CT 325

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themes : Tem-Rã , as the inverted eden-hand [executive region] north , being the Eye
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CT 325


IV 157-156
b) the divine word of saturn (h’u). [for] all. ,
a) the divine word of saturn. am I. ;

g) the most-beautified-soul[-adam]. alike-adam [=Adam]. [+the word] to make (ár). ,
[at] my. place-T of the new-hand of the serpent-hand. ,
f) [being] the beauty. [by] my. mouth [=matrix stargate for sound]. of [=for]. to manifest (per). ;
e)[being] the beauty. [of] my. existence [=matrix]. [by] place-T of the hand of the serpent-hand. ,

d) the divine word of saturn. [for] thou. existence. [by] existence [eden’s]. ,
c) the darkness [for eden] (grh’). of [=by]. the [eden-] word. to transform (khpr). ,
[in order] existence to make. [at] the dimensional-side (gs). [of] speech [=matrix side, north]. ,
[for] existence of hail. [of] the gods. ;
b) the darkness [for eden] (grh’). [to be] of [=by]. Tem [=Damascus]. ,

[at] the dimensional-side. [of] speech. [of?] he. [existence]. [by?] the sbq-tree
[the tree as the q-axis for to make the solarplane]

a) the most-beautified-soul[-adam]. alike-adam. the word. to make (ár). ,
[for] he. [existence]. [by] place-T of the hand of the serpent-hand.

IV 155
g) existence to make [=concept]. [being] the divine Ka bulls [‘finished projects’]. ,
[being] existence [=matrix]. [by] the torso. [through] he. place-T to bring (ánt). ,
[and] the [eden-] words to mirror (spsu). [for] he. existence [=matrix]. +

[by?] the sbq-tree [the tree as q-axis to make the solarplane]. [+being the Shu axis]. ;
e,d) empty ,
c) the hour-star (unnut). he [=Shu?]. to make (ár). ;
b) the gods. of [=for]. he. the sekhem-power [=creative power?]. ,
a) the things of divine great speech. he [=the sekhem-power?]. to guide. ;

IV 154-153
e) the [imprisoned-] adamite-soul’s. [eden-] flame to make to untie (khfkhf). +
[by?] the raging [crocodile/hand/vulture-rule] (at’+). [matrix-] eye. ,

[for?] he. existence [=matrix]. [by?] the cord of speech for vulture-rule by the new-hand (t’ar). ;

d) the divine sekhem-sceptres. +
[to be?] he. the jackal power [make speech]. existence [=eden’s]. to carry-off. [by?] Sekhmet [lion]. ,
c) place-T to open [and become new]. of [=for]. the word to rise and be crowned. ,
b) [to be] he [=that word]. within [=matrix]. [being?] he. the sekhem-power. ,

[and?] the divine word of hail for existence (náu). ,
[as] existence [=matrix]. [by] the divine word of saturn. it. to give. ;

a) the date palm [at place-T of hail for the solarplane] (bnát). +
of [=as]. Tem [=Damascus]. [being] the eye. risen and crowned (khã). ;

of [=as]. Tem [=Damascus]. [being] the eye. [at] the high-place [=hill] (qa). to be hail. ;

f) [conclusion:] the blossom at place-T for the doubled-solarplane (bbt+). , +
[as] Tem [=Damascus]. [being]. the eye. risen and crowned (khã). ;
e) the divine word of saturn. of [=by]. speech to transform. ;

End 325


notes :

b) word of saturn ,
literal as ‘word by wick-H” ; also a guide in Rã’s boat ; “the word of their realm”,
as opposed to eden’s word ;
g) most-beautified-soul ,
as Adam , depicted always as the double-reed glyph ;
since it is often used we made it ‘most-beautified-soul-adam’ ,
but here the suffix “alike-adam” follows ‘most-beautified-soul’
(in previous spell another name for him was ‘the retired most-beautified-soul’) ;

f) mouth [for sound] ,
the eden-gate ruled the behemoth-realm north (the m-realm) through sound ,
but God says “..they hated it [the gate] because it spoke flawlessly” ;
so they closed the eden-gate after the fall , and built their lion-mouth as this gate
(conform the most important Egyptian ritual of ‘opening of the mouth’) ;

b) Tem [Damascus] ,
in one of the (to be) posted prophets chapters ,
“the hill is threshed [by a threshingslide]” , the slide as the glyph TEM ;
The latter representing their entire construct as inversed eden-hand now in the north ;
Compare how Adam pulled up to north all important eden constructs [see index] ;
The ‘breaking the iron bars of Damascus’ – in the north-east – in the plain of vanity
(as Aven) depicts this construct north ;

e) raging eye ,
see log 29 march ,

b) sekhem-power ,
is represented by the Sekhmet lion ;
apparently ‘she’ stands for “all their constructs made by the [former] eden-word” ;
a CT litany has ‘thou legs of sekhem-power ; thou arms of sekhem-power’ etc ,
where the objects are the constructs made by them ;
Sekhmet being the main opponent of [the tribe] Judah :
compare here the war between the real-eden-word and Sekhmet’s twisted one ,
mainly in relation to scripture ! ;

a) Tem as the eye ,
glyph syntax finally leaves little else as this conclusion ;
the problem is that often it writes ‘Rã. Eye.’ , where Tem and Rã are coupled ,
and also often ‘Horus. eye.’ Or even ‘Horus. two eyes.’ ;
so by syntax it is tricky to find out exactly what is intended and who is the ‘owner’ .

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