CT 753

first revision : 14 /1/18
reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, first revision : 14 /1/18
theme : the boats of speech , to make the hand
status : 90%
summary : CT 753 the boats of speech , to make the hand
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
CT 753 VI 383

g] existence by the root of hail. [as] my. aspects by place-T of totality (144,000). [of] the ultimate word-inside of stability. [for] me. to become new.;
f] [as] all [of]. the belly (lampstand as inner court)., [through] the adamite soul. [by] me. to acquire.;
e] [in order for] place-T (as the ring) of the throne-G (get). of [=for]. me. to become to dwell in.;
d] [as] the boat. [of] speech. [for] me. [by means of] the most-b-soul-adam to descend [to G, likely] (+hebrew-H, Haai).;
c] [in order for] my. word. thou. willpower to rise and be crowned. [for] my. existence. [as] advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).;
b] Hathor. existence. [by] the boat. of [=as]. the things of the boat [at place-T of the ring] the new-hand to make by blueprint [at q-axis] (sqett’ut+).
[and so for] me. to steer (force the root of speech for the kh-house). a] the dimension., [by] me. to guide. the “One” (eden). [for N, candidate]. +

VI 382

x] these (ápu,’this/the hail’?). to connect to. sekhem sceptres (of power). of [=by]. the “One”(eden). [for N].;
w] to connect to. the sekhem sceptres. alike adam (mm, weak). [for] the speech. [in] me. to (become to) dwell.,
v] [by] place-T of the dimensional foreground [Torso]. [for] the speech. [as] my. boat. [by] which is. the foremost (kh-house).;
u] [and] the dimensional rudders (h’emu). [as] the words of adam-within. [in] me. to (become to) dwell.,
t] [as] the word (matrix) \\ (by) the mirrored dimensional backside (of eden) (h’ep\\). [through] place-T of the split-off Watercourse.,
[being] the speech. [of] my. boat., [by] which is. the foremost (kh-house).;

s] Hathor. existence. [by] the things of the boat [at place-T of the ring] the new-hand to make by blueprint [at q-axis] (sqett’ut+).,
[by] me. to steer (to force the eden-root of speech for the kh-house).,
r] [and so] the dimension. me. to guide. [as] my. existence. [by] to come hail as advanced beautified-soul.;
q] the great pillar. [by] the dome of great speech (eden inner-court?). [as?] the land. [of?] the [an-] face (eden’s).,
p] [fór] place-T of the great pillar. [through] place-T of great speech [at throne-G]. [of] adam-within.,
[and so by] the [an-] face (eden’s). the boat. of [=for]. me. [by] the most-b-soul-adam to descend (+hebrew-H).,
[and for] me. to become the most-b-soul-adam-like willpower to rise and be crowned. [for] my. existence. to come the advanced beautified-soul.;

o] to divinely complete. existence. [by] to become place-T of the serpenthand for the word by decree of law. [as] the word of hail.;
n] [in order for] the dimension by place-T to purify. [by] the things of the original throne of adamite. [of] speech.,
m] [now as?] the island of the horizon [at bordersky]. [of] speech.;
[by] Hathor. my. boat of the ring to make the hand by blueprint (at q-axis).,
[and] my. dimensional rudders (abbr.). [of] the word. alike-adam (miá)., [by] me. existence (eden) to acquire.;

l] my. \\ word (eden’s). [of] willpower (matrix). [as] my. speech. [of] my. dimension of willpower to bathe in.;
k] to connect to. things of beauty., [by] the [an-] face (eden). [as] the place-T of speech of Light [eden’s] (tert). [fór] the peace [of Saturn].;
j] to connect to. beauty. of [=by] (means of). the sky of earth (eden’s). to cleave open (pesesh).,
[for] the word. [of] existence. [by] Hathor. existence (matrix). to tie together., [as] my. existence. [by] the (birth-) cord to tie together (thes+).;
i] [and] the things to grow by place-T of hail for stability (mooring-post). [as] my. support-pole for the word (uthes).
h] to grow speech in the high place (at q-axis). me. to become the word \\ (by) the (neutral) hand of hail.;
g] [in order for] my. existence. to come hail as advanced beautified-soul., [and] to return (h’em). the vulture-rule as the word of Saturn.;
f] [by] the adamite-soul. the divine place-T of willpower for existence. [as] the divine place-T as the son-construct. [for] my. willpower.,
the divine he. which is. the divine son-construct. [for] my. willpower.,
e] [and] to become new., [by] the double place-T of existence. to become healthy (but word/firedrill). [for] me. to become place-T of hail.,
d] [as?] the place of the island of the flame to make speech. of [=for]. my. existence. to come hail as advanced beautified-soul.;

c] the split-off watercourse to ascend. [in order for] thou. to become new.,
[for] the divine most-b-soul-adam-like word (ui+). [as] the divine m-b-soul-adam’s word by the root [matrix] (pui+).,
b] he. the (Ka-) doubled. existence. [through] the evil adamite soul to come., [by means of] the prisoner (su, cain). to connect to. the workplace.;
[in order for] divine light. [of] existence., the boat. [of] speech. [by] place-t to descend (of hebrew-H).;

—- end CT 753
A] notes :
VI 383
  • line e] ring of throne-G
    we consider that there is a "contested place" in the centre of the outer-court, inbetween both gates; this 'ring' returns often in the G-cluster ,
  • line b] hand to make and ring ,
    the used term S-QETT"+ is also often used in amtuat , middle register, as last term over Rã's boat; the "to make the new hand" (where Adam is in) is often linked with 'a ring', see note e] above; see Dumizu diagram - likely his right hand, to which the split-off watercourse goes; textglyph to right,
VI 382
  • line v] boat of speech,
    for us a strange concept; as "a region where speech is made" [or perhaps 'realized in the dimension'], compare the HERR-boat, to right, "eden-speech of hebrew-H", that speech is already divided, because the boat has two heads ; and is ferried-over to this region,
  • line u] dimensional rudders,
    another strange concept - we don't think it is directly about "making stability by cardinal points", because that is what the crocodiles MESEH' do (to rearrange the cardinal points) ; but perhaps a concept by which the candidate can move to any place he wants to. Many think that those who practise 'astral travelling' are "visiting places and doing thing with freewill" (and they themselves think that too), but they are ofcourse inside the consciousness of the spirit-being who transports their soul , and shows the soul the Stage. The rudders could be very well the capability of the aforementioned spirit-being;
  • line q] dome of great speech ,
    we considered untill now, that 'great speech' UR- was , per definition, always of matrix ; but sometimes "great speech" and "divine great speech" are so juxtaposed , that it is possible that occasionally a 'great speech' is used for eden -- here, the "dome of great speech" is a very unusual glyph, since "their border-sky TCHERR is the bordersky of matrix-speech" [which is a dome, already] ;
  • 2) the ÃPEP (serpent) as "eden's double-root / for the great pillar" fits the theme in this line,
  • line n] original throne,
    as example in q] , also "adamite throne" or "divine adamite throne [Isis]",
  • line b] Ka doubled ,
    unlikely as Ka spirit-double being , but as the concept of 'doubling',
  • line b] evil adamite-soul ,
    the soul has as suffix the sparrow , added inbetween ; unlikely as abbreviation of UR-, 'great speech',
  • 1) so the mooring-post MENÁT is the 'base' of the THES support,
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