CT 112

first revision : 10 / 4 /18
reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, first revision : 10 / 4 /18
theme : CT 112 - to reap the cherub-leg for the inversed star as cherub-wheel
first revision : 10 / 4 /18
status : 90%
summary : CT 112 - to reap the cherub-leg for the inversed star as cherub-wheel
notes : pending,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : CT is written in staccato-style, different as BD ;
though we can read sharper, the different coffins vary in using either II ('double'), or
\ \ ('magically-dangerous'), as two total different meanings; when not sure we used (double \ \ ),
until that certain concept will have proven itself;
# perhaps open new tab for notes
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending

CT 112 II 128

h] [by] he. the speech. [of] the by me owned adamite-soul., existence (matrix), [through] the torso. [to] me. to return.,
[and so] to give. speech. to complete. the word.; to recite.; (note)

g] the island of the double-flame to make speech (via ad.soul) (nsrsr+). of [=as,by]. the divine he the torso. the word. to make (ár).,
[for] existence (matrix). [by] the opened-word-inside. [by which] I am.;
f] [by] the most-beautified-soul-adam’s “One”. [for,as] the divine “One”. [by which] I am.;

e] [using] the prisoner (śu,Cain). [for to] me. to give. the speech. nót.;
d] [and] my. word. he (=prisoner). to give. [for] the speech. nót.; (note)
c] [but instead, by] the divine gift of place-T of hail (or ‘divine completed-light’; t’em-rã)., +
[as] existence. [by] the blossoms of the word of hail of throne-G (gáu+). [through] place-T-eden to give.;
[for] the speech of the an-face (eden’s). [by] my. torso (outer-court).;
to become (áu). +

b] [by] the double cherub-wheel [make new-root]. [for] thou. (doubled) dimensional mirrored backside (ph’). [of?] the [an-] face (north).,
[through?] the place-T of vulture-rule (at+).;
to become (áu). +
a] [by?] the lights by place-T of user-power [to make speech]. [by?] all [of]. the abomination [-T of eden-word for solarplane] (but). +
[now for?] the great pillar. to be hail.; (note)

II 128

f] [for] sekhet áaru (above cube). [of] the words of adam-within.,
[through] the offered aspects (at the island) at place-T of h’etep. [of] the doubled-place-T as the acquired field. +
of [=as?]. this. my. torso. [for] he. the opened-word-inside.; (note)

e] [by] the Ennead (9 constructs). existence. this (to connect to). place-T of existence (by which is). the foremost (kh-house). +
[by which] I am.;
d] [and] this (pu). my. torso. [as] place-T of the dimensional foreground [of saturn] (h’at). [for] my. word.,
[as] place-T to be carried-off. [from solarplane?]. nót.;
c] [but instead, by being] the Khemenu mountain (‘8’,ssnnu). [now as,for] the mouth (=in Õn).,
of [=by]. the lights of eden-willpower [by sh-pool] (‘sand’, shã+). [for] thou. existence. to come the root to the kh-house (khnp).;
to become (áu). + (note)

b] [fór] the divine [an-] face (north). the dimensional-width (uskh). [through] the house of saturn (h’et).,
of [=by] (means of). the torso. [of] the word of totality.,
[as] existence. [by] thou. place-T of existence. to make the new-root (via ad.soul); (note)
—- [as] existence. [by] the k-axis. [for] place-T of existence. to make the new-root (via ad.soul) —-

a] (+and that new-root) [as] thou. existence. my. existence. to give. speech.;
to become (áu). +

II 127

f] thou. existence. [by] to be the tooth as? the new-hand (t’beh’+). [for] the word of hail (áu). +
[as] thou. double willpower. [for] speech., [through] to come the branch [as doubled-place-T for the kh-house]. to be hail.;

e] he the Self (tchs-f). [bý?] the prisoner (śu,Cain). [for?] he. to weep [eye-essence of speech for M-realm] (rem+).,
[as?] my. speech. he. the speech (eden’s?). to dwell [in].;
[through] this. my. torso. +
d] [for] he. the speech. [of] the [an-] face (north). to be the word of voice [of speech and nature] (kher-u).,
[and by] he (=voice). existence (eden’s). to seize (sht’).; (note)

c] [and by] the divine place-T of great speech (in hand where adam is). to inverse [as action] (sa).,
of [=by]. he (=hand). the island of sight for matrix-existence of willpower (ãn+; serpent-hand?). +
b] [as?] the divine Set-dog tile (s-t+). [for] he. existence (matrix). [of] sight (maa).;
[being] the word of hail (áu). to be the doubled-word of the heir (adamite-originals).; (note)

a] [and this all by] the bones-poles (q-axis section). to destroy [to make the serpent-hand] (via ad.soul) (s-tch+).,
[to be?] the foreign land of Punt [place-T to become new as the new-root].;
[as] existence. to become by the doubled-place-T for the dimensional side (gestt+). [of] the divine white saturn-light.,
[in order for?] the root to fly-up for hail (=by that light?);
[through?] the doubled shoulder (remn+). [of] the [an-] face (north?). [by?] + (note)

II 126

e] the double cherub-wheel [to make the new-root]. [as?] the divine star succeeded to acquire and by the wick-H’ to make to inverse (orion).,
[by means of] the thigh at place-T of the adamite-throne to reap (ma-ást+). + (note)

d] [for] he. the speech (eden’s). [by] the by my owned adamite-soul. existence. torso, to dwell.,
[and so] to give. the speech. [in order] to complete. existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (eden’s).;

—— end CT 112
A] notes:

II 128

  • – line h] by speech,
    the line appears to say that “by the speech of the soul, existence returns”,
    the ‘to give’ usually follows upon a cause, yet ‘to return’ can hardly be ‘given’,
  • – line d] prisoner not,
    the word is from the watercourse and speech from the q-axis (so cherubs);
    but he is addressing how they “learned to acquire those”, they needed some means
    to acquire those – through the prisoner.
    We don’t pretend to understand the technics, but by dissecting his post-eden-body
    they must have found how it interacts with ‘speech and the word’;
    remember they sent Cain as their fish-soul into that body, to acquire it,
  • – line e] whole section.
    we hate to post for you what we don’t understand ourselves; so let’s see – textglyph right;
  • – the BUT, “abomination”, is the glyph with the fish in A; as the shared-place-T, but when ruled by eden;
  • – the cherub-wheel is in B, the ring with II (and we’ve read enough CT to be rather sure that in every this case it is cherub-wheel; not ‘double-light’),
  • – the AT is the hippo-head in B; we dont know yet why ‘hippo’, but since the -A is in front of the -T, it must be the -T they acquired (-T for vulture-rule);
  • – and finally, after “to become” often follows the “by”, as backward reconstructing, but not álways (see 128 C), and that makes the causal reading so difficult,
  • II 128
    – line f] h’etep field
    the versions of how h’etep is written vary, yet all these fields “were acquired”, both sekhet áaru and this one south; coffin S1C clearly shows a ‘normal’ field when sekhet áaru (SKHT+stopline), yet when about H’etep then SKHT+double-stopline, concluding therefore that this “field of offerings” is the place-T standing-upright;
  • – line c] khemenu
    in pic of tuat V, to right; this Khemenu mountain is the ‘hill’, which is made out of ‘sand’ (SHÃ); sitting upon the oval as the torso; (this mountain as “the destroying mountain” in scripture)
  • – the [an-] face north is then that black ‘bell-shaped’ thing,
    and Õn the place where the kheper-beetle shows,
  • – line b] new root
    in C it said that the root is going-up through this region of crystalline light [as mountain]; in order to create the an-face, and here a repeat, “all thanks to the torso” that this new-root can be made [as that shown head TEP,”the head root of place-T”], just below the Õn gate; this must be the place where the K-axis is made, hence the 2nd version, between —-,
  • II 127
    – line f] branch double-T
    envisioned as “an upright branch between torso and head”, see pic, described in Ezekiel as “false branch” (page), as an ‘inbetween-branch’, feeding upon the eden-root yet having (polluted) eden-fruits in it’s top,
  • – line e] the Self and weep
    in 99%, the prisoner is “used”, as object; but the Self as TCH+S, “adamite-soul+serpenthand” is sometimes writtin with -Ś, cain-fish-soul+serpenthand, and the question is where did the Self originate from. We are not sure if the 2nd speech is eden’s, since “to dwell” usually is following a concept of theirs,
  • – line c] island of sight
    in textglyph to righ, at C, the eye and the two glyphs above it; in previous series we suggested that Eve is held in the serpent-hand, and that the ÃN- cluster is related to her – the statue of Ramesses sitting next to a goddess, imparting ÃNkh-life on him; the several ‘goddesses’ and ‘beauty’ in the ÃN-cluster, and the ÃN-TCH boat, as serpenthand-TCH;
  • Set-dog; in textglyph above c],
    the sequence of the line can show that bý the new-hand is this ÃN-island, the latter probably is followed by “as”, “as the tile-dome”; it appears until now that Isis (Á-ST) is ruling the new-hand (as new-adamite-throne), yet here is skipped the -Á, ‘hail’, and just remains the S-T, so we think we have a case that this Set-dog tile.
  • to expand – the S-T stepdown is S-TCH,
    yet as inversal TCH-S, “self”,
    and compare next line a), S-TCH,
  • – line a] double shoulder,
    we still have much problems with this concept; the ‘shoulder’ is another term for the lampstand arms, and likely they have attached to either left- or rightside of the lampstand [as well as to its top], kind of like a pole-dancer stands upside down, but at an angle, yet it’s very hard to imagine a workable concept of this.
II 126

  • – line e] whole section —
    star succeeded to acquire; the “succeeded to acquire” showing it is eden’s; but is that star the cherub-wheel? the SSAAH’ to right, would not say that wick-H’ is inverted, but bý wick-H’; so the inverted object is “the star”;
  • thigh,
    in textglyph, on top; the term belongs immediately to previous star, the MAA- is also used in ‘bull to sacrifice’, per definition as cherub; so the thigh is the cherub’s, thereby aquiring the star, which is to be inversed – now as ‘doubled-cherub-wheel making the new root;
  • for us most useful, because the many thighs and legs glyphs,
    are the cherub-leg placed upón the cherubs, to north, and inversely placed there, as KHEPESH thigh [see opening of mouth for vignette];
  • # + 2 hrs: a most important spell;
    to show what we did above, below the version of Faulkner, (starting at the end however, so read backwards to our text),
  • “O knees of Orion which are on the shoulders of him who flew up and destroyed a full half of Punt,
    the breaker of bones who wailed when he saw Seth, who was bright behind the Great One
    and who made disturbance when he saw: This heart of mine sits down against me and it weeps for itself.
    Withdraw (?) your hands which beg for you, and you have been alotted to Him who is joyful (?)
    in the mansion of Him who is broad of face. I present to you sand from the gate of Khemennu,
    and this heart of mine has not forsaken me. [continuing]”
  • As you know we leave it in the middle whether Faulkner was of good will, or else;
    point is here that you will be able to trace back the used words in text; compare it side-by-side with opened tab;
    and it but proves again how much context is included in each single glyph,
    and that our grasping of their causal type reasoning depends on all these factors;
    ass Crucial for understanding object and subject;
    or we too would create a text which is contradictory in itself, already, let alone getting the themes right;
  • – while composing this one,
    the local radiostation broadcasted the below, which i haven’t heard in years (it’s from ’85);
    i have been asking for a guiding dream – yet woke without nothing, and down;
    —— until this one; and the soul started singing with it
  • …do you know that experience?
    Same as the start of the 40 days in december (hence the context),
    but now again:
    and i promise you, by all that is dear, that the message is True,


Inside lookin’ outside
Tryin’ to put one foot in Eden (Eden, Eden)
One step
One step away from you
I’m only one step
One step away from you

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