this earth to spiral Down, and and her bent atmosphere being dismantled, Is. 24 — the moment when the Vintage has been freed —

this earth to spiral Down, and and her bent atmosphere
being dismantled, Is. 24 — the moment when the Vintage has been freed —

behold! ieue making-void the·land and·evacuating-of·her and·he-contorts surfaces-of·her and·he-scatters ones-dwelling-of·her and·he-becomes as·the·people as·the·priest as·the·servant as·lords-of·him as·the·maid as·the·mistress-of·her as·the·one-buying as·the·one-selling as·the·one-lending as·the·one-borrowing as·the·one-being-creditor as·whom one-being-creditor in·him
Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him
context: this earth, or Geb?
it is not always obvious which ‘land’ is being addressed;
but here are used the terms ‘peoples’, nut guim, and the lines above show it is about the peoples here (priest, creditor); while the descriptions are addressing characteristics of ‘this earth’, not the “melting of the land (Geb)”;
the “to bend her surface”, word used is -avah, negative, as Verb – therefore this act is not by IEUE but must have been a done act, already, written here as active-Verb but we consider completed verb admissible; and combined with ‘surface’, we get the interesting picture of “this globe earth, being enveloped by a dimensional cocoon” which will now be taken apart;
second sky of this earth:
we have theorized that these layers around earth contain also eden’s sky – the idea like a hot-air balloon, laying flat and spread-out upon the ground, develops into that balloon: with this earth inside it, the whole idea very much like the protection-glyph -SA. In diagrams, these layers around earth being anchored ‘through the prow of the main boat’, where in other diagram “beings are seen, walking to earth” by that prow. We consider that, when the earth will Sink to her new place, similar ‘road’ (to go from eden to this earth) is the same as “the highway from egypt to assyria”, Is.19
fractal dimension:
whether this earth is only enveloped by geodesic domes as the Buckminster-fuller type (see podcast and Phaedo page) or that Eden has her own type sky, we can’t know –
but we do know that the combination of them Veils imprisons us into a ‘small’ reality, as opposed to the “dimensional-wideness” the spells so often address, glyph USKH; these wrapped veils functioning like thick glasses, causing us to be very near-sighted (and, per definition, blind for any other realm interfering with our kind of ‘reality’). We do not pretend to understand this all — but we keep on collecting themes,

  • – ‘void’, H1238 baqaq, Akk. baqqu ‘small fly, mosquito’ (they don’t always fit…); 1234 baqa ‘split, to burst open’, glyph BEQ?,
  • – ‘waste’, H1110 balaq, ‘devastate’, no match, but must relate to previous: when baq+q, then here bal+q, as the ‘Baal’ cluster;

“behold! /, IEUE / making – the earth – void (by splitting her off) /, and laying her waste (from Baal) / andas he the bended / surface of her /; and he scatters / the ones dwelling upon her /, and it becomes (to pass) / as (well for) the people / as (for) the priest /,
as (well for) the maiden / as (for) her mistress /, as (well for) the servant / as (for) his masters /, as (well for) the one buying / as (for) the one selling /, as (well for) the one borrowing by interest / as (for) the one lending by interest / inby him /;

to-be-voided she-shall-be-voided the·land and·to-be-plundered she-shall-be-plundered that ieue he-spoke the·word the·this she-is-mournful she-decays the·land she-is-enfeebled she-decays habitance they-are-enfeebled one-exalted-of people-of the·land
The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the LORD hath spoken this word. The earth mourneth [and] fadeth away, the world languisheth [and] fadeth away,
the haughty people of the earth do languish

  • – ’empty (void)’, H1238 baqaq, ’empty, void’; 1234 baqa ‘cleave, split’, 1237 biqah ‘valley’ (several), see previous;
  • – ‘plundered’, H962 bazaz ‘plunder, loot, pillage’; term seems b+azaz (matrix-power -az); 961 bizzah ‘spoil’; 957 baz ‘spoil’; the only other is Bo’az, which is positive however, Bo’az representing the same event as this chapter describes (see Daniel page),
  • – ‘mouneth’, H56 abal ‘to mourn’, likely ab- and -el, negative (matrix-type ‘father’ + deity)
  • – ‘fadeth’, H5034 nabel ‘destroy, fade, disgrace, etc’; ‘Nabal’ was said to be ‘fool’, 5035 nebel ‘skin, leather bottle’, immediately relating to these humanoid skins, or perhaps even to glyph ÁNS ‘dimensional light for the skin of the fish-soul’,
  • – ‘world’, H8398 tebel ‘world’, 8397 tebel ‘incest, perversion’; 8399 tablith ‘destruction’, linked to balah ‘destruction’ which is the Ba’al cluster; and Tubal (cain);
  • – ‘languish’, H535 amal ‘be weak, to fade’; 517 em ‘mother’ (+deity -el, read: Gaia);
  • – ‘exalted’, word used -rum, from Ramah (KHENT’ throne) as ‘mixture’,

“(to be voided) the earth – she shall be voided (by splitting her off) /, (and to be plundered) the earth – she shall be plundered (for matrix-power as loot) /, thatbecause / he – IEUE – spoke (in the right order) / this – word (in the right order) /; she – the earth – is mournful (matrix-father as deity) – (for) she decays (the humanoid skin) /, she – the (perversed) world – is weakened (Gaia) – (for) she decays (the humanoid skin) /, (and) they – the exalted (made by khent’u-throne) – people – of the earth – are weakened (gaia) /:

and·the·land she-is-polluted under ones-dwelling-of·her that they-trespass law they-change statute they-annul covenant-o eon on·so imprecation she-devours land and·they-are-being-held-guilty ones-dwelling-of in·her on·so they-burn-hot ones-dwelling-of land and·he-remains mortal-of bit
The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left

  • – ‘defiled’, H2610 chaneph ‘polluted’; 2611 ‘hypocrite, godless’; no others, we can’t know another reason why ‘polluted’; we used ‘consumerism’ because ‘godless’ became meaningless these days – but as the so-called ‘modern man’, focusing on only material-immediate things, not realizing that he creates his own reality — by what he believes and rejects;
  • 2) the ‘law’ should be not more then the basic 10 commandments; suggesting that when mankind wóuld keep them, this reality would be prolonged – which obviously is true: but that is why the strange paradox, today – many dont care anymore, and yes its their own fault, and the same time THE opportunity, because of that, to bring back eden,
  • – ‘curse’, H423 alah ‘curse’ (as oath); related to olah ‘ascend’ (of this earth), by the Watchers who made an oath (pact) with eachother, per Henoch; saying here that the ‘curse’ is their matrix realm (the ‘she’) affecting earth (but we get an interesting line when we use ‘alah’ in that line, as well);
  • – ‘burned’,H2787 charar ‘burn, scorched, charred’, 3734 charah ‘burn with anger’, char+ah, 2715 chor ‘nobles’ 12x, 2716 chere ‘dung’ 1x, 2751 choriy ‘white bread’, in the story of the baker and Joseph – the baker being hanged; 2750 choriy ‘outburst (of anger)’, all themes sound like Rã, including the ‘offered bread’ glyph SHBT,

describing the same as Rev.16; here telling that ‘a few will remain’, apparently for to repopulate during the Interval; we consider that this sun will go scorch because of the removal of that eden-veil from inbetween the other veils around this earth (and we suspect that this sun will show to be much closer to earth as is ‘calculated’ now – because of the fractals…). This has little to do with the socalled “global warming”, as slow heating up (which is a hoax btw), but scorching “by the removal of a protective layer (eden’s) from around this earth”, we are pondering the concept still,
“and – she – the earth – is polluted (by consumerism) / under / her inhabitants /, thatbecause / they trespass (pass-along) / the law (say ’10 commandments’) /, (for) they change / the statute / (therefore) they cause to cease / the forever / covenant /; on-so (=therefore) / she – the curse (fullblown matrix) – devours / the earth /, andfor they – the inhabitants – in her – are being held guilty (=for that) /, on-so (=therefore) / they – the inhabitants of – the earth – (are) scorched (by Rã this sun) /, and it remains / (but) a few / mortals /;

he-is-mournful grape-juice she-is-enfeebled vine they-sigh all-of rejoicing-ones-of heart he-ceases elation-of tambourines he-leaves-off tumult-of joyous-ones he-ceases elation-of harp
The new wine mourneth, the vine languisheth, all the merryhearted do sigh. The mirth of tabrets ceaseth, the noise of them that rejoice endeth, the joy of the harp ceaseth

  • – ‘new wine’, H8492 tirosh ‘new wine’ (non-fermented); 8657 teresh (official,eneuch,proper name); 8388 taar ‘to curve, incline’; 8389 toar ‘form, outline’; 8446 tuwr ‘spy, investigate’; tor ‘succession, necklace (beads in succession)’; tor ‘bulls, cattle’; ofcourse the term can be t+rosh (rosh as ‘head,first (new) etc), we just wonder how this term is related to yayin, ‘wine’ (136x); the term appears eden-related (Deut.33:28 and others), and this should fit with the ‘eden-vine’, next line, as the dualistic root which Eden is changing into something good; but we fail to find the context – perhaps “as produce óf that eden-vine”..?
  • – ‘sigh’, H584 anach ‘to sigh’, 578 anah ‘lament’, (so -an is valid), we then come close to ‘eye’ ain and Õn;

“he – the new wine (by eden-vine?) – is mournful (by matrix-father deity) /, (and) she – the (eden-) vine – is weakened (by Gaia) /, (and) all of – the rejoicing ones of – heart – they sigh (eye?) /; he – the rhythm of – the tambourines – ceases /, he – the noise of – the joyous one – stops /, (and) he – the rhythm of – the harp – ceases /;

in·the·song not they-are-drinking wine he-is-bitter intoxicant to·ones-drinking-of·him she-is-broken town-of chaos he-is-locked every-of house from·to-enter-of yelling over the·wine in·the·streets she-is-evening all-of rejoicing he-is-deported elation-of the·land
They shall not drink wine with a song; strong drink shall be bitter to them that drink it The city of confusion is broken down: every house is shut up, that no man may come in [There is] a crying for wine in the streets; all joy is darkened, the mirth of the land is gone

  • – ‘broken down (chaos)’, H8414 tohu; same word used as in Genesis, where their Tao-realm was ‘formless and void’; 8582 taah ‘err, go astray’, ta ‘guardrooms (of the gate)’ in Ezekiel, we don’t get that concept yet,
  • – ‘crying for’, H6682 tsevachah (tsevach+ah) (ts-term) ‘cry, outcry’; 6680 tsavah ‘to command’ (Gen.1), 6673 tsav ‘order’; unclear concept;
  • – ‘city’ H7151 qiyryah; qarah ‘to meet, befall’, different term as in next line 12; Qiyr, furnace in torso; qar ‘to call (to name)’, 6982 qorah ‘roof, wooden beam’, properly ‘a thing meeting, fitting into – another’;

we have “the city of chaos and formlesness” in this line, and “the city (other word!) of desolation” in next line 12; both cities must have a Link to eachother then (‘fitting into-eachother’), this formless city (as this earth) being “in an unclear dimension, now”, while line 12 starts with the city of Õn: which is the real image for ‘this earth’,
“nót – they are drinking – wine – inwith a song /, (and) he – the strong drink – is bitter / to the ones drinking it /; she – the city of – chaos – is formless (fading dimension) /, (and) every – house – it is locked – from (to) enter(ing) /; (there) (is) a yelling out (to order) – in the streets / overfor / the wine (yayin) /, all of – the rejoicing – she is darkened /, (and) all of / the rhythm of – the land – it is deported /;

he-remains in·the·city desolation and·tumult he-is-pounding gate that thus he-shall-become in·within-of the·land in·midst-of the·peoples as·after-gleaning-of olive-tree as·clean-gleanings when he-is-finished vintage
In the city is left desolation, and the gate is smitten with destruction When thus it shall be in the midst of the land among the people, [there shall be] as the shaking of an olive tree, [and] as the gleaning grapes when the vintage is done

  • – ‘city’ ar, H6144 Ar; H5892 iyr ‘city’ (many), 6145 and 46 ar ‘enemy’ 3x;
    6181 eryah ‘bare’ 6x, 6168 arah ’empty, bare’; Ur, uwr 217 ‘fire’, same as used in Is.15, where Ar is one of two places of Moab (torso), if the 2nd place is ‘furnace’ then this -ar is the serpent-hand? where previous term for ‘city’ was -qrith, in line 10;
  • – ‘destruction’, H7591 sheiyah ‘ruin’; 7716 seh ‘sheep, lamb, flock’, unclear of related to glyph orion, SÃH, several prophets make difference between this ‘sheep’ and another type,

we don’t consider the descriptions as ‘gleaning of a tree’ as metaphorical for this event, but the desolation becoming bý the vintage having been gleaned: next line shows this is the place where the adamite-originals are held – the ‘they’ (line 14); or rephrased – all the things mentioned in previous lines, will happen after this event; the btsir is the same as Bozrah (botsr-ah), in Is.63 IEUE comes ‘from Bozrah’, north, and the chapter relates to ‘winepress’ and ‘garment’, as physical garment, which they steal from the originals, there;
“it remains – desolation – in the city (ar; new-hand?) /, (and) destruction / it is pounding / the (star-) gate (of Õn) /; thatbecause / thus / it shall become (to pass) / inas within / the land / in the midst of the people (on earth) /, aswhen after the gleaning of / the olive tree (in Õn) /, (and) when – is completed – the clean gleanings – (of) he the vintage (in Õn)/;

they they-shall-lift-up voice-of·them they-shall-jubilate in·pomp-of ieue Yahweh they-shrill from·sea on·so in·the·places-of-light glorify-you! ieue in·coastlands-of the·sea name-of ieue Elohim-of Israel
They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty of the LORD, they shall cry aloud from the sea Wherefore glorify ye the LORD in the fires, [even] the name of the LORD God of Israel in the isles of the sea

  • – ‘cry aloud (shrill)’, H6670 tsahal ‘rejoice, make to shine, bellow’, 6808 tsaah ‘wander-off, exile’,
  • – ‘fires’, H217 uwr ‘fire, light of fire’; -ur and -ar as Negative, see line 12;
  • – ‘isles (coastlands)’, H339 î; we had this term in a previous posted (page), and though both terms can be valid, “solarplane-shore” as glyph ÁT’EB, the -î appears closer to the glyph ‘island’; see for the term “floating islands (in that region)” the Phaedo page,

we are here in the Õn region of the Vintage, still; and “they”, the adamite-originals, are speaking:
“they (adamite-originals) / (they) shall lift up / their voice /+
(and) they shall jubilate / inat the splendor of / IEUE /, they rejoice (being exiled) / fromin the sea (dimension) /; on-so (=wherefore) / (being) in the places of (fiery-matrix-) light / glorify-you! / IEUE /, (and) (being) in the islands of / the sea (dimension) /, the name of / IEUE / Deity of / the powerful deity (israel) /;

from·wing-of the·land psalms we-hear stateliness to·the·righteous-one and·I-am-saying leanness to·me leanness to·me woe! to·me ones-being-treacherous they-are-treacherous and·treachery ones-being-treacherous they-are-treacherous afraidness and·pit and·snare on·you one-dwelling-of the·land
From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs, [even] glory to the righteous. But I said, My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me! the treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously; yea, the treacherous dealers have dealt very treacherously Fear, and the pit, and the snare, [are] upon thee, O inhabitant of the earth

  • – ‘wing’, H3671 kanaph, wing, edge (of garment)’, kanaph ‘hide’ 1x; Akk. kappu ‘wing, branch’, perhaps became inserted -n,
  • – ‘glory’, H6643 tsbiy ‘gazelle’ (several), ‘beauty’ (ts-term); 6623 tsab ‘litter, canopy’; 6633 tsaba ‘to serve, to war’; 6634 tseba ‘wish, desire, will’; 6638 tsabah ‘to swell up’; the colour must be ‘a polluted eden aspect’,
  • – ‘leanness’, H7334 razi ‘woe!’ (leanness, wasting); probably r+az, matrix-power, 7328 raz ‘mystery, secret’, 7330 razeh ‘lean (sheep), we go for ra(evil) + az,
  • – ‘woe’, H188 oy ‘woe’; H176 o ‘or’ (always between dualistic);
  • – ‘treacherous’, H898 bagad ‘treacherous, deceit’ 42x; 899 beged ‘covering (body)’, negative; 901 bagod ‘treason’; no Akk.,
  • – ‘fear’, H6343 pachad ‘dread, fear’; 6341 pach “sheet (of metal), net, snare”, in Jer.48 the exact line is repeated but then ‘for the inhabitant of Moab (torso)’; is ‘the net’ SEKHT an option? 6315 puach ‘to utter’, negative, as to utter spells,
  • – H6354 pachath, same root -pach, “cave, pit”, we cannot locate Akk. root;


  • 1) we do not understand where first line is heading to, does it relate to the previous “adamite-originals jubilating”.. as ‘the righteous’? and where they are (imprisoned) that is ‘the edge of the land’? The “stolen body theme” would indeed refer to them originals; and last line seems to tell “…that IEUE had enough of it all”;
  • 2) the second ‘woe’ (as ‘one or the other’) fits the doubled line “treacherous”, it must have a deep meaning to state the lines as they are written here, because we can feel that every concept is interrelated to next concept – perhaps the doubled line (of ‘treacherous’) can also intend “to double” (-im),
  • 3) for ‘wormhole’, see line 18,

“from the edge of / the land / we hear / songs / (being) the honourfulness (as songs?) / toas the righteous one /, and I am saying /,’ woe! (evil matrix-power) / to(wards) me /, woe! (evil matrix-power) / to(wards) me /, woe! (the one or the other?) / to(wards) me /, (as) the woe! (evil matrix-power) / to(wards) me /, the ones being treacherous / they are treacherous (stolen body) /, the ones being treacherous / they are treacherous (stolen body) /; the dread / and the pit / and the snare (all as wormhole) / (being) onupon you /, inhabitant of / the earth /;

and·he-becomes the·one-fleeing from·sound-of the·afraidness he-shall-fall to the·pit and·the·one-ascending from·midst-of the·pit he-shall-be-seized in·the·snare that crevices from·height they-are-opened and·they-shall-quake foundations-of earth
And it shall come to pass, [that] he who fleeth from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit; and he that cometh up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare: for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth do shake

  • – H699 arubbah (arab) ‘sluice, floodgate’, to arab ‘darkness’,
  • – H4146 mowcadah; said 4144 mosad ‘foundation’, from yasad ‘to found’ (many); misad ‘supports, pillars’ 1x; 5465 sad ‘stocks (securing feet of prisoners)’, sounds like the stakes in book of gates VI, sod ‘council, assembly’; as ‘assembly of pillars’?
  • – H7493 raash, ra ‘evil’ + sh; head-cluster rosh ‘first, main, top’ etc; rush ‘needy’,

everythings electric
we need to give the terms sóme indication; though all ‘pit, snare, and fear’ have that same root -pach; what came to mind was a vivid nightmare, few years ago – being suspended in mid-air, inside what seemed to be a vertical tunnel in a mountain, and way down below was a raging, yellow, devouring fire –< it was literally sucking everything towards her, it was a miracle I remained at that spot; the colour of her rage was like the first appearance of the mothership in the movie “4th of July” – the angry, deep roaring. It is not hard to imagine that similar must be going on above the eden-gate, (wormhole T’EPT..?), sucking everything Out of the gate into their realm; likely even also the “sky of eden”, now wrapped around this earth.

1) interesting how in the line also “the fearful sound” is addressed,

context and textglyph:
perhaps the root -pach is not even far from glyph PEST’; top picture: Peratt’s discoveries as petroglyphs (sic) from all over the world, but particularly ‘in places which had an open view to the southern sky’.

Where another famous petroglyph is “the squatting man” (which we take as origin of the sitting ‘deity’ hieroglyph), also “the backbone” is present in glyphs – not just as here, but also as ÁAT. We are constantly trying to configure a Map [and it’s just a question of time until we can fill in the locations of all concepts], but we could assume that this ‘backbone’ carries-up Õn. In the text in this line, also the stargate(s) are mentioned – belonging to Õn – immediately related to a type of support – as this backbone..?

2) if people could see this plasma-backbone in the south-east sky, 7500BC, we here are rather sure it will be visible again, soon – being “the abomination of desolation”, possibly the same as the Djed pillar (and see line 23),
“and it becomes (to pass) / (that) the one (person on earth) fleeing / from – the fearful (wormhole) – sound /, he shall fall / toin / the pit (wormhole) /, and the one ascending / from within / the pit (wormhole) /, he shall be seized / inby the snare (wormhole) /, thatbecause / the (star-) gates (of matrix) / fromon high / they are (being) opened /, and they – the foundations (supports?) of – the earth – shall quake /;

to-smash she-smashes-herself the·earth to-quash she-quashes-herself earth to-slip she-slips eart to-sway she-shall-sway earth as·the·drunken-one and·she-shakes as·the·lodge and·he-is-heavy on·her transgression-of·her
and·she-falls and·not she-shall-proceed to-rise-of

The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again

  • – H6565 parar ‘break asunder, cast-off, violate, cease’; 6499 par ‘bull’ 160x; para ‘fruitful’ (from e-phraim); Akk. parâru ‘to roam around’, parrû ‘homosexual lover’ (double-r still), typical feature of masculine M-realm; pîru ‘sprout, offshoot’ (=fruitful?), parâsu ‘cut off, break off, separate, cut down, untie’;
  • – H4131 mot ‘shaken, totter, slip’; 4133 motah ‘yoke’, muth ‘to die’ (many), [as glyph MT]; meta, ‘reach (the sky)’; meat/maat, ‘a little’; Akk. matû ‘small, insignificant’; mâtu ‘to kill, die, death’, me’atu ‘100’; mâtu ‘underworld, land below, ground’; mi’t’tu ‘divine weapon’, while mi’tirtu is ‘watercourse, canal’ (split-off watercourse?);
  • – H5128 nua ‘wander, reel, tremble, totter’, term related to (situation of) Noah; nu ‘forbid’, niy ‘to wail’ 1x; na ‘now’; 4996 No,’Thebes’ (sic); Akk. nû’u ‘scoundrel, to be rogue, coarse’, na’u ‘stone, pebble’;
  • – H5110 nud ‘wander back and forth’, root from -nu, above; Nod, ‘land where cain dwelt, east of eden’; Akk. nadû ‘to throw, stretch, set in place, release, let go, lead away’; nidûtu ‘uncultivated or uninhabited land, threshingfloor’;
  • – H4412 melunah (melun), malon ‘lodging place’ 8x (= ‘temporary’); likely m+lon, 3885 lun/lin ‘to pass the night, to murmur’ (pass night / lodging place),
  • – H6588 pesha ‘transgression’, 6453 pesach ‘crossing-over’ (easter); pash ‘extremity’, in other pages we suggested that glyph PESH, ‘to cleave’, is related to this root; since “to cross-over” is a direct result from ‘to cleave’;
  • – H6965 qum ‘arise, establish’; 6967 qomah ‘height’ 45x,

if we stay with the diagram of the boat and earth, we suggest that earth will ‘descend through the prow of the boat, until she will be at the centre of the boat – which will be then along the eden axis’; we can’t let the text say else as “that she wanders”, which is repeated twice, and that “she will no longer be up on high”; and if this our present sun (Rã) will go black [and be removed?], it is possible; and even próbable that the place where now this sun is, úsed to be earth; and during the Interval, this earth still will be — but with a different covering,
“(to break-up) the earth – she breaks-up herself (because of evil) /, (and) (to untie) the earth – she un-ties herself (by to separate from the matrix) /, (to slip-away) the earth – she slips away (out of the yoke by split-off watercourse?) /; (and) (to wander) the earth – she shall wander (from under Thebes’ influence) / as the drunken one /, and she wanders back and forth (towards the east?) / as the (temporary-) shack /, andby he the dimensional-heavyness / onupon her / (through) her transgression (of being split-off?) /, and she falls down (nphl) / and nót / she shall – arise (on high) – again (ysph) /;”

and·he-becomes in·the·day the·he he-shall-check ieue on host-of the·height in·the·height and·on kings-of the·ground on e·adme the·ground
And it shall come to pass in that day, [that] the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones [that are] on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth

  • – ‘height’, word used -rum, as Ramah, new-adamite-throne north (Isis), in context however, Ramah appears to be the KHENT’ throne – centre of boat; Akk. ramânu ‘self’, glyph TCHES (north); ramû ‘lay down, set in place’; râmu ‘to love’, glyph -MER, pyramid north?, rîmu ‘bull’, Ka-bull?
  • – ‘adamite ground’, word used as -adme; this ground as ‘inner-court’, atop of the tsiun mountain; apparently intended as ‘ground’, juxtaposed to their throne on high, we left the term,
  • – ‘kings’, in context likely as the horus-spirits,

if this region follows upon previous line, then is it strange to assume ‘that earth will wander to here’..?
“and it becomes (to pass) / in – that – day /, (that) he – IEUE – shall visit (to judge) / on / the host (matrix-construct) of / the high (place) / inon high (=Õn) /, and on / the kings (=horus-spirits) of / the (adamite-) ground / onat / the (adamite-) ground (below) /;

and·they-are-gathered gathering imprisoned on crypt and·they-are-enclosed on enclosure and·from·many-of days they-shall-be-checked and·she-is-abashed the·moonshine and·she-is-ashamed the·sunshine that he-reigns ieue hosts in·mountain-of tziun Zion and·in·Jerusalem and·in-front-of old-ones-of·him glory
And they shall be gathered together, [as] prisoners are gathered in the pit, and shall be shut up in the prison, and after many days shall they be visited Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed, when the LORD of hosts shall reign in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before his ancients gloriously.

  • – ‘imprisoned’, H616 assir (like ÁSÁR Osiris?), as Assyria [outer court regions]; said from -asar, ‘bound’,
  • – ‘pit’, H953 bowr, ‘crypt, pit, well’; Akk. burû, ‘type of reed-mat, boat cover’; bûru ‘calf, youngster, son, descendant, unit of area, starvation’; berûtu ‘canal, ditch, foundational pit of a building’ (sic); bêru ‘double-hour, double-mile, to sort, to choose’; bârû ‘diviner’, bâ’êru, ‘fisherman, hunter’; bâru ‘cut, secret, to sieve, to plan, to observe’ (sight MAA?); we choose “they made their doubled pit – but now as their place of starvation”
  • – ‘enclosure’ m-seger but from 5462 seger; sugar, ‘cage’; 5472 sug ‘turn back’, segor ‘(treasure) chest’; Akk. sagû ‘cellar, shrine, treasury’; prob. emended in trilateral root; Hosea writes “I will tear open their chest within the heart (torso)”,
  • – ‘confounded’, H2659 chapher ‘humiliate’, chaphor ‘mole’ (who bowed for the double-image, see Is. page), chaph-ah ‘covered’ 12x,
  • – ‘moon (moonlight)’, H3842 leban-ah; word for ‘moon’ is another; here “white light”, but related to the whiteness as ‘dimensional light quality’ which they stole befóre eden, (the theme of “dressing up their realm with it – as with chalk plastering a house);

as Lot was the nephew of Abraham (eden realm), Lot represented the Tao, where the latter exists out of “2”, represented by his 2 half-illegal sons [through incest]; where both aspects on themselves are not ‘wrong’ – but got Polluted by the Watchers, likewise his two sons are doomable products — but not Lot. Perhaps Rg-Veda uses the same analogy, see 3] below;

  • – ‘ashamed’, H954 bosh ‘ashamed’; Akk. basû ‘to have, to be, to exist, to place’; be’esû ‘to open, to thresh grain, to undo’; bésû ‘bad, evil, criminal, to raid’, bissûru ‘vulva, hips, space inbetween, mouth, gate’; bîsû ‘dark, stained, malodorous’, bûs^’possesions, property, livestock, etc’, H887 baash ‘foul, to stink’,
  • – ‘sun (sun-shine)’, similar problem as moon, before; sun is shemesh (Akk.) but this is chamm-ah H2535; the same term is used in Is. 30, where “the white-light shall be as this (sun-) light, for 7 fold”, the line relating to prévious line, where ‘the towers will fall’ — the word used is mgdlim, from migdal+im, and we consider this rather “double”, as “double Djed pillar” (instead of just ‘multiple towers’); we will do chapter 30 next – but both of these dimensional lights must somehow be connected with the [function of] the double pillar (which is the same time ‘backbone’..?);
  • 2) H2524 cham ‘father in law’; we had the topic of ‘uncle’ as “related, but not from the same house”, relating to this dimensional light; Cham ‘egyptians and all these’; 2552 chamam (closest to this chmm) ‘grow hot’, said of the sun; chum ‘black’ 4x; chomah ‘wall’ 133x, as walls of water in exodus, as similar concept by Is.22, “you have made also a ditch between the two walls for the water of the ancient pool”, the both ‘walls’ likely being “of the inner-court” and their created border-sky as “outer-court”; 2528 chema ‘fury’, 3x; 2529 chem-ah ‘butter’.
  • 3) Rg-Veda is also always talking about butter, but for us it is difficult to see what characters have the many terms for it – as ‘ãjya’ it is a butter offerings for Rã; compare the ‘churning of the milky ocean’; another type is “dadhi”, RV, as “thick sour coagulated (became thickened) milk”, dadha- ‘giving’ RV; dadhimukha RV ‘monkey’ (brother-in-law of Sugriva) – the ‘in-law’ being cham!, (mukha as ‘face, countenance, opening, top, entrance’, RV and MH; dadhyac RV ‘having the head of a horse, and teaching the ásvin to find in tvaSTR’s house the soma’ – the ‘head of the horse’ is Anubis’ head (diagram), tvaSTR is the Kheper-beetle, so with this type mixed-butter ‘they make their realm’?

If the white-light will be ashamed, it cannot be eden’s; so both must be their Tao nature, yet now as ‘exposed’; eventhough in themselves those both qualities were not ‘wrong’, they was under Wrong Rule, and, either way, both are Inferior to the eden-combination of them;

  • 2) ‘white’ (and moon) is always ‘masculine’, and often related to ‘north’ (M-realm), their “white” obtained even a bétter type white-light, by means of the eden-house of 30 silvers (perhaps the ‘covering’, in the line, was by the white-light of the H-house of 30 silvers); by juxtaposition we consider the term “cham” to belong to the feminine-south, as Leviathan,since it appears that “all pre-eden beings were created by the deep-south”, (while the North is the fallen-angelic-beings realm?),
  • 3) curious term for ‘to rule’, as mlk-, ‘king’, which is usually Negative, but perhaps ment here as “over both tao natures”, since that was the theme,

“and they (horus-spirits) are gathered / (as) the – imprisoned – gathering / onin / the crypt (of starvation) /, and they are enclosed / oninto / the enclosure (cage for them, somewhere in outer-court) /, andfor fromafter many / days / they shall be visited (for judgment, after the Interval) /; and she – the white dimensional light (of M-realm) – is humiliated (non-covered) /, and she – the (sun-) shine (of feminine realm south?) – is ashamed (as foulness) /, thatbecause / he – IEUE of – hosts – rules (mlk) / inby the mountain of / tsiun / (and) in jerusalem (Interval-earth) /, and before – his – olden ones – (of?) (the splendor of) dimensional-heavyness /.

stood on balcony, looking over the city at night

realized how the i can see and function everything here
but the soul is blind and alone

and does not care for nothing here

ofcourse she must ‘dream’ at night
or she go totally insane of the iron coldness
iron projection, which this reality is
that is what They devised for the soul still…’dreaming’

all the physical impulses are but shallow
and all things ‘that are to know here’ as information, even more shallow

it is in-cre-dible, what They did with the soul
such complete and utter imprisonment
….and the soul itself, not in a million years, would escape Them
but remain functioning as Their personal battery

eventhough ‘this body was made, in order that the soul would have some protection,
not from physical harm but from Their spirit realm,
because this body is so Blind that the soul would not constant be in Horror ‘,
that 20-20 situation needs to Stop

… yes we know the warning to not desire ‘that day’
at least, to not desire the oceans of horror it will cause to millions of souls
but this 20-20 extortion needs to Stop

the soul must become free
and live in the environment intended for her
therefore we desire ‘that day’ but as the day of birth and the start of Life

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