[by] them (ad.souls). the willpower of saturn (h’enã). [for] the true voice. of Ani [scribe].:
the place of the uas sceptre (see note). [for] all [of]. existence (matrix). [as] the god. [of] peace [of saturn] (h’etep). [as] the design (sesh). [for] Osiris. [for] existence of hail. [for] the noble spirits.;
existence (matrix). torso (centre). to make ãnkh-life [from]. [for] the speech. [of] peace [of saturn]. [for] the word to come. [to] Rã., [because by] them (ad.souls). [is] existence (matrix). [of] sight (maa).,
[as] the words to rejoice (in). of [=as]. all words. [of]. divine words of speech which are (not:’neteru’).\\ his (eden’s). word. [of] willpower.\\ [for] willpower (matrix). [through] the [an-] face (white hole). [of] truth (maãt).;
b] [by] Thoth’s. region of beauties (perch; áat)., [for] Horus. existence (eden’s). to make sight (s-maa,unusual). [for] the divine all [of]. existence (matrix)., [by] the serpent-enemy (khft+serpent,unusual). to make to fall down. [in order] to make sweetness (s-netchem). [in] the torso (centre). [as] the ãnkh-life ureaus.,
[by] the chalice (*pic). the words to rejoice (in). [in order] of [=for]. Rã. the divine things to build., [by] the prisoner (su,cain). to come the bottocks [eden inversed] (peh’,see note). [in order for] the sektt eveningboat [all óut of white hole]. existence (eden’s). to destroy (sek). [so that] beauty. to go stand upright.;

2] [by] the word (eden’s) to sacrifice., [and] of [=as]. Rã. existence to become new (unn).;
[by] the spines [of dome] (*pic,thes) (see note). [for?] the double-knife the word to slaughter [slaughter/the hand] (t’emu). [as so] existence (eden’s). to mutilate (h’esq,saturn). [and] he (the). existence (eden’s). to direct (ser)., [and] the enemy. to bow for speech and nature (kher).;
[by] the serpent’s word image of the word from the mountain (*pic,when eden’s). to transform (kheper). [into,as] he (the). condition (sep). [for] the áabt’- fish (artificial soul,see note). [for] thou. existence. [of] sight (maa).;
[by] the turquoise (mãfkt). which is. the dimension of the deep place of willpower (bãbãt,see note). to máke the [an-] face (white hole) (s-h’er; not ‘drive back’) [for] the images [of word] to transform. of [=for]. the ánt-fish (see prev.note). [for] thou. existence. [of] Sight (maa).;

3] [by] all [of]. the light (eden’s). [as] the Áthen light disk (see note). thou. to pacify., [as?] he (the). speech of he Ka-spirit-double shrine (Kar). [for] existence (matrix). [in] the innermost sacred place (khennu)., [for?] Rã. thou. sight (t’egai) [m-b-soul-adam+hand+plexus].;  (see note)
[by] the ãnt’-morning -boat [all tó white hole]. thou. the one. to invoke (nás). [for] the boat (*pic,thes-dome;uáa). of [=as]. words for word-inside for existence by Saturn (h’ekennuu). [for] thou. existence (matrix).;
[by] the word (cord). [to?] the eye (eden’s?). [by?] the divine stars (matrix). [of] willpower alike adam (mmã). thou. to associate with (sensen+scroll; to copy, to breathe). to become things of the character [of iron] (bátu). [as] thou. tchai (fire-drill) boat (*pic,thes-dome). [for] the sky of earth. [as] the speech. [for] thou. to manifest.;  (see note)

4] the true voice. [of] Ani. the image. [of] Osiris. [for] existence of hail.:
the ‘joy’ (torso of totality). of [=by]. decree of law. [by] the backwards (sa).\\ which is. the [an-] face (north). [for] Sekhet áaru [saturn fields]. of [=as] he (the). boat to build by blueprint.;
[by] the foreign land the thing of the sacred land (some pun). of [=for]. the Ba spirit-souls [rams]. he. to become to unite, to build. [for] the noble spirits. speech and nature (kher).; [and by] the m-b-soul-adam to serve (ámakh). of [=for]. [to] mé. to give.;
[by means of] the sins (ásfetu) [evil things of he go into Workplace]. [of] thou. head in the background of saturn. [eden eye] (h’a tep). [by] thou. willpower. the evil images [of word] of the mountain (*pic,when eden’s). [are] of [=as] emptyness (shu). [in order for] the thing of the West. speech he. existence to become new.;

5] the cemetary below. of [=for]. the true voice. of [=for]. Ani Osiris.:
thou. to make a spirit., [by] the ãnt’ morning boat [tó white hole]. [as] the words of totality [144,000]. [for] he (the). great speech., [and by] the sektt evening boat [out of white hole]. of [=as]. the words to rise and be crowned. [via] the great pillar.; [from] the sinners (ásfetiu). speech. [of] he (the). throne of adamite. [by means of] the word to terrorize, to arrange (h’eru). [to get] the divine sekhem sceptres.;
b] [and by] sekhem power. to be victorious. the great pillar., [by] provisions [pupil-tchef-related]. [as] food [word/saturn]. of [=for]. thou. Ka spirit-double. to support and rise [river] (uthes). thou. beauties.; [and] of [=by]. to protect (khu). every. ãrrit-house (amtuat,see note). [and] all. the places. [of] beating grounds (qentu). [for] to make the festival of completion of the solarplane (s-h’eb). [bý] the dimension of the deep place of saturn (h’bbt, to h’bnt-circle). of [=as]. he (the). teeth m-b-soul-adam for hebrew-H to descend. [by] the willpower for. (the cord) to tie together. [in?] the divine dimension of the dome of Nu [top of cube]. of [=for]. the light to rise and shine [as celestial body] (uben).; (see note)

6] [and as] great speech. to make to illumine [light saturn] (s-h’etch). [through] the divine Áthen light., [by] the [triple] Name (eden’s) by existence (matrix) to encircle., [in order for] thou. existence. to make to illumine [saturn light]. [by] the hand (T’,eden eye). [for] the [an-] face (white hole). [as] thou. mother-goddess. the one. existence (matrix). to birth., [by] he. the one. to birth. existence. [as] Hru light (mutilated eden’s). of [=for]. the two lands. to make to illumine [saturn light].;
the gold (eden’s!). of [=for]. to rise and shine (uben). [as] thou. existence’. words to praise.,
he. to say. – the true voice. [of] Ani Osiris.:

7] [for] the gods (ad.originals). speech., [by] to become \\ the god. [for] the helpless [of solarplane] (bagai). [who were] lacking. my. torso (centre)., of [=as]. one. [by] me. to give.; [through] the divine dimension Dome of Nu [top of cube]. [for] thou. peace [of saturn]. [as] the one. to praise. [for] the light (eden’s) inside eternity [saturn’s]. to make. the Workplace (ás). [for] thou. who are. ãnkh-life., of [=as]. thou. peace, [for] existence (matrix). [and] the words to praise. of [=as]. my. word. [by] willpower (eden’s). [for] willpower (matrix)., [as] the shoulder [axis] (remen-glyph). of. the West. of [=for]. the speech for the an-face (north). thou. to give.; (see note)
[by means of] the place of the inverse dome (eden’s). [as] thou. mother. [for] thou. existence. to come to dissect (nemá bull?). [using] the darkness (mã sherRu). [in order for] thou. light to rise and shine (uben). [of] thou. beauties. [of] sight (maa). [of] speech., [and by] them (ad.souls). the willpower of Saturn. [for] me. to manifest (per).; (note)

8] [by means of] the cemetary below., [for] the word-inside. to become perfect., to become noble., [as] noble spirits. of [=as]. me. to unite.; [by?] the words/mbs/to praise (h’esiuu = ). which is. the foreign land beating ground (qen) (unsure). [for] (eden) light inside eternity [of saturn]. which is. the dome thing of speech for an-face (*pic,thes-dome)., [being] to come the buttocks (inversed eden) (peh’). [to] thou. to give., [as] the dome the thing of speech for an-face (thes-dome). [in order] of [=for]. to rise and shine (uben). Rã. [and] of [by]. he. the word. to birth.
b] without. the prisoner (su,cain). to birth (mes). thou. flesh., thou. [as] washed gold (washed eden’s). the word. to become the word \\ h’ep (changing peh’ in hép? other?) [of] thou. beauties.,
to make willpower. of [=for]. thou. willpower to rise and be crowned., [and for] thou. transformations. to make the high exalted place (vesica north). of [=for]. thou. dawn (t’uau,likely). [by] the light to rise and shine (uben). of [=as]. thou. existence., [and] it. to say.:

9] thou. shining backbone (*pic,pest’). of [=as]. one. it. to praise., [and] he. to say., the true voice. [of] Ani.:
the image. [of] Osiris. [for] the house of the horizon (*pic,yellow cube). [by] thou. light to rise and shine (uben)., Rã. of [=by?]. thou. willpower of speech. [as] the speech. one. thou. to give.;
[in order for] the land (south). to illumine [‘dawn’] (h’etch). [by] thou. to become willpower. which is. alike-adam (miá)., [and so] thou. existence (matrix). to complete (kam).,

10] [because of] the thing of the original ad.soul. thou. existence. to come \\ double birth (?). to become the image alike-adam.,[and by] darkness [saturn+plexus] (gerh’). the time dimensions. [for] thou. existence (matrix). to complete (kam). [for] thou. existence. [of] peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
[and by] the thing of the original adamite soul. [for] thou. existence. the word to make. [as] the daughter (sherát). [of] the moment [eden garden] (at). [for?] the hundred thousands [or.adamites?] (frog+mult.). [as?] the millions (h’eh’+mult.). of. [miles] the áter dimensional land-pool (see note).;
[through] the staff of rule [river] (tá,adam’s rule). to come the word of the Watercourse (eden’s)., to come [as] the square/rudder [top cube] (h’ept). [as?] the cooking pot (kett+swallow). [for?] Hru light (mutilated eden’s). [as] thou. divine majesty. alike-adam (miá). ‘to cease’ [light/word/cauldron] (abu). it. existence. to make. nót.; (?)

11] [to] thou. the thing to wander-astray [adam-related] (shemt). [as] speech (eden’s). to become the thing as image alike-adam. [by] he. to wander-astray. speech., [and] it. to become (áu). the dimension of Nu [top of cube]. the head. (main-dimension). [in order for] thou. the images [of word] to transform. [and so] he (the). mouth. to become new.;
[by means] of. the original adamite soul’s. staff of rule [river] (tá,adam rule). [of] the “One”(eden eye). thou. to make. the hidden (ámen). “One” (eden eye). [as] the revised copy (sáp+bandlet)., [being as] the speech [from] the foreign land of Punt [to become new/the root]., [being] (word) inside. the [three]  foreign lands [3 layers in cube?]. to become images (seshu). [for] the [an-] face (north, likely). [for] the one. existence (matrix). [of] sight (maa)., +

12] [for] the gods [ad.originals]. (the word) inside. the [three] lands. [for] thou. light of the word of ámm(tree) (ámmu). to make alike-adam (smiá). existence (eden’s). nót.; (?)
[by] the golden tchãm sceptres (of willpower,see note). [as] the thing of the original adamite soul. to know. existence. nót.; (?)
the faces. of [=for]. thou., [by] the lights of shooting seed (from eden eye). [for] thou. majesty., [by from] below [!] to come the boat to build by blueprint. [and] to become the word \\ to grow (eden’s word) (rut’\\u). [as] the Hru light [mutilated eden’s]., [through] the darkness (mã sherRu). of [=by]. sbat-star-light. [as] the one. [to] thou. to give.;
[by means of] their (ad.souls). [an-] face (eden’s). of [=for]. to hide (ámen). [in order] of [=for]. thou. thing to wander-astray [adam related] (shemt). [for] thou. sight (maa).
[by] the [an-] face (white hole). [for] all [of]. the [an-] face (north). [for] the sky of earth., [as] thou. tcha [fire-drill]  boat (*pic,thes-dome). [of] truth (maãt). [from?] the [an-] face (white hole). [of] peace [of saturn].;
Rã. of [=by]. thou. house of the horizon. of [=for]. thou. light to rise and shine. [as] thou. [an-] face (north). protecting. hail.; (see note)

13] he. to say., the true voice. [of] peace. of [=for]. the true voice. [of] Ani Osiris. [for] hail for the beautified soul.:
[for] mé. [is] the divine all [of]. the thing of the original adamite soul. [for] existence (matrix). [by] decree of law.;
[through] the workplace. [by] thou. who are. forever. existence., [and by] speech. existence (matrix). to build, to unite (khnem).; [by means of] the light (eden’s) inside eternity [of Saturn]. [for] existence. [of] speech.;
[because of to] existence (matrix). to come the buttocks [inversed eden realm](peh’). [as] the land. the head. (head-land). [for] thou. existence (matrix)., [in order for] to become nobles. [of] existence (matrix). [by] the light of the opened word-inside. of [=through?]. the “One” (white hole). [of mé?].;
[and for] ‘reality’ (ntt). the [an-] face (north?). all [of] thou. m-bs-adam to be praised (?, h’esi). alike-adam (miá)., [for] thou. beauties. [of] sight (t’ega, T’ hand + G plexus)., [for] my. flesh. to become (by) the word of freshness [reaped word] (maa\\u). [as] one. to be repulsed. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.:
[and] [as] one. to be imprisoned. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;

14] all [of]. the light (eden’s). [for] thou. Áten light (disk). [of] sight (maa)., [as] the speech. [of] thou. willpower of Saturn (h’enã). [for] me.; to become (áu). [by] thou. speech and nature. [for] existence (matrix). [for] to come hail [as] advanced beautified-soul.;
[through] the beauty. [of] this [root] Eden’s) (pu). to guide., [to have] the words of sight. [for] speech. [for] the Tuat house. [of] the words of adam-within. [as] the words for all.;
[by] thou. the enemies’. hand to make to become new (s-un-t’, dangerous but possible)., [and by] the original adamite soul. the [an-] face (eden’s). [as?] thóu. boat (uáa). [for] the (dimensional) foreground (h’at). of [=for] to become stability.;
b] [through] the region of Thoth (bird on perch). [as] thóu. (dimensional) foreground (h’at)., [by means] of [=through] the original adamite soul. to make the throne of adamite (s-ást, most unusual). existence (matrix). to make.;
to become (áu). [by] thou. the thing to open [the root] (upt). [and] of [=by]. the original adamite soul. to make the cobra-goddess of the background of saturn (?, s-h’at+cobra,unusual)  [as?] the cobra-goddess of the south (shemà+cobra). [as] thou. head [first!]., of [=by]. the staff of rule [river] (tá,adam rule). to become the weight of stability [fór torus-balloon].,

15] the cobra-goddess of the time-dimension. [for] everything [of]. the sky of earth. [for] existence. [as?] the king of the (stolen) south (nesut,suten). of [=as]. one. [like] their (ad.souls). sight. to rejoice (in).,
of [=as]. the words [for] all. the gods., [through] lights as seed shooting-out (eden eye). [in order] of [=for]. the two lands. thou. to make to illumine [light of saturn].;
[and for] the house of the horizon (*pic,yellow cube).  of [=by]. thou. to rise and shine. [as] the word (eden’s). \\ [of] beauty (nefer).; [because by] his-self. to transform. this. Kheperá (god of transformation). [into] the dóuble-island \\ [of] the spirits-horizon (stacked cubes). [for] thou. [an-] face. protecting. hail.;

16] the light (eden’s) inside eternity [saturn’s] (h’eh’+)., [by] all [of]. he. [for] all [of]. he (sat.light). to make to worship (uash). [for] he. to say. the true voice. [of] peace of saturn. [of] Ani Osiris.:
the sky of earth. [is] of [=by]. (eden’s) passive stars of very great speech – who are nót part of the motherland [south] (áukhemu urt’u). of [=by]. it. to go mix with [the east] or ‘penetrate by the east’ (áabekh, comp.). [fór] the sektt evening boat [all coming óut white hole]., [by means] of [=by]. he. [the boat] to arrive in port (mená). [as] the morning boat [eden into the white hole]. of [=for]. he. to come [by] decree of law (utchu+walk). [with?] the sky of earth. [of] the speech. thou. willpower of saturn. [for] the true voice. [of] Ani. the image. [of] Osiris.;

17] [by] existence (eden’s). the Ba spirit-soul [with human head]. to manifest (per).;
[through] darkness (mãsherRu). [as] one. it. to pacify (s-h’etep). [by?] the sbait-light-star (see note). of [=as]. one. to praise (t’ua). [by] the true voice. [of] Ani osiris.;
[by] existence’s (eden’s). the [an-] face (eden’s). of [=for]. thou. shining backbone (pest’)., [as] all [of]. the light (eden’s). [of] the house of the horizon (cube). of [=for]. the light to rise and shine (uben)., [through] the lights to shoot seed (eden eye). [fór] all [of]. this (m-b-soul-adam word of root; pui). Áten light [disk]. [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;

he to say. the true voice. of. Ani Osiris. [for] hail of beautified-soul.:
[by] he. [are?] the divine branches. [of] the words of adam-within. [by] willpower of saturn (must be h’enã). [for] the sky of earth. which is. [by] the eastern. house of the horizon., of [=as]. he. the light to rise and shine (uben). together with.  Rã. to praise the word of Dawn (t’uaau).;