CT 488

k] the divine light of willpower of speech (rã?). existence (eden’s?)., [via] the truth (maãt). below., he. to become. my. shadow (shut, energyfield). [for] the áakhu-spirit. existence. [as] my. B-soul (solarplanetype spirit).,  [by] existence (eden’s). things to pass along (lit.’to make new the way,axis’, suatu). [by?] opening [and become new] (un).

i] the above (h’ert). sky of earth. [as] [word] inside. [from?] the SBA gates (windows of cube). [for] the words. [of] speech for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
to flourish. of [=by]. the torso’s (“hearts”). [as] doorbolt (perhaps ‘to guard’). ,

g] the divine. their (ad.souls). torso’s. the word. [of] speech for the beautified-soul., [and that]  word to repulse. nót.;
the Khem-shrine. the dimension. [word] inside. the divine light of willpower of speech (rà?). thou. Sight (maa).

e] the divine shadow (energyfield, shut). [for] my. Ba-soul (type spirit). to hurry to the advanced beautified-soul (2.0 beautified-soul).

d] this (root). N (candidate). covenant (khetemt). [as] king of the south. speech. flesh alike-adam (comp.word). the gods. alike adam (mm). thou. mighty men. every.

c] ãnkh-life. the divine Ba-soul. [lost]. thou. sekhem-power.;

b] the house of the horizon (north vesica). [is] the secondary (senu)., of [=by]. the house of adamite Sight (petrá+two eyes+house). double doors. to open [and become new] (un).;

a] [for] my. shadow.; my. beautified-soul., the áakhu-spirit [for] the beautified-soul., my. Ba-soul. [for] the beautified-soul.;