BD 64

sorcery (h’ekau). of [=by]. his, he (the). speech of anunna-face (vesica north). language. [is?] myrrh (ant’iu, head-related). of [=by]. to milk [the word from ad.soul] (mesu, strange glyph). the mouth. the thing to open (up). his. existence. to make. the adamite soul. existence. Torso (áb, Eye south). the innermost sacred place (khennu). of [=by]. willpower of speech. the gold (nub). of [=by]. to purify (uãb). the adamite soul. to make the blueprints [from Orion] (s-qet’nu).
7] speech. he. to flood [dimension] (meh’). nót.;
to transform [eden’s speech] (khepeRR). to make. the [female] Workplace (of stripping ad,originals; here ás+t, is feminine? see next). [of,for] the women (h’emtu). of [=by]. to approach (teken). existence (eden’s). [to be] not.;
( = eden is not to approach those women..? sebek also has his ‘harem’…sennut-women…)
the fish-souls [being filled] (mehitu). the seed. [of] adam-within. [for] existence (eden’s). [to be] nót.;
the reed,willow (urá). to purify (uab). this. mouth (north). the one (tu). to excavate, to dig out (shet’t’). [for] the Sight (petrá, adamite Sight; compare words said to apostle Peter). [to be] not.;
the Sight (maa). nót.; (mistake?)
the great [pillar]. this. hidden,mysterous (shetau). that which is [reality] (ntt). he,it’s. Sight. [by] the enemy’s (kheft). royal  place of Set’s south (nesut = sutenu). existence. to become iron (báa, iron = chakra crystalline). alike-adam (miá). the prisoner (su). he. to bring. the son \\ to authorize. of [by]. the prisoner. his. existence. to make supplication, prayer (s-t’ebeh). anunna-face. of [=by]. the willpower of saturn (h’enã). power (nekhet). to become (áu). the places of the houses (comp.glyph). the mouths. of [=by]. inspection/revision/trial (sápt). the Eye. speech. he,his. to quake, carry-off (menmen). the enemy (kheft). 4] the prisoner (su). to discover (gem). true voice [from below]. noble. he. to give. [by?] Horus. [to be] the son. [of] Set’s royal south (nesu). [for] existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). the true voice. [of] Menkau (scribe name)., the south king. existence. [and] servant (hem). over the matters (Hau, hebrew-H!). of [=by]. this. god. the double thigh of the word (ret’\\u+). below. [by] the sacrifice [in general] (maã). [stop?]
lapis lazuli (khesbet’). of [=by]. engraving (khetu). the south land. [by] the iron (baa). which is. the horn [of the Tile] (tile = probably the 4 square sh-pools). anunna-face. place of khemenu (word-inside the eight; Ogdoad). of [=by]. this. mouth. the word which is. to discover. the god. who is. the great [pillar]. posession. this. protections (thou willpower like,mak). the words. ankh-life. masterholder/everything (nebt). the eyes. he. to make. his,it. to become. the cemetery below. of [=by]. the land. head [headland?]. this. his. true voice. [by] the adamite soul. this. mouth. to know (rekh). the posession. speech for/of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
[rubric of text:]
this. god. the double-thigh of the word (ret’\\u, kh+sh lake). below., [by] the sacrifice [in general] (maã). [by?] lapis lazuli (khesbet’). to become the design of the south-land (shes shemã). [of] iron (báa). which is. the Tile (t’ebt, solarplane+tuat). [for] the anunna-face (vesica north). [in] the place of eight (khemenu, see note). of [=by]. this. Mouth (north). [as] the one (tu).
52] existence. to discover (gem). the god. who is. the great [pillar]. the posession. this (root). protections (wp/like adam). the word \\ which is. everything/master-holder. to make. of [=by]. to make. the land. head. which is. the adamite soul. eyes., it. to make. it. to become (áu). the divine cemetary below (khert-neter). of [=by].
51] the land. head. this.his. to make true voice [from below]. this. Mouth. to know. to establish, to found (ger). speech for the beautified-soul.;
to say. the pautu primeval gods. existence. to listen (setchem). the mouth. protections (netchnutu). the anunna-face.
50] he. to come to rest (seshen,by sh-pool!). the Ba-soul (solarplane type spirit). speech. light of the opened word-inside (nu). fat [adam”s abundance] (at’). to become protections (sau, north of earth). of [=by]. to become spirits. to grow (rut). the flesh of Áf (adam). backwards (sa). to come to beautified-soul willpower like [adam] (mãá, comp.). divine willpower. to battle. existence. to hide? (t’ega). of [=by]. to become. the light of opened word inside. speech. word of existence. to untie [sky and earth] (uhã, ‘to fish’). the land.
48] Akeru gods [Watchers]. word for existence. to make to transform (s-kheper). the lion of yesterday (sef, adam-related). the children (mesu). i,me. the walk? (walk+t). speech. within. the Eye.
the rudder [as hidden root of saturn] (hept). the land. speech. to hover over, to come to rest (khen). 47] wing,to fly up. the double treshfloor (sep,south and north vesica). the word. to assemble (saaq). he. to praise (tuat). the anunna-face. to purify (uãb). the word \\ of ultimate willpower (linked). his. 46] word to manifest (per). of [=by]. breath-air (nefu).
47] to unite,build (khnem). his. to become peace (hetep, saturn). of [=by]. Rã (rã glyph). the Sight (maa). speech. [for] advanced beautified-soul.;
the adamite soul. the throne of adamite soul [north vesica] (ast, isis). speech. adamite soul. peace (hetep, saturn). existence. willpower of speech. divine utchat Eye.
45] existence. to bé embraceced by (\\ added). existence. advanced beautified soul.;
[……..] the beauty. willpower. existence. messenger (uptu). to become. neH-protection (the neH-sycamore tree, hebrew-H). word of existence.
44] to unite,build (khenem). the neHt-sycamore tree (south; where Rã appeared from,daily; pun). word of existence. to embrace [as hidden root] (h’ep). to retire, to serve (amakh). all [of] Nebseni (this scribe).;
the house of tied-up youth? (comp.glyph). the house of saturns root (peteh’). to engrave [by going round!] (pekhar). to design (sesh). every. light of willpower of speech (no Ra glyph). to become the stability. thou. of every kind of. thou willpower like [adam].
43] Osiris. phallus. headbox [Henu or áat] (but same meanings, Henu=hebrew-H). ãnkh- life. every. day (Hru,hebrew-H, north?). of [=by]. manifestation (pert). this. my. to hover over, to come to rest (khen). he,his. existence. to make. the divine Torso (Eye south). passive one of very great speech (adam).
42] the beauty. day (Hru.hebrew-H). funeral bed [in mooring post] (mena). Sight (maa). word // of beauty (linked). kind of stones, (meh’ef, stones he floods with?). existence. i, me. within. Shu (deity, pillar+an-face). blossoms of existence by Saturn (h’enu). lion mouth. of [=by].
41] to transform. emission [in?] the exalted high [place] (qa). ultimate existence. the land, to illumine with saturns light [” dawn”] (h’etch). of [=by]. his. anunna face. illumination (saturn). his. Eye. his. existence.;
the word of willpower of speech (rau). divine great speech. to become. which is. existence. to become sweetness (s-hetchem = to hold hostage). willpower like [adam]. the root of existence upside-down (penã boat, Tuat III).
40] walled land of fortresses [solarplane] (áneb, solarplane + án), anunna-face. branch. door of willpower. to seal up (khetem). upside down (sekher). willpower. head/first. divine female of the Bes-dwarf pygmee (h’it, saturn). existence. to birth (mess). the adamite soul. to become the burden (atep). the adamite soul.
39] to put into position (uah’). h’athor-saturn as the pregnant goddess of the Heir, [!] to become. his. name [of].: the land. millions (hehu). all,every. the divine to come to \\ the eternity [of saturn] (comp.glyph). of [=by]. to manifest (per). his. name [of].: to enter/invade (ãq). [by] Restau (homeland of Osiris, the forein land/to drag to/ the mouth, north). \\ KH-house (centre of rule of Torus; linked).
38] i,my. adamite soul. hidden. of [=by]. destroying tongue (nesq). the season (ter). willpower like [adam]. existence. dirty word of m-b-s-adam of speech (comp.glyph). which. the prisoner (su). to assemble,act violently (saaq). the speech. to be weary. within.
37] which is. the anunna-face. the staff of rule (tá, adam rule). to make. [by?] those who are praised / those who praise (h’esiu; h’esat-linked). existence. tuathouse. speech. beautiful. way (axis, Watercourse). existence. the one (tu). to give. the land, of [=by].
36] the noble spirits. the shadows [not roofs?]. to make to move out of place (senut, opened word inside). the double treshingfloor (sep, south and north vesica). ‘ the god who carried to heaven the shadows of the dead ‘( Hemt, hebrew-H, to come the thigh \\ to alike [adam’s] hebrew-H; obscure still). [for] the hail of the beaautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
the land, [of] the words of adam-within. the rudders [the word of flint knives] (set’u, 7-poly of phys.heart). anunna-face. tebteb (to come solarplane?). everything/masterholder. the plebs [non-egyptians] (rekhitu). existence. to make ankh-life., every. light of willpower of speech. [is](rã glyph). the phallus. the divine spirits. unguents of totality?. Sight (maa). speech. to fly up, wing. [from?] the Eye. acquired brilliance (shep). of [=by]. radiance [of imprisoned God’s word] (uaua). to make to adore (same). the iron (baa). anunna-face. to come [the thigh in sekhet-áaru, saturn fields] (khent’). the peace (h’etep,saturn). of [=by]. travelling [of soul into new realm] (shas). [stop?]
forever. \\ adam-within (linked). this (root). Shu. the great [pillar]. the god. phallus. he. to make spacious (sam). Athen [transit-glyph!] (Rã/existence/to connect to/beautified-soul). his. Sight (maa). […..]
32] Nebseni (this scribe). place of the south. the houses. the mouths. of [=by]. to engrave [by making to go round] (s-pekhar). to design (sesh). m-b-s-adam to manifest (peri). to connect to.
31] to give. kheper, transformation god. alike-adam (mia). to become the images. creations (qemamtu). the adamite soul. second (2nd). adam-within. the hidden,mysterious (shetau). existence. ”name of other world” (augert, no context yet, exept giants-related). [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
30] the tuathouse. posessions,conditions. bennu-bird [phoenix] (soul of Osiris). to know (rekh). the tool (wp/of speech). speech. place of On (ruling south eye). place of the khenem-shrine (Menu-eye). of [=by]. existence. advanced beautified-soul. his. provisions (ãhãu). [of] adam-within. the house [of speech] (per). existence. the divine to go \\ to split-up (pesekht,one word).
29] i, me. the adamite soul. to weep (remtu, from tears of rã, of which egyptians were made). the Eye. to devour. existence. within. Osiris. nature,posessions,etc. to protect (netch). speech.  the divine words of all [of].
28] existence. the divine master/all. to become opened-up (upt). of [=by]. existence. [for] the advanced beautified-soul.;
the gods of them (ad.souls). bellies (khatu). the domes of word of speech of anunna-face (vesica north). to repulse (khesef). of [=by]. creations (qamu).
27] the hidden,mysterious (shetau, sh-pool). speech. the products [of saturn] (h’entu). of [=by]. their (ad.souls). to become the union (t’emt’). of [=by]. the horns of the word \\ willpower of solarplane (~bu, comp.glyph, these horns are the same ãb as which hold the chalice below solarplane). existence. to become opened (up). the land. to become to unite (sma). to become young and fresh (uatch).  [stop?]
the knives [or cuttings?] (glyph). this (root). their (ad.souls). to make to cool-down (qebh’). [by] physical blood (senef). this (root). [in] the day (Hru, hebrew-H, north?). which is. to become beautiful (nefert). truths (maãtu). existence. ãnkh-life. all. of [=by]. to rise and shine (uben). Shu (deity, repr.pillar+an-face). the tax, tribute (h’etert, saturn). of [=by]. this (root). opened word-inside (nu). the tuathouse. the houses of the chakra-tools to make the Ba-spirit? (unknown concept). of [=by]. which is. this (root). eden’s realm (nen). the true voice [from below]. of [=by]. within.
24] the advanced beautified-soul.; [stop?]
the enemy (sebáu, context?). [as] one overthrown 9khert). existence. the new dimension of season and Time (unnut). the dimension. of the KH-house (centre of torus). within. to connect to. to found (ger, no det.). this (root). [a?] sixth (6th). [of?] their (ad.souls). within. the “One” [real-moon]. existence. the “One”. to give. of [=by]. to make to unite with (sma).
23] of [=by]. the twelve (12). [of?] Orion (saah’). to carry (remen). speech. to make to witness (s-meter). the day (Hru, hebrew-H,north?). [of] new seasons and dimension of Time (unnutu). [stop?]
(… obscure..”a sixth of their souls to unite with twelve of orion”…? )
to become? (baabaa, cavern,den?). existence. the adamite soul. of every kind. backwards (sa). anunna-face. to become. within. every kind of. of [=by]. his. speech. two hundred (2 ropes). [and] this.  six hundred thousand (6 frog) [and] this. four (4). million (h’eh’u, saturn). noble spirits. [4,600,200 spirits – written 1500 BC!] become connected to below (comp.glyph). the speech. the m-b-s-adam to make (ári). [in] name [of].: the deep underground caverns (metchutu).;
 I. know. [how] became (áu).his, he (the). Torso (áb, Eye south). existence. to make. to acquire brilliance (shep). stability (men). the grat door [in,to the pillar]. the willpower broke open? (nãgã, comp.? compare vedic naga-serpents). of [=by]. to manifest (per). i,me. [stop?]
I,me. to make healthy. the divine double lion-mouth. the divine double-realm of existence and eden’s (comp.glyph). \\ to become the nurse (khenemt, linked). the house of the adamite soul’s boundary (tchers, comp.glyph). existence. to move out of place (nut’, tuats opened word-inside). the divine áagu (unknown, giants+b-soul). to become. the double-leg (re’t, sh+kha-pools, below). the coming word. to make blueprints [from orion] (s-qet’nu). the house of the m-b-s-adam speech for thou-Ka  (kerit, der. of ãrrit?). of [=by]. he. the foremost (adam;nose-glyph). odour (khenem). the greyhound [(thesem). of [=by]. thou. anunna-face. thou. tent (khen). of [=by]. 18] thou. willpower. the lands below. of [=by]. these ( faces. [!] (of ad.originals). [in] the pools \\ of speech. to beat to pieces (sekhsekhu).  the doorbolts of the exalted high [place] (qaatu). the place of the solarplane-abyss (abt’u). of [=by]. the divine to become a portion (t’ená, from split-off). willpower like [adam]. to make blueprints [from Orion] (s-qet’nu). existence.
17] the Sight (maat, here). existence. to weep (remi, from ‘tears’see above). within. to thrust out, shoot out (ut’). of [=by]. the son \\ of great speech [or ‘female speech, BD**] (linked). [of] adam-within. existence. to give. áment/the West. [by?] ‘the-important-flesh-raping-Eve’ (tchatchanut+head+flesh, one step from ‘divine judges’,see BD**).
16] the heads. the lower part of body (khept’). [for?] the neck [lotus] (neh’ebt,the solarplane house / is yoke of saturn). the face/anunna-face. to tie together. the foreleg (khepesh, ‘root between kh and sh’). [by] thou willpower like [adam] (mãk). [stop?]
(…. obscure text; it may read that ‘ the heads, ad.originals, in the lower part of the body (of the torus) become the neck’; but it appears that the centre of this turning around, is the raping of eve; alt., the ‘heads’ may also relate to the lower part of the body; as does neck/lotus…)
the divine he. the dimension (agba, solarplane+giants). the dome \\ speech of anunna-face. existence. to come by  willpower like [adam]. says.:
the god. willpower. to carry (remen). which is. the new season and dimension of Time (unnut). the gods of them (ad.souls). the coverings of the female-prisoner (sutu). words of adam-within. speech. ‘to invoke’ (nás). divine he. the sh-pool land. little \\ which is (not ‘lacking’?). that [his/root]. the divine firstborn. [for] the hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).  ;
his. tent (khen). the set cloth-body to dress in (h’ebs). backwards (sa). to become filled (meh’). [in] name [of].: the pool-land of great speech to complete (kam-ur, also ‘black’). to flood [abundance] (bãh’, wp/saturn/solarplane). i, me. night,sunset (ushau). of [=by]. to complete (tem). the land of the opened word-inside. existence. the adamite soul. the darkness (ãsher, roast-ad.meat). of [=by]. existence. divine his. two eyes (glyph). to go to sleep (ãkhen).
13] willpower like [adam]. i,me. to become protections (thou/word/wp/like). i,me. to snatch away/rescue (neh’em). speech. the divine mother (mut). existence. the sinful ones [Heir glyph] (áuitu). existence. [for] existence. the Tuathouse. of [=by]. the two ears (mestcheru). to say.:
12] the god. to approach the word inside (tekennu, comp.). of [=by]. to become. the third, threefold [dimension] (khenemt). existence. Ba-soul (solarplane type spirit). speech. anunna-face. thou. heat, light of Shu (pillar+face). the dome above. to make designs,species,behaviour,nature,plans (s-kher). speech. the land. the firedrill-boat (tcha uáu; unclear, but apparently fróm the Eye, now having that Word, invading hebrew-H, north). thou.
11] to raise,to elevate (thenu). willpower like [adam]. existence. to go make wide [the torus] (s-usekh). thou. ways (axis, w-course,mult.). existence. to become sweetness (netchem, = hostage). the phallus (pillar). words of adam-within. the divine firstborn. the praises (sensu, ‘to breath’cluster). the East. of [=by]. to manifest (per). existence in the place of eight (khemenu, Ogdoad, but also written sesennu, ‘place of word inside of the breath of ad.soul’). of [=by]. he. to invade (ãq). this (root). day (Hru, hebrew-H, north). which is. to become beautiful (nefert). thou. truths (maãtu). of [=by]. to become sweetness (netchem, hostage). [by!] thou.
9] Torso (Eye south, áb). [stop?]
the laughter (sebt, solarplane/fortress). [of](rã glyph). his. iron. anunna-face. the god Pteh’(potter; saturn hidden root). existence. to work in gold, washed gold (nubt). the crystalline energies (theh’entu, saturn). to become (áu). the knot in the coil (glyph). this (root). I,me. this. he who is, or: father existence (ntf).
8] the land. to become the correct equillibrium by the phallus’ word (attempt on comp.glyph, umettu). of [=by]. to stand upright [the mast] (ãhã). [by?] the KArá shrine (ka-spirit-double). all,every. dome above (h’ert).  the head,first. anunna-face. [as,by,is?] the KAri shrine [ the shrine of m-b-s-adam speech for the KA). the dome above (the vesica makes). the throne of adamite soul (ást, side of an-face). of [=by]. followers (shemsu, = ‘adamite souls who keep walking-astray’!). Rã (rã glyph). they (ad.soul).
7] [the hidden] towers, haulers (setaiu). [of,in?] the hidden, mysterious sarcophagus (shetait, pun). speech. funeral couch [in the mooring-post] (mená, probaly the Eye south). to guide. the prisoner. word of the tongue (nesu). of [=by]. every kind of. words to listen to. their (ad.souls). protections [neHtu] (hebrew-H, neHt-tree). the domes of the word of anunna-face. \\ [of] he. the horus hawk (bák). [for] hail of the beautified-soul.;
the dead, dead things (menáu, mooring-post). the house [of speech] (per). existence. his,he. transformed images (kheperu).
5] darkness (ákhkhu). of [=by]. to manifest (per). the arrangers (‘ tying together’). the adamite soul. every,all. his. [lost]. the brilliant shooting-seed? (stitut). [of?] Sight (maa). [as?] the divine word. \\ [for] the anunna-face (vesica north; linked).;
4] all [of]. the East. [is] the rudder (h’emu, saturn). [of] the sky of earth. [by] the western. gods of the Tuat. existence. [by] the food-offerings [aspects] to the fields of Saturn. to give. the gods. to make. the divine Ba-soul (solarplane type spirit). [stop?]
the hidden, mysterious (shetau, sh-pool). other, another (ki). the event/ (sep). of [=by]. his,he. genetrix (mest). speech.
3] the domw \\ to stretch out (rut). the dawn [ka of solarplane). morninglight [of Tuat}. [by] the light of the lion of yesterday [adam] (sef). [for] existence. [of] me.  , it. says.:
2] the cemetary below. of [=by]. the day (Hru, hebrew-h, north). of [=by]. the manifestation (pert). [of] existence (matrix). [by] the Mouth (vesica north, speaking creation).;