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Introduction [see link below]
please remember that “all of the so-called modern West” started with Plato, 300BC [as how in scripture this new era starts with the goat, as Greece, in the book of Daniel]; and in our opinion, Plato knew all this, and knew his task to willingly cáuse the coming Ignorance — it is certainly no coincidence, that the matrix realm prepared this move, because Christ was about to be born: so that the next two millennia His followers would be blind and deaf for any context outside of this closed earth.

We saw in Habakuk [and Daniel ] page, that “the vision would be Snared, until the end”; and we confirm that this ‘snaring’ is immediately related to “hiding the context of scripture”, namely the context related to the constructs outside earth, as the land south, the Sekht fields, etc, which is exact the theme of this dialogue,

see page, Phaedo: Socrates, and the West turning Subconscious for the next 2000 years]




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