[January 29 , 2021 AD]        please read —
.. about seven years ago , we discovered that the official way 
of reading hieroglyphs had always been “in the wrong direction”,
and found that spells described a palpable reality outside ours  —
very unlike the semi-mystical rants in the ‘official’ translations

…however – many themes in the spells were foreign to us ,
and without a workable concept it is impossible to interpret them :
until we started translating the Old-Testament Prophets  —
and finally all the concepts made Sense as a congruent whole ! ;
– see the sister-site het-report nl or com

… the difficult “other reality” is a theme of constant learning ,
and at this moment we understand the spells much better  —
we are not ashamed of the first attempts (as listed in this site) ,
but do please visit our sister site for their wider context





  • 02.15 Coffin Text 335 – part C
    … the story of “the Cat (Râ) at the Persea tree” explained
    — after 4000 years ! ;
    335 contains too many themes to can list here ; see index ;




  • 01.30 Coffin Text 205
    the 7 torches providing the
    creational-word for the matrix
    (see CT 255)

    … long spell ; very readable – but not an easy theme


  • 01.29 Coffin Text 223
    the energy-field (as ‘egg’)
    around spirits – fed by words


  • 01.28 Coffin Text 258
    the two ‘eden-ram horns’ as axis growing to north
    (Dan.8 – revisited !)


  • 01.28 Coffin Text 256
    Adam sold out the eden-gate (Adam speaks)
    … shorter spell but very readable ;


  • 01.27 Coffin Text 255
    the 7 stolen Torches
    (Rev.4, Nah.2, etc)

    – Adam speaks



  • 01.25 Coffin Text 136
    their Nile construct
    (continued theme)
    (see Dan.12, Ez.19 etc)


  • 01.24 Coffin Text 133
    Râ : I exist by the dew of the eden-tree
    … short spell , very readable ,
    continuing theme of the previous posted ones ;


  • 01.23 Coffin Text 146
    the birthsceptre
    + the abuse of our female Originals
    … (theme is related to the Amos chapters)
    okay ,
    so , officially now , we have the birthsceptre back ;
    a most important spell , and though a long one
    it’s very readable


  • 01.21 Coffin Text 147
    Horus ruling the stolen eden-gate
    (+diagrams inside)


  • 01.20 Coffin Text 148
    – Horus speaks
    (as the ruler of both stones, the stargate, and creating spirits)





  • 01.10 Coffin Text 63
    the stolen words of the eden-tree of life



  • 01.09 Coffin Text 60
    the stolen words of the eden-tree of life
    + how the Greek Pharaoh Ptolemy introduced hieroglyphs
    as ‘reading from left to right’ , in order to conceal their content


  • 01.08 Coffin Text 50
    Thoth speaking
    (aka the king of Mystery-Babylon in prophets)
    … you taught us everything about them >>>
    we beg you then , get us out now



  • 04.01 RV I , 116
    for some reason ,
    a certain dimensional-form cán enter ,
    here as boat , and this concept
    is depicted in “the boat of Rã” ;
    “the passage” between realms ;
    Rã’s boat faring in the middle-register
    (read, ‘the passage” between two realms)
    can be the “and the goats hoofs
    didn’t touch the land” (dan.8.5);

    boat of Rã
    always in middle-register
    travelling eastwards
    (sacredtexts com)







the seven cows




next to the Rg-Veda another Sanskrit epos exists ,
but this work is an extensive “damage-control”
to diffuse and disarm the themes of the Rg-veda ;

… this whole damage-control written since 300 BC ,
AFTER God says by the prophets (say 600 BC)
that “they betrayed themselves : having written things
which will give you and us the context of the prophets”

QÃN , as Cain ,
a fish-soul (ÁN) born into the fallen type eden-body
in order to steal the secrets of that body
five years ago we first thought of that possibility ,
now we found it confirmed in scripture …


  • 13.4now linked to scripture to find the positioning of the constructs


  • 09.27: At this moment we are creating simultanuous sister-sites termed The Report, as a Launch to get the message out as the Blossom we and you learned so far; and the Report site will be sent , within days , to all types different denominations. However, we sure could use translators familiar with English-German-Dutch, if you feel you could aid in this, please contact our lovely administrator, maria-rpt at outlook dot com
  • 08.20.2018.: third anniversary of RPT

…. and we still trust it is the last one – concerning the Report.
After the scripture series, we turned to the Spells again;
but they keep on repeating aspects we neither understood, before –
therefore we had no other option as to go learn Sanskrit grammar.

The next series, until the end of this year will be from Rg-Veda ;
we think that overall (in grammar, the dissecting of terms,
and the comprehension of it’s concepts) we have a 80%+ score
of understanding the message them Ba-souls wanted to convey in it.

  • 27.04:
    until the crossing-over (‘easter’) starting May 13,
    we are warring the problem of this body and it’s carnal thinking,
    represented in Ephraim, causing to be constantly Vampired upon;
    as “the Lord has a controversy with Judah” – see Hosea 12 page
  • 18.04

all credits in yt

14.4 Ritual Upd.: retaliating ‘the monster’

  • UPD: 1.4



all credits at the yt link
most of it we agree with
but insofar it concerns the 144,000


There is no Life anymore.
It is as if we are living in a room,
from which the breath-air is being sucked-out, already;
there is nothing to enjoy anymore for the soul;
she is but kept alive by all the Nonsense things
she still thinks she likes and enjoys.
But it’s Fake. A Drug. A delusion.
…..you and we are the canary in the coalmine
But the canaries are dying – eventhough the rest of souls don’t notice the void, still.
We do.
And we need to get Out.
Listen the last podcast about the meaning of Easter.

* new series of spells to be posted soon *

  • symbolism

    in link
  • 7/9: pt 542
  • 7/9: pt 553

7/8: the iron castle

…not a recent dream, but from a few years ago;
suddenly popping in, probably because of fighting
with the CT190 range, the complex area of ‘the place
of Õn’, above the line,
– it was nightfall, Transylvania, and we was besieging
a castle: but the ‘we’ was but some few poor tent
encampments, positioned around this iron castle, at
respectable distance of 4 or 500 yards
and we had absolutely No chance, whatsoever –
our arrows did not hurt the castle in the slightest;
in fact it was inverse: now and then, the castle let
out a sound, as a deep roar, and this beam
of sound would hit a campment of us, and totally
annihilating it…
The dream changed –
the same castle, now viewed from some distance;
it was as if she was the guard of the bridge crossing
the river behind it; suddenly, one of it’s three
towers started to collapse, without it was clear whó
could have crumbled the tower of this mighty castle –
the castle itself let out an angry deep roar,
and dozens of local farmers and people came obediently
hurry to repair the large gap with hewn stones and beams;
it was clear that this castle completely owned the people
in the area
yet, however they repaired it,
the castle didn’t have the previous strength anymore,
and sat silent while i crossed the rope bridge across
the river behind her…the last notion of the scene was,
that “this castle was the doorkeeper of the HQ castle
up north in Russia”; and the vivid dream ended
– the comparison is obvious:
this iron castle as the Torso, on/above the tiles,
serving as doorkeeper for the M-realm north
…but it was Impossible for any human to have destroyed
that tower: it was an absolute miracle, and was caused
by outside [Heaven]; the ‘slaves’ are all souls this
castle rules; be it by occult Rituals or by his own
installed Self in them;
and now, 7 years later,
we are sweating with themes as “the place of Õn”,
and its illegal triplet rule….


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