searching for the doubled root-P


searching for the doubled root-P, below
— this root they are so eager to have back, must be deep inside the lampstand, as the goal they built the Ramayana-bridge to. We suggest it is an actual place, probably “the top of the mountain”, but before adapting the main diagram we needed to go through the term ‘root’ again, below, in order to make sure that the links are solid. (as rather dry read, but necessary).
observing the sigils
the PAAT or PAUT, to right, as the bird flying-up PA, place-T and a cake; but most often with the circle containing the square; that “their root flies up” must be “fly up from within the lampstand”, compare Sagara in (RA); however, their term is already a combined P+A, indicating théir root is the A-, ‘vulture’, as in the composed glyph SA, ‘son’ (vulture+adamite soul), suggesting their -A is their ‘feminine’, as leviAthan, (opposed to their M-realm from beHEMoth), see below,
next, PAUT\\,
is not so much ‘a class of primeval gods’ but rather “divine doubled Matter”; you see that either the sigil is doubled, or a double deity is added; in glyphs often with the magically-dangerous \\,
the cluster does not provide many clues, but this is one, in PT as “the lake, as place-T of willpower (eden’s), for the root to fly-up”; in several spells now we had this branch or wing flying up through the centre Sba-gate, either as PAIT+branch or PAT+wing,
the common depiction of eden’s double-root is pillar + two squares,
“the serpent of the doubled-root for the great pillar”;
so something is going on with this root depiction:
the term ‘root’ is the square (as typical eden-form) while their root is the ‘bird flying up’ as P+A, ór as ‘circle’— the bird-glyph PA- has a circle with enclosed small square, akin to the small square within the lower corner of the ‘house of Saturn’ glyph.
doubled-root: one root went up – the other remained below is the only conclusion we can make at this point; their root going up (as ámen-corner, here ÁP-T, pic #6, above) to be on top of the cube; just as the statue of Horus in Edfu was carried in procession to the roof of the temple; while the, now singular eden root remained deep within the lampstand, as the region of the waist of the revelation woman, and as the coal-fire inbetween the cherubs in diagram;

doubled-root – as added rivers..?
this area of the root requiring to be ‘an actual place’, or there is no need to go
‘build a bridge to it’; the place also denoted as ‘pool’;
– if this is the mountain top as the source from where the rivers flow down
nourishing the land south; and suggesting that when Eden was created,
an additional four rivers came to be “in the eastern land” (which they hate);
and knowing that they “cut-off the rivers” in several spells,
then it is very possible that the root is the pool on top of the mountain


in stages,
1) PA-T (or perhaps pakhet),
the “boat with two lion heads”, shows this concept of “division of the root”; here with ‘branch glyph’,
“place-T-m of the branch (of Matter) to fly upward”,
but also that the lion-animal represents the root Juda (representing authority of the doubled-root) is a lion’s cub, Sekhmet
in Revelation 5 is a lion, Rã is a lion-cat, Pakhet a lioness, etc;
but we consider they changed the nature of their rule over eden root into ‘dog’
and ‘jackal’, as Anubis-ÁNPU, “the word of the root for existence of hail”,

– in all of amtuat, certain figures “look back”, as to stay connected to the root
deep below, while others look ‘forward’, as to build their torus-construct;
and tuat V can be little else as “splitting-up the doubled root”, where the
winged figure stands within the oval;
2) next, “the capsizing boat”,
usually PENÃ, the upside-down willpower (eden’s),
“the boat (construct), (of upside-down) willpower, for existence, by the root”,

3) the ‘dimensional backside’,
after théir root went Up, and eden’s root below got ‘inversed, upside-down’, the latter is now termed “backside” (in spells we termed it “eden’s dimensional background’), and PEH’T, includes here already the H’ET, house of Saturn; the term is rather frequently used in spells, often denoting “power”, (but then ofcourse the power gained by capturing eden’s root),
from peh’t – pt eh’, to peh’er – pekhar
the oldest creational deity PTEH’, by switching the -T in PEH’, pictured as “the divine he the fortress of the south of Pteh’ “, as used in this BD above; where PTEH’ is as “to engrave, sculptor, designer, etc”, turning into PEH’ER-PEKHAR, “to rotate, to revolve, to go around”, but then as eden root -P to revolve

contents rotating – or rotating around contents
we must assume that at this place is (one of the) cherubs wheels,
of which it is said ‘they turned’ – but we gather “not the content, inside”;
in the serpent-realm, “everything rotates”, from lapis lazuli, blue lights,
until SHEN, until the revolving sky imprisoning thereby the original
adamites within their walled fortress;
perhaps as the consciousness of the Serpent rotates – as his Matter;
while Eden’s is fixed and stable.

That the cherubs need ‘wheels’ in the first place, must be related to
the re-conquering of the realm, as shared aspect — because in Revelation
they have no ‘wheels’ anymore;
we get into that (horrible) problem, below, about the real sun and -moon,
revolving around the cube,

the splitting of the doubled-root starts when adding -S
— the next series of step-downs has the -S, “adamite soul”, but it is unclear how the initial -S has been glued to the -P; the first solid glyph is to right, “water-palette”, PES, yet not making much Sense,
“the (dimensional) width, by the original adamite soul, of the root” (eden’s);

the other glyph has a cartouche attached, but does not appear in a BD;
yet the “cartouche” is “the name”, REN, as the very first aspect they
steal from the adamite soul;

and another, PESI, tuat XI, “the m-b-soul-adam’s adamite soul, of the root”,
a concept we saw in other spells as well,
indicating that Adam’s core was “an adamite soul”, which could be separated
from his being, making “the adamite soul to bé the root”; and likely the reason
why they use the adamite soul within them as “battery”.
[it is a tricky topic – but the adamite soul “has to be born sómewhere”,
and that ‘somewhere’ is probably not “in Heaven, itself “, but from Eve;
she is called “mother of all the living” and that probably has not changed;
and eventhough people downhere conceive a child, it may well be that the
adamite sóul of that child enters being born of Eve….

– this is the deepest problem of “them claiming the doubled-birth goddess”,
or rephrased, how come that there are half-adamite-souls, who are born from
the mother (Eve) but (she being) impregnated by [Osiris].
We realize it sounds too absurd, but this is what the Spells hint at;
and the deepest reason for all the Cains, Esau’s, Nimrods and Hitlers.

old-hebrew Nephesh
the Pantheon may tálk in a gibberish type language (Ezekiel calls that
“foreign people with harsh tongue”), but they certainly know old-hebrew too,
as the legal language containing the aspects they want to have;
as with all other terms, they cut the term in pieces, and re-glued them back
into the combinations (and therefore character) they wanted.
Strong’s H5314 Naphash, as “adamite soul”, has as root “to can breathe”,
which is exact the goal théy try to reach, as NEFU “words of breath-air”,
and apparently even a half-adamite-soul is ‘good enough to can do that’ —
but notice the -P (ph) in the term ‘soul’;
either way, the root starts splitting when the adamite soul comes into play.

PESEF, ‘to roast, to cook’, “(to roast) he, the adamite soul, of the root”,
PESEN, ‘cake’,“(the aspect for) existence by the adamite soul of the root”,
[we cannot start at the inverted SEP-cluster, there the -S became separate,
already, and is used in many terms for “to make via”]

nephesh – the area from sh- to root, in top lampstand?
spells use the hebrew-H glyph, Ramayana knows the difference in vowels too,
and though we do not want to project anything upon old-hebrew,
can the term ‘adamite soul’ be “SH-tile, Root and Existence”..?
Glyphs also use the -N (but not the water-glyph) as “eden realm”, NEN,
while Ezekiel the SH-B, at least including the lower tile SH (the -B always
being negative, as in B-ethlehem or B-ethel, see Jacob’s ladder in Ra-pages),

then Ne-PHe-SH can include “the area inbetween the lower tile and the Root”,
as the top half of the lampstand [or perhaps even to the base of the standard –
if the base is (eden’s) N; we saw that the NENIU-enemies may well be the
cherubs, themselves];
the glyphs ÁS and ÁS-T, workplace and adamite throne, suggest that the area
of the adamite soul belongs to the top of the lampstand;

illegal constructs – the mottled serpents
but also the weird construct called SA, ‘son’, as “vulture-A+adamite soul-S”;
– we couldn’t make Sense of that welded-glyph;

but suppose their root (the top of the mountain) was originally glyph -A,
from ‘leviathan’, as “undirected feminine, when theirs”, as the land south
TA and the realm below that (as below the cube),
as a spiritual-dimensional realm, just as their above M-realm, Behemoth;
but perhaps the problem started when the Õn-universe “started to make
creatures, humanoids, in the solarplane-B, inbetween the land south and
the M-realm” (compare Daniel’s vision where the lion was stripped from its
vulture wings, “and stood upon two feet like a man”),
resulting in glyph AB, “speckled, mottled, leopard, Apollo as
glyph Abbait, ivory, Abt’u cauldron, etc” (and later into Ba spirit-soul).

This “mottled” implying some illegal mixture,
having so much influence that even in Revelation
the main body of the beast is a leopard;
yet their original are the two beasts, or doubled-beast as “lion-vulture”,(as their Dualism),
then comes the boar (solarplane) and the leopard.

the vulture as undirected feminine, before Egypt
Catalhöyuk, in present s-e Turkey, shows many scenes with vultures,
always related to the cycle of birth and death;
and even befóre the pantheon moved to ancient egypt from there, the
vulture turning into NEKHBET (now with solarplane-B) and MUT, ‘mother’,
(in Veda as Garuda) into the many goddess cults from ancient times.
and spells call the land south ‘motherland’, ÁUKHEMUT, or as in above
177 the “mother place-T of the Án-pillar”, etc.
(Catalhöyuk also had a large bull-cult; it is not difficult to see that it is
the cherub from which they took the masculinity – compare one of the
7 sons in Ramayana, MITRA, always slaying a bull when depicted),

…to derive from glyphs that the vulture-A is the undirected-feminine is tricky, but the A- is used in many clusters related to their root area and the realm below, usually in welded glyphs as Ta-, Ka-, Ma-, Sa-, Ba- and Pa-; the above AU returns in spells as AU+food-glyph, “aspects of totality”, (in Revelation as 144,000 aspects won back), where the náture of the term ‘aspects’ is typically ‘feminine’ – as opposed to ‘the rule over them’.

If that undirected-feminine realm is really ‘below’ –
Ezekiel mentions “a stream, flowing to the East, filling the great Sea”
(which can hardly be Heaven, although in the East also); but “the water of
that sea will become fresh”, related to fruitbearing trees and food. to right;

[resumed – we were at PES- ],

the PES-SH, to right, shows the instrument depicted ‘split through the middle’, and one of them even adds an ‘island’ – remember tuat V –
“(the island) to strip-down (for he, the Ka) for the sh-pool, by the adamite soul
of the root”, the island being the root, in order for them to rule the lower tile; [the opening óf both tiles was the NU-T cluster, “chisel”],

one of the few others show PESESHT N UAT,

“the place-T of the Watercourse, for existence, to become
place-T (as) the sh-pool, by the adamite soul, of the root”,

indicating that the root-P is a place of the Watercourse, and that (contents of) this place will be transferred to the lower tile SH;

and that transferring via the “backbone”, PES-T’,
“the place of Õn, of the words of adam-within, by the backbone”,
(or perhaps “as the backbone”, then this place of ÕN should be in the top of the lampstand somewhere; the glyph backbone shows multiple here, but because of the preceeding multiple-glyph ‘words’); in the BD text above is the term ‘tail’, SET’, as part of the glyph P-SET’, where PEST’ is also the “lightdisk guiding Rã’s boat” in tuat XI –

pest’- disk, tuat XI – mid register,

[all of first plate],
“existences to make (via ad.soul). [by] to wander the doubled-root of willpower (eden’s, ãpep+walk). [to] this (tn). place (-T)., [in order for?] the speech. existences to make. the head (main-existences). [as] the land (south, eden’s). [for] the Meh’en serpent (Torus wall). existences to make., [for] to bear up. (to become) the great pillar. this (pn). god., [as] place-T of the dimensional foreground of saturn (h’a-t). of [=by]. these, designs and nature (skhr). of [=for]. existences to make (via ad.soul). [in order] existence to become new (matrix, unn).;
[in order for] the gods (matrix). the land (south). [of] the words of adam-within. [by means of] the light (eden’s). to make to repulse (s-khesef,via ad.soul). [through?] the original adamite souls (S+). of [=as]. of [=by]. the words of darkness (kku). [in order for?] the Watercourse (eden’s). speech. become the great pillar. this. god., [and so] existence (eden’s). to guide. [for] hail.;
the boat (construct). [of] the main (place-T) (tep-t). serpent-place-T of the star (eden’s) as place-T of the backbone (pest’t+star+t+serpent). [for?] the (type) sky of earth. which is. [by] place-T of the West (ámen-corner). [of] the house of the horizon (in torus)., [as] the speech. [using] the prisoner. [for] existences to make (via ad.soul). [for] the gods (matrix). [+10 glyphs to end of plate]

– the boat-construct is “-T of the serpent,
but the disk in front of the boats is “the stars (of pest’)”,

in Ezekiel is the line “the flaming torches dancing inbetween the cherubs”,
while this place is the root, P-EST’; the number of torches is ‘seven’, per
Revelation, and these appear to be taken to the ámen-corner, pic #6,
“in order the things to build”; or, alternatively, “their speech is ferried-over”, spite of still improved reading skills (but partly because of the text), the line refuses to run at several places; there needs to be something to bé repulsed (usually preceding khesef), but here it seems the adamite soul itsélf is repulsing eden-light, through (given) words of darkness; the term used as “the adamite souls” is multiple (but the double-M following that should be an unusual scribal mistake); but what causes that they can move “the serpent star” up to their place, so the watercourse ends there? or “is now speech, via the prisoner, deciding the route of the watercourse”..?

— to right, PEST’ as ‘shining backbone’, but as spirits-light, this time, as a term appearing on most of the spells; and below that one with a leg and head, reading “the main, leg, of the backbone”, where the ‘leg’ is either the inside of the four poles of upper-half landstand, or ‘one of those four legs, themselves’ (in the upper half), and apparently ‘leg’ because they stand (upright) upon the stars, by them stars.

We cannot locate them, but per Budge there are three lines opening hour XI;
“the goddess of light as the star. [by] he. the things to manifest (pertu).,
[by means of] the enemy-Sbá-stargate (tiles). [by] place-T to repulse. [as] the boat-construct (thes-dome, uáa). [of] place-T of the chalice (neb-t). [in order for] the light of the star to make as place-T of m-b-soul-adam for the solarplane (sbit+). [for] to become the great pillar. this. god.;
[through] place-T-e to guide. [by?] the darkness (of solarplane,gerh’). which is. [by] the light of the star (of new time-dimension) (unnut+). [of] existence., [for] existence (matrix). [of] speech., [by] the house. [as] the words of place-T for the dead body (khat+). [namely?] the qerrt-cave (place-T of circle at Q-axis). [of] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (eden’s).; [as] this. place (-T). [of] existence (matrix). [in] name [of]. the great door. [of] the Tuat gods. to make existence for the kh-house. [as] he. the speech for the an-face. [in order] to become the great pillar. this. god.;
[by means of] the word to enter (ãqu). this. place. [of] existence. [as?] the Sba-stargate (tiles). [of] existence (matrix)., [in order for?] existence. [as] the speech. [of] the adamite soul. [as] the words of adam-within. [for] the gods. [of] existence., [and] to become the words to command [with]. [as] he. to become the hand TCH of the word by decree of law (utchuuTch). [namely] this. qerrt-cave. [in order] of [=for]. to become the great pillar. this. god.”

…the ‘goddess’ in first line may not be a random glyph here – in Ezekiel the “sparkling amber-coulered divine being”, representing the watercourse, is two times referred to as “she” (yes we noticed); but they need to repulse the firmament [the tiles] as Eden’s rule [Sbá] into the tiles as their rule [Sba]; so they construct the twelve qerrt-circles with one centre-qerrt-circle on top of the cube (all twelve hours are one circle), in order for to guide the mouth, [the nature of the tiles], so that the different type spéech will change the wórds (which come up as Watercourse);

QERRT, “the circle, for eden speech, at the q-axis”, as the QERÁ dome “where is a continuous hail storm” (BD*), and as the chopping-block of Osiris, QERÁ, where the cut-off head of the gazelle was placed, as Anubis’head in diagram (see op. of mouth pages);

– turning into QER-H’ET, ‘the mould from which the model of Osiris was made’, as derivation-H’ET of house of Saturn H’ET in above 177;
and QERH’ET, ‘goddess of Succoth’, who is Sumerian Ninhursag,’lady of the mountain’, aka Dita in Ramayana; in Sumer she births 8 deities
[presumably she herself is the 9th, as saturn’s nine houses], and her sigil is the abstract “omega-symbol”, which we saw as the upper node
(above the line of lampstand) by vedic Rahu (and as attribute of Hathor),

disks and circles…
– in spite of the previous being rather clear, these “disk and wheels” remain
a problem – the PEST’ is a ‘disk’, the QERRT is a disk – or a doubled one;
the PAUT was a circle, and below the PESTCH also

vignettes by text,

four Neiths, mimicking the aspects of the four Cherubs;
where Neith is the typical ‘weaver goddess’, intertwining,

  • red crown Neith (NT-crown, not t’esher)
  • white crown Neith (saturn white light of rule)
  • phallus Neith (masculine)
  • (evil) speech of the sh-pool Neith (sher; likely turning INto t’esher)

1] the white crown was “the entire region of top lampstand” [the lion]
2] the phallus apparently the ‘masculine cherub’ [the bull-form]
3] the speech of the SH-pool [as the humanlike they neither had]
4] their root below, as “place-T of existence” [as their root]

[last plate register, starting at end; plate reading left to right],
“to know. place-T. [as,by?] the root. nót.;
the doubled-pupil/wheel/. [as] place-T. nót.; he. to know. place-T. nót.;
[but] the place (as place-T) of m-b-soul-adam as the son-construct (Sait,’town’). [as] the speech by the adamite soul for the hand (t’eser, no det.)., [by means of] the house of place-T of the star [eden’s] (unlikely ‘tuathouse’). to guard (saat)., [in order for] the son (construct). existences to make (via ad.soul). which are. [by] he. place-T to listen to (matrix). [as] the voice [from below]. [in order for] existences to make (via a.soul).;
to become (by) to hold hostage (srq+). the names (of original adamites), of [=for]. existences to make. [by] he. the mountain (when matrix). this. god.;
to become. [by] the Watercourse (eden’s). existence (matrix). to make., [and] to guide. of [=by]. this (pn). tuathouse (likely). [as] these. designs. of [=for]. existences to make. [for] existence to become new.;
[plate with double uraei:]
to come the branch (place-T for kh-house, khet+). of [=for]. existences to make., to guide. existences to make. speech and nature (kher). to be devoured (ãm). the land of the sh-pool (sh-ta). [in order] existences to make. the head (main-existences)., [by] speech. to know. [for] the house.] existences to make. [as] the speech. [by] he. the mountain. this. god.;
to become. [by] the place of -T of m-b-soul-adam as son (construct). to become sacred (become the speech of the adamite soul for the hand) (t’sr+). [as the new?] place-T of the Watercourse. [by] to become the words to unite (by copulation, smau). [as?] the words of darkness (kku). [for] existence (eden’s). [as?] the 2nd (glyph). house of place-T of the star (unlikely tuat). [of] speech. [for] existences to make. [in order for] existence to become new (matrix,unn).;

[next plates repeats, until plate of Rã boat, see above]

  • the first lines are most Cryptic: they *suggest* that “the place of the
    root (when eden’s) exists out of a double wheel”, or doubled-wheel;
    but we cannot get clear what they do – take 1 wheel up to the QERT
    region? [as PEST’- disk?],
  • in the second line, usually the “to guard” refers back to previous word,
  • the context of the paragraph is that they “installed a new place as their
    root: as one within the Tiles, as “, son-construct, a company-branch”,
    and this place is now their enhanced root as red-crown T’ESHER,
  • both uraei are crawling forward, “transporting (upwards)” both their
    NT-red-crown (their root) and the rule over the top of lampstand (as the
    white crown with two heads), to can create a mirror-area above the line;
    the red crown heading to SH-T, “place-T of the SH-lower tile”,
    the other serpent to the chalice (NBH’T),
  • and IN the tile, where now ends the split-off Watercourse, they make the
    “dark words”, KKU

[then follow 12 gods which’ text does not seem important,
and ending up into to the RÃ plate we started out with, above],

[resumed root-cluster],

pet –

PETI, ‘a god’, to right, is PET\\,
“the divine \\[by] place-T of the root (eden’s)”; and top one,
“(through) the prisoner, he, the speech, for the season \\ by -T of the root”,

occasionally used in spells, PET\\ or PETRÁ\\;
the early glyph with a doubled-eye, “sight, to see, to look” [but we suspect a wheel is involved here]; it is a composite-glyph, adding TER-, ‘season’; where their ‘season’ is related to ‘the season of their rule’ —

  • PETRÁ, ‘lake in the tuat’, PT,
    “the lake, to crush, for hail, (namely) the doubled-eye, of speech, as place-T of the root (for the sky)”;
  • PETRÁ BA or SER, ‘name of Rã’,
    “the Ba-spirit-soul (or ram-soul) by the doubled-eye, (etc)”,
  • PETRÁ NEFERU N NEBT S, ‘goddess’ [dendera is often useful],
    “the star, of the adamite soul, for the chalice (or ‘all’), of beauties, by the doubled-eye, of speech, as place-T of the root (for the sky)”,
    also as “the god, of the adamite soul”, and even “the egg, as place-T, of the adamite soul, for all (or chalice) the beauties (etc);

this ‘egg’ origin appears to derive
from here [as the sigil glued to ‘goddess’];

-PÃT, ‘mortals, mankind, etc’,
“men and women, by the things of the egg,
of willpower, of the root (by Matter to fly upwards)”

(because this is still the PA- cluster);

– PETRÁ SEN, ‘stream below magical boat’,
“the divine, existences to make,
by the doubled-eye (for the season) of hail,
by the speech of place-T of the root (of,for the sky)”,

– PETR-ÁT, ‘a lake in the tuat’ PT332
– PETR, ‘cord, thread, wick’
“the garment, of speech, of place-T of the root
(of,for the sky)”

…. yet the nature of these ‘eyes’ is not clear – do they “make the sky”?
the doubled-sky
PETU TEM TÁ, ‘the two halves of heaven or skies’,
as “(by) the staff TÁ, to complete, the doubled-dome
of the sky”,

which is interesting insofar they “made the sky of earth as a packet to make to ascend”, ÁRF+, into this solarplane;

though these have no direct BD or PT link, they are occasionally used, but interesting as relating to the cherubs, and the root in their centre;

PETHAN, ‘ball, tablet’, let’s say ‘wheel’,
“the wheel, for existence, as the masculine, by the root”,
the ‘masculine’ is the bull-cherub,
PETTHAI, ‘…….’
“the skin, of m-b-soul-adam-like, masculine, by place-T as the root”,

PET’, ‘paw, foot of an animal’,
“the hoof (of place-T) (for) the hand (by) the root”,
all cherubs had “hoofs as legs, shining as copper” [here the direction is
fróm root-P up to the tile; while it’s inversal T’EP, their Wormhole,
from the tile tó the root]; and the other glyph ‘hoof’ is UHEM, “to renew
constantly by hebrew-H”, a glyph which makes absolutely no sense –
exept when cherub-related;

from “the double-wheel the sky to make” to their sky-constructs – it looks as if they ‘took one wheel’, perhaps theirs as singular wheel
(whatever that implies), and placed it somewhere ‘up’,
through the ‘splitting of the root’ PESESH,
using the backbone PEST’, likely the centre of the 4 poles,

the Ennead
from PET’ and PETCH, “to stretch out (the sky, dimension)” etc; to PESTCH, which technically must read
“(the nine gods) of place-T, of the wheel, of the serpent, by the adamite soul, of the root”,
and now a circle shows with some ‘half-moon figure’ in top, see right; the suggestion is that pestch-h’eb is “the new-moon festival”, picture right, supposedly derived from CT150-151, but that context is improbable;
“the light, for the (festival of) completion of the solarplane, which is, by the nine (etc)”,
yet in no other glyph this circle-with-halfmoon is related to “moon”, not even in the SHENS glyph, so we must find another connection; that both PAUT- and this PESTCH- are using a circle, while the first is their root, while this one relates to eden’s (wheel) root, can be a clue –

the strange number 9, and the observations of Henoch
there has to be an existing number by which they can make their “nine”;
which can be the reason for the “nine houses of Saturn” and the Ennead;

in the book “course of the heavenly luminaries” Henoch describes both
“a sun and a moon, of great size”, they both being the sáme size –
and discusses the “portals [of the cube] through which both set and rise”;
explaining how “the real-moon has light in seven parts”, but the sun has
“timeframes of a ninth” (together making 18 parts),
and in the focal point of the sun’s course, “the day and night are equal, both consisting
out of nine parts, each”.
Looks like a spot which the Pantheon would go acquire…

8. When the sun rises in the heaven, he comes forth through that fourth portal thirty mornings in succession, and sets accurately in the fourth portal in the west of the heaven. 9. And during this period the day becomes daily longer and the night nightly shorter to the thirtieth morning. 10. On that day the day is longer than the night by a ninth part, and the day amounts exactly to ten parts and the night to eight parts. 11. And the sun rises from that fourth portal, and sets in the fourth and returns to the fifth portal of the east thirty mornings, and rises from it and sets in the fifth portal. 12. And then the day becomes longer by †two† parts and amounts to eleven parts, and the night becomes shorter and amounts to seven parts.
[………] 32. On that day the night decreases and amounts to nine parts, and the day to nine parts, and the night is equal to the day and the year is exactly as to its days three hundred and sixty-four.” (link below)

the root – as equilibrium-point of real sun and -moon..?
… making wild claims is part of this type searching;
but the verification of a probability is quite something else –

Rev.12, “…the woman clothed with the sun….and moon beneath her feet”,
if we compare Henoch’s description of the course of the real-sun
[not as Rã], then we are in the top of the lampstand, the region of the sky;
this area at present being ruled by “Saturn’s white light”, H’ETCH,
the white crown;
then the most ‘logical’ assumption would be, that “the real-moon” would be
Eden’s mountain (upon which the lampstand is resting, per diagram),
and her waist as the area of the root –
and indeed Henoch appears to tell that the equilibrium of the sun’s course
is at the height of the 3d gate, while the focal point of the realmoon is
“at the 3d and 4th gate” – read, a bit lower.

the stealing of the moon and the Utcha
as far we gathered, Thoth “occupied” the real-moon, in order to can enter
the cube-H; compare the Sumerian tablets where Marduk-Saturn “took the
tablet from Kingu, the real-moon, and hung those around his own neck”;
then the real-moon must be ‘masculinity’, where Tiamat is ‘the land south’;

the nature of the moon is ‘to reflect from another source of light ‘,
and he devised the shipped-in Utcha-eye just like that (tuat III );
but then “at a 90 degree angle, related to the courses of the real-sun”.

[to be continued]