CT 132

CT 132 II 157

g] my. speech. [for] existence to make (via ad.soul). [as] the things of the an-face (north).,
[in order] to dress [the solarplane] (h’bs). [by] the word (of speech of) the bordersky. [as] the word of adam-within.,

f] [namely as] the divine words. [by] the evil nostril of eden-speech (sherr+)..
[as] existence. [through] (the island of) aspects for? the serpent-hand by the root to fly-up (patch+).,

e] [and so] the divine words. [by] the torso (outer-court). [for] the [an-] face (north).,
[in order for] existence. to flourish (ua-kh; -w-course-word for kh-house). [through] the divine things of great speech.,
[as] existence. [by] the (island of) foods (eden-tile-T) (shbt). [and] beer (by -T of q-axis) (h’qt+). my. existence. to make (ár).;
to become (áu). +

d] [by] Seshat (Thoth flame above sealring). [for] existence of hail., [namely as] place-T for to be hail. +
c] [using] the prisoner (śu,Cain). [for] me. to birth (= be born?) (mes)., [whom] I am.;

b] [and so?] to become the design (sesh). [as] my. doubled-existence (?,nn).,
a] [and] my. speech. existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] the names. (the word) to hide (ámen-u).,
[and so] existence to make. [by] the ring? at place-T to fly-up [the root] (pat+). [of] the divine words of adam-within., +

II 156

j] [and] this (to connect to). existence. [in order] me. to birth (mes).,
[in order for?] the vulture-rule. [of] place-T for the advanced-beautified-soul.,
i] [as?] the place (of the destructive?) fire-drill for willpower. [for] existence as the god. [whom] I am.;

h] the place of Õn. of [=by] (means of). the things by place-T-eden to open [shared-root] (upt+).,
[in order for] the divine all [of] the blue lights of lapis lazuli (khsbtch+). of [=for]. me. [by k-axis?]. (willpower) to rise and be crowned.,

g] [and so?] my. word to connect to. sight (maa).,
[by means of?] to come place-T for the advanced-beautified-soul. [through?] Neith (place-T of existence) (nt+).;
f] [as?] the words by the torso. [through] the cords as tackle of a boat (?,akhakh+). place-T to make (ár-t).,
[in order for] the divine dome by place-T for the word-inside (nu-t+). [as?] my. divine mother (-T).;

e] [namely as?] the place of the word of the bull (áh’?). [for?] great speech. [of?] the house of saturn (-T for wick-H’).,
[by] which is. the foremost (kh-house).;
[and so] the essence for existence to make to connect to (via ad.soul) (s-thn+). [by?] my. k-axis. [for] doubled existence.;

d] the place (of the word by) the root as? the new-hand (t’p). [by?] my. k-axis. [for] doubled existence..,
[for,by?] the place of the root (p). [by] my. k-axis. [for] doubled existence.; (note)
c] my. speech and nature (khr). [through?] the k-axis (?,k). to come place-T for the word (ut+walk).;

b] the intestine-coil. to tie-together (or ‘neck’). [for?] me. [by] to be the vulture-rule at the exalted high-place [at q-axis] (qaa+).,
[by means of] place-T of he-eden for the kh-house (khft). [at?] the k-axis. [as?] the exalted high-place [at q-axis] (qa+).,
[in order for?] the six (glyph). [of] adam-within., (note)

[and so?] the divine he. the head. [of] blindness (sight by root of sh-pool) (shp+). to be hail.; (note)
a] [by?] the divine (son-construct) to make the doubled-saturn-wick-H’ (via ad.soul) (seh’seh’+). [of] adam-within.,
[as?] my. divine he place-T (of hail) (tf). [for] great speech (not ‘evil’).,
[by means of] the cherub-wheel to make the new-root (sep+). [as?] existence. [for?] me. [by?] below.;

[and so as?] the most-b-soul-adam (-like). new-hand. [for?] me. existence to bring (ánn).;
[namely by?] the horn (ãb?). [to?] my. existence. to drag [to?] (to make to connect to) (sth+).; (note)

II 155

b] [through?] my. double shoulder (glyph). [for] speech. my. existence to bring (ánn)., (note)
a] [by?] the nuh’ cord (of? wick-H’ for the word-inside). [for] the divine ones. the main-word (tp-u).,
[as] my. existence. [by] the cord (of the eden-seven) to un-tie (+to come) (sfkh+).;

II 154

h] [in order for] all [of]. my. divine ones. [by?] the t’emiá-land (alike-adam by the new-hand).,
[through?] my. divine mother (-T). [and?] my. divine he place-T (of hail) (‘father’).,
[by means of?] my. divine ones by the word for the word-inside existence to copy.,
[as?] the divine ones (the word) to birth (‘divine children’).,
[namely?] the divine ones by place-T of the Abzu., [as] my. existence. [of] willpower of speech.;
to become (áu). +
g] [by] my. existence. to manifest (per)., [which] I am.;

f] [through] the adamite-soul. the finger-axis of hail for stability (?, mená+; ‘mooringpost’). [which] I am.,
[and so?] existence to make (via ad.soul). to tie-together (or ‘by the neck’). [which] I am.;

e] the dimension by place-T to fill (north). [as] the boat at place-T of the innermost sacred place (khnt+; main diagram).,
[as] the dimension (north). [for] to go judge [+eden] (utchã).;
[through] the cord of words in? the equilibrium-region [by q-axis] (ãqau+). my. existence. to discover (gem).,
d] [as] the opened word-inside. [by] this (pu). mouth (eden-gate). the dimension (north). to go hover-over (khnn)., +

d] [in order for] the divine words. the speech to make (via ad.soul) (s-r).,
[by means of] to come to make the split-off watercourse (via ad.soul). [as] existence. [by] the Hru-light (of 6 aspects).,
[and so] the divine he the name. to hide (ámen)., (note)
[in order for?] the eden-willpower for existence by saturn (h’enã). he. become to command and to judge (utchã)., [which] I am.;

c] [for] Geb (land on cube). the speech. [by] me. to inverse (sa).,
[and so] my. existence. to dwell [there] (h’ems).;
b] [by means of] the double-place-T cunningly to make to inverse [as sh-pool?] (shssat+). of [=for?] user-power (to make speech).,
[and so] my. existence. to give. speech.;
to become (áu). +

b] [by] the words to slay by to make the new-root (via ad,.soul) (spu+). [as] existence. of [=by]. to be wick-H’ for throne-G (geh’).,
[in order for] the divine light (rã). [of] existence.,
[by means of?] this (pu). island of words (?,glyph). to enter (ãq). [as?] the workplace (ás). [which] I am., [at] double-T for existence.;

II 153

l] [for] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] the nuh’ cord (wick-H’ for opened word-inside).,
[and so by?] eden-willpower for existence by saturn (-wick-H’) (h’enã). my. existence to become new (unn, matrix).;

k] [through] the place of Õn. the divine things of all. existence.,
[by means of] the sacrificial oxes [at place-T for speech and nature] (khert+) (=Vintage?). to guide.;
j] [in order for] the gods (matrix). existence. [by] the Ka-spirit-doubles (things to double). [as?] my. (double) willpower.,
[using] the prisoner (śu,Cain). [for?] alike-adam (miá). me. the word. to guide.;

i] [and so] eternity [of saturn]. of [=for?]. me. [by?] the mouth (eden’s?).,
h] [through] my. double shoulder (=remn). [of] the [an-] face. [as?] my. birthsceptre (likely).; (note)
g] [for?] user power [to make speech]. [of] the word of hail (áu).;
f] the divine (connection-glyph?) of the word-inside for existence of the kh-house (khnnu+). +
[through?] my. fingers at place-T for willpower alike-adam (miáãt+). [as?] the branches at place-T for the opened word-inside (glyph).,

e] [for] the things by the throne of adamite. [for] my. existence. [by] to make the split-off watercourse. [for] the word of hail.,
my. things by the throne of adamite. [as] my. existence. to come the dimensional mirrored backside (peh’).,
to become (áu). +
d] existence (eden’s?) to revolve [solarplane by new-hand] (t’eben-n+). [by,for] to revolve [solarplane] (?,t’eben+).,
of [=by] (means of). +
c] to come to double-dissect (?,nemnem+). to come the doubled-wick-H’. [for] to smite [eden, by word of saturn] (h’u+).;
of [=by]. +

b] the cherub-poles (NN). alike-adam (miá). [for] speech. [of] my. peace [of saturn] (h’etep).,
[through] me. the throne of adamite. [for] my. existence. to acquire.;
to become (áu). +
a] the divine words. [by] the (passive) word to dissect. [through] the land of words. [for] wick-H’. to seize (=land) (sht’).,
[in order for] existence. [by] the opened word-inside. [which] I am.; (note)

II 152

f] the divine dome of Nu (outer-court). [for] the Hru-light. [by?] the k-axis. [for] speech. of [=for]. he. the peace (h’etep).;
[by] to cleave (pesesh; eden). this [word of root] (pu). [which] I am.;
e] [and so?] the goddess Tefnut [-T for word-inside by he for place-T]. to birth (mes).,
[through] the divine axis (shu). to make., [which] I am.;

d] [and so by] the divine words of great speech. the divine things to create (by q-axis to reap) (qma).,
[through] the divine gift of place-T of hail. [which] I am.;

———- end CT 132

A] notes:

II 157

  • – line a] names (the word) to hide
    not shown here but in other spells with ‘to hide’ glyph;
    the idea is that “the names of the adamite-originals are harvested”,
    per glyph RENNUT (because the nature and power of any being is
    in the name); but unclear why here is inserted ‘word’, see other version in II 155 D,

II 156

  • – line f] tackle of boat,
    AKHAKH+cord is not listed, but there is an AKHAKH+branch,
    and one with ‘bone-pole’; if the glyph reads “the cord (or branch)
    for the doubled-kh-house of vulture-rule”,
    then the concept ‘tackle’ makes sense (= to lift up the cord),
  • – line d] root and root of hand,
    column D as textglyph to right; still unsure; Ba-souls are said to rule both roots, and assumably they refer to the new-hand and serpenthand; yet we have the cherub-wheel to make the new root (p) and glyphs both PES-T’ and PES-TCH, suggesting the Wedge-model,
  • the 2nd problem in D,
    is the my+K and existence+existence; possibly to read as “my. k-axis. [for] doubled existence.”? and see next line c]; the speaker is still ‘existence’, presumably not changed now in the candidate-form, saying ‘you’; if the serpent-hand is indeed at the k-axis (comp. simple diagram), and the serpenthand is for ‘the word’, then we can have a case;
  • – line b] the six,
    this line still makes Sense, since line b], as a type crossing-point at k- and q-axis; the six – we know the Hru-light (word of speech by descended-house-H) exists out of 6 aspects; the Hru light being by the new-hand,
  • – line b] head of blindness,
    we don’t know. Textglyph to right, column B;
    the “head” as subject is often eden’s
    (when suffix then always ‘main+’);
  • – line a] horn,
    column A, textglyph;
    when ÃB, “the horn for the solarplane of willpower”, the glyph UÃB, ‘to purify’, shows a horn being cleansed [‘for the word’], linking the horn to the word, and likely to the Lyre; here, the towed or dragged object must be the horn, perhaps the horn is envisioned as the ‘cord of words’ area?
  • in scripture we saw the lyre was related to David, as ‘head’
    (see searching root pages); as well as Joseph’s attribute as unicorn-horn; but we still need to know what is with the “second horn of the (fallen) ram (as lampstand), which came up, later”,
  • II 155

  • – picture,
    coffin S1C and G2T are mirrored to eachother; yet the former has 10 locations, while G2T twelve; the upper section is virtually similar in both versions.
  • Judging from context, it appears that these 10 (places) are all together
    forming “place-T of adam-within”, continuing “for? my divine ones the land-alike adam” etc; [this etc is however difficult to read, see CT 131 for similar]. so the section reads:
  • the most-b-soul-adam (-like). new-hand. [for?] me. existence to bring (ánn).;
    [namely by?] the horn (ãb?). [to?] my. existence. to drag [to?] (to make to connect to). + the 10 places. [as] place-T of adam-within. [fór] my divine ones etc., [by?] the double shoulder [this being? or from?] the nuh’ cord [which is factually?] the cord of words [line a]
  • Perhaps (and carefully), these 10 places can be 10 copied places in the north,
    copied from the 10 lights of the eden-lampstand – but now attacking them? Or better – these now became corrupted eden-aspects (those 10 lights) just as the T’ua-star previously ruled the eden gate, before it got corrupted?? “the place (for) to battle, below” “the place for to make the root to fly-up” “the place of the word of the eden-mountain for the Abzu”, “the place of Õn”, etc, they all seem to be places in their realm, containing eden aspects; question ofcourse is, are they 10 or are we on a dead end road here.
II 154

  • – line d] divine he the name to hide
    textglyph to right; in this rare occasion it may be the name of God, which must be equated here with ‘light’ — in the sense that the false Hru-light is ‘overshadowing’ the light [as the name]; in posted prophets is some line where it addresses this horrible false light, north. The line continues that the reason for this powerful Hru-light is in the eden-willpower now being for the saturn-wick, and the term ‘to judge’ as “eden-willpower for the serpent-hand”,
II 153

  • – line j] Ka doubles,
    in both coffins the same, textglyph right; probably here ment as the spirit-beings themselves, the blue beings strong as bulldozers; considered the conext of ‘gods’ and ‘prisoner’, all personal; perhaps the line reads that Cain had the first type Ka-double,or at least by him,
  • – line h] birthsceptre
    almost surely; the birthsceptre is belonging to Judah, and is about the ‘right axis for watercourse’; considered the double-shoulder, which is also an axis, it should be birthsceptre; when the latter is owned by thém, the watercourse leads to their double-place-T, causing them type souls to be born – as mixture, see II 157 C],
  • – line a] land of words,
    something has to be ‘seized’, likely this land, same concept as the ‘island of words’ in 152 b]? and perhaps one of the “seven (islands) in the cord to un-tie” SFKH, also ‘7’, which is also named “cord of words”..?
  • see also 147 f], ‘island to fly-up’,
    perhaps changing in the infamous NSRSR, “island for to make double-speech”?