CT 622

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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theme : copy of the adamite throne in the south brought to the north as ÁT'EN
status : completed
summary : extensive spell about copying the Cube to the North
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending

VI 238 — incredible one

q] [from] the adamite soul. the aspects (glyph). the child (mesu). to snatch away [from the adamite soul] (neh’em).;
p] to become new. [by] the prisoner (su,Cain). to connect to. the workplace (ás).;
o] this. N. willpower. of [=by]. the aspects in sh-pool for the solarplane (shebu). [by] the divine words to escape (h’emu). [for] existence (eden’s). to become a new thing (unt). nót.;
to connect to. the workplace. n] [for] my. word-inside to ferry-over (khennu). of [=for]. m] speech. [of] eden realm (NeN)., to make willpower. of [=for]. this. N’s. protection.;
l] the divine sandal,tile [top of H-cube, for solarplane B] (teb). word. [of] might [the speech/of adamite soul] (jackal staff,user). [for] this. N’s. might (user,pun).; k] the divine tile,sandal (teb). [as] the branches. [for] existence (matrix). [for] this. N’s. branch. [for] existence. to connect to. the workplace.
j] [by] the doubled-divine (cain?). [as?] word-inside to ferry-over. [as] thing of adam-within. [..lost..] to judge (utchã)., i] [by?] the gods of great speech. of [=for]. the adamite soul. [to be in?] the áat (perch). [of?] this (tn). N. to make to stand upright (sãhã).;

h] the offered aspects in the H’etep field [of saturn]. of [=by]. the adamite soul. made by the Hát furnace land. [for] existence (matrix). to make stable (smen).; g] [and] the field of reeds (sekhtáaru). of [=by]. the adamite soul. [as] offered grain (?) (sesht). to make to establish [the field] (s-uah’).;
f] the place. [of] most-b-soul-adam hand for the serpent [place as the base of djed pillar] (tchet’t’ti). of [=by]. the place of the hand of the serpent [djed] (tchet’t’t). of [=by]. the place of the hand for the serpent [djed] (tchet’t’). of [=for]. this. N., which is. the house of the adamite throne (ást,Isis). it (the throne). to make broad,wide [stretch out] (s-sekh).;
e] [by] Shu [pillar+an-face]. to devise. to slay. the firstborn [cain?] (glyph).; to praise (tua). d] the claw (ãnt). [to] he. the head (root). [for] divine h’ekennu [word-inside/for the Ka-spirit-double/of Saturn’s existence].;
** c] the adamite soul. words of Sight. [for] existence for the beautified-soul. this (tn). N. ákhem+neg.**
b] this (to conn to). cords for the word of manifestation (perut). of [=by]. the cords to fetter [to ánt-ravine,see amtuat XI,furnaces] (ántht). of [=for]. Rã. [for] sight (maa).; a] [of,as?] the divine Ka-double bull. [since?] the festival of completion of the solarplane (h’eb). the head (main,first festival). [of] existence (matrix). [by] this. light (eden’s). it. within. the divine lizard-son [!] [tuat X] (h’entasu; su,prisoner+saturn). existence (matrix). head (main existence). [and] my. existence. to tie together.;

VI 338
v] the divine head (of spirits). to tie together. [for] existence., [by] this. adamite soul. name [existence/speech]. of [=by]. the adamite soul. [is] the protection (?) (mãkt). [for] the anunna-face (north)., [through?] this. N’s. mighty jackal staff [of speech óver the adamite soul] (usert).; to become (áu). u] [bý] the adamite soul. the jackal staff (usert). to make the anunna-face. [in order to?] make the head (of spirits). [for] existence. to tie together.; to become. t] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep). of [=by]. this (to connect to). anunna-face. [for] this. N., [by] to make a way [eden’s  watercourse to stand upright in the pillar] (s-uat). [for] speech. these (to connect to). heads [of adamite originals, tuat V]. to copy [!] (sen).;
s] [for] the sky of earth. [for] the monkeys (gaftu). r] [for] ultimate peace [of saturn] (h’etepx3). [stop?]

q] the ánes red garment-body [for the fish-soul án]. [of] adam-within. [by] divine great speech. the protection [of earth,SA]. of [=by]. p] the cords of manifestation. of [=by]. Rã. [are] thou. existence. to praise.; o] the cords to the ánt-ravine (ántht). of [=for]. Rã. [are] thou. existence. [of] sight.; n] [by] to shoot [seed]. [of?] speech. [into?] thou. side., withín. thou., to beget (ut). the speech. [of] the land (eden’s?). (in order) of [=for]. thou. to march through and plow over hebrew-H [by the solarplane] (Heb).;
m] the divine he., the stability [bý most-b-soul-adam] (menit). which is. the foremost [importance]. of [=as]. the thing raised and crowned., l] the divine he., the blossom of the hand (eden), now in the exalted high place [of anunna-face] (qat’+blossom). [as] the speech for the anunna-face., [by] existence (eden’s). within. the thephet-caves [south; of saturn house h’et]. to carry (it) Off.;

k] sekhet áaru fields [of saturn]. [of] the speech. [for] thou., [by] the word-inside to ferry-over.  [by] to make a way [watercourse deflected].; j] [for?] the Tuat house. [as?] torso (áb). [and?] anunna-face. [of] royalty (sãh’-orion gazelle?). [by] to plow over (seKa). the existence of the most-b-soul-adam (in).;
i] [by] he. within., the word to come. [of] his. existence. [into] the Mer-lake (‘pyramid’). [on] the day [light/of hebrew-H] (Hru). [of] peace [of saturn] (h’etep)., of [=for]. his. existence (adam’s). to open up [it’s root] (up).;
h] [for?] the sky of earth’s. existence., [by] the qerr-circle located at Set’s Dome [the qerrt-circles in all of am-tuat hours are on top of the hebrew-H cube] (qerr \\ set-dog+dome). [as] willpower (matrix). \\ [over] the head (eden’s)., [as if by?] the flintknife [7-poly of heart] (t’es knife, tuat VIII). to tremble, to quake (set’-bird). [of] fear (sent’). [and?] to make to protect [herself?] (s-netch). [from]  being invaded [of hebrew-H] (Haa).; (or ‘ the cube protect herself from  descending’?)

g] this. N’s. speech. [by] the foreign land’s. áat [region] (perch). it (the). divine mother [land?]. [of] existence [by?] the thing of the m-b-soul-adam (?) (it). f] this (conn to). my. existence. cauldron of granite (?) (math) [tuat XII, wall]. this (root). image [to connect to] (thut)., e] he. to listen to. the emerald-sceptre (uatch). [as] it (the sceptre?). the horn (ãb?). to rise and shine (uben,solarplane B). of [=for]. my. existence. to birth. me. [as] the divine son.;
to become. d] the adamite soul. to say.: c] [by] the adamite soul. [are] the legs [going north] (rut’). to direct [speech/ad.soul]. the word. \\ [of] willpower. [of] eden’s speech (rr)., [through] the adamite soul. to go lead (nabt).; b] the adamite soul’s. head. [and] the adamite soul’s. speech. [as] essence [to spread out] (pesegt). [for] this. N.; a] [by] to connect to. the word to repulse (khesefu). of [=as]. the joy [saturn+flesh] (h’ãt). [of] the advanced beautified soul.;

VI 236
w] to bow. of [=for]. the beautiful (nefert). West., connected to. the divine mother [land] (also áukhemut)., [by] existence’s (matrix).  sight, glance (t’ega). v] to connect to. the anunna-face (north)., [who] carries. the divine he [aspect of hebrew-H (set). to become stability.;
he (the). sh-pool. the head (main pool; top of cube). [for] the divine Ka-spirit bulls. to be victorious (nermut). light for spirits (áukhu). t] [for?] the sky of earth., [by?] existence. [of] the divine Ka-spirit bull. [for] the ape (kenmut). [in] the Õn-pillar. [for] this. N.;
s] this (to connect to). them (ad.souls). [fór] sight (maa)., r] [through?] the SBA stars [in?] the Õn-pillar. [for] this. N.; p] [as?] my. word. \\ [of] willpower. head (main willpower?). [over?] the divine áat’ [hand+region].; p] [for] thou. (sekht) fields. the word to come. [of] speech. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;

o] the word of the h’ep bull [hidden root of saturn, likely adam] (h’ep = apis bull). [for] the mouth [north]. of [=by]. to divinely to make to tresh (s-tchennu). [and] to hold captive (seqer).; n] [as?] the divine words. [for] the word to come.  [for] speech., [by] divine words (eden’s). to wander-astray. [as?] the triple-name (rnrnrn). [of?] the deaf deputy [áten-disk] (pun, see below).;
m] [by] to make a new watercourse. [for] the speech. [of] the things of the watercourse [eden’s]. [as] the hidden mystery (shetau).;
l] the foreign land’s (house of)  the skin of the bull (mesqet). [for?] the firedrill boat (tchat+boat). the nuh’-cord. to go sacrifice., k] [in order for]  the two mother-lands (áukhemutu). to unite (t’emt’).; j] through] the divine shining backbone [one of two caduceaus snakes as pillar] (pest’). to manifest [the house of speech] (per)., i] [by] the son. [in] the place [of]. the wick [saturn glyph H’]. to direct (ser). g]  \\ the light (eden’s). [as?] the Cat [rã] (mu,here). to make (by) the prisoner. existence to become new.;  [by] the adamite soul. [is] the thing of the watercourse., [and] of [=by].  the adamite soul. to discover. [that] his. existence (eden’s). commands. nót.;

e] [but] Geb (earthgod,south). [is] the divine father. of [=for]. to become the things to bear up (fatu)., [by] me. to devise (ka). [by] decree of law. the thing of the watercourse. [for] this. N’s. existence., to make. a completed thing. [of] speech for the beautified-soul.; d] [by] the thing of the watercourse (eden’s). [for] this. N’s. existence. to make. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
c] the “One”. [as?] the divine all [of]. the thrones of adamite [south] (ástu)., [for] the anunna-face (north). [as] things to value (áptu).; to contain, to grasp [alike-adam] (khemm). the god (the thrones, likely). b] [in?] the Ka-double shrine (kar). [for] the word. [of] saturn’s background (h’aukar,dict.). the gods. this (to connect to). the speech. [of!] the flame of eternal hebrew-H (HeH+flame).;
a] the place of the island of fire (nser). the Ka-double bull. existence (eden’s). [by] divine thing of great speech. [the dew of eden] to smite (át’i).;

A] notes :

... - incredible, this one;

in random order  -

1] 263 o], ÁT'EN,
... for a long time, we here assumed, like so many confusing-mimick-terms, that áten was related to Eden [ODN in hebrew original, where T' is D], but it just did not make sense that spells declared "it went up" [attach spells];
but nów, it gives quite another meaning:
[it must be said that this particular 622 is of extreme correctness; it is of one coffin, has no other versions which may show related meanings; and the text appears to be without one mistake, both contextually and in grammar];

...the word used is Á-T'-N+falling ladybug; officially this glyph is "deputy", but it's root is also "to be deaf" and "eden Dew" [ÁT']; moreover, the very term is another version of thé Sundisk, áten,
you might remember from the bas-reliefs of Akhenaten, offspring of anunna-giants,


...the "sun" pictured is nót "this visible sun, revolving around earth" [sic],
but the "deputy of the adamite throne, brought to the North, in the anunna-face vesica";
- the rays depict small hands, which is the glyph T' in the term ÁT'EN;
- the very same should account for "the [evil] mountain", as the house of the horizon, glyph T'U, the word/of the hand ---- where the term "hand" is "a deputy": in every case, as far as hieroglyphs are concerned, "a deputy of Heaven", just as a Dam and eDen are deputies of Heaven;

...note how immediately follows line m], "by to make a new watercourse" [to the north]: telling here that the PEST'-disk, guiding Rã's boat in amtuat X is nothing else as the copy of the adamite throne in the south, brought by them to the north as ÁT'EN;
-- for reference as whát this adamite throne might be, Henoch's journey describes him "seeing a glorious device in the North",  and in another section he describes the north as "containing for 1/3d the oceans and trees; for 1/3d humanity, and one third the garden of righteousness";
...we here have been fighting for ages about this weird presented concept, but finally it starts to make Sense;

see also 236 w],
where "the anunna-face is cárrying the aspects of He";

2] 236 c], eternal flame,
...this eternal flame of hebrew-H can be little else as "the thrones of adamite"; the same place as previous;
the double H is used, in relation to saturn, as H'EH', "eternity/of Saturn's house",
but the double hebrew-H is here "the eternal house of God"  --
immediately related is the "serpent ámi-Heh", a huge serpent, daily fighting-Off the boat of Rã; we will search back the spells dealing with this fiery 'serpent'  and connect them to this theme;

3] 236 s], the stars inside the pillar,
... only in one other CT, there are mentioned "seven Utchat-Eyes", related to the pillar;
as a bizarre type of spine with chakra's, the pillar stands on top of the cube, with it's head the anunna-face;
here, in 622, they are immediately related to the ÁN-pillar-glyph,
and leave us little else as to place them IN this án/õn-pillar;
....the number of these SBA-stars is not given, but per context we can guess that they are the same "seven Utchat-Eyes"; and this aspect gains even more importance, when in the book of Revelation, the Lord is represented as "He who holds the seven stars in his HAND"   ----
which does in no way make any Sense, but as related to this!

- in a CT is made reference to "un-tying stars", the glyph used for Un-tying is SEFEKH, also "seven"; and it was related to Orion un-tying them: but we need to search back the related spells, and their context;

also related is the difficult theme of the SBA-stargates [ through which, assumingly, these SBA-stars were pulled-out of the cube ?],
where these SBA-stargates *may*  be the "windows in the cube", as described by Henoch ['windows' for 'sun and moon to appear', and ' windows for evil and gentle winds'];  but this important theme will need to be investigated more;


4] 236 w], motherland,
...see CT spells 169-172

5] 236 c], the "One",
.... can hardly be read different as presented: implying that this mysterious "One" IS the throne of adamite soul --- the 'device' which Henoch mentioned -  and the context may tell it is true:
UÃ, "the "One", willpower/of the word,  is depicted with both an arm-glyph ['willpower']  and a harpoon:
the harpoon is THE most important topic of the Edfu/Karnak texts, and it is absolutely no coincidence, that Christ was 'speared' --- since everything He did, until every detail, was to un-do their Torus;
....in the Edfu/Karnak texts, the second important concept, related to the harpoon, is "the floater", TCHEB or T'EB, which' cluster shows "coffin, box, chest, tile" etc; but which can only mean "the mimick-cube, abóve the hebrew-H-cube" [where B is solarplane];

...extending: the so important UÃRT-thigh [land], mentioned in many CT, must be the deflection fróm the place of the "One", UÃ; and many clusters are a step-down of this: UA, "eden's watercourse", which is deflected, also in 622 above; etc.

6] 236 k],  the Cat
....the glyph shows a distinct cat, yet not the common MíÁU but MU;
the Cat, as Rã, cut the head of the snake, daily, at the ÁSHT'-tree in the south;  and since the entire spell IS about this theme, we may assume that MiÁU is referred to here;  

7] 236 l]
, mesqet skin of the Bull,
... though the MESEKH cluster should represent the North, as Ursa Major,
MESEQT may be a place in Sekhet áaru itself [please see eastern sky according to CT page];
- we absolutely have trouble interpreting the connection with the "fire drill boat and the Nuh'-cord": but considered the context, this NUH'-cord must be a plúmbline, read: plumbline of Heaven [since NUH' was "a cord which measured out the estates", per dictionary];
...it tells here, that "this NUH' cord to sácrifice"; implying a change in angle to théir realm
[compare for the importance of the plumbline the chapters of Ezekiel];

8] 338 h], qerrt circle upon Set's dome,
...there is no other way to interpret this glyph:
QERR set-dog+dome;
the glyph itself cannot be separated, since the double-slash, "magically dangerous", connects the Set-dome and qerr-circle; hence the only way this glyph cán be read is as "the Qerrt-circles sitting illegally on top of the Set Dome";
--- see the Amtuat pages for the suggestion that these qerrt-circles form a turtle; which 's name is SHE-TA, the land of the [rectangular] soul-pools, which are immediately on top of the [square] cube, as well [and therefore should be related to the qerrt-caves-circles];

other observations: pending

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