smen). Osiris. thou. [are?] the head/first. thou. existence., [as] the one. to tie together. Osiris. thou. \\ backside,thigh [hidden root of saturn] (peh’, linked). to become young and new (uatch)., Osiris. to become the beauties (nefertu). thou. to listen (to) (setchem). Osiris. [an-]face. high exalted [place] (qa). within.
50] the prisoner (su). to repulse (khesef). existence. nót.;
the land. doorkeeper (árt,unusual: ‘the thing’ or ‘female’). the sky of earth. the doorkeeper. the ways (axis, Watercourse, but plural). existence. to open (un). thou. Tuathouse. [to become] the chakratool to make? the Ba-spirit (h’embaa, unsure). i, me. to make the exalted high [place] (s-qa).
49] the word. thou. existence. Sight (maa). me,i. advanced beautified-soul. the word of thou willpower alike [adam] (mãku). the mighty men (shefshefu). the great [pillar]. the divine Ba-ram-soul. thou. [for] the hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
Osiris. his. divine father (átef, staff-related). the third (khemt, not/dimension/of three). of [=by]. Horus.
48] existence. to make. the gods. nature/quality/etc (sekher). they (ad.souls). to know. to give. to become the KH-house for the beautified-soul (ákh,scroll/kh/b.soul). the divine weary (bag). every,all. existence. Sight (maa). the divine female prisoner (div.\\sut, see BD**). existence. [in!] the Torso (Eye south, áb). of [=by]. pain,grief (ásep). his. existence. to desire,wish (mer).
47] the divine firstborn. this (root). he. the divine son. posessions, qualities,etc [below] (khertu). his. existence. to say.:
Osiris. Sight. the place of the word to give. speech. to manifest (per). the decree by law to shoot forth? (utchut’t’, some composite). existence. to make. to become,was (áu). his. speech for the anunna-face.
46] the ways (axis, Watercourse,plural=impossible). existence. to become sacred (tcheser). Osiris. [an-]face. ãrrtu [ãrits] (7 regions, see BD**). to make stability (smen). the sky of earth. of [=by]. the house \\ [of] h’emat (‘cut-off-adam by saturn?). the house of the horizn (ákhet, vesica north). the doorkeepers (plural). the house of the horizon. the ways (axis, plural). to shepherd,to guard, shepherds. existence. the ways (axis,plural). sekhem-sceptres.
45] existence. to become holy (tcheser). which is. to force eden’s realm. [by] the gods of the word of m-b-s-adam like (adam) the ad.soul to submit (kesemiu, comp.glyph, ‘group of gods in the tuat’).  (same two glyphs = doublet)
sekhem-sceptres. existence. to become union (t’emt’). existence. to seize (shet’). this (root). speech. speech for the anunna-face. i,me. advanced beautified-soul. [stop?]
44] [the word] this [your] (connect to). the willpower like [adam] (mã). Osiris. Nebth’et goddess [the master-holder chalice below the solarplane,of Saturn’s house). the doorkeepers. them (ad.souls). caves of the head [south] (tephet, saturn+root). their (ad.souls). speech. they (ad.souls). to raise,elevate to rank (ten). speech. [for] the Tuathouse. the gods.their,them (ad.souls). existence for the beautified-soul. speech. he,his. existence. to advance.
43] the god Tem (‘to complete’, repr. an-face). sekhem-sceptres. he,his. existence. to become equipped (ãper). the divine/to become/the tooth/word/of Saturn (h’u, ‘offerings’). his. existence. thing carried-off. “reality”(ntt). speech for the anunna-face.  [stop?]
they, their (ad.souls). to know (rekh). to give. the divine female prisoner (div.\\sut). speech. [bý?] to injure,be evil, do evil [the horns \\ [for] the word-inside of Saturn (h’enut; phallus-related; see below). to become the zodiacal light (sept’). the mother of victory [possible: ‘the victory óver the mother’: Eve!] (nermut). great speech. alike-Adam (miá). 42] their (ad.souls). to know. to give. the words of the mighty jackal staff (useru; vedic ‘asura’ related?). their (ad.souls). existence. to say.:
Osiris. house of saturn. doorkeepers. the gods of them (originals of ad.souls). the caves [of the heads] (tephetu). \\ [of] the KH-house (rule in centre of Torus). to come the hidden root (peh’, saturn).
41] by the ad.soul to go into new sha (shas,context?). the ways (axis, plural). existence. to make. the word \\ [of] ultimate willpower. the head/first. existence. (head-existence-matrix) [by] them (ad.souls). [in] the slaughterhouses (khebtu, kh+solarplane). the doorkeepers. existence. existence. the soul to go in new sha (shas). the gods/to cover/the word/m-b-s-adam/the wisom,sáa [bý ‘wisdom’? sáa = guide of Rã] (sáamiu; “class of hairy fiends”= nonsense). existence. existence. to seize (shet’). the Tuathouse. 40] speech. Osiris. existence. his. posessions, qualities, [below] (kheru). [by?] the feminine-thing carried-off (?, ástt). speech. his,he. the Ba-soul (solerplane type spirit). of [=by]. Horus. the word of/by existence. the royalty (sãh’, Orion). to become a god (neter+). Horus hawk (bák). of [=by]. me,i. to rise and crown (khã). to become. these [your] (connect to). existence. existence. [evil] glance (t’ega).
39] to become, was. these [your] (to connect to). faces. to bear up (fat). Horus. existence. decree by law. to become. the mighty men. the great [pillar]. Ba-ram soul. every,all. [an-]face. the house \\ [of] h’emat [reap-adam/saturn). to become sacred things (tchesertu). the ways (axis, mult.). to make (plural). the gods of passive very great speech (Adam, so cant be plural — transfer here?). [by?] “who were nót the word of the KHhouse” (áukhemu, see BD** for this problem). [stop?]
38] [as?] the [hidden] haulers, towers (setaiu). the mighty jackal staffs of speech (usertu, plural). the word-inside to approach (tekenu). the faces. to repulse (khesef). the Tuathouse. the gods. these [your] (to connect to). faces. [an-]face. existence. thing to say (tchet’t).:
     (…context: this part is not about ‘stealing the word from Eve’, but stealing the faces  [speech/willpower]; it appears that becáuse of the stolen word, they can go to the originals, who are áll ‘passive ones of great speech’, since they are the sons of adam who is always referred to as THE “passive one of great speech”),
they (ad.souls). to listen to (setchem,’deaf’ glyph!). to become the images (áru). their (ad.souls).
37] Sight (maa). to become the sacred thing (tchesert). the ways (axis, pl.). existence. they,them (ad.souls). to open (un). misery, to be miserable (maár). to repulse. [by] divine sekhem-power. to stand upright (ãhã,pillar). speech. them (ad.souls). word \\ [of] ultimate willpower. them,their (ad.souls). opposition (tchat). speech. the divine two eyes. [!]. existence.
36] the foremost [adam] [is now] the KH-house. of [=by]. Horus. Eye. the gods. [word of] Sight (maau). the word of the adamite soul for Sight (maasu, not ‘beings in the other world’). Nut [sky dimensions of earth). eden’s covering to become new (comp.glyph; eden’s covering= disheveled hair-glyph). existence. his. \\ ultimate willpower (adam’s, linked). the head,first. eden’s covering to become now. [for] existence (matrix). Osiris. existence. [of] Sight.; [stop?]
35] the place of Tchet’u [base of djed-pillar,south]. speech. to manifest (per). he,his. master [divine all]. to become equipped (ãper). i,me. to become a god. Horus hawk (bák). of [=by]. [an-]face. to become (áu). his. house of the throne (get,see above). [in] the anunna-face (vesica north). Horus. to become. his. throne of the ádamite soul (vesica north, ást).;
[an-]face. Horus. to become. the sky of earth.
34] 120 years [by saturn] (hént\\u, double axis+double castle, see note). speech. the one coming (tu). to wander-astray (shem, adam-related). he. to acquire brilliance (shep). of [=by]. sekhem-power. he,his. to roll up (tie up,diadem,turban,cosmos-related, seshet’). of [=by]. sekhem-power. the spirits’divine light. \\ [of] adam-within (linked). Horus. i,me.
33] this (root). i,me. the Tuathouse. speech. osiris. existence. his,he. posession/nature/quality/ [below] (khert). the feminine thing carried off (? ástt). speech. the doorkeeper (ár). i, me. moment in time (at, eden-related). them,their (ad.souls). to repulse (khesef). the god Shu (repr.pillar+an-face). the great [pillar]. the boundary (tcher). to say.:
the speech for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). he. within. “reality”(ntt). existence. Sight (maa). his. Ba-soul (solarplane spirit). of [=by]. Horus. [word of] existence. [to become] royalty (sãh’, orion). great speech. the god. the children (mestu). Sight.,
32] their (ad.souls). gift of speech. alike-adam (miá). to hide,hidden [word inside] (ámenu). to become sacred (tcheser). speech. i,me. to guide. the hidden,mysterious (shetau,sh-pool). to become sacred words (tcheseru). existence. Sight (maa). every,all. the goddess (netert). Isis (ruling ad.throne north; the “goddess”must be someone élse!).
31] the house [of speech] (per). speech. he. within. existence. to manifest (per). the divine double-lion-mouth [doublespeak] (r-r\\div., later shu+tefnut). the house of speech. of [=by]. daily (mián, light/for existence/like-adam). existence. [for] the advanced beautified-soul.;
Osiris. land of the Westerners [horus-spirits]. the damned ones (meru). speech. existence. to guide. to yoke for eternity [by Saturn] (neh’eh’). 30] Sekhet field [saturn’s fields]. the prisonhouse [of the formost-adam] (khent). the boat of the Heir (ad.originals; uáa, pun-glyph). to sleep to death (setcher). \\ below (linked!). the house of the solarplane (B). speech. to wander-astray (shem, adam-related). the storm,tempest (neshen, serpent coils surrounding sh-pool). the Ka-double bull. [wor] existence. to repulse (khesef). nót.;
the belly,body (khat). of [=by]. breath-air (nefu). to become (áu). 29] the Nu-dimension [the dome by the word-inside]. the ways (axis,plural). the double-uraei (áãrt\\u). every. divine beauty (nefer). secondary,clone (sen-glyph). to pacify (s-h’etep; saturn). i,me. Shu. anunna-face. existence. to overthrow (kher). nót.;
(the feminine?thing?) great speech (urt). he,his. mighty jackal staffs of speech (usertu, mult.).
28] of [=by]. the double treshfloor (n+south vesica). his,he (the). wound (áat+flesh; to ‘region’). of [=by]. the Torso (Eye,áb). his. existence. to make stable. [by] the double covering of slaying (t’emamt). existence. m-b-soul-adam to give. speech. [as?] the nemes-crown (4 jars etc,see note). the divine double-lion-mouth [doublespeak] (see above). existence. existence. to seize (shet’). to restore (tcheb, serpent+solarplane0. of [=by]. i,me. 27] exalted high [place]. to become (áu). the way (axis, Watercourse,sing.). existence. to make. the divine shoulder [false axis] to be forced upon hebrew-H (áaHet’, “fighting god in tuat”). the divine double-lion-mouth. \\ his voice (linked). the nemes-crown. his. existence. to seize. speech. he. to restore (tcheb). anunna-face. 26] high exalted [place]. [for] existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).  [for] hail of the beautified-soul.;
the divine “One”[real-moon]. every. Kará shrine [Ka-double] (the 4 flames?). the guardians (doorkeepers). the boundary (tcher). speech. [words of] all. the gods. the commands. [an-]face. to slaughter (khebkheb,kh+solarplane). to become. the speeches for the beautified-soul. the divine shoulder [false axis] to be forced upon hebrew-H (áaHet’, see above). their (ad.souls). ãrrtu (ãrits).
25] them (ad.souls). to battle. the Tuathouse. the gods. thou. existence. to fear (sent’). the house of the horizon (ákhet, n-vesica). [words of] the boundary/ies. words of adam-within. the one (tu). Sight. the sky of earth. the way (axis,Watercourse,sing.). anunna-face. thou. one to come (tu). thou. to wander-astray (shem, adam-related).
24] speech. the divine double-lion-mouth [doeblespeak]. [for] existence of the beautified-soul.;
the nemes-crown. existence. thou. to give. the burial/to bury (qeres). the days (Hru, hebrew-H, context?). of [=by]. the seasons (teru). of [=by]. Osiris. his. divine father (Átef, staff-related). his. existence. existence. to say.:
Horus. existence. existence. to constantly renew (uHem, hebrew-H!).
23] to become. the Tuathouse. speech. osiris. existence. Horus. every kind of. (feminine thing) carried-off (ástt). doorkeeper. i,me. the sky of earth. [word] inside. the boundaries [of the two axis?]. speech. thou. speech. thou. commands. [for] existence of the beautified-soul.;
thou. speech.
22]  nemes-crown. existence. nót.;
Horus. existence. thou. the images by the word to transform. of [=by]. the Staff of rule (tá, adam staff). (to become) royalty (sãh’, Orion). the one (tu). to connect to the Workplace [of stripping originals] (ásth). willpower like [adam]. alike-Adam (miá). the sky of earth. the limits. speech. thou. to escape (h’em). he,his. cave [of the head,south] (teph’et, Saturn). \\ [of] adam-within (linked).
21] the nemes-crown. the house of saturn. the doorkeeper. head. speech for anunna-face. the divine double-lion-mouth [doublespeak]. existence. to say.:
to become. the Tuathouse. speech. Osiris. existence. his. posessions/qualities/etc [below] (khertu). speech. his. Ba-soul (solarplane spirit). of [=by]. Horus.
20] [word of] existence. royalties (sãh’). to become a god. Horus hawk. of [=by]. me,i. to rise and crowned (khã). to become. his. willpower of saturn (h’enã). words for/to transform. divine spirits-light. the words of adam-within. speech. i,me. to elevate in position (ten).
19] to make to grow old (s-nekhnekh). to become. to grow (rut’). to become,was. Horus. to birth,genetrix. Isis [ruling ad.throne north]. the transformation (khepert). nót.;
to connect to the Workplace (ásth). the divine “One [real-moon]. [to] all [of]. the Eye (..that is the Torso..) existence. to create (qema).
18] the Fent-serpent (‘existence-by-he’, who ate the dead in áment). existence. the opened word inside. of [=by]. the “One” [real-moon]. i,me. his. willpower of saturn (h’enã). words to transform. the noble spirits. the gods. existence. he. to fear (sent’). their (ad.souls). to give. the house of the horizon (vesica north). of [=by]. his. to manifest (per). the prisoner. they (ad.souls). to arrange,to decree (ser).
17] Nu dimension [of the word-inside]. of [=by]. the “One”[real-moon]. the prisoner. to connect to the workplace. he. the willpower of saturn (h’enã). they (ad.souls). to become new (un). of [=by]. the adamite soul. the speech for the anunna-face. [stop?]
his. existence. to elevate to a position. his. existence. to become a spirit. the adamite soul. he. existence. to make to transform (s-kheper). he. Eye. existence. uab+blossom. of [=by]. the words to transform. his-Self (tchesef).
16] the god Tem (‘complete’, an-face). existence. to create (qema). the divine spirit-light. \\ [of] dam-within (linked). the noble spirit. i,me. this (root). i,me. speech of anunna-face. their (ad.souls). ãrrtu (ãrits). their,they (ad.souls). to battle (ãhã). the tuathouse.
15] the gods. existence. to fear (sent’). the mighty men. he. to create. to fear. he. to give. to become kh-house for beautified-soul (ákh). posessions/qualities/ (khertu). thou. existence. he. says.:
the Ba-soul. of [=by]. royalty (sãh’, orion).
14] the place of the word to give. speech. he. to manifest (per). he. to come the one (tu). his. images (áru). of [=by]. images. existence. to make. to become (áu). divine spirit-light. words of adam within.the noble spirits.
13] existence. the opened word-inside. of [=by]. the “One” [real-moon]. i,me. existence. thou. ‘to snare birds and catch fish’[the festival of completion of the solarplane] (h’eb). their (ad.souls). Sight (maat,here). speech of anunna-face. their (ad.souls). ãrrtu (ãrits). them (ad.souls). to battle. 12] tuathouse. the gods. existence. to fear. the god Nebertcher (limit/speech/chalice). willpower like [adam]. divine tooththe word of saturn (h’u). supplication (t’ebeh’). Geb [earthgod,south]. willpower like [adam]. the commands. protection. the sky of earth.
12] 120 years (h’ent\\u). speech. to come the one (tu). to wander-astray (adam-related). weak,inert god. his. Sight. the word to come. he. nót.;
within. to murder,to injure (neken). to make. existence. [an-]face. existence. adamite soul. 10] to make to copulate like [adam] (s-tchami, comp.; see BD 65II,and 99). the goddess. Isis (not ‘goddess isis’). willpower of saturn (h’enã). to become the union (t’emt). divine ãnkh-life. all. alike-adam (miá). áat perch. [an-]face. to become stable. [by?] the gods coming likeaam to open the word-inside (nut’iu, to Nutchi, see BD 65). willpower of saturn. within. speech. 9] to move out of place (nut’, come/tuat/to open th word). thou. to give. speech of anunna-face. their (ad.souls). ãrrtu (ãrits). them. to battle. the tuathouse.
[skipped till closing line]
to recites.:
to become a god. Horus hawk (bák). of [=by]. the images of the word to transform. the Eye. [for] existence. [by] the mouth (north vesica, speaking creation).;
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