BD 03

[ in several places dotted lines = missing ] 
the place of Õn (hostile universe, ruling Eye south). [of] adam-within. [is,by] the great speech. [of] the house of the old prince (h'etser, house of saturn). of [=by]. his. manifestation (pert). of [=by]. pteh'( the god Ptah, root/saturn). ãnkh-life. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). joyous (h'ã, physical flesh by saturn). alike-adam (miá). [..dots..]
Osiris. ãnkh-life. of [=by]. every. god. the joyous (see above). [..dots..]
Osiris. birth (mesi). the lion of yesterday (sef, adam-related). of [=by]. Rã (rã glyph). birth (mesi). to escape? (h'em). existence. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). every. light of willpower of speech (one word, no rã glyph). [of](willpower/of speech, rã glyph!, pun). [is] alike-adam. his. death (rather as 'seed'). to turn back (khet). of [=by]
Osiris.ãnkh-life. [is] the light. [in] darkness (ãsher, roasted ad.meat). of [by] (2 x 'of'). Rã (rã glyph). divine blueprints. [for] existence. [by] the commands (met'u). [of] the decree by law. [by] his (adam's). existence. to make. their (ad.souls). intestines,coils (qab, why solarplane?). \\ [of] adam-within (words linked). of. [..dots..]. the primeval child (this scribe). [..dots..]
the coming word (glyph). the gods of the phallus (pillar). the words of adam-within. existence. thou. command. of [=by]. the double word of saturn? (h'u plus II). [for?] the divine double-speech (deity\\lion-lion). of [=by]. becoming a spirit. to confirm (glyph: having word of God's house inside). great speech. of [=by]. to manifest (per). to complete (tem). the hail for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [..dots..].
the primeval child. [..dots..].
existence. [for] the beautified soul. to recite.: he. to become the image alike-adam (miát). [by] the mouth (vesica north). [of] another (ki; God's)