BD 04

Osiris'. anunna-face (vesica north). [for] the cultivated lands (ah'tu, saturn). [of] existence. to erase (t'er). existence (eden's). [for] the advanced beautified-soul.; 
the twin-fighter gods (reh'u, Set and Horus, but "double god word for saturns mouth"). to open (op). the celestial ocean [dimension] (agba, solarplane). [by] the departing [from SH] (tesh)., [for] me. the primeval child (this scribe). [..dots..]
existence. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). to recite.: the land of Restau ( Osiris' homeland, lit."the foreign land/words/to drag to/the mouth", that is vesica north). which is. the dome above (h'ert, h'er is also anunna-face as north vesica). [as,by?] the way (axis,Watercourse). the anunna-face. to advance. existence (matrix). [to?] the mouth (vesica north, speaking creation).