BD 140

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, first revision : 14/6/17
theme : complete chapter of creating the utcha-eye through the centrepoint-T
scribe : from Todtenbuch
given title : 'chapter of filling the Utcha-eye'
first revision 14/6/17
status : 90%
summary : BD 140
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
situation : see diagram
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
see also : see bd 137B, opening of mouth pages plate 16, tuat V,
text note : after finding the important -T, as midpoint of the vertical and horizontal axis of either realm, and this point deciding which realm is "at the foreground", many glyphs seem to be adressing this; we used T-e (eden) or T-m (matrix),
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
renouf link: see below


one (1). roasted-meat [sheb-dome] (asher). [for] the flesh of Áf.; one (1). basket (t’ená). lights of the half-month of the q-axis of the hand (t’eq+).; one 1). basket (t’ená). lights to make speech to connect to existence as the god (senther+).; four (4). lights of the q-axis of hail for the solarplane (báaq). [as] lights of m-b-soul-adam’s willpower by sh-pool (shãi+).; four (4). aspects of saturn-light (+zodiacal light?). 15] [as] lights of halfmonth for plexus of the hand (t’ega,sight).; four (4). aspects of saturn-light (+zodiacal light?). [of] beauty. [these being?] the aspects (‘foods’,physical). [by means of] them (adamite souls). within.;

all [of]. the “One” (eden). [of] the [an-] face (eden’s). \\[by] which are. the gods (matrix). [as] the eden realm. [for] existence (matrix). [by means of] the four (4). flames of the ãkh-altar. [for] the utcha-eye (!). [of] existence (matrix).;
[and] the four (4). flames of the ãkh-altar. to divinely complete. the divine light. [of] existence (matrix).; [and through] the four (4). flames of the ãkh-altar. [for] the utcha-eye., the utcha-eye. to become filled.; of [=by] (means of). 14] having become (weights) as the words for the word-inside to split-off for the matrix-word (ut’ennuu+)., [in order] to fly-upward. having become the image of the place-T-e for the place-T-m alike-adam (miátt+scroll). [as] this (pu). mouth (matrix). to say. the speech of hail (ár).;

the foreign land of the doubled-place-T below (khertt+). of [=by]. he (T-e). [as] one. to make the support (of sight) to rise [via adamite soul (sethes). [for] the word of hail.; [and by] them (ad.souls). within. the “One”(matrix). alike adam (matrix)., [by] he. existence to become new (matrix,unn). + [for] the gods (matrix). [as] the eden realm.; [through] the willpower of saturn (h’enã). he. the one to drag (word/of-T/to drag?). the word of hail. [as?] Rã., [and] existence (matrix) 13] [through] the boat [Rã’s] (*pic,thes-dome,uá). of [=for]. this (pn). mouth (matrix). to say [speak]. [in order for] to become new.;
[as] he. [by] me. the word of T-e to desire. [as] all. my. fat (eden aspects)., [being] the speech. [of] the original adamite soul. [for] existence (matrix)., [as] the tool [willpower of place-T-e for speech] (rtã). [for] the lights as amethyst (khenem). which are. [for] the utcha-eye (north). [by] anóther. eye (eden’s).;
[and through] the willpower of saturn (h’enã). the light to tie-up. [as] the 2nd (II). moon (matrix; glyph)., of [=by] (means of). the prisoner (su,Cain). he. to give. [as] the divine light (matrix). [bý] the place-T-e of he for the kh-house.; [and through] the phallus [inverse pillar]. [for] the dimension to purify. [for] the beauty. [of] all. every kind of. the original adamite soul. existence.;
12] to become (weights) by the words for the word-inside to split-off for the matrix-word (ut’ennuu+). [as] lights of gold. of [=for]. the one. dimension to purify., [by means of] the original adamite soul. this (pu). mouth (eden’s). lights for the plexus to reap (*pic,mag,necklace; to h’mag). to become the place-T-m of the K-axis (shut+scroll). [as?] lights of lapis lazuli [as rotating light] (khesbet’). which is. [for] the utchaT-eye [as place-T-m]. [being] the [an-] face (matrix)., to recite.;

the true voice. [of] my. ãnkh-life., [by] he. the word of hail. [of] Osiris’ (as construct). existence. [as] the word for the word-inside for existence by saturn. which is. the praised \\word of praise.; [in order fór] the bet’esh-serpents [‘impotents’] (matrix). the flesh to birth (mes+flesh). [for] existence (matrix).; [by means of] the heads (ad.originals,tuatV). to erase (t’er). [for] the divine light (matrix). of [=as]. the word for the word-inside for existence by saturn. which is. [by] m-b-soul-adam-like hebrew-H to descend (Hai)., [by] he (=divine light). the things of T-e of he for the kh-house. to erase (t’er)., [in order for] he (T-e). [to be] within.;
[and so] to rejoice in willpower of saturn’s aether (h’ãã). [of] divine light., of [=as]. the word for the word-inside for existence by saturn. which is. [by] m-b-soul-adam-like hebrew-H to descend (Hai). [and it] to divinely transform (Kheper). [by means of] the image of the word to transform (!). [for] speech to make to transform [via original adamite soul] (s-kheper). [into] divine light. 10] which is. the word for the word-inside for existence by saturn. which is. [by] m-b-soul-adam-like hebrew-H to descend (Hai).;

[and so] ãpep. to make to fall down (s-kher). [by means of] the boat (*thes-dome). [for] the gods the m-b-soul-adam-like place-T-m to build (qet’ti+)., [through] the original adamite soul. [for] Rã. of [=as]. the word for the word-inside for existence by saturn. which is. [by] m-b-soul-adam-like hebrew-H to descend (Hai).; [and] them (ad.souls). to say.:
9] all [of]. the god. [of] existence (matrix)., [being] the light for completion of the solarplane. [bý] the eye (eden’s). [in order for] existence. to stand upright.;
to make existences. below. [by] their (ad.souls). place-T-e of the hand [eden’s] (t’-t). [for] this (pn). mutilated eden light (Hru,’day’). of [as]. this (tn). to rejoice in [saturn aether] (h’ãã). [for] the gods (matrix). [just as] the eden realm. [for] existence of hail.;
[by] to become new. [as] this (tu). peace [of saturn] (h’etep)., [as] one. to make to be filled [via ad.soul]. [in order for] existence. to stand upright.;
[by means of] this (pn). land (eden,south). [through] the divine all [of]. the phallus [inverse pillar]. [into?] the egg as place-T-e for the utchaT-eye [T-m] (see note)., [in order for] the one. existence (matrix). to calculate (h’sb). the divine light. 8] [for?] the áat-perch (essence of) the dead body (kha). [of] the Ba spirit-soul.;

Forever [the land south by the T-m of the serpent] (ta-T-tch). to birth. [bý] the land (eden,south)., [by means of] Anubis (ánpu). the egg of place-T-e by the axis to sacrifice (real meaning of Maãt goddess!). [because] the place-T-m of the shoulder (glyph+unsure). to desire. [by] Nekhent, Hathor, Nepthys, Isis and Nut. (5 of tuat-star? — regions)

7] Forever (land south,etc). the divine word of hail for willpower of existence (nãáu,’serpent’). [of] Thoth., [by] the light (eden’s) inside eternity [of saturn] (h’eh’+). [as] speech. [of] divine light. [in] the divine dimension of abundance (bãh’+).; [of] men-t., Horus., Cain’s-T., Osiris.,Geb.[and] Shu.; [by means of] the egg of place-T-e for the utcha-eye (utcha+t). to divinely complete (Tem). the divine light.; [and so by] he. the head (eden’s). of [=for]. the utcha-eye [by place-T-m] (utchat). [as] the word of hail. the head (main-word). [of] the character (sep). alike-adam.;

[as] he. the majesty. [of] the 2nd (II). moon., of [=as]. the beauty., [by] the land’s (eden,south). four [of place-T] (IIIIt). [for,as?] the stars of place-T-m of the word-inside for to become new (unnutu). [in order?] to become filled. the light of the dark word \\(gerh’). which is. the one [m-b-soul-adam’s word of place-T-e] (tui). light of the star of place-T-m of the word-inside for to become new (unnutu).; 5] of [=by] (means of). he. to serve. the [an-] face (eden’s). [of] the original adamite soul., [through] the throne of adamite (ás-T). to máke the [an-] face [via adamite soul] (matrix,s-h’er). [of] peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;

[as] he. the utcha-eye goddess the áakhut-spirit (unclear). the word of hail. [as] he. the majesty. [by] he. the mouth (Õn,’s,lionmouth). to manifest.; [by means of] them (ad.souls). existence (matrix). to make to flourish (s-uatch). all. [by] to force the word of place-T-m of doubled-willpower (ããtu+). [in order] to be victorious., [through] he. existence (eden’s). [as] the tool [willpower of place-T-e for speech). [for] my. flesh [saturn aether] (h’ã). [as] this (tn). willpower. of [=for]. the utcha-eye.;
[and for] me. to devise (ka). to make. [can’t read]. thou. existence (matrix).; [by means of] the [an-] face. he. to serve. [for] the word of the uatch-sceptre. [as] he. the divine majesty. [of] the word-inside. to follow.;

the Ennead (pantheon). [of] existence. [as] he. the majesty. [of] the word of place-T-m by decree of law., [through] the double-island of Horus. to divinely complete. existence (matrix). [by] the mouth.; of [=by]. to copy foremost-adam-like hail (sená+). 3] [of] the place-T-e of the Sba-gate. [in order] of [=for]. to come eden-speech [revolving] (rr+walk). [of] praise (Hennu)., [through] the Karáut shrine (house of place-T-e for the word of hail the Ka-double). [for] existence (matrix)., [being] the fortress (menu=ámen-corner). [for] my. neHem. [as] my. word of voice.
[and by means of] the place-T-e as blueprint for the hand to build (qt’T’nut). alike-adam. [as] the image [place-T-e the word for place-T-m] (tut). [for] to make existences [via ad.soul] (snu). [through] the word of place-T-m of adam-within (ámitu). to rejoice in (h’ãã,willpower of saturn-aether).; 2] [and] of [=by]. (means of). the house of place-T-e in the deep place [solarplane] (bbt+). [as?] the T-e of the house of saturn (h’et,comb.)., [in order for] the sky of earth. of [=for]. to rise and shine (uben). [as] noble-spirits-light., [as] he. the dimension of the place-T as spittle-essence of hail (á+t+). the [an-] face. to divinely complete. [in order for] to rise and be crowned (khã). the house of the horizon (yellow cube).; [and] the light to rise and shine. [as] the divine sekhem-sceptre. to rise and be crowned. [for] true voice. [of] ãnkh-life., [as] he. the word of hail. [of] Osiris (as construct). [for] existence of hail., to recite.;

the light un-tied for speech of the house (per+). [by] the 2nd (II). moon. of [=as]. the utchat-eye [by place-T]. to become filled. [by] the place-T-e of he for the kh-house., [and by] the light un-tied for speech of the house (per+). of [=for]. the things to make. the tied-up place-T-e as rolled-up scroll-sky (metchat+).;”

——– end BD CXL
B] notes :
  • line 16] ingredients,
    the context is that they create now their utcha-eye, as the iris of an eye,
    different sections but as a whole, as blueprint for their realm ;
    we do not understand the type sorcery as per text, but the glyphs used
    have other connotations -- f.e. 'basket', TENÁ, is related to 'moon', '1/4th',
    and "hail / to split-off" ;
    likewise we saw that "saturn coherent light" was one of 5 realm-garments
    as MENKH (see Op. of mouth pages); but this is all we can observe now,
  • line 15] ãkh fire altar,
    only a glyph fire-altar+brazier ; and even if it would be the KHAUt-altar,
    the context should be the same - namely somewhere centered between
    T-e and T-m , related to 'equilibrium' and 'great balance', as place of
    inversion between both T's,
  • line 14] place-T and weights,
    it makes no sense that 'weights fly upward': the weights are below, to keep
    the torus in place as some balloon ; hence the copied-T must 'fly up',
    PA, as root-P (compare PAIT-staff and -wing, going up via Sba-gate),
  • line 13] amethyst,
    the term KHENEMt as "hovering over eden T", thereby capturing essence,
    compare KHNEM,'to build,unite', into Kenmut, "ape",
  • line 13] second moon,
    considered next line, the 'moon' must be related to place-T-e ;
    a moon is 'reflecting original light', that is it's nature, and the hand as
    'executive place' may be then the moon: glyph ÁBT', "month", carries
    the same hand-T'; them building the utcha-eye reflecting place T-e,
  • line 12] K-axis and lapis lazuli,
    suddenly, the glyph is utcha-t : suggesting that the eye UTCHA gets the
    place-T-m, becoming utchaT, aka [an-] face ; and also that place T-m is
    [blue] lapis-lazuli (brow as saturn's creative chakra-energy), mixing with
    previous [reddish] amethyst khenem,
  • line 9] image of the word to transform,
    exact how the glyph reads ; see 'introduction page' for relation between
    "thinking in pictures" and consciousness,
  • line 7] egg and place T,
    impossible glyph; but 'goddess' is T+egg (*pic) as "the egg of T-e" ,
    fór the utchaT - compare how Isis is ás+t+egg, as the rule of the entire
    region between the dome and eden-eye ;
  • line 6] T of shoulder,
    see vignettes in opening of mouth pages, the arm upon Sba-gate ;
  • line 4] stars of word-inside,
    tricky to see; but the 4 of T return in the Unnut-stars; in next line,
    it is turned into "the light of the (unnut) star", singular, and this being
    perhaps the 'dark light' of saturn's solarplane (gerh'),
  • line 2] whole paragraph : very tricky,
    • a) anything of 'adam-within' is always theirs,
    • b) for ámen-corner see Opening of mouth pages,
    • c) it is possible that T-e is also house of Saturn -T;
      the cube has T-e 'on top'
      ofcourse -- but *if* Saturn house stands on top óf the
      cube [as seven (?) thes domes ?], then place-T-e
      would be at the base of saturn house:
      And behold, pic right, the double-secured place as
      small square inside the rectangle... - providing
      clues about the weird concept 'saturn house';
      note how the "gold" is the centre-Sba-gate,
      this glyph turning into NEBH'ET,
      the chalice; on coffins depicted as seated
      upon the golden mid-Sba gate,
  • line 1] tied-up
    we are not sure yet; but it'd make Sense that the sky around T-e is
    'tied-up', compare the Sa-scroll, implicating that the light at PER is being
    un-tied, for to manifest,
  • -------- so the utcha-eye is made from amethyst, khenem [reddish], fróm T-e;
    as the 'aspects of aether to work with';
    while their place-T-m is lapis-blue, together forming utchaT
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