CT 160

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, this revision : 16/1/21
scribe : on a number of coffins, varying from 1-10, as parallel texts ; usually overall the same, but when differences, we looked for the most frequent type glyphs used,
first revision : 24/7/17
status : 90%
summary : inversing eden's root as the Bakhau mountain of the Sebek crocodile
notes : pending,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : CT is written in staccato-style, different as BD ;
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending


CT 160

main theme : the king ( Thoth) of Mystery-Babylon speaks ;
II 388 (introduction , 1 coffin)
c) the divine light (‘probably Râ’). [for] (matrix-) existence. divine things to follow. ,
(in order) for. (matrix-) existence to become new (-un). ;
b) [and so by] he (‘Râ’). [to be] the divine things of the father (‘likely Geb, Chaldea’). +
[as] existence. [by] the main – (matrix-) land (=Geb). ,
[through] the divine word for the flesh of willpower of the heir. the word of speech to make. ;
[by means of] in the house the offerings (‘by eden’) to appear. through (?). sekhem-power. ;

context so far :
… Râ (our sun) is the main theme here ;
he seems to say that because of Râ , the matrix-land flourishes
(as Chaldea – the land Mystery-Babylon sits upon)
and that Râ’s light is beneficial for his type body – he calls himself ‘the heir’ ;
2) the ‘offerings to appear’ :
… perhaps equal to “imagine what you desire – and it will show up” ;
for us impossible to understand , but ‘sekhem-power’ is related to ‘creating reality
by (stolen) eden-words” ;

II 387 (start)
a) the mâ-sh-R-u (‘type-) light. [as] all the one. [by] Hathor (‘Horus-house’). ,
[through?] the Ba-kha-u (foreign-land-) mountain. [of] Sobek (‘crocodile’).
[for] this. Râ. ;

context so far :
… these series of spells are about ‘the moved eden-gate’ (dimensional-centre) ,
so the mâsheRu-light is a type light now of their dimension ;
2) the ‘Bakhu’ will be explained later ;
3) Sobek as crocodile represents “the new matrix-cardinal points”
(since their dimension is inversed and is sitting at another angle)
as opposed to the crocodile Sui , which represented the four eden-cardinal points ;

d) the Westerners (‘spirits’). [as?] the Ba-souls. [by] me. to know. ,
[for] my. word of hail. ; [<< stolen eden-word]
c) the ânkh-life (‘vampiring life’). [to be] by. Râ. ,
[as] the (matrix-) speech and nature. [of] (matrix-) peace. ;
b) [through] the phallus (‘an axis’). [for] this. thou. speech. [as] the one by decree of law. ;
a) [by] thou. ántt-cord (‘cord of eden-words’). for. thou. word of hail. ;

context so far :
… so the stolen eden-word is transformed into the speech (‘light’) of Râ ;
the ‘phallus’ must be the axis which “feeds” Râ ,
equated here with the ántt-cord (ántt = ‘valley’ , their region) ;

II 385
c) [in order to be] the (matrix-) sky. [of] existences. ,
[by means of] (matrix-) existence. to revolve (‘solarplane-related ; -t’ben). ;
(eden’s reality does NOT ‘revolve’)
b) [by, as?] he. the mâ-sh-R-u (type-) light. +
[for] existence. [of] peace. [by] Râ. ;
a) the things of the (eden-) serpent for Aker (‘dualistic dimension’?). +
[for?] me. to steal (‘from eden’). ; +

II 384
d) [and so to] my. existence. hail to come. ;

c) [because at?] the (dimensional-) backside (=eden). +
[to be] the support-pillar for the word (-uthes). [for] me. ; [<< stolen word] b) [in order to be] my. willpower. by. thou. (dimensional-) backside. ,
a) [because] (eden-) speech. [to] me. to wander-astray. ,
[as] my. protection. ; +

context so far :
… according to them , eden is “in the dimensional background”,
but – as we gather – also as “the dimensional backside”
since everything of their realm is totally different as God’s reality ;
yet they made some axis (‘a pillar’) conveying the stolen word to them ;

II 383
e) [because] thou. foreign-land (=eden ; 4x). mountain (=the mountain tsiun, likely). +
[of] (eden?-) existence. [is?] thou. (dimensional-) backside. ;
d) [as?] the serpent. [to be?] he. the belly. [to] above (‘north’). to wander-astray. ;

[and so?] this. á-shest (dimensional-) garment. this. [to become] spirit [-consciousness] ;
b) [now as?] thou. speech. [for] my. existence. ,
[through?] adam (7x). to give. the word of hail. ;
a) [by] the great (‘speech’) – things of sorcery (‘to double’). am I ;

context so far :
… it makes sense that after ‘the word went astray’ he now talks ‘from where’ ;
The “belly” must be seen as “the dimension below them , providing them” ,
As said in the next “to give speech and the word of hail” ;

II 382
e) [and so] my. health. to become – by – thou. health. ;
d) [by means of?] thou. the head (?). to dress. ; [<< needs subject ; unclear] c) [to be] the [adam-like-] male. [who] I am. ; [<< ‘male child’ ?] b) [because for] me. [to be] the united – existence (‘eden+matrix’). ,
a) [through] thou. the (eden-) eye (‘gate’). [by?] thou. speech. to close (-âkhan). ; +[t

context so far :
… now he gets to the gist – the moved eden-gate (as dimensional-centre) ;

II 381
e) [by] to come the watercourse (‘the Nile’). [for my existence of]. sight. ;
[through] the things by to build the boat [-of the hand] (‘Damascus, eden-corner-stone’).
[as] the sacrifice (-maâ , sacrifice eden). ;
c) [to be] thou. (dimensional-) border. for. me. to stand upright (‘dimensional angle’). ;
b) [in order to be?] the things of sorcery (‘by to double’). ,
[and?] by. he. adam (‘i’, 6x). to say. :
a) he. the border. [is?] by. +

II 380
the judged [set-] stone (‘tried cornerstone as Damascus’).
[for] the (matrix-) word to make (-Su). [of] (matrix-) speech and nature.
[at?] the (dimensional-) bend (-qâh’). ; +

context so far :
… the main theme is “the tried eden-cornerstone” (the temple-fundament)
which went to their north , now as ‘Damascus’ , where Adam is ;
and for some reason this stone “carried” the eden-dimensional-centre
(which now has become the matrix-dimensional-centre) ;

b) [as?] the things by means of the boat to build. [at?] Khennu (‘in prophets: Hamath). ,
as. the place (-T) for the great pillar (‘axis’). to make the sight for throne-G (?). ;
a) [and so to be?] the divine things by the workplace (‘to make physicality’).
by [-means of]. the (eden-) words. to stand upright. ,
[as] (matrix-) speech and nature. [by] (eden-) speech to transform. ; +

context so far :
… the ‘boat to build’ literally is “to make the hand” (as Damascus) ,
prophets place Damascus in the region of ‘Hamath’ ;
next : see relation between Adam and Râ , compare sun-chapters in Isaiah ;

II 379
b) [to be] Râ’s. speech. [by] he. the (matrix-) eye. [of] speech and nature. ,
[through] the upside-down boat (=construct) (‘of eden-willpower for matrix-existence’).
[for] the mâ-sheR-u (type-) light. ,
[as] the (matrix-) speech of light. by. he. the (eden-) speech of hail. ;

a) [in] he. the name (‘existence of speech’). [of]
the serpent. [as] he. the (eden-) fire to renew (=by eden). [of eden-within].
[of] he. the mountain’s (=tsiun). main-root. ;

next :
… we guess the serpent is “the Spirit” (feminine) , renewing eden-life constantly ,
but it is very difficult to identify the things said here —
next :
… it appears to us that the matrix “speared the eden-dimensional-centre”
by a device which they say is ‘3 by 30 cubits’ – but we don’t have clue what it can be ;
apparently the nature of the words change (now called’h’efau-serpent’)
but what this means can be anyone’s guess ;

II 378
c) this (‘he the root’). H’efau-serpent. [for] existence. me. the name. to know. ,
[for] my. word of hail. ;
b) the [flint-] knife (-t’es). for. (matrix-) speech of hail. [of] the foremost (-matrix house).
[is?] 3. cubits. ,
a) [and] it’s. length. [is] as. 30. cubits. , +
II 377
d) [in order for?] this (‘he the root’). [the foreign land’s.]. mountain (=tsiun).
top of the head [-eden-root to open] (up-t). [for] above (‘north’). ;
c) [and so by?] the H’efau-serpent. (matrix-) existence to become new. ;

b) [to be?] the blue sapphire (‘carnelian?, h’rst). [<< eden-dome ?] for [as?]. he. the (matrix-) temple. [for] existence to become new. ;
a) he (‘he the root’). [of?] [the foreign land’s]. mountain (=tsiun). [of?] the east. +
[to be?] as (?). the foreign [mountain of-] Bakhu. ;

II 377
d) [and so by?]. the Sobek crocodile (‘matrix-cardinal points’). existence to become new. ;

context so far :



end CT160
16.01jan.2021 — submitted — second version — hetreport

‘official’ translation of CT 160
(R. Faulkner version)
Living long upon earth, not eating filth in the realm of the dead, not
dying because of a snake , 1 being hale upon earth, going in and out of
the eastern gates of the sky, knowing the souls of the westerners.
I know that mountain of Bakhu I upon which the sky rests ; it is of crystal( ?),
300 rods long and 120 rods wide. Sobk, Lord of Bakhu, is in the east of this
mountain, his temple is 3 of carnelian, his serpent is on the summit of that
mountain, 30 cubits long, and 3 cubits of its forepart are of flint. I know the
name of this serpent which is upon the mountain, its name is Whnj. Now at
eventide he will turn his eye against Re, and a stoppage will occur in the crew
and a great astonishment(?) in the voyage, and Seth will bend him with his
hand. Spell which he utters as magic; ‘I rise up against you and the voyage
is directed aright. O you whom I have seen from afar, I close your eye, for
I have bound you. I am the Male, so cover your head; I am hostile. I am
one great in magic which I have sent forth against you.’ ‘What is it, this power?’
‘O you who go on your belly, your strength belongs to your mountain. See,
I go off with your strength in my hand, for I am he who displays strength.
I have come that I may take care of the earth-gods ; O Re, may He who is in
the evening and Those who travel round the sky be gracious to me. You are
in fetters, which is what was decreed against you in the Presence, and Re
will go to rest in life’. I know the Souls of the Westerners; they are Re,
Sobk Lord and Seth the Lord of Life . Having power through invocation-offerings
which the heir on earth makes for his father.

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