BD 77

the head,first. the doorkeeper (ár). of [=by].
10] sekhem-power. the throat (h’eti, saturn, phallus; winged disk=het’t). the corn god [Osiris]  ( Neper). existence to give speech. the Torso (Eye, áb). to acquire (shep). to flood [abundance] (bãh’, saturn+solarplane). he. within. to become a spirit. he. within. to feed,devour. the phallus (pillar). of [=by].
9] Hetep. \\ field (saturn field). existence. to putinto position (uah’). the cobra-goddess of the evil mountain (t’u, God’s) =?). the place. existence. the divine firstborn (mult.). the word of these. gods.
8] the word connect to. \\ adam within. speech. to dwell [in] (h’ems). every. light of willpower of speech (no rã glyph). his. commands. to listen to (setchem). [an-]face. Rã. to enter (ãq). the bennu-bird [phoenix] (soul of osiris). the head/first. gold (nub; main-gold). existence. [of] beauty (nefer). Horus hawk (bák).
7] of [=by]. me,i. to become union (t’emt). i, me. to rise and crown (khã). to be praised. existence. they (ad.soul). to give. to submit (kesu).
6] of [=by]. their (ad.souls). matter,substance. the word of adam-within. existence to bring (ánn). to become. the ãnt’t-morning boat [from Eye south to vesica north]. of [=by]. existence.
5] to hover over,come to rest (khenn). the land \\ of the East. the stone of the mountain (t’u, God’s). of [=by]. the Torso (Eye,south). existence to bring. to become. the Sektt-evening boat [from vesica north to south]. the head-box of four (nonlisted) [4 coffers of heads in tuat VII?]. willpower like [adam]. existence. to manifest (per). the southern (seed?stones?unguent?). uatcht-Crystal sceptre (‘southern emerals’). of [=by]. the double wing (t’ebeh’, saturn+solarplane; — to: apes). his. backbone (pest’). of [=by]. the four (4). cubits (2 mtr.). existence. Horus hawk (bák). of [=by]. existence. to hover over,tocome to rest (khenn). existence. wing,to fly up (paa). his. egg (suh’t) [proto-anunna-face?]. of [=by]. the manifestation (pert). the gold. existence. the great [pillar]. Horus hawk (bák). of [=by]. the double treshfloor [south and north vesica] (sep). me,i. to rise and crown (khã). to become (áu).
2] the true voice [from below]. [of] the primeval child (this scribe). (etc).;

to recite.:
the gold. existence. Horus hawk (bák). of [=by]. the images of word to transform. [in?] the Eye (south). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the Mouth (north vesica, speaking creation).;