CT 151

first revision : 25 / 4 /18
reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, first revision : 25 / 4 /18
theme : CT 151 - place-T of the most-beautified-soul-adam to ferry-over to the North
first revision : 25 / 4 /18
status : 90%
summary : CT 151 - place-T of the most-beautified-soul-adam to ferry-over to the North
notes : pending,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : CT is written in staccato-style, different as BD ;
though we can read sharper, the different coffins vary in using either II ('double'), or
\ \ ('magically-dangerous'), as two total different meanings; when not sure we used (double \ \ ),
until that certain concept will have proven itself;
# perhaps open new tab for notes
# difficult composition
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending

CT 151 II 259

e] the doubled dome at (doubled-) place-T for eden-speech (rrt+). +
[as] the one (tu). [for] the multitude [of proto-spirits, by place-T for vulture-rule] (ãshat+). of [=for]. to manifest (per).,

d] [namely as] the pool at place-T as the blossom for existence by saturn-wick-H’ (h’ent+). to rise and shine through backbone.,
[as] this (pu). divine “One”. [for] hail.;

c] [being?] the god., [as] the boat. [of] adam-within.;
(the ring of) the house at place-T of throne-G [for the tongue] (nes/teg+). [for] my. word.,
[in order to be?] the (double-) word of the boat of the heir. nót.;
b] [but instead,] to steer [the shared-root] (kherp). [as] the boat. [being] place-T of adam-within.,
[in order to be?] my. place-T of throne-G.,
[and so for?] me. the evil word of the hebrew-H-house [of 30 silvers; when eden’s] (Hu+). nót.;

[but instead,] me. to steer [the shared-root] (kherp).
a] [in order for] divine light (rã). [as] the boat. [at] place-T of the dimensional foreground. [as] place-T of adam-within.,

II 258

c] [to be?] my. house at place-T of throne-G [for the tongue] (nes/teg+).,
of [=for]. my. existence (or ‘speech’). [through] the most-beautified-soul-adam. to descend (hebrew-house-H).; (sic)

b] [as] the god (=house-H)., [namely] the boat. [being] place-T of adam-within.,
[as?] mý. house at place-T for throne-G (g-t+).,
[by means of for] me. the boat (with m-b-soul-adam-like-) existence to ferry-over [to north] (kheni).;

a] [to be?] the divine he the mooring-post [place-T of hail for stability] (menát+). [by] which is. the foremost (kh-house).,
[as] the house (or ‘existence’). [through] he. the cord by place-T of eden speech of Light for saturn-wick-H’ (h’-ter+).,
[and so] me. existence (eden’s). to grasp [by bordersky] (ntcher).; (note)

II 257

d] [and so by] the cords at place-T to make to connect to (or ‘make the support to rise-up) (stht+).,
[in order for] me. existence. to acquire.;
c] [by means of] the most-beautified-soul adam. to make the support to rise-up (via his ad.soul) (s-thes).,
[in order for] my. willpower. [through this] branch. the word. [for] speech. to acquire.;

[by means of] the [an-] face. the thigh [leg] (glyph). +
b] [for] the dimensionally-wide words of the adamite-soul for the dead-body [as kh-house] (kha-su+).,
of [=as]. my. existence (matrix)., [through] to descend the vulture-ruled hebrew-H-house [of 30 silvers]. (Ha+).,

a] [to be?] the pool of the word for great speech (ur-u+). of [=for]. my. existence. to manifest (per).,

II 256

c] [by] the divine “One” (or ‘divine axis’). existence. the house [at -T of background-land] (h’at+). (the door) to open (un).;

b] [for?] the divine dome by place-T of the word-inside (Nut). [of] adam-within.,
[as] existence. [by] the theph’et cave. (the door) to open (un, matrix).;
a] [in order for] the divine spirits-light [of the word for the kh-house+] (áakhu+). +

II 255

d] [of] the words of adam-within.,
[as] existence (matrix). [by] the things to come through the doubled-T (as adamite-throne) to dissect (nemtt+).,
[through?] to come the bow-dome to stretch-out [the hand for the new-root] (pet’+).;

c] [and so by means of] the divine dome of the word-inside (outer-court). [of] the divine words of adam-within.,
[as] existence. [by] the theph’et cave. (the door) to open (un, matrix).;
b] [and this all through?] he. the new-hand of the serpent-hand (tch-t’).; to recite.;

a] the cemetary below (eden-gate). of [=for]. the house [at -T of background-land] (h’at+)., of [=by]. place-T to manifest.;
— the darkness [speech by throne-G] (gerh’). of [=by]. the house [at -T of background-land] (h’at+). (the door) to open (un).; —-

—— end CT 151

A] notes:

II 259

  • – line d] backbone and rise,
    here as contraction of PEST’ and UBEN,
  • – line b] to steer,
    in tuat III, pictured right,
    the figure directing the oar, called KHERP,
    now ties another rudder to the previous one;
    most likely the shared-root, which is now to be ferried to North
    and be installed there, in the next 9 tuats;
    line a] continues with the ‘divine light as the boat’,
    as the boat of rã in the pic,

II 258

  • – line c] m-b-s to descend,
    not “adam-like to descend” so it must be literally he,
    compare 257 c],
  • – line a] cord of TER,
    the place of eden speech of Light is then at the adamite-throne [shared root],
    the cord going up from there to their copied TER, as P-TER(Á),

II 256

  • – line c] h’at land
    in this case no ‘land’ det. is added – as other spells;
    this h’at region around the new-hand, which is in the background,
    while the serpent-hand is in the foreground, II 259 a];
    that the four furnaces H’AT’ must be then also at the new-hand,
    makes us wonder what is going on inthere with adam then…
  • # requires review soon; important locational spell
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