CT 127

CT 127 II 148

d] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by means of] place-T. within (the matrix)., [whom] I am.;

c] [as] the place of the word-inside [of the 8] (khmennu-mountain). [as] all. the cord for the solarplane of the new-north.,
[and so by] me. existence (eden’s). [of] ignorance (khm+neg.).;

version II,

d] existences to make (via ad.soul). [by means of] the divine word for the word-inside [as the eight] (khmnnuu-mountain). [whom] I am.;

c] [and by] the divine word as the word-inside [the 8] (khmenuu-mountain). +
all [of] the abomination [-T of eden-word for solarplane] (but). [as] the divine place-T to reap for the solarplane of the new-north (shabt+).,
[and so by] me. existence (eden’s). [of] ignorance (khm+neg.).; —-

———- end CT 127

A] notes:
  • – line d] -T within,
    column D, G2T; you see S1C lacks the -T; eventhough the combination ÁM+T is rare;
  • – line c] khemenu
    this T-within is equated in Gard.II and III with the Khemenu-mountain, as the pyramid of their crystalline-lights standing upon inner-court, with it’s top as the new-hand;
    compare in diagrams how Dumizu also ‘stands upon rubble’,
  • – line c] cord
    the cord being within the khemenu mountain, from the shared-root up to the new-hand, now described as “cord to the solarplane”

version II,

  • – line d] abomination,
    as the shared-root, but when ruled by eden; it’s a bit unclear why ‘solarplane’ is involved here; however it can be the concept of solarplane in general – since eden had (has) her binary,
    opposed to their solarplane now having gone Up,
  • – line d] -T to reap,
    nonlisted; perhaps read as “to divinely reap place-T” instead, but juxtaposed to previous -BUT more likely as divine-place-T;