perhaps to you, this is a strange page; but we deemed it necessary to create it, open for those who want to read it, but meant for us as continuous backup against all the themes, described in every Spell:
since, as we progressed into the nature of them, and started to understand how incredible important “the declared word” is, to make the same type declarations — but [together with you] as adamite souls.
this entire Saturn matrix thrives on, and is kept going, by with what wé, [you and us], as adamite souls, say, think and give our energy to: which are usually so Off, that it gives Saturn the legal right to continue his matrix.
You see how that is devised….?

  • that adamite souls themselves keep his matrix for their own imprisonment up and running…- by Ignorance: because that is a large theme in the spells: to keep the adamite soul ignorant.

And hence an important factor as to why we decided to start this project.

declaring that:
  • the original hieroglyphic texts, as inherited by mankind, as the PT texts 1906-10 from the Berlin Museum, as well the originals of BD (Book of the Dead) and CT (Coffin Texts), are freely accessible to every person, and as less ‘copyrighted’ as the original text from Scripture is;
  • that it is to others to conceal or misinterpret these original hieroglyphic texts – but that we here have no part of that, nor want to: but only to [try] bring out the genuine context of what they describe;
confessing that:

after reading and translating several hundred of them now [which will be uploaded in time],

  • we even stronger confess that God is the only true Voice;
  • that His son did a virtually impossible job, to get adamite souls back from this prison of Saturn;
  • that we understand, for as far our capability, the evil gist of the themes, described in the spells, and solemnly renounce their vampiring reality, which is completely based upon stolen aspects;
  • that the adamite soul, herself, is but a rather helpless essence, plagued by her ‘i’ [TCHES] which Saturn imprisoned her with, and that only God can provide the adamite soul with insight, and the will to continue his journey;
  • that the most desirable goal of having Eden back, de facto, and the rewind of this matrix into Eden [as Revelations describes] will occur.


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