CT 573 – relating to themes in Jer.49 , Jer.2 and ‘restored sun’ chapter

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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notes : pending,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
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text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
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new series – from June ’19 onwards


CT 573 – relating to themes in Jer.49 , Jer.2 and ‘restored sun’ chapter

readability : difficult concept
notes : as description of the themes , added below each section , in blue
themes :
– Rã (our sun) speaking , as the corrupted eden-sun (see ‘restored sun’ chapters) ,
– he is linked ‘by a cord’ to Tem (Damascus , as inversed eden-hand) ,
   where Damascus is in the dimensional-background (=eden), he in the foreground ,
– he absorbs eden-aether , and radiates it out [also to our reality] ,
– the Self as their created concept ,
– the eden-moon going north and serving Rã , Jer. 2 theme ,

CT 573
Coffin-text spell 1130 , other version of Pyr.T 273+274

VI 183
e) existence to make (as concept). [by means of] the hand to build alike-adam’s (=Damascus). ,
[and so through] the divine sorceries (=‘to double things’, hKa). to become new. ;
to recite. ;
d) [..1x lost..]. of [=by]. the divine light. [of] my. divine father (he place-T). to become. :
c) this. light. [for] (matrix-) existence. [as] Rã (=’our sun’). am I. ;
b) [being] the doubled-eden-dawn (=’by stolen eden-words’, neHepu). ,
which is. [by] the sacrificial (eden-) animals to fall down (=’to the north’). ,
[in order to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] the essence of he-eden for hail (áf). ;
a) this. light. [as] the word. [for] (matrix-) existence. , +
[is] my. word of willpower for hail. , [as] (matrix-) existence. [of] the essence of he-eden for hail. ;

  • 1. so Rã , our sun, is “bý the hand (as Damascus)” – Damascus as the eden-hand now north ;
    Damascus (TEM) is also “the father” (TEF) , meaning that if Damascus will return to eden ,
    Rã will go dark .. – see Jer.49 for the line “that is why they dont want to let go Damascus”,
    being “My beloved city” ;
    hence the dual-construct RÃ-TEM (átum-rã) , and in Rg-Veda as mitra-varunA ,
    where Mitra is Damascus and Varuna is Rã ;
  • 2. the animals can be our Originals [because of the furnace] , see next line ;

VI 182
h) [by] the imprisoned-adamite-soul. within (=in matrix). , place-T to manifest (pert). ,
[to be] the insect – he – the Self. [for] to mutilate (-eden). to know for hail. to perfect (aqr). ,
9) [in order] existence to make (=as concept). within (=in matrix). ,
[through] my. divine father (“he place-T”, as Self?). [being] place-T as the son-construct (sa-t). ;
f) [in order for] existence to make (as concept). +
[through] the vineyard as place-T of the hand for hail (áabt’t) (=’place-T in Damascus’). ,
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [for] (‘the divine fish-soul’?) (=unknown). ;

  • 1. “the insect – he – the Self” ,
    see section ‘Self’ at end of page ;
    the Self as TCHES is their concept – not eden’s ,
    but the reading here is tricky , because the ‘insect’
    is unusual here and makes the reading unclear ;
    it’s unlikely that the insect refers to eden ,
    and further down the Self is said to become
    “by making a place-T” – as Damascus ?
  • 2. fish-soul : different writings , only ‘fish’ is sure ;

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e) me (=Rã). existence to bring. [to] the (matrix-) sky. [of] the (‘false’) east (áabt) ,
of [=by]. to direct (‘make speech’). this. SET’-star (=former eden-star). [for] existence of hail. ;
d) [through] (eden’s-) existence to make (as concept). to fowl. +
[by] ‘the ones silencing (eden)’ (ágeru). [in] the land as the thigh-construct (=bent-axis) (uãrt). ,
[for?] the one. torso (ÁB=region, as “Elam”). above (=north). [of] place-T for great speech. ,
[and so by?] me. to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] stability of hail. ;

  • 1. the eastern sky : we chose “of the (false) east” ,
    because here is the problem of ‘east’ as hebrew (-qdm) , which is the region between
    eden and Heaven (see diagram above) ; interpreted as Rã being the guard between
    us and Heaven ;
    in Ezekiel “40 Judahites worship the sun (shemesh) of/in thee ast (-qdm)”,
    this sun to be understood as Rã , and that is ‘evil’ because the house Judah has the
    attributes related to eden’s sky ; see chapters “the eden sun restored” ;
  • 2. ‘torso region’ as Elam , see futher on in chapter ;
    God says in Jer.49 that “new eden will be ruled from Elam” ,
    representing the region of rule “inbetween their dualistic-realm” – here as ‘torso’ ,
    as a kind of “centre of the body” ; as opposed to “belly”, see next line
  • 3. the ‘ones silencing’ , ÁGER+ , “ones of the speech of throne-G for hail”, there throne G
    as opposed to eden’s adamite-throne ;
    in Jer. 47 and 49 is said to them “that they will be destroyed [by silence]”, root -dam ,
    we consider that “they will not have the stolen eden-word no longer”, hence they
    will be silent – since ÁGERU can be “the word. for to found [throne-G]. of hail.” ;
    3. thigh-land ; compare how Ezekiel looked to the north , and saw scribes walking down
    across ‘the bent road’ towards the temple ;

c) my hail. [by] place-T of the belly (=Damascus). [as] the innermost sacred place (=’Hamath’). ,
of [=for]. existences to make (as concept). [as] the sorceries (‘things to double’). [to become] ;
b) [and so] every divine – existence to make (as concept). ,
[through] (matrix-) speech and nature. existence to make. [as] the shadows. to become. ,
a) [by] my. speech and nature. existence to make. [and so] the Ba-souls (=birds). to become. ;

  • 1. belly : Hamath symbolically as region where Damascus is in , see index ;
    the belly is lower as the torso , hence Damascus is in the belly (=dimensional background)
    whole their torso (as Elam) is their dimensional fóreground ;
    we saw that Hamath is KHENNU, ‘innermost sacred place’ (see index) ;
  • 2. the concept ‘shadows’ we don’t get yet ,
  • 3. Ba-souls ; as the spirit-body for (‘lost’) adamite-souls , called “sons of Ammon”, see Jer.49 ;

VI 181
l) my. doubled willpower (=having eden’s, also). [by] the innermost sacred place (=Hamath). ,
of [=for]. existence to make (as concept). [by] divine spirit-consciousness. to become. ;
k) [by] my. (matrix-) speech and nature. existence to make (as concept). ,
[beiing] the speech. [of] user-power (‘speech to make for the word’). [as] the word of hail. ;
j) [in order for] existence to make (as concept). [for] to become divine (matrix-) spirits. ,
of [=by] [means of]. me. [+eden-existence]. to make to be devoured (s-ãm). ;
i) existences to make (as concept). [as] the sorceries. ,
[because] of [=by]. me. (matrix-) existence to become new. ;

  • 1. willpower : as attribute of the Judah house , masculine attribute ;
  • problematic line :

h) the doubled-word [certainly not] to complete (=’by Damascus’, temu-II). [for] the two lands.
of [=by]. me. (the torso of the new-ad-throne). [+eden-existence?] (to plough?, khbs). ,
[in order] of [=for]. existence to make (as concept). [by] place-T to make (ár-t). ,
the divine words of great speech to make. [as?] Sekhem-power. [for eden to be?] nót. ;

  • 1. problematic section : to plough : Pyr.Text 273-274 , 114a) uses ‘to plough’,
    but neither there is given a subject ;
    ‘sekhem-power.nót’ : 114a) uses the same unclear phrase , then connects it with
    the elongated-eden-ram-horns to rise up ; but the context is unclear ;
  • 2. sekhem-power nót ; it can read “for to be (eden’s) sekhem-power not” ,
    where we saw alsy glyphs as “double sekhem-power” – as their’s ;
    but it seems unlikely that they would appoint eden to have had ‘sekhem power’ ;

g) [through] the ruddish crown [at place-T of the eden-nostril for the hand] (t’-sher-t). +
[for] the divine foods. ,
of [=for]. my. spirit-consciousness. [as] my hail. to become. ;
f) the ruddishness [by place-T of the eden-nostril] (t’-sher-t). +
me. existence to make (=by eden). to devour. ,
e) [now as?] place-T to flourish (uãtch-t). of [=by]. me. existence to become new. ;
d) (matrix-) existence to make. [as?] the vertebrae (?,beqSu). [for?] the baboons (glyph). ,
[and so by] me. (eden’s) existence. to mutilate (h’sq). ;
c) [and for] the gods. [to be] the essences by place-T in the dimensional-background. ,
[by means of]. me. (matrix-) existence to become new. [to become]. ;
b) ‘the insect’ [‘he the Self’] (glyph). of [=for]. millions (=’of spirits’). +
of [=by]. my. existence. [being] the (eden-) flame as the offering (ut’en+). [to become]. ;
a) [and by?] the island of the horizon (=’Khittim’). +
[to be] the word of the bordersky. alike adam (mm, weak). ,
[by?] my. speech. , me. evil existence (eden’s) to make the solarplane (sbn+). [to become]. ;

  • 1. eden-nostril SHER :
    integral part of T’ESHERT , to right ;
    in prophets appears often “My wrath”
    which has the root (-aph) ‘nostril’ ,
    the wrath is because they stole the nostril ;
    in glyphs as SHER+evil ,
    “evil speech+soul-pool (swallow-R-SH)” ,
    we had a chapter about the runaway pool
    which ‘makes existence’ ;
  • 2. Rã feeding upon the nostril ; so the pool has
    or creates a type ruddishness as ‘divine foods’
    (foods also as SH-BT , the same -SH) ,
    and often Horus is depicted with a red sun ,
    with one ureaus , as the symbol of Rã ;
    also Hathor (house of Horus) wears a red sun ,
    appearing inbetween opened eden-horns ;
    that they wear it means “they are ruled by it”,
    (that is why their realm don’t want to let gó of
    Damascus ; see Jer.49 , alsof or Hathor) ,
  • 3. red sun concept : difficult to imagine ,
    but likely as “radiation fróm the sh-pool” ,
    as a quality of dimensional-light , which Rã
    absorbs and radiates out again (also to earth !) ;
    in Greek as the concept of -pyr , also used in Revelation ,
    described by them as “aether from the fire”, not the fire itself ;
    and compare what is described in Revelation when this ‘red aether’
    will be remóved from this sun – causing burns ;

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VI 180
m) [to] the (matrix-) sky. the aspects to rise and be crowned. +
[and so by] me. (matrix-) existence. to renew (=’via eden-house-H’, uHem). [to become]. ,
l) [in order for] the divine olden ones (=’gods’). [to be] the speech. [of] olden. ,
[by means of] me. to rise and be crowned. (=created by them, sic) ;
k) [and for] the gods. [being] the divine Egyptians. [to be] this (to connect to). speech. ,
[as] my. word of sight (maau). ;
j) [by] ‘the giraffe’ (=’axis for to make speech’?). [to be] the doubled-word. (for the m-realm). ,
[through] the prisoner [‘word to make’]. [for] my hail. existence. [by] my hail. to become new. ;
my hail. place-T of the split-off watercourse. of [=for]. me. to discover. ;

  • 1. created sun Rã : see they devised him (in “restored eden-sun” chapters) ;
  • 2. prisoner : an eden-moon , “composing the words”, see furtheron ;
    here ‘the giraffe-neck’ denotes an axis how he rises-up into their realm ,

i) the island of the horizon (=’Khittim’). [of] the word of adam-within. ,
the divine sekhem-power sceptres. of [=for]. thou. to rise and be crowned. [to become]. ;
h) the doubled solarplane-shore. the sky. [and] the land. my. existence to revolve (speech + root). ,
g) [by] the doubled-place-T [certainly not] to complete (tem). ,
[to be] the doubled sky. [by] me. existence to revolve (=’solarplane’, t’ben). [to become]. ;
f) [for] the gods. [to be] the speech. [of] sekhem-power. , [by?] the sekhem-sceptre. [which?] I am. ;

  • 1. Khittim : as their double-door in their north ; but the trade “via her ships will be stopped” ,
    see index ; perhaps the trade is depicted as sekhem-scepters (power over constructs) ;
  • 2. matrix-sky to revolve : see tornado-cloud concept , but sadly unclear written here ;
  • 3. the “doubled place not to complete” : must relate tot he Jeremiah chapter where
    Jeremiah buried the two stones (held in 1 hand) in Tephanes (Tefnut) ; in posted chapter
    these two Gemstones are “thee yes” , but it seems that they separated these two gemstones ,
    (one in their foreground – as sela – and one in the background , as eden-cornerstone ?)
    In order to create some “magnetic type field” causing their [and our !] reality to rotate ;

e) me. [by] the boiling-pots (ktut+). [for] existence (eden’s). existence to make (as concept). ,
[and so] the things by the divine double-place-T of olden. to become. ,
d) [by] me. [is] the light [‘by place-T of the eden-nostril for the m-realm’] (m-sher-t). ,
[for] existence. existence to make (as concept). [by?] the torso above (=’Elam’). [to become]. ,
c) [empty] b) the doubled-dawn [as stolen eden-light] (nHpu). [as] the darkness (‘to battle eden with’, khu). ,
[by] my. places-T of the sh-pool for hail (ásht+). [for] speech. ,
[as] the divine things by the evil nostril (sher+). [for] the divine things of very great speech. ;
a) [and so] existence to make (as concept). [of] the words of adam-within. ,
[for] the divine spirits. [to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] essences of the (inversed) khepesh-thigh. ,
[and so] of [=for]. existence to make (as concept). within (=in matrix). ,
[by] to become by place-T of the kh-house. [for] my. existence. ,
[for?] the flame at place-T for to make the imprisoned-adamite-soul (sst+). [by?] he (eden?). ;

  • 1. thigh : we understand that the two eden-pools were above eachother ,
    linked to gether by a ‘cord’ – perhaps a bent cord , here as “thigh” ;
    in scripture we have “the pool” and “the pool at the fuller’s field” (more north) ,
    and another chapter where “they built a wall inbetween my both pools” .
    They reaped this cord-thigh per glyph MÁST , “thigh of the adamite-throne to reap”,
    then inversed that section , now calling it KHEPESH , a mirror-glyph ;
    compare the scarlet cord which Rachab let down over the Jericho walls ;
    the inversed pool became ‘Nineveh’ , as the nostril glyph (-aph) ;
  • 2. the ‘[by] he’ ; Pyr.T 273 has in 403b the same weird ending ‘he’ after this flame ;

VI 179
m) the Hat-furnaces (in dimensional-background). [are] [by] the word of speech. ,
[being] the flame to destroy (stch-t). [of] my. this (tn). double-willpower. ;
l) [in order] existence to make. [by] the things of the goddess (=’revelation-woman’?, h’emt+). ,
[as] the word. [for] existence. [by] the leg (rt’). [for] above (=north). ;
[and so] (matrix-) existence to make . [by] the speech. [in?] the hát furnaces. ,
[through] the word. me. existence. to terrify (h’er=). , [and so to be?] the sky. north. ,
[by] this. great – divine torso (=region,’Elam’). [for] existence of hail. ;

  • 1. revelation-woman : she “is” their one leg , since they stand upon eden ;
    see next lines ; PT has “h’emsesut “attributes” but is from the same root “woman”,
    the H’EM usually as eden’s (as opposed to H’ENNUT) ;

problematic lines :
k) [by] the imprisoned-adamite-soul. below. , the new-moon (pstch). to revolve (speech root). ,
j) [and so by?] “the divine people by place-T of light” (nes+?, hemhemt?). place-T to devour. ,
[for] millions (=of spirits). to be place-T to chew upon (?, ‘place-T as the peg’?, ugt). ;
i) [in order for to be?] the (matrix-) light by place-T of the eden-nostril for m-realm (m-sher-t). +
[as?] the one. he. the boiling pot (ktut). of [=for] existence to make. within (=in matrix). ,
to become place-T of the kh-house. me. existence. the flame to make the imprisoned-soul. he. ;

  • 1. too many unknown concepts , we fail to read the context ,

h) existence to make. [by] me. existence (eden’s). to slay (sfth). ,
[by] the (eden-) branches to inverse (ssa+). [for] existence. [of] (dimensional-) ruddyness (t’shr). ,
[and by] the winepress-god as executioner (=’to slay the vineyard’). [to be] existence of hail. ;
g) [to be] the divine word for to repulse. (eden-) speech. ,
[by] to descend the word to the solarplane (Ha-ub). [through] the KhenSu-moon (‘make the word’). ,
[being] this. my. divine envoy (=’top of the eden-head’, as ’place-T of opened eden-root’). ,
f) [for] existence to make. [at] place-T of the belly (=Damascus). [as] place-T of adam-within. ,
[and so to be] my. existence. [through] the (eden-) hand to seize (=sht’t’ ; ’to become Damascus’). ;

  • 1. eden to slay ; as SFTH , “by to make to connect to he (=to eden)” ;
  • 2. branches to inverse : we had that chapter , where the eden-vine is addressed ,
    see the “you was planted by many waters” chapter ;
    but it was a bit difficult to understand the directions ;
  • 3. executioner : as SESHMU ; related to “threading grapes” in scripture ,
    but here théy collect the [eden-vine] grapes and thresh them (for to create) ;
  • 4. KHENSU-moon ; an eden-moon for “to make the word”, perhaps as “to compose” ,
    originally SU ‘prisoner’ (from eden) but made into their moon by adding KHEN- to -SU ;
    this eden-moon crossed over to their dimension and became the youthful god KHENSU ,
    but is in reality “the moon of the female-donkey athon”, Jer. 2 ;
    this is a large theme , as Sumer telling “how this sun came from the moon Nanna” ,
    this moon is the same as “the goodly eden-king which became corrupt” (in prophets) ;
  • 5. compare the Revelation-woman theme , standing upon the moon , covered in Rã ,
    see also furtheron ;

e) existence to make (as concept). [through] me. existence (eden’s). to guard (ssaa). ,
[by] the divine willow-tree (=’between eden-vine and her top’). [for] speech above (=north). ;
d) existence to make. [by] me. existence. to fetter (qas). ,
[in order for] the divine he the willpower (eden’s) to bring. ,
c) [and so] existence to make (as concept). [by] the divine words of sorcery. ,
[by means of] me. existence (eden’s). to lasso (speh’). ;
divine existence to make. [by] the dimensional background. [for] thou. torso (=region) above. ,
to become by the things of ’the top of the eden-head’ (-t to open ; upt). to extinguish. ,
[for] existence of hail. ;
b) he – the Self (ths-f). [by] he. the aspect place-T for totality. to make (ár). , [by which?] I am. ;
a) [and so for] the gods. [to be] of [=as]. the ãnkh-life. [of] all – divine Egyptians. , [is what] I am. ;

  • 1. willow tree ; we had that chapter , placed upon the eden-vine as insertion
    for them to can have her fruits (as her top) in her north ;
  • 2. fetter and lasso ; “cord fort he solarplane-intestine” and a “cord to make new-root” ;
  • 3. “the Self bý place-T to make”, that is important ;
  • 4. he the willpower to bring : not as an “own name” (listed as : án-ã-f , BD 17) ;

VI 178
p) the divine olden ones. – know – [how] to slay the imprisoned-adamite-soul (knife+S). ,
[by means of] (eden-) existence. [to be] this. darkness (glyph). , +
[and so] the divine he the name (=’of eden-existence’?). [by] me. to hide (ámen). ,
[and by?] eden-willpower for matrix-existence (h’nã). he. to be judged. , [is who] I am. ;
o) the doubled á-tert shrine (=some speech construct). [to be?] place-T of the foremost kh-house. ,
[and so] of [=for]. Geb (=’Chaldea’). [to be] my. inversed (sa). my. speech. me. to dwell (h’ems). ;
m) the divine things of willpower. [by] the new-adamite-throne. [of] the word of adam-within. ,
[for] all divine – existence. ,
[through] existence to make (as concept). within (=in matrix). [as] this. god. ,
of [=by] [means of]. me. to rise and be crowned. [for] my. word of hail. ;
l) [in?] the bow-sky-dome(s) (ptcht+). [of] the word of adam-within. +
my. existence to revolve (by root). ,
k) [through] the island of the flame to make speech (nsr). of [=as]. the sorceries. ;

  • 1. divine he the name ; option is tricky , but we can’t make a better version ;
  • 2. new-adamite-throne as Raamah , from hebr. Root -rum ‘high (place) ,
  • 3. bowdomes and revolve – sadly a bit unclear
  • 4. last few glyphs context unclear ;

j) the divine words of sorcery. [by] the essences at place-T in the dimensional foreground. , +
of [=as]. to defense (against eden?, usheb). ,
i) [and so for] the gods. the words to transform. of [=as]. ãnkh-life. ,
[by] he. the torso (=region, ‘Elam’). [as] the evil hebrew-house-H for existence (neH). , +
[for] the (matrix-) sky. [as] the divine Ka bull (=’powerful doubled construct’). [which] I am. ;
g)[by] he (=sky). the khu-spirits. to become equipped. [is what] I am. ,
f) [and] the imprisoned-adamite-soul (=on earth?). [by] me. to devour (nsb). ;

  • 1. soul on earth to devour ? ; we had those lines [see ‘restored sun’, index] and since the term NSB is used it can be true , ‘devour by solarplane of the tongue’ ;
  • 2. more suggestion that the torso is Elam , see Jer. 49 ;

e) the flame of the house of the horizon [T-spirits]. of [=as]. me. ,
[for] the Ba-soul (=bird). [to be] existence. [as?] the sight by eden-speech of light (p-ter+). ,
d) [by] me. ‘the top of the eden-head’ (upt+). [to be] of [=as]. my. ureaus. the one (tu). to guide. ,
c) [to be] my. place-T in the dimensional-fóreground. af [=as]. my. ureaus (áãrt). ;
b) [and so] me. the head. [for] the gods. to become. ; (sic, compare our ‘I’) ;
a) [by means of] my. leg (rt’). to make below (s-kher). (=opon eden) ,
[and so] the (eden-) goddess. [in] the dimensional background. [as?] my. sorceries. [to become]. ,

  • 1. so “the covering (top of eden-head) moves north to be in their foreground” ;
    Jer. 2 has the strange lines (said to the house) “the (matrix-) lions graze your scalp”,
    this most be the top of the head moving north ;
  • 2. ureaus : Rã’s red-son symbol has one ureaus ,
    the latter as “place-T to ascend for hail”,
    being “at the house of the horizon”, see next lines ,
  • 3. Revelation-woman is his leg : we have little else option –
    she stands upon the moon , the sun (Rã) at the torso ;
    BD XV tells how the áten disk ‘rises up through the leg’,
    and a (done) CT how ‘the prisoner ascends via an axis
    (the Thoth-perch) and enters their realm through the gate” ,
    this prisoner turns into KHENS, the moon , but was previously
    the “goodly king which went rogue again” (see prophets) ;

VI 177
n) he. the speech. [being] my. spirit-consciousness. [to become]. ,
m) [empty] l) [for] he. the Ba-soul (=bird). [by] my. existence. it. existence. [of] willpower of speech. to become. ,
k) [by means of for] me. the word. to birth. [by] my. divine father (=Damascus). ,
[in order to be] Rã-Tem. [for] hail alike-adam. ;
j) [and at?] the island of the horizon (=’Khittim’). of [=for]. my. noble seat (shpss). to become. ,
[and] of [=as]. my. user-power (make speech for the word). to become. ,
i) [in] he. the name [of].: he. without – the mother (mut). ,
h) [because] the (matrix-) sky. [is] of [=as]. the ‘one’ [willpower for word] . [by] the jackal (new-root). [for] the divine light. [which] I am. ;
g) [and so] Osiris’. existence (=as the matrx). to divinely equip. ,

  • 1. Rã “hovers above” Damascus (TEM) , so he gets his ‘feed’ (as the word) from TEM ,
    at the new-root , that is likely why he is “without a mother”, the mother representing the word’
    and they both are separate, he as ‘the head’ (opposed to eden’s concept) ;
  • 2. noble seat : the SHEPS glyph is typically a seating-place , as “atop of eden” ,

f) [by means of] the offered aspects (=by eden). of [=for]. the ãnkh-life. [of] all – the millions. ;
e) this. god. of [=as]. my. high place (‘hill’, Gilead’). to manifest. , [for] my. word. [of] sight. ,
d) to come the divine words of sweetness. [by] the adamite-soul place-T. to be founded (gr). ,
c) [because] the (eden-) star (glyph). [by] the poles [bones]. to tremble (=’the star’; st’a). ,
[and by] the (T’s of) bow-sky-domes (pstch). to quake (mnmn). ,
b) [to be] the things by the stargate (=’to make the solarplane’sb, on top of Gilead hill). +
[as?] the flame [of?] the most-beautified-soul-adam for wick-H’ of hail. +
[at?] the sky-dome of the new-root (Thebes) for throne-G. ;
a) [lost]

  • 1. Gilead ; we had the chaptre where the threshing-slide (TEM) threshes Gilead ;
    the other version writes “the hill to rise and be crowned”, so the eden-hill got higher ;
    compare the hill of sand (=lights of eden-willpower, SHÃ) in tuat V ;
    (this hill carrying Jerusalem , and mt. Tsiun carries that hill) ;
  • 2. eden-star , probably the same as the SET’-star , later to be T’uat-star ;
    It makes sense that this star trembles – not théir constructs , see next ,
  • 3. flame shooting-out : as through a hole in a pressure-vessel ;

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