reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, draft posted: first revision: 15/6/17
scribe : Nu, and --
given title : 'the book of making strong the deceased'
first revision 15/6/17
status : 90%
notes : below, per paragraph; technically-important chapter
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same; streamlined
situation : see diagram
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
see also : see bd 137B,138,139,140, opening of mouth pages plate 16, tuat V,
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text note : after finding the important -T, as midpoint of the vertical and horizontal axis of either realm, and this point deciding which realm is "at the foreground", many glyphs seem to be adressing this; we used T-e (eden) or T-m (matrix),
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
renouf link: see below


[names of place-T-e:]

  1. the place of hail of hebrew-H for existence [matrix] (Hená+). for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  2. the place of the double-axis \\ (by) place-T-e to sacrifice (maãt\\*). for. Osiris’. existence.;
  3. Horus. [by means of] place-T-e to bear up (fa-t). for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.
  4. the place of the word for the word-inside for the new-north (shau+). for. Osiris’. existence.;
  5. the place \\[for] speech by perished adamite soul. [by] the land (eden). for. Osiris. existence.;
  6. the place to offer place-T-e for h’enk (top cube). for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  7. the place for the word-inside to encircle (shennuu). for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  8. the place as place-T for corn (nepert). for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.
  9. the dome \\[for] speech for the an-face. [as] place of the word for the son (Sau). for. O’. existence.;
  10. 1the place of the word for T’ep. for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  11. the place of the word for the bet’esh serpents (solarplane). for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  12. the place as the horus-spirit’s workplace (ás). for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  13. the place as place-T of m-b-s-adam for solarplane’s hand of existence (nt’bit). for. O. existence.;
  14. the house of place-T for existence by eden realm. [as] foods (T-aspects). for. Osiris. existence.;
  15. the cow. [for] the booth (yellow cube).\\(for) place-T-m of the kh-house. for. Osiris. existence.;
  16. [by] he. the lights \\(for) the sand (shã). [as] dome of speech for the an-face. [for] O’. existence.;
  17. R-stau. for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  18. the gate \\(for) the place-T-m of m-b-soul-adam-like metal-land (\\tait). for. Osiris’. existence.;
  19. the olden m-b-soul-adam-staff (ti) for my hail. for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  20. the land (south) place-T of the serpent (‘forever’). [as] all. for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  21. to tie-up the double-axis in order eden to perish (double-feather+sek). for. Osiris’. existence.;
  22. the áter (=áteru-pool). for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  23. the masculine for the imprisoned eden-word of place-T-m (tua+).for. Osiris’. existence.;

[names of place-T-m:]

  1. 1.the land (south) by place-T-m of the serpent (‘forever’). [of] divine rule. of [=as]. Osiris’. existence.;
  2. the doubled-divine \\seker (speech by perished ad.soul). as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  3. divine great speech (by the flint-knife?, ‘knife-glyph’). as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  4. the divine \\place-T of the Self for existence. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  5. the divine R-stau (!). [of] words of adam-within. [by] he. adamite throne (ás-T). as. O’. existence.;
  6. the divine sky of earth. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  7. the divine place to flourish as the filled land. [of] the words of adam-within. [by] he.
    the adamite throne (ás+T). as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.
  8. the divine mouth. [for] essence to spread-out (peseg). as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  9. the divine he the place as place-T. \\(by)the prisonhouse of the foremost-adam. as. O’. existence.;
  10. the soul-pool land. outstretched (petch). of [=by].\\seker. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  11. the divine place of the word-inside for the ape (qeft’ennuu). as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  12. the divine place to make by the word-inside for to become new. as. Osiris’. existence.;
  13. the divine place as place-T of the falcon (bákt). as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  14. the divine \\(by) below. [as] place of the word for the son (‘Sais’). as. Osiris’. existence.;
  15. the divine place by the word to become a god. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  16. the divine place as root (P). as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  17. the divine lands of the south [not eden south] (resu). as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  18. the divine place-T of the Self for existence (no \\). as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  19. the divine place as place-T for the booth (seh’tt). as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  20. the divine garden as the perch-region (+ some type rule).as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  21. the divine place-T as foreign-land’s torso for the [an-] face. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  22. r-stau. \\(by) place-T of kh-house. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  23. the divine ãnkh-life. [by] all. divine open-engraved work (pteh’). as. Osiris’. existence.;
  24. the divine door for the hereditary. \\(by) place-T for the Ba-soul. as. Osiris’. existence.;
  25. the divine millions. of [=by]. lights of gold. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  26. the divine house of existence as place-T for Meh’en (torus wall). as. Osiris’. existence.;
  27. the divine existence as place-T of existence as the south (res). as. Osiris’. existence.;
  28. the divine houses \\(by) the place-T of kh-house. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  29. the divine to guard. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  30. the divine Orion [the star succeeded to acquire by Saturn]. as. Osiris’. existence.;
  31. the divine perch-region of the “One”.\\(by)the place-T of the kh-house. as. O’. existence.;
  32. the divine border(sky) of speech for the chalice. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  33. the divine ãnkh-life. [for] all. as. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.;
  34. the divine \\(by) the place-T-e for ãnkh-life.

[Saite verson CXLII ending thus:]
[by eden] within., [in order for] he. existence to become new (matrix,unn).;
[by means of] he. to desire (mer). the place-T of the chalice. [by] he. the throne of adamite (ás-T)., [in order for] Osiris (as construct). [of] the word-inside., and that through] the names (eden’s). to know.; [and] he (Osiris). the word to desire (meru). [in order for] every (neb). image of the word to transform. of [=as]. the light (matrix,this time). of [=for]. to manifest (per).; [and so by] he. the things to come. to make broad [via ad.soul]., [by means of] he. to wander-astray (adam-related,shem). [namely] the tool [willpower of place-T-e for speech] (rtã). [for] the noble spirits. [in order] to make perfect. which is (n-t). [by] to tie-up the place-T-e of the scroll-sky (metchat).;

[continued CXLI:]
the doubled-divine beauty as existence to become new., [as] existence. [of] the divine Westerners (horus-spirits). of [=by] (means of). the flame of the place-T-m of the kh-house (khet+brazier) [to: khaut-altar]. [as?] the flame of place-T-m to make the serpent-hand [via adamite soul] (s-tch-t+). [for] the dimension of the word of m-b-soul-adam [as the divine image?] (ãkhemiu+). [by] to open m-b-soul-adam-like existence to become new (unnit,unusual).;
[as] existence. [for] the gods (matrix)., [by] the fire-altar of the words of m-b-soul-adam as the great balance (mãkhiu+). [for] existence (matrix).,

  1. the divine flames to make the place-T for the serpent-hand (setchtu). [by] the words of m-b-soul-adam to be given., [for] the flame of the words of m-b-soul-adam as rekeh’ (=..). [of] existence (matrix).; 62]
  2. the divine beauties. [for] the [an-] face (north). [through] the words of m-b-soul-adam be given. [by] the foreign-land’s place-T-e as the beauting-ground [eden-T] (qen-T+). [for] the words of speech of hail. [of] existence (matrix).,
  3. the divine teeth of saturn for the sba-gate (sebeh’). [for] the words of m-b-soul-adam to be given., [as] the opened word-inside. [and those] words to doorkeep. [for] existence (matrix). 60]
  4. the divine things of the Watercourse (eden’s). [as] the words of m-b-soul-adam for the son (saiu). [for] the [an-] face. [by] the words of the metal-land-place-T by the soulpool-sh] (shetau,’mystery’). [for] existence (matrix).,
  5. the divine things of the tuat house. [by] the Sba-stargate. [of] existence. [as] the divine great doors. [for] the words to doorkeep. [for] existence.
  6. the divine words of the metal-land-place-T by the soulpool-sh (shetau+). [as] the words of the Sba-gate
    [for] existence. 57]
  7. the divine words of the metal-land-place-T by the soulpool-sh (shetau+). [as] the great doors of the pillar.
    [for] existence.

  8. the divine things of the tuathouse. [by] the sebekht-gates [the gates of place-T-m of the kh-house to make the solarplane]. [for] existence.
  9. the divine things of the tuat house. [by] the words of the Sba-gate. [for] existence.

[four regions by T-m:]

  1. the divine place-T for the West. [by] the things of the Watercourse (eden). [for] existence.;
  2. the divine place-T for the east. by] the things of the Watercourse (eden). [for] existence.;
  3. the divine place-T of the north. by] the things of the Watercourse (eden). [for] existence.;
  4. the divine place-T of the south (res-t). by] the things of the W-course (eden). [for] existence.;

[skipped a few]
the divine neser shrine. [for] the house of speech. [of] existence.
the divine Kar shrine. [for] the house of speech. [of] existence.
[skipped a few]
the divine ãnt’t morning-boat [everything to white hole]. [for] existence.; (as T-e)
the divine sektt evening boat.[for] existence.; (doubled-place-T as T-m)
the divine Northern. átert-house (house of-T). [for] existence.; (T-m?)
the divine southern. átert-house (house of-T). [for] existence.; (T-e?)
[names of four Horus sons] 28]
[4 x rudder:]

  1. the divine [place-T-m as] south. [fór] the sky of earth. [of] existence. [of] beauty.; [as] the rudder (=T-m). [for] the words of eden-aether [redness] (t’esher). [of] the house of saturn. [being?] the torso. [for] the [an-] face (north). \\(by) place-T-e for the kh-house. [of] existence.;
  2. the divine [place-T-m for the] east. [for] the dome. [of] existence. [of] beauty.; [as] the rudder. [for] the divine images (ãshemu). [of] the house of saturn. [being?] the torso. [for] the [an-] face (north). [of] the divine word of spirits-light. [of] existence.;
  3. the divine place-T-m for the west. [for] the sky of earth. [of] beauty.; [as] the rudder. [for] the two lands’ (when matrix). word to guide. [by] rotation [solarplane] (t’eben?). [of] existence.; 25]
  4. the divine place-T-m for the north. [for] the sky of earth. [of] existence. [of] beauty.; [as] the rudder. [for] beauty. [through] the divine sekhem-sceptre [of s-power]. [of] existence.;

[7 x cows:]

  1. the divine cow (h’emt). [of] m-b-soul-adamlike stolen masculine [place-T of hebrew-H] (thai).
    [for] the Ka spirit-double bull. [of] existence.;
  2. the divine cow. [of] the original adamite soul. having become (by) place-T-e as chakratool [craftmanship] (h’em-t+). of [=for]. the original adamite soul. existence of speech. the sekhem-power of place-T-m (sekhemt). [for] existence.;
  3. the divine cow. [of] the coverings by place-T-e of m-b-soul-adam as the word for the word-inside for the fish-soul (‘skins’, ánnuuitu). [of] ãnkh-life., of [=by] (means of). having become the place-T-m to build and unite (khnemt+scroll). [for] existence.; 21] [through] the divine coverings \\to encircle. [in order] to make eden aether [via adamite soul] (redness; s-t’esher). desired. [for] great speech. [of] existence.;
  4. the divine cow. [as] the god. having become place-T-m of royalty [Orion] (sãh’t). [as] the place of the doubled-T for the solarplane intestine (‘wasp’, khabtt). [of] existence.;
  5. the divine cow. [of] the original adamite soul’s. house of adamite thone (ás-T). [fór] the doubled-T-m of existence of the kh-house (khentt). [as] the foreign land of áugert (place-T to found word of hail).;
  6. the divine cow. [of] the god. [by] the support to rise (from) place-T of the adamite soul to go connect to the word (uthest). [for?] the sky of earth. [by?] the hailstorm enciceling the place-T-e for hail (shenát).[!] [for] existence.
  7. the divine cow. [of] the border-sky of speech for the chalice (neb r tcher). [for] the Ka spirit-doubles. [of] existence.;

[as?] Nebh’et. [for] existence.; Isis. [for] existence., Nut. [for] existence., Geb. [for] existence., Tefnut. [for] existence. [and] Shu. [for] existence., [as?] the gods of the crown as place-T-m of great eden speech (urrt+). [for] all [of]. Horus’. existence.; 9] [skipped]

the flame of place-T-m to make the serpent(hand) (setcht). [for] the [an-] face (north). [as] the lights for to make speech to connect to existence as the god (senther+). [by means of] the place-T-e to roast for the speech of the soulpool-sh (ashert+). of [=for]. aspects and fowl (glyph)., [in order] to become the weight as the split-off word (ut’en). [for] the word of true voice. [of] the noble primeval child. [etc].;

the light for completion of the solarplane (h’eb+). [of] existence. [by] Matter and substance (pa-glyph?). [as] the mutilated eden light’s. language (likely). to make existences [via ad.soul] (snu). [through] the willpower of saturn (h’enã). [for] existence to become new.;
[for] the gods. [of] existence. [by] the torso for the [an-] face. [as] Rã.; [and by] the torso for the [an-] face. this (pu). he. to make perfect [via ad.soul] (s-áqr). [namely] the West. [of] the word-inside. [as] the words for completion of the solarplane (h’ebu). of [=by]. this. mouth.; (*) [by means of] he. [for] me.[as] the son., my. father (átf). [of] existence. [namely] the original adamite soul’s. place-T-e speech to make. [by] the tied-up willpower of the scroll-sky.;

[alternative ending, following after (*), but refusing to run:]
[by] he. the mother (eden). [for] he. my. divine father. [as] speech. [like?] the original adamite soul.; [through] existence. the T-m. to make. [by] the place-T-e of the Sba-gate. to guide., [for] the gods. the doubled-house \\[by] the place-T of the circle-cave (qerrt\\). [of] the words of adam-within., the gods. [of] the north-island dome. [of-T]. [and] the south (res). dome. which are. the gods. the word-inside. [by] the names (eden’s). to know. [in order for] the noble spirits. to make perfect [via ad.soul] (s-áqr). which is (n-t). [by] the tied-up place-T of the scroll-sky (metchat+).”;

——– end BD CXLI
B] notes :
[names of T-e :]
  • 'new north': SH-dome and everything north,
    into thes-domes,
  • 'word for the son', as "Sais" place of Neith
    [see ãnt' in diagram]
  • 'r-stau', tricky glyph, usually "to tow, to drag",
    but you see in the glyph metal-land following T-m ; and this same glyph
    is "flame", when a brazier is added to STTA (from root TTA+flame) ;
    "the foreign land/to tow/to make/the metal-land's-place-T as the mouth",
    but note how in second paragraph, about T-m, it is "divine R-stau",
    [continued CXLI :]
  • setcht-flame,
    the serpent TCH + hand, hand as place of executive rule,
    as the area of uTCHa-eye and uaTCH sceptre,
    [4 x rudder :]
  • in bd148 are the same four, H'EMU, but their nature is not clear yet -
    though notice the relation with place-T-m, as in [four regions by T-m :]
    and see the rudder and place-T in *pic,
    [divine cows :]
  • we have a BD about that, 148, (yes, will need be revised) , because now it
    shows that the 'cows' are their 7 copied regions (7 eden, 7 matrix regions)
    as 'cows'; several of the 6 (?) deities below the paragraph match some cows ;
    and indeed they are different, 'new' created regions :
deity : — - nature :
a) — masculine, Ka double
b) — sekhem-power, chakratool, place-T
c) Geb?— coverings, t'esher,
d) Tefnut?— Orion as place T-m
e) Isis— place-T-e
f) Shu— upport to rise UTHES, hailstorm
g) Nebh'et — border sky, chalice
— note the 'hailstorm'and compare book of Revelation, hailstones of 50 talents;
note 16/5 : we followed the disaster with the Grenfell block, two days ago,
but hesitated to file it under rituals -- if you have read the last posted spells,
you will understand that we combine the 'cube, teKa flames on top, asher
(search back)' etc, with the names and nature of the horrible disaster ----
but since, at this point in time, it appears to have been caused by an accident,
without the clear signature as those previous listed, we keep open the possibility
that it was an "attacking ritual", so dangerous that no signature cóuld be attached :
but the signature "to pronounce a curse / (for) to harden" [the latter used in
describing 'the hardened heart of Pharaoh], but now adressed to place-T-e.
The disaster kept coming back in our thoughts, probably because of the
importance of the theme, right now, as per previous entries ;
that we place this remark here, is solemnly because of the Legal.
May God be merciful to the victims.

#UPD. by previous note :
perhaps 10-15 mins after submitting previous note,
a 'hit' came, and then the shoulders started to hurt, noticably.
After a while the sumerian version of Thoth, Ninghiszidda,
came to mind - and somehow it makes Sense :
the ritual was Crafty enough to have his signature.
Coincidentally (or not, ofcourse...) the used word 'weight' is also
related to a burden of either glory or hardship upon the shoulders',
see Strong's for the connotations ; know enough by now to see that both serpents out from
his shoulders are both side Sba-stargates, and he himself is the
guardian of the all-important throat/necklace, he being the head.
You may question the methods - but we do not ask for these things ;
they simply happen, and seems to be the way we have to work -
the only thing that matters is that you and us keep being attentive.
#UPD. London ritual - the spindoctors starting
this ritual we take personal, for several reasons,
hence the update :
[quote] "[..] after it was revealed how firefighters successfully tackled the fridge fire and began to leave - only realizing how quickly it had spread when they stepped outside.
Units were called to what they believed to be a standard fridge fire at the doomed high-rise, and within minutes told the residents the fire was out in the flat. The crew was leaving the building when firefighters outside spotted flames rising up the side of the building, BBC panorama has uncovered." [end quote DM]
The above sounds 'reasonable', but is contextually Impossible -
mainly because if they 'stepped outside', then it means that there was simply no indication that the fire had lurked outside the window, or even near it. Firefighters are not stupid - they make very sure that the area is secured 'before leaving' : and remember it was 'a small fire', even according to the untrained-eye of the neighbourwoman, several minutes befóre the brigade arrived.
In order to ignite the flammable isolation, fire would first have to burn through a thin sheet of aluminum containing the isolation : but since, obviously, the area of the window was not that affected, we suggest a small phosphorus device could see to that, having enough lasting energy to start igniting the inside of the first panel.

#UPD. London : they won't stop (+positive news)

- we mentioned the 'phosphor', yes - as small hotspot, bearing enough energy ; below is the type communication as response. No we are not obsessed, but yes he milks out the theme unto extremes:

the same topic we are doing now in the Ramayana - and we will not have it. Period.

Spot the point, please :


"Thousands of people who own a model of fridge-freezer which started the Grenfell Tower blaze are being urged to contact manufacturers Hotpoint amid safety fears. The government ordered an urgent investigation into Hotpoint's FF175BP after police revealed it was the model which started the blaze which killed at least 79 people in west London.

Hotpoint's FF175BP model had not been subject to any product recall, but will now be examined by safety experts as part of a government-ordered review." [end quote of below link]

You just can't make it up.
...'we' know immediately the ahem details of that bloody fridge,
and that immediately the Gov 'ordered something', is the red flag here.
And no don't think that "now that poor manifacturer suffers" -
then you didn't understand the intertwined coöperation of all he owns.

"It's very early to judge but in my life long electrical engineering experience. I doubt that there is sufficient energy in any faulty component in that device to cause so much fire. My question would be into what was stored in or close to that appliance."

"The real question is how can a small fire in an electrical appliance in one room, lead to such a wide spread fire so quickly. What gave rise to it spreading so 'quickly?' at the source? Were there other very combustible items or materials local to the appliance? Was valuable time lost in the first instance?"

"So how did the fire get outside? THAT is the question that needs to be answered."

"The start isn't really the issue, it could have been a chip pan fire, it's how quickly it spread..."

"Sounds like they are trying to pin it on Hotpoint but what they won't tell you is that the fridge fire was extinguished completely. It's the cladding that caused this."

RESPOND : "The picture is confused at the moment. OK it looks like the cladding contributed immensely to the disaster, and the building fire safety plan and equipment seem inadequate, but there are many contributing factors which will come out in the wash. For example, if it IS true the appliance was successfully extinguished by the fire brigade, unfortunately some questions need asking about their subsequent actions, and why the building fabric fire wasn't detected?"

"I think the make of fridge is irrelevant if we have no idea of age condition, if it was covered with piles of clothes or how it was connected. Was the door left ajar? if there was enough fridge left to identify and the FB said they put fire out the big question is how did the fire get outside."

...and many others.

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