PT 568

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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theme : the Eye in the north
status : completed
summary : this second sky of earth derived from the staff of Adam's rule
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : see below
translation: pending
1433c] the sky of earth’s. existence. [by] the staff [of] the East. his. root. side. [for] the prisoner (ús). they (ad.souls). give.; (root side of the staff, see next)
1433b] the sky of earth. existence. [by] his. root. side. [of] the staff. [of] adam-within. [as] the staff. [of] existence. [from?] the two sycamore-trees (neHt, hebrew-H, in south). [for] this. N. his. existence. to lay hold upon (netcher).;
1433a] the land. [is by] the speech. [of] the beautified-soul. [and] to be overthrown. nót.; (next line?) This. N. invades. hebrew-H (north? house of god). +
1432b] [by?] the Tua’s. lakes. [of] speech. [for] the beautified-soul.; – within. he. passes along (travels) – his. horn. [of] the sky of earth. [of] the bull’s. phallus (the ãnkh-pillar)[of] existence (matrix). (travels) [to] his horn (qah’).; (see note below)
1432a] “the stars which never set”. [are?] the Tchãm-sceptres (willpower). [of] existence. [for] the beautified-soul. – [from?] the adamite soul. [by] the Meshent-boat (see top). [of] his. existence. [as] firedrill-boat (uatch-aáu, see top);
1431c] The sky of earth’s.  speech. invaded. [in] their (ad.souls). name. of.: the adamite soul’s. speech. [by?] the anunna-face (north vesica). invaded. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite-spirit). – [for] existence. to be set up., [through] the Maqt-ladder (ãnkh-pillar)., his (ad.soul’s). existence. is captured.;
1431b] the sky of earth. [is by] the speech. [of] the beautified-soul. – [by] his. Ka-spirit-double’s. speech and qualities (kher). [for] this. N. to hasten to. [N];
1431a] his. Ka-double’s. speech and qualities. [by] the eyes. [which are] before/in front. of [=by]. hastening.,  – his. Ka-double’s. speech. [of] the beautified-soul. hastens., [to] the beautified-soul., [for?] the beautified-soul (canaanite-spirit). to hurry to. (?)
– to recite [this] spell,
A] notes :
end line of 1432b]: [to] the tip of the horn (qah').; (see the bas-relief in the chapter 'glyphs describing the construct')
568 is not very clear -- usually, there are sets of several spells related to a certain theme ; for this theme please check back for a PT number in this 570 range ; because related spells may present additional information about a tricky theme.
The "eyes in front" is adressing the vesica in the North : They hád no 'eyes' [there] , needed for Sight to create by speech ; but had to invade (from the south) the hebrew-H of rule, in order to can create a vesica (north) , hence 'eyes in front' [since a vesica is 2] ; a form of Horus represents those two eyes, as khent-ártu , which is what above translation uses -- but there is no determination glyph for 'Horus' here;
In 1433] the concept is unclear.... (not the line)... - it is still a mystery of whát exactly that staff of rule is ; it appears from other spells, after aquiring it, They divided it into 4, and "set them upright", in order to can form the maãt hall ; but it appears also that they used the [qualities of the captured] stáff as their "drill-boat" to invade hebrew-H in the north;
foreign concepts: TCHÃM SCEPTRE, unclear, but a token of ruling the willpower of adamite soul, lit. alikeM/the willpowerÃ/of the serpentTCH, and likely a pun upon Adam (where the d is tch and t') ; KA-DOUBLE, from nature a Saturnian spirit-construct, mixed with stolen aspects, empowering the canaanite artificial fish-soul ; FIRE DRILL, tcha aáu, unclear, but likely the construct "going north, drilling a hole in the hebrew-H place of rule, in order to start the vesica there, also";
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