Gate of the dead bodies KHATU, connecting to Cain

1] gate fragment

THE boat of the Sun having passed through the Sixth Division of the Tuat arrives at the gateway which leads to the SEVENTH DIVISION. This gateway is similar to that which guards the Sixth Division, and is guarded by nine gods, who are described as the “Seventh Company;” at the entrance to the corridor, and at its exit, stands a bearded god, with arms hidden, the former being called SHEPI, and the latter HEQES (?), and each is said to extend his arms and hands to Ra. The corridor is swept by flames of fire as before. The gateway is called PESTIT, and the text says, “This great god cometh to this gateway, and entereth in through it, and the gods who are therein acclaim him.”

….what is left in the gate, partly carries the standard formula as in previous ones;
however, bordering it in all three horzontal registers, are some solid lines –
[text fragment over the two beds and the aged man leaning on a staff:]
“…..[through] darkness (kk). existence (eden’s). [as] the thing to strip (keft)., [in order for] this (to conn to). the [an-] face (white hole). existence (matrix). to open [and become new] (un).; [by means of] the Sba-stargates. (to become) the m-b-soul-adam’s hebrew-H for hail [for the matrix] (áHi). [fór] the spirits. (to become) áHi. the head (head-áHi). [for] the lands., of [=by]. the turtle [sh-pool of land] (sheta). to hide (ámen)., [and so by] them (ad.souls). existence to become new (matrix) (unn).”;

[text fragment upper register, men holding cord:]
“…….them (ad.souls). to revise (sáp).; [by means of] the marsh-land (*pic,in chalice) (sha). which is (nt). the ãrrit house. them (ad.souls). of [=for]. to pound (h’em).; [by] them (ad.souls). [for?] the Sebekht-gate. [of] speech., [through] the light (eden’s). [by,of] them (ad.souls). to come the Nuh’ cords [plumblines]. [of]  the words (of) adam-within. [for] the essence (glyph). to manifest (per).; [and so] the light (eden’s). to become willpower [+..]. them (ad.souls). [for] me. of [=as]. the Nuh’cord. below.; [through] them (ad.souls). existence to become new.”;

[and text in centre piece, above the boat:]
“……he. to judge (utchã). the prisoner (su,Cain)., [in order for] this (to conn to). willpower of [=by]. he. (to become) the turtle [sh-pool/land] (sheta). [of] adam-within., [and so] existence (matrix). the tuat house (sbat?). things to build. [by] the word to copy (sennu+). [for] the dead body.; [by] them (ad.souls). to come (+..?)., [and by] their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). [for] existence of hail. [for] the gods. [of] the tuat house. [as] the god. [of] existence of hail., [by means of] this. god. the thing to halt (walk,x,t).”;

B] notes:
…remember, how the middle rigister is always the thes-dome (*pic);
which is the same time the turtle as the land of soul-pools; and the lower
register is always concerned with Sba-gates, the windows of the cube;
– while the upper register adresses Nuh’ cords – of which we can only
suggest it are either “split-off streams of the Watercourse” (*pic), or maybe
“the imaginary horizontal vertices of the Cube”, as if those vertices would
‘stretch out further into their realm’: but their goal is, ofcourse, to make all
‘to stand uright’ – just as the monster serpent in the gate;
in the upper register you see gods tying those cords together, at each knot is
the symbol of ‘union’, T’EMT’;

2] second fragment

Part of the text of the speech which the nine gods make to Ra is broken away, but what remains reads, “Open the secret places, open the holy pylons, and unfold the hidden portals.” The monster serpent which stands on his tail and guards the gateway is called AKHA-EN-MAAT, and the two lines of text which refer to his admission of Ra read, “He who is over this door openeth to Ra. SA saith to AKHA-EN-MAAT:–‘Open thy gate to Ra, unfold thy doors to KHUTI, that he may send light into the thick darkness and may make his radiance illumine the hidden habitation! This door is shut after the great god hath passed through it, and there is lamentation to those who are in this gateway when they hear this door close upon them.” A portion of the text is mutilated, but it can be restored with certainty.

[see second fragment above; the part of text above the two beds: ]
“….. this. peace [of Saturn] (h’etep)., [by] to become the word of saturn (h’u)[for] this. foreign land (eden’s). to carry-Off.; [and for] this. capable sharp (sept’). Ba spirit-souls (bird). the original adamite soul. to offer [to exist./saturn] (h’eken). [in order for] the dimension to go cool-down (qebh’). of [=by] (means of). Sekhem-power.,..”

[line on same plate, but in the middle register:]
“… transform., of [=by]. existences. the word to encircle (shennu). [in order for] he (eden). existence. this. to give.; [and] this. to become the words. [for] the two eyes. [as] this (pn). image [to connect to] (thut). [for] this. image [to make] (áru). of [=for]. to praise…”

B] notes:
…the ‘two eyes’ should be the white hole and áten (*pic), since the terms
used show the difference between both ‘image-glyphs’;
the order appears to be, that the adamite soul ‘within the Ba-spirits’ causes
their Sekhem-power, by which they can cool-down eden’s light for their area,


In the lower register are:–
1. A god, standing, and leaning upon a long staff; his name is TUATI.

2. The serpent NEHEP, the long body of which is made to serve as biers for twelve gods in mummied form; the serpent’s body is provided with twenty-four legs of lions, and a mummied god rests over each pair of them. These gods are described as “those who are in the body of Osiris asleep,” and “those who are in inactivity,”

1] above plate, depicting the elder leaning upon a staff:
….we are still trying to find more clues about the close connection
between “star-gate” SBA and “thing of stargate” SBAt; they must
be in a relation of Mimick, and the same is true for the term TUAT:
in the picture, you see the magically-dangerous \\; implying that this
area is nót the tuathouse (*pic,yellow cube), but “the house fór the
Tuathouse” – since this is the lower register, and therefore the top of
the cube – yet “preparing all the conditions fór the Tuathouse”;

[one short line, above the figure; but all text is starting at the end of the register!]
“the hail for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [by] the tuat\\house., [because by] their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). [is] existence of hail (matrix).; [by means of] the tuat\\house. [of] existences (mult.). [fór] the foremost. gods. [through] the divine. this. words. [of] adam-within.”;


“The god Tuati saith unto them:–‘Hail, O ye gods who are over the Tuat, ye gods who dwell in this [place] of the governor of Ament, who abide permanently on your places, and who lie down upon your couches, lift up the flesh of your bodies, and gather together your bones, and gird up your members, and bring ye into one place your flesh! There is sweet (or, fresh) air for your nostrils. Loose and take off your funeral swathings, untie and remove your wigs, unclose your eyes and look ye at the light therewith, rise ye up from out of your inert and helpless state, and take possession yourselves of your fields in Sekhet-nebt-hetepu (i.e., Field, lord of offerings). There are fields for you in this Field, and the waters thereof are for you. Let your offering be there, [and] fields from Nebt-hetepu.’ Their libations shall be of water. It is the serpent NEHEP who giveth their bodies [and] their souls, and they journey on to SEKHET-AARU to have dominion over their libations, and to walk over the earth. They count up their flesh, their food is of bread-cakes, and their drink is of tchesert ale, and their libations are of water. Offerings are made unto them upon earth as [unto] the god SAH, who resteth upon his ground.”
[note: we skipped the second paragraph of Budge, please read accordingly in any proper link;
note how the second paragraph is virtually identical to the above quoted one]

[text over the long section of dead bodies, laying upon the serpent:]
“…to connect to. existence (eden’s). [in order for] the West. to become to rule (h’eq)., [by] their (ad.souls). side (ges). the [an-] face (eden’s). to go sacrifice (maã). the [an-] face. domes to sleep (setcher;sky). [as] the thing to devise (kat). [for] existence (eden’s). to give.; [?]. the flesh of Áf (contents of cube). [for] this (to conn to). existence (matrix)., the gods. to connect to. existence. [in order] to gather together and assemble (saaq). existences., [by] existences (eden’s). to embrace and rape (áneq=nek). [for] these. gods., [for] existence. [of] fat (eden aspects). [as] this. existence. [through] the flesh of Áf. [by] existence. the existences. to unite (t’emt’).;

[by eden] within., [as] the breath-air. [for] this (2x). req?. existence (matrix). he. the speech. to become the body-garment of power (nekht,unusual)., [by means of] to make to untie (s-fkhfkh). existence (eden’s). willpower (Ã). [as] the thing to strip (kft).; [and by means of] them (ad.souls). the background [of saturn] (h’a). which is. myrrh [likely] (ãnthu). [as] the god the speech to connect with existence (nether+). [?]. the things to make (by m-b-soul-adam). [through] the word to illumine [light/saturn]. [of] this. of [=for?]. [?].;
[by] the words to carry-off. [and] this. to connect to. existence (matrix). [by means of] them (ad.souls). to acquire., [for] existence (matrix). the names. [of] speech. [as?] their (ad.souls). words to carry-off. [fór] existences (matrix). [of] words. [of] peace [saturn] (h’etep)., [by means of] the speech. [in?] the double-field (top of cube?). [for] existence.; [by] this. existence (eden’s). the words to carry-off. [for] the peace [of saturn].;

[by] means of] this. their (ad.souls). dimension (eden’s). these. words to carry-off. (for me?)., [and by being] within., this. to cool-down (qebh’,saturn+solarplane). [as] the words.; to become the speech. of [=for]. the dimension (matrix)., [and] of [=by]. them (ad.souls). [as] the dimension. the word to fly upwards. [through] the neHep serpent.”;

B] notes:
….just like we do with our PIE-root system, the first syllable of any
word is the most important – that is why they fear every word stárting
with hebrew-H (H); hence, the word neHep is “root / of hebrew-H /
for existence (matrix);
and therefore contains the expressions as ‘to copulate with’, etc;
that they ‘lay upón the back of the serpent’ implies ‘to be carried by’;

..the concept of “names to steal” returns in many spells; we do not
yet know how to interpret that – save for the fact, that ‘names’ in the
dimensional world denote the character and power of a being;

[continued line over twelve gods: ]
“… to become (áu). the adamite soul. [to] the dead bodies. it. to give. the essence [root/wpower] (ãp)., [and by] them (ad.souls). [for] the Ba spirit-souls (bird). [as] existences (eden’s). [for] within (them).;
[by means of?] the fields. [of] speech. them (ad.souls). to devour (ãm). [fór being] within.;
[this happening in] the place of the word of speech (glyph). [for] to come root of hebrew-H (Hep+walk)., [and so] their (ad.souls). words to go cool-down. them (ad.souls). [as] the flesh of he (glyph). [of] them (ad.souls). to value (áp).; [being] the land (eden’s). [of] aspects. [fór] aspects of totality [144,000] (matrix). [as] the thing sanctified (t’esert).; of [=by]. them (ad.souls). the beer (h’eqtu). [through] their (ad.souls). dimension. to go cool-down. [in order for] beer. [and] foods [aspects] (shortened.; [and by] them (ad.souls). [?].; to become. the dimension. of [=for]. the peace [of saturn]. [of] divine ãnkh-life. [for] the land (south)., this (conn to). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence to become new.;

[by] he (the). island of the Ka spirit-double (glyph). existence to become new.;
[unr.]. to connect to. ãnkh-life. the ureaus (áãrt). [as] the light of thing of the adamite soul [‘he’] (st). of [=for]. the land (south). [as] the dead body.; [by means of] the dimension., [for] the dimension (matrix). [of] willpower. [as] this. flame (glyph)., [so that] of [=by]. the light of thing of adamite soul [‘he’]. of [=for]. to to bé cleansed (tur). nót.:
“These are they who are in the circuit of this pool. There is a serpent living in this pool, and the water of the pool is of fire, and the gods of the earth and the souls of the earth cannot descend thereto by reason of the flames of fire of this serpent. This great god who is the governor of the Tuat liveth in the water of this pool.”

[to] the gods. to come. the “One” (utchat eye)., [because fór] the Ba spirit-souls. the land (south). this (to conn to). [?]. the flame of Nest (house of tongue). [for] existence (matrix)., [as] the ureaus (áãrt). this. god., to keep captive (srq?). in front,before. of. the great pillar. (gap text). this (tn). light of Khast [dead bodies’ lake]. [of] Rã., [through] their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). [for] existence of hail.;
to become the most-b-soul-adam’s hebrew-H fór hail [matrix] (áHi). [for] the gods. it (the). speech of hail.; [and so being] the m-b-soul-adam-like son. [through] the divine lights of the Khast lake. [for] the word. to complete (kam). to be given., [for] to become sacred (t’esert). [just as] the house of the foremost-adam (nose-glyph). which is. in front of. the dimension. [of] existence. [for] the land below.;
to become. [for] the dead body. the dimension. [of] existence (matrix).;
to become. [through] Isis [ruling ad.throne]. to fill. existence (matrix). [by] the light of the thing of adamite soul [‘he’] (st). before. this. dimension. to go cool-down.; to become……”
[we skipped the last plate of dead bodies, the 6 of 6, the one before the plate with the elder resting upon staff — because of too heavy pixelation],

3. Four gods, each with his arms stretched straight together before him at an acute angle with his body. The legend reads, khast-ta-rut.
[text over four gods, who are ‘created constructs’ because they are bowing:]
“this. existence. [of] the things of the father (likely). of [=for]. the field (sekht). which is. existence (matrix)., [by] them (ad.souls). the dimension. [of] the land [..+]. [as] everything. [for] existence (matrix). [of] the cultivated lands [saturn] (ah’tu)., [by means of] to come the words (glyph). [of] peace [of saturn] (h’etep).; [in order for] their (ad.souls). dimension. the word. to go cool-down (qebh’). [for] existence (matrix).;
to become (áu). this (to conn to). of [=by]. he (eden). to give., [in order for] to fly upwards (paa). existence (matrix). [as?] the dome. [of?] the root., [for] the dead bodies. [of?] the Ba spirit-souls (bird)., [by means of] their (ad.souls). essences (glyph)., [and by] them (ad.souls). to wander the double root (ãpp)., [for by] them (ad.souls). [is] the hail. shabbt?. ár+?. [for] Sekhem-power. [of] speech.”;

4. Four gods.
5. A serpent within a circle filled with water.
6. A god in mummied form.

[text in the square right above the ureaus:]
[by] them (ad.souls). the dimensions to cool-down (qebh’+). [3 unr.]. the head. existences. of [=by]. to rotate (t’eben).; to become (áu). the dimension. of [=for]. he (the). teKa+ (flame-related?). of [=for]. the [an-] face].; to become (áu). divine ãnkh-life. of [=for]. the land (south). [as?] the dead body. [through] the light (eden’s). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). [for] existence to become new (matrix). (un).;
[as] ãnkh-life. [through] the ureaus (áãrt). [for] existence to become new. (+ 1 glyph).”;

B] notes:
…. the ‘dead body’ is clearly singular here;
it may be that ‘they’ consider all of their claimed former land, south,
as having become ‘dead’ [after eden appeared]; if you couple KHA,
dead body, to ÁKHEMU, ‘motherland’, the connection is Valid;

[text in both squares of the four gods – starting in lower square:]
“them (ad.souls). the dimension. [of] the word-inside ( [t] the land. to come the root of hebrew-H (Hep+walk). [as] the flesh of Áf. [for] existences. to value (áp)., [for] aspects of totality [144,000]. [through] them (ad.souls). [?]. ”

[top square with two persons, likely continued:]
“.. this (to conn to). things of the foremost-adam (glyph). [by] to make to untie (sfkhfkh). this. garment-bodies [as thing of the root] (unusual). [by means of] existence (eden’s). to strip down (keft). [for] these. (physical) headcloths (ãfennu).;”

inbetween the four gods is the line: “the land/to grow/by/the word”

B] notes:
…we do not understand yet the setup of this circle and two squares;
in fact, we are still searching for the composition itself –
but the ziggurat context is most useful in order to find out —-
compare the step-pyramids in proto-egypt or the Mayan ones;
..they did not “just built those structures without it represents something”,

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