PT 684

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, first revision 19/8/17
theme : the four annexated cherub wheels in the lampstand (and binary theme)
first revision 19/8/17
status : 90%
summary : the four annexated cherub wheels in the lampstand (and binary theme)
notes : below, pic
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
situation : top of lampstand and above
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
see also : spells in same range ;
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines ; but where
CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using
many abbreviations of concepts -
remark : major theme -- describing the 4 cherub wheels in lampstand
foreign concepts : pending
translation : common accepted translation copied at end of page
PT 684

PT 684
2062c] the sekht h’etep filed (+acquire?). which is. the sky of earth [north]. which is. place-T of beauty (nefer-t).;
[by means of] the things of the Watercourse (not ‘ways’). [as] the speech. +
2062b] [of] the adamite soul. within. the gods (matrix)., [through] thou. place-T to guide. [namely] (-T of) the triple place Shes (diagram). [for] Horus. thou. place-T of the Watercourse [north; ur-t]. [for] the [an-] face [north]. [of] N (candidate).; [using] the prisoner (su, Cain). [in order for] the hand [eden] (t’). +
2062a] [of] every. light (eden’s). [fór] the light (matrix). [as] he. the beauty (nefer).; [through] this (pn). mouth (eden’s). [for] N. [using] the prisoner. [to] thou. existence (eden’s). to give.,
[and so for] the sky of earth [north]. [as] the speech of hail (ár). [for] N. the speech to manifest (perr).;
2061c] [namely through] the Kha lake [base plasma-construct]. [of] existence. [as,by?] the pool [sh?]. [for] the intestine-coils of the solaplane (qab+). [of] the [an-] face [north]. +
2061b] [as] place-T of beauty.; [by means of] place-T of the sb-stargate (‘to make the solarplane’). [for] the sky of earth [north]., [by] the belly. below. [as] the speech. [for] thou. speech of hail (ár). [for] N.;
[as] the stability (men). +
2061a] [by] the word. to doubly-establish (2xuah’). [in order] to return (glyph). existence (matrix). [as] existence of hail.;
[by means of] the Ka spirit-double [+perch] (in lampstand). the support to rise up (thes). [for] beauty. [of] hail.;
[and so as] the speech of hail. +
2060] [by] the word. to doubly-establish (2xuah’). [in order] to return (glyph). existence. [as] existence of hail.,
[by] the Ka spirit-double [+perch-region]. to make the support to rise up (s-thes). [for] beauty. [of] hail. speech of hail.;
2059b] the sky of earth [north]. [as] the bull. [of] existence (matrix)., [by means of] m-b-soul-adam-like praised (h’esi-h’esat). existence to make (via ad.soul). within. the “One” (north).;
[and so for] N. +
2059a] existence to make. [of] speech. [in order for] N. the word. to discover., [and for] N. existence to make for the kh-house (via ad.soul) (skhnn,props). +
2058d] [as] the sky of earth [north].;
[but] of [=by]. the land (eden, south). [for] the speech of hail. [of] N., to bend (to axis) speech and nature. nót.;
2058c] [but now] the sky of earth [north]. of [=by] (means of). the land (eden, south). [for] the speech of hail. existence to make (via ad.soul). [for] existence. [by] to bend (to axis of) speech and nature (kher). [through] the four lights-wheels (of place-T). [who are of] Horus. nót.;
2058b] [for] N. the four lights-wheels. [as,of?] thou side (north). within (lampstand). nót.,
[but] existence to make. existence. [by] the four lights-wheels. [ás] thou side. within.,
[through] the four lights-wheels (place-T). [who are of] Horus. nót.;
2058a] [in order for] N. to pour out essence [imprisoned word of Watercourse of saturn] (‘foulness’, h’ua). nót.;
[but] existence to make. [for] existence (matrix). [by means of] to pour out essence (h’ua). [through] the four lights-wheels (place-T). [who are of] Horus. nót.; (note!)
2057] [and so by] the nut dome (-T) [top lampstand, not torus]. the word to birth. [in order] to complete (tem). the word to birth [above]. [as] the word. [for] existence to become new (matrix,unn).;
[through] these. four of the hand of he (ft’4). of [=for]. the “One”. [of] this. N.; (note)
2056c] [fór?] the moon [-months] (matrix; glyph). [as?] the heads (likely). [for?] speech.,
[by?] (-T of) the half-moon [-months] (of binary, glyphs). [as?] the heads. [for?] speech.;
[as] every. light (eden’s). [for] N’s. existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (eden’s).,
[namely as] the speech. +
2056b] [of] he. the essence of the mouth of the evil tile of the q-axis for existence (neqem+). [for] N. to give speech. nót.;
2056a] [but] Horus. thou. essence of the mouth to sacrifice (s-ma+). [for] N. [as] essence of the mouth to un-roll and outstrech (peseg+). [by] Horus. thou. shoulder [to bear up] (remen). [for] speech of hail (ár). [of] N. to dwell.;
2055c] repeat 2056c]
2055b] repeat 2056b]
2055a] repeat 2056a]
2054] the workplace. [for] Osiris [as construct]., [by] he. (-T of) adamite throne. [for] N. m-b-soul-like to make. N’s. ãnkh-life.; [and so?] N. to purify. +
2053b] [by means of] the lights of speech to make to connect to existence (via ad.soul) (senther). [as] existence (matrix). [by] the flame of mixed-place-T of saturn (heT-e-t-m+). [of] the [an-] face (eden’s,likely). [fór] the sky of earth [north]. the speech of hail.;
[as] the sky of earth. the speech of hail. [for] N., [through] existence (matrix). the adamite soul. to seize (sht’).,
2053a] [by?] tefnut [top lampstand] (goddess). [of] N. who is. the mother(-T)., [for?] the north sh-pool (shu). [of] N. existence. [as] place-T of hail (father,át).;
2052b] [and so by] the nut dome (-T) [top lampstand]. [of] N. who is. the mother(-T). +
2052a] [for] N’s. (eden) \\willpower. [óf] the [an-] face (eden’s). [fór] place-T of great speech (north). to bend (to axis) speech and nature of hail (á-kher+)., [=willpower to go bend]
[and so for] N. the image (place-T the word for place-T; tu-t). to give. speech. [for] the speech of hail (ár).,
2051d] [by means of] the (eden) stars to perish who are ignorant of hail (ákhemu-seku). [in order for] the stars to make the solarplane (sb+). [for] speech of hail.,
2051c] [for] N. the fat [eden aspects] (flesh/-T/of willpower). [for?] the words of iron [+character] (solarplane; báau+).;
[and for] N. the bones (qsu).+
2051b] [for] the sky of earth [north]. [of] speech of hail.; [and this all through] he. the Ka spirit-double [+perch] (in lampstand). [in order for] N. existence. the word to command.,
2051a] [and so as] Osiris [construct]. thou. hail to manifest.,
[in oder] of [=for]. N’s. existence. to manifest.;
to recite.;
—-end PT 684
A] notes :
note - appears that the relation between the adamite soul and the cherubs,
is one where the cherubs 'serve' the soul ; in the sense that aspects of
the physical original adamite is part of the cherubs ;
- it can also show why they removed adam and eve up to north, and placed
them in another axis - in order to let the cherubs be directed to them,
and so have the stream to bend,
  • line 2085d] four lights-rings
    to right ; the curved beak suggesting it is Horus,
    rather as a vulture (A), then the term would be 'moment' ;
    they aren't stoplines so no 'four-T', see next note,
    and carefully notes as 'four' [so not just multiple] ,
    perhaps related to "the four of the hand of he' in line 2057]
    but the concept is unclarified,
  • line 2058b] four lights-rings,
    same problem as above - the only 'four' we know of is as
    SEP4, the four wheels, usually circle+IIII, but perhaps here
    just as four [small] circles ?

    2058] lines context -
    he talks about "speech bending into another axis",
    we saw that before with glyph KHAB, 'to bend, bent staves' ;
    here, he relates that to these 4 wheels/lights ;
    in 2058d] he tells that 'eden did nót Bend, originally',
    in 2058c] he says 'but in order tó make existence, she needs to --
    and then bend 'at the 4-wheels-t which are nót of Horus',
    2058b] thou realm-side is nót within the lampstand, originally ;
    but now since you got inside the lampstand,
    you make existence through the wheels which are not of Horus ;

  • line 2057] four of the hand,
    then we also know now whát are those 'four' :
    the wheels ; and the 'he' is eden ;
  • line 2056c] moon-month,
    we saw in 680-range that 'the moon-month to birth',
    then the "half-month" must be the opposite eden construct ;
    we know from scripture that the hebrew [earth] month started
    at Full moon, and there are similar themes in spells about
    'the waxing bull [as moon]' , but we need to locate them again,

    IF this 'halfmoon' in the text is about the Binary realmoon,
    then Henoch tells about "in 7 parts she becomes a full-moon,
    at the 15th day - and in the next 7 parts her circle is empty";
    but now the question is, what show the glyphs, to right ?

    inversion -
    the stars with full dome are to be 'full month', with 1/4 dome as 'halfmonth';
    if their solrplane moonlight is 'full', then they took that from the binary's
    'half moon' - but that would imply "from an empty binary moon".. ?
    - problem is we have a T'ENÁT as well, '1/4th moon' ,
    "the completion of the solarplane, (by) 1/4th portion, (at) place-T of hail,
    (by?) to violently split-off' [existence from the hand] ;
    "the ring to split-off...."
    "the island to split-off..."
    "the weight (by?) the adamite soul to split-off..." [ten-s]
    "the divine words by the root to split-off..." [bd 39]

    the 'logical' would be, that they stole the full-moon,
    but just inversed the "timing"...
    the "heads" are virtually always related to those of adamite originals,
    but may be here similar to the heads upon the ÁMEN-serpent, tuat VI, what rabbithole is this again..?
  • line 2051d] stars to perish,
    the SEK- is always eden related ; for ÁuKHEM we may find
    a better description, in time ;
    the "stars to make the solarplane" can be the planets, themselves,

    laser refraction
    impression of how the wheels could 'take in' the binary moon light
    but now, under their rule, the light being sent-out at another axis angle
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