CT 250


CT 250

themes : the “double door is lifted up” ; we had the ‘who will close the double-door’,
notes : for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ;
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CT 250

III 346
d) the divine double lion-mouth [=unknown]. [through?] the evil passive eden-cistern (bt’sh). +
c) [for] the divine covering to make to complete (skam). [which] I am. ;
b) [through] the utchat-eye as [eden’s] place-T of sight (maat+). to discover. ,
[being] place-T of the split-off watercourse (uat). [of] the face [eden’s]. +
[and by] my. word. it [=place-T]. to guide. ,
a) [through?] my. word. [of] doubled willpower. [to?] he the root [north] (pef). ,
[for] the sacred images (ãshem). [of] my. existence [=matrix]. ,
[and so] he. existence [=eden]. to give. speech. ;

III 345
d) the [eden-] dimension (as dome) to go cool down (qbh’). ,
[and] the double-door of the great pillar [eden’s]. [by] me. existence [eden’s]. to open (sensh). ;
c) the house [=eden’s]. [to connect to]. +
to make to be lifted-up (s-fa). the double-door of the great pillar. +
[in order for] me. existence [=matrix]. to open [and become new] (un). ;
b) [this way,] it. existence [eden’s]. to steal (ãua). ,
[as] Geb’s [land north]. existence. [for] to come the advanced-beautified-soul [a spirit-blueprint]. ;
a) [conclusion:] the god. ,
[being] place-T of the split-off w-course. [of] the face [eden’s]. to wander-off. ,
[for] existence [matrix]. [by] the mouth. ;

end CT 250


context :

…the crucial is the “lift-up” FA here ,
one version reads “vulture-rule. [by] to make to lift-up (via adamite-soul)” ;
while here the insertion “to connect to” is somewhat confusing for us ,
but reads “the house to make to lift up” : that is definitely “higher up north” ;
and note how they are opened thére .
To right – ‘double-door of pillar’ in lowest position in d) , repeated in c) ,
but there with a different ‘to open’, as UN (matrix) ; the S-FA is inbetween ;

the two cisterns in scripture :
she addresses two pools , one being (north) at “the fuller’s field”,
and another chapter tells how they “build a wall inbetwéen both cisterns” ;
implying that the bet’eSH here is the eden one , still south ,
while the one they took north is the ãSHem
[the latter also turning into glyph ãKHem , showing the change of nature] ;

several -SH are used in this spell ;
BET’ESH “the serpent as (eden) cistern of the (eden) hand for the solarplane” ,
SENSH “to open the door of the eden-cistern for (matrix-) existence to make” ;
ÃSHEM “divine images by the wandered-off (eden) cistern for willpower (matrix) ,
And the SHEM ‘wander off’ , part of the previous .

now we need to know if “the double-root” (PP) is factually ‘the both cisterns’ (SH) ;

III 346
— double lionmouth ,
as R-R-TÁ , but we are not sure yet about the staff T’A ;
which makes the first line d) a bit impossible to reconstruct in context ;
— serpent-cistern ,
see to right ; BET’ESH ; it can hardly be coincidence that in scripture
also appears “the Bethesda pool” as the pool for healing :
though the syntax of glyphs is unrelated to old-hebrew ,
we noted more striking roots having been used as main concepts .
shown also MESU BET’ESH ,
as “the BET’ESH-cistern the words to birth (for their m-realm)” ;

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