CT 581 VI 196

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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theme : pending
scribe : common nomer used of every available coffin per spell
status : 90%
summary : approaching the X centre of the Ourobouros-8
notes : below, see ouroubouros paragraph 197 n], pics
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
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text note : in general a staccato type writing, often only 'crucial words' forming a line ; unlike BD
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VI 198
x] the divine son. [of] the word of the square,rudder [top cube] (h’ep)., of [=as]. the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)., [by] thou. to exalt hail (?). [and] the beautified-soul. [by] thou. to rise and be crowned (khã).;
w] [by means of] the divine staff of rule for tillage but now of Saturn [adam’s] (h’en tiu tá). [for] the beautified-soul. existence. to acquire (shep).; v] [in order for] the beautified-soul. [by] thou. [to be] the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).;
[by means of] the beautified-soul’s. word. this (to connect to). of [=as]. u] the divine Ka-spirit doubles. word (of) all. which is. [by] the one (tu). thing of the watercourse [eden’s]. [fór] the [an-] face (white hole). [and so for] the beautified-soul. to come the root to kh-house (khep+walk).; (see note)

t] the beautified-soul’s. staff of rule for tillage but now of saturn (h’en tiu tá). [for] the beautified-soul. to acquire., [as] this. ‘ultimate head’ [pillar-related] (tchatcha). to go judge [with] (utchã).; (see note)
s] [as] the god as the house of saturn. of [=for]. the land (south). [as] the doubled thing of existence (sennt).;
to become (áu). r] Rã’s. speech and nature (kher). [for] the sky of earth. [as] thing of three (khemtt).,
q] [as?] five aspects of the branch,staff (foods) (khet). [for] the divine all [of]. the beautified-soul. I am.; (see note)

p] the beautified-soul. [by] the willpower of Saturn (h’enã). he. to become new.;
[by?] the beautified-soul’s. abomination (but). the beautified-soul. to become new (un)., saying.:
all [of]. the god. o] urine (usesht). it. [as] the divine secondary thing (sent). the beautified-soul. to drink (s-ur). nót.;
[and] the dirt (h’es). [is] this. beautified-soul’s. abomination (but).; (unclear line)

m] the place. [of] the phallus/stock/tillage (h’ennt). [of] divine Ka-spirit bull. [for] the beautified-soul. I am.;
l] divine great speech. [of] the divine Ka-double bull. [for] the beautified-soul. I am.;
k] [by means of] them (ad.souls). within. the divine “One” (harpoon only). [for] the beautified-soul. I am.;
j] [as] the gods. [by] willpower of Saturn. [for] the beautified-soul.; to become (áu). the solarplane dimension (agb). [by] the divine offered aspects in the H’etep field. of [=for]. the beautified-soul’s. abundance (bãh’t).;
h] [and as] the solarplane dimension (bga=abg). of [=for]. the beautified-soul. [as] the booth (*pic,yellow cube;seh’).; [by means of] within-they=they-within (error)., [for] the thing to become new., [in order for] the beautified-sóul. to become new (un).; g] [and because of] within-they=they-within., [as] the thing of ãnkh-life. of [=for]. ãnkh-life.;

f] the sky of earth. [as] the speech. [for] the beautified-soul. [by?] the m-b-soul-adam-like [fire-drill] boat (tchat).; (see note) e] [as?] the double horus-falcon. thing of adam-within (w-hole+eden eye?). [of] Thoth., [through] the willpower of saturn (h’enã). [for?] Horus (div.an-face). another (?,kt). of [=for]. alike-adam (miá).; (unclear)

d] he. the urine. the beautified-soul. most-b-soul-adam to cleanse (turi)., [and by?] the dirt (h’es). the beautified-soul. thou. of [=for]. c] the place of the wasp (khebt). to flourish (uakh). of [=for]. to manifest. every. ureaus (áãrt). [for] the beautified-soul. I am.; (unclear)
the garden [treshfloor-related] (h’esep). of [=for]. to manifest. [as] the blossom succeeded to acquire. am I.;
a] the house of the horizon. of [=for]. to manifest. [as] the blossom [+willpower]. [through] the divine light (rã). of [=for]. to manifest. the sprout (blossom of solarplane bec.new) (unb).;
VI 197
v] the double treshfloor. [for] the sky of earth. speech. [of] divine light (rã)., to become. u] the fóur treshfloors. [for] the land. head (main-land). it. the posession (ásht;tree). to become new., [in order for] it. the posession. to bring (án). t] the divine light (rã). [for] the divine son. [through] the prisoner (su,Cain). [for] sight (maa)., [by] the workplace. [for] the beautified-soul. I am.;
reality. s] thou. [by] to make (original adamites) to stand upsidedown head in fire (s-khet’khet’)., [but] the beautified-soul. existence (matrix). to wander-astray. nót.;

r] urine. the beautified-soul. to drink (sur). nót.;
q] [by] the prisoner (su). the beautified-soul. to become new. nót.;
p] dirt. [is] this. beautified-soul’s. abomination (but).,
o] [as?] every. light (eden’s). [for] all [of]. the god. [of] existence (eden’s)., [by] to plough-over (glyph)., the house (edens). of [=as]. the fire-he-to guide (seref+braz.).; [in order for] the beautified-soul. this [existence]. to seize the hand [eden’s] (shet’t’). [by] the morningboat [all tó white hole]. of [=for]. the willpower of saturn (h’enã). [as] the eveningboat [all óut of w-hole] (sektt). [for] existence of hail.; (see note)

n] [by] them (ad.souls). [is] the double-cord of the serpent-coil [ourobouros?] (qab+). [of] the [an-] face (eden’s?).; to become. m] the H’efau-serpent. [for] speech and nature (kher). [of?] four aspects (khet).; stop line
l] [and by] them (ad.souls). [is] the double covering (tcheneh’+ape). [as] the thing of the head [‘first’] (tept). [an-] face (matrix).;
to become. j] the place of Õn. of [=as]. seven aspects. [for] the divine all [of]. i] the house of the horizon (*pic,yellow cube,likely)., [through?] Beb [abaddon]., the divine H’etep (the field)., the divine Ka-double bull.. [and?] Anubis [=4] (npá=ánp). [for] the beautified-soul. I am.; stop line (see note)

h] [this area being?] the Kar shrine. [of] adam-within. [for] sweetness (?,ben+). this. staff,branch (glyph). of [=for]. the beautified-soul. ãnkh-life.; g] [and] Rã-Tem (wh-hole+áten). the divine son. to protect. [as] the beautified-soul. I am.; (see note)
f] [by] light to acquire. the spelt (?,glyph). of [=for]. the beautified-soul. to flourish (uakh)., to become. e] the white [saturn light] (h’etcht). spelt (?,glyph). of [=for]. the beautified-soul. [as] finished aspect (cake-glyph)., (see note)
to become. d] the beautified-soul. sandal (solarplane trampling cube) (thebt). of [=for]. he. speech of an-face. of [=by]. the beautified-soul. to be ploughed-over (*pic,thigh;khent’). nót.;
c] lost
b] the dirt. [is] this. beautified-soul. abomination., a] [but] within., this (to connect to). the thing to flourish. [in order] of [=for]. the beautified-soul. to flourish.; +
VI 196
w] [and by] within., this (to connect to). the thing of ãnkh-life. [in order] of [=for]. the beautified-soul. ãnkh-life.,
v] [for] the beautified-soul’s. speech. [as] the gods., [using] them (ad.souls). [for] existence of hail.,. the áshest garment-body [of speech]. of [=for]. he (the). speech. [of] thou. ãnkh-life.;
u] [through] Set., [by] willpower of saturn (h’enã). the adamite soul. withín. to dwell (h’ems).;

t] the thing to fill [in north] (meh’tt). the sky of earth. [for] speech. [of] the beautified-soul.;
to become (áu). s] the horus-spirits in the north (meh’tiu). [by] the words of the sky óver eden [rã’s watercourse] (*pic, their stream; rump of Osiris; tcherru). [as] the speech. the beautified-soul. to embrace.;
r] [fór] the house of the horizon (*pic,yellow cube). [bý] the words of the sky óver eden (tcherru;same). [of] speech. [for] the beautified-soul. existence to bring (ánn).;
to become (áu). q] the house of the horizon (*pic,yellow). [by] the great double door. [for] the beautified-soul. to make to open (áun)., [and] the thing to fill [north] (meh’tt). the sky of earth. [with] the speech. [of] the land (south)., [for] the beautified-soul. united [by copulation] (sma).;

o] the field of offerings [near saturn,H’etep]. of [=for]. the beautified-soul. [by means of there] m-b-soul-adam-to offer (afi). [for] to become new.; n] [by it,] thou. to make to establish (suah’). the shore [of solarplane] (át’eb). [of] speech. [by] the [word of] descending hebrew-H., [and for] the beautified-soul. to make [from m-b-soul-adam] (ári). m] [by] Horus’. eye (all of eye?). thepthet+divine. of [ =for]. the beautified-soul., [by] the eye (eden’s). l] [for] existence. which is. the houses of saturn. [as] the one (tu). (bird) nest (sesh,sh-pool). [for] the dimension (eden’s)., the beautified-soul’s. [dimension] to immerge into (tah’i).;

k] [by] to connect to. the covering opened-up (upt;top of head=eden’s)., [in order] of [=for]. the star-son (khebs)., of [=as?]. the beautified-sóul.. [as] star-son (khebs). the son made stable (smen)., of [=by] (means of) the words. to transform (kheper).; i] lost,
h] [by] to connect to. the dimension of the shore [of solarplane] (át’eb). [which is for] the beautified soul. to embrace (sekhen).. g] [for] this (conn to). beautified-soul’s. existence (matrix). [of] sight (maa).; f] [by] the god. of. willpower (Ã). willpower to rise and be crowned (khã)., [by means of] the speech [an-] face (eden’s). to hover over [matrix] (khenn).;

d] he (the). existence (matrix). to die (menát). nót.;
this (to connect to). sight.. d] [through] the great pillar. the island (glyph). the thing to fill [north]. the pillar. [by] the uãrt-thigh (*pic,thigh). word. [of] the [an-] face (eden’s). hail. to hover over., c] [in order for] the son to make stable (smen). of [=for]. the beautified-soul. existence. to cackle [mimick H-language] (negg).; [and as] divine great speech. of [=for]. the beautified-soul. existence. to fly upward.:

a] the dirt (h’es). of [for]. to become new. by no means (tem+neg.).;

A] notes :
A] :
x] 'square',
.....the word can read also as H'epi, one of four sons of Horus, but it is very rare that one of them is mentioned without at least another - yet the meaning of the nature of that name is the same -- namely ruling 'the top of the cube';

w] 'divine staff of tillage',
....there is a staff mentioned in Jasher, having belonged to Adam; where moses took it out from a rock, [hence the Arthur mythology], but since, it's unclear where it went; and even after hundreds of spells, it is still not clear to us what this curious staff can be - a physical object, representing the river flowing down from the mountain ?

t] 'ultimate head';
...in the pillar reside the "divine judges", TCHATCHANU, where this glyph is related to; since here the staff is connected to this pillar, and related to 'to go judge', the case that this staff represenTED the river - but has now been Inversed to become the pillar, becomes plausible -- compare this staff with Rev. 12:5,

q] 'aspects',
...perhaps expected two and three to be five in total; but as where a doubling, below, may be expected to be 'two aspects', why not the earth as third -- but how can that make five? [see related CT's about these aspects]

f] 'fire drill boat',
...likely the thes-dome (*pic), though the confusing is that also the garment-body of speech appears to bear that term 'fire-drill';

VI 197
....it is unclear why the paragraph starts with the 'dirt'; but there seems no other option as to let line p]
connect with 'eden light'; and taking in context what was befóre, then "dirt" seems to be connected to eden light -- while 'urine'; is related to the prisoner's (eden) body;

- analogue to light and substance [aether] - similar we have in the many spells about 'beer and bread';


n] 'coil' paragraph:
...the term has the B, 'solarplane', but are they "two cords tó the solarplane" ? QAB's root is "internal coils of a serpent", which should be the solarplane itself, here, there are two distinct 'cords' [instead of the coil-glyph], which may indicate the ourobouros -

...the paragraph itself appears to deal with two an-faces:
a main-one (tept) and the previous one [eventhough the tept is often written áfter the glyph;
except in the Sebekht BD gates - there the numbering ends on "tept sebekht", first]
, therefore it would make sense that the white hole is the "first,main,most important";

1] - so we have a "double cord" for the first one, as qaB - which is indeed close to eden eye; and a "double wing,axis,covering" for the main an-face, as TCHeneh', which is the w-hole; the curious is here the "by them": as if they are in the middle, and two cords go downward, and two 'coverings' upward - ouroboros -

[there is another term, UPT+covering, "covering of top of the head" -- eden's, that is - here, the same sigil 'covering' plus TCHENEH' may very well be the "hair" of the white hole; as opposed to the two cords, going down (around) eden eye],

2] - also mentioned are the H'EFAU worms, who belong to Restau (*thes-dome); they are 'serpents' who steal the totality AU, 144,000, from the eye; so the line reads,
"by them/are the two cords/for edens eye/to become the hefau/of four aspects"

and the second line,
"by them/are two coverings/for w-hole/to become/place of õn/as 4 deities"

- the ouroboros should not be 2-dimensional, as she is depicted, but indicate the counter-streaming plasma, as used in CERN,

j] 'seven aspects',

....is seven cows / seven spirits / see h]

h] 'KAr shrine',

...*suggesting* that he addresses the area as KAr shrine;


working section:
the KA cluster (spirit-double) has for example [cow] vulva -- as a V-form - which could be the topside of the X, the centre of the crossing of the ourobouros;
1] Ka h'er KA, festival of Khoiak, planting the seeds for osiris to physically grow; Ka-double/an-face/Ka double [=mirroring?]
2] "Ka/existence/(by)/this (pn)/island " [shipwreck 114]
3] KA-bull, KAt cow
4] KAU, 2 bullgods forming the ends of the boat of the earth [below!], tuat III
5] the bull and 7 divine cows, "the cows/ad.masculine to rob/for the KA bull,
 seven what ? '7 cows from the cow (h'emt) "!
 = 7 this noble spirits, below ----- bd 17
6] kaHa r sa pu sa r m Ka Ka remt / sekhmet/bast/rã, BD 4,164
"the goddess/thing of speech (remt)/the double Ka-double/for/the mouth/backwards/
this (root,pu)/backwards/the mouth/to descend-H/to devise (Ka) "
+ place, rock, where stream divides and starts to cross-over behind the rock = khesem

[note also SHESt STI, with X sigil, "shooting seed (eden eye)/X/sh-pool"]
KHESEM = shrine of menu = perch = squeezed soul upon perch; KA-H house,
topside and lower side of soul glued inverse together = bolt-glyph S ? [menu = bolt + eye in centre; stretched out cause wormhole ? see bd 17, eye horus crystalline]


f] 'spelt',
...see also h] above, the Kah'erKa festival of seeds as body to grow;
Walter Russell

what interests us is the top cube [square] and X plus vortex starting;
Walter Russell
Walter Russell:

compare the division of the land in Ezekiel; 12 rows of land, with in the centre the 3-fold plot [representing the cube layers];

Walter Russell -
compare cropcircle etc, below,

4 soulpools [ct, 2 x kheper, made into 4 - CT* - 2 x heqa] ? = 4 flames ? teKa, see h]

April 1 '17 - same date as posting this 581:

1] just after having prepared the original of 581 to post, we saw a newsflash -
Link to cern: "ancient particle accelerator discovered on Mars"
...do note, it is *supposed to be* another april-1 joke; but we know enough to be sure that Canaan presented it as 'joke', knowing that, anyway, no living soul would understand their trick - since it is exact the theme of 581 which they try copy there;

...the powersource fór their ourobouros,
perhaps is "eden's watercourse itself": in the sense that they attack Eden using her own concepts -- here, the Watercourse (*map pic, see right column) may be "split into two", PESHEN, and the X as the core of the ourobouros may be formed áfter that point: compare the picture, below;

..when the stream enters from the rightside of the picture, a "blockage" is placed INside that stream, causing the stream to split - and become cyclic; as the start of the X-centre of their ourobouros, guiding the separate streams around their eye, and eden's:


Inline afbeelding 1

..the "solarplane fortress' in which they keep original adamites imprisoned, may very well be "the blockage" they placed IN the watercourse, in order to Split it [into two]"; compare giza overlay, and vision of one of us, below:

In the dream was awfully strange to see the watercourse, of course, as they've redirected. At first looked at a river going off to the horizon, and was zooming in and out looking there. Then zooming in, saw the river was his souls? I hope this isn't off? But I've no way to describe, rather His souls were in the waters and I saw a drier part that seemed to be a meeting of many males, as in a military encampment.

the coloring was the dreary colors of war, had color but not vivid, very tired colors, gritty dirty colors…and some soldiers looked Egyptian like a ragtag army wearing mismatched armor just to function. And I saw how those men seemed to split into two streams? I didn't see any women. The men formed a circle in the center, and when they did the streams faded further away and seemed to be ‘consciousness’ or water again where when close up I could see they were souls and that the stream seemed to have something rocky in its center, and divided into two and slowly formed the x! but the x was vivid real-looking, not the cosmology map [pic], and was those two streams that at the bottom part formed those legs that feed back up to the top! Was so strange to see them 'flow' upstream.

The zooming was what is described here on the site, the garment of sight, what focused and got things closer or far away but not by the eyes. I saw also abt'u fish, fish souls in the streams trying to go up. Was truly ugly to see those fish; they were literally fish – heads like the pope hat with two peaks rather than a normal head, something from Bosch.

So at first I saw a sandy area in that big river, not too solid, what reminded me of something primeval and huge...as would be in the Amazon. Then, when the focus changed, I saw it seemed to be the encampment and within the encampment the men were first more normal looking. Then as they formed a mass at the center, they got worse. When the focus changed I saw that mass was the same [superimposed] rocky center of those now splitting streams.

The encampment (when I was close in) wasn't watery until they got into that center. Then the x began and the curving began, what felt to be history or time passing quickly, bending, very real, like time lapse photography. From my end here I could only capture a little. But when that x began to curve, that was unbelievable. I couldn’t see the men then…just the cosmology map but the map was real land and water.

The rock I saw was visibly a rock…and I didn't see a rock in the camp until the men began forming in a circle and when ‘focused out’ or further away, then I saw the splitting into that x…and how the map was overlaid….because had to do with how I was focused?

The males were so very rough ragged looking. They didn't seem evil but some were mixed, wearing armor I thought was phoenician…and they did  not have the fish heads but they became a bit expressionless as the X began to curve?  At first when the river hadn't split, they seemed  more normal…then as it split they got more like masses.

the cosmology map was accurate in the dream...that's what was so incredible to see the diagram…but was real…so real, how was that river (when was zoomed out some distance) and then closer, when I saw men. The water was real water and as that center came in [the rock] the river began splitting and forming what I recognized in the map.

comment :

..the 'ragtag army' can only be "the adamite originals, imprisoned ever since eden time". We are aware that there is also a "false multitude" of artificial souls, ÃSHTu, hence this remark --

but the context resembles very much the originals, being held in the walled fortress of the solarplane, SENEB

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