added UPD. April 2016: see below

“Technics”, [glyph: TEKHNU], is a Tool from the very realm of the Spells that this site is about; technics, therefore, are a – superficial – blessing to mankind, but can be used, as well, to hurt and control by; in this present time of hacking, hacking-for-distortion, Photoshop, etc,, we the owners of, have decided to store every original page and file of this site separately from this main site, to be used, in any malevolent case, as our proof of good Intent; 12 August 2016.
Purpose of the site:
This website, “Real Pyramid Texts”, exists to provide others with a chance to read for the first time in 4000 years what the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs actually said. We believe that the translations presented of the glyphs, on this site, are finally, for the first time, correct translations being provided of what the hieroglyphs tell. This is why the pages may seem hard to read at first until the reader of the site gets accustomed to the archaic way that the glyphs read. We have chosen to translate literally and not to use modern language – so that the translations are as close as possible to the original texts of the hieroglyphs as possible.
The posts on this website include the translations of ancient hieroglyphs, translations we feel are the most accurate and true to the original hieroglyphs ever published; and also includes comments and notes about those translations.
We can only provide the translations. We cannot decide for the reader how to react to the translations or what views the reader has concerning what they believe the translations mean. We cannot decide for the reader what they believe concerning the content of this site. When the views of the reader wrongly understand the translations the views of the reader do not express the opinions of realpyramidtexts [us].
The site visitor is responsible for his own view about the validity and implications of the translations posted. The posts that are provided on this site do not imply that the owners or administrators of this site demand or expect anyone reading the site to agree with us about what the hieroglyphs say or to act in any specific way in reaction to what the glyphs say
the views expressed on this site are not meant as advice to the reader by the the owner or administration of If you feel you might be offended by the content or views of this site or if you think it not suitable for a minor, due to your age, or other reasons, you should log off immediately.
Fair Use Notice:
This site contains diagrams made by the translator which will not include attribution below them since they belong to the site itself. The site may also display copyrighted images, diagrams or other content found on the internet; the use of such content on this site is for educational purposes only. Content and images found on the internet will include attribution below them. We believe our occasional use of these images (some of which may be open source and not under any copyright) and/or content constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such material. The content on this site is provided without profit to ourselves or anyone else; rather, at a cost. For this reason in the future the site may request donations from visitors; if so, donations will be accepted only for the purpose of continuing to be able to keep this website going.

UPD. April 2016:

  • 1] we remain strongly with the Disclaimer as posted above from 8.12. 2016;
    especially since after that timeframe their “Fake News” war has been started.
  • 2] we are aware of the existence of shadowy ‘internet companies’,
    who are [either by order or for own profit] searching “mistakes” in websites,
    such as the publishing by the targeted website of any type unlabeled copyrighted
    photograph, of which’ the source perhaps has not been clearly added to that specific image,
    using this Mistake in order to try shut-down or Sue that website.
    We Vehemently oppose this type bloodhound-searching by dubious reasons;
    since we have no other reason for our site as to inform YOU – the reader -,
    and therefore are Rejecting – in any case – every ‘fixed’ opportunity from a third side;
    thereby Legally turning anyone who searches to find faults by us, being the enemy of YOU.
  • 3] As best we can, keeping the laws in mind, and by the spirit of the law,
    we give all credits to every video, photograph or otherwise, we use for our site;
    since we simpley have no réason to go infringe Copyright – but only use every available
    desired image or video to sustain the information which could be important for YOU;
  • 4] for the above reasons, we have moved the Host of realpyramidtexts net and com to a Dutch
    company; for us being the surest fortress against the insane US laws and lawyer-culture;
    we as RPT reject in the strongest terms the attempts to stop Peoples from gaining knowledge.
  • 5] not we as RPT started this worldwide Disinfo-campaign, termed “fake news”:
    our non-adamite opponents did. In any case of any worldly-legalistic case,
    we will require complete explanation about the nature of any accusation: since the very fact of
    opposing the Spells (which we are convinced we translate rightly) reverses the burden of proof —
    namely as such that the possible accusing party will be required to explain on which grounds we have
    then supposedly translated any Spell (or scripture, or Vedic) the wrong way.
    Simply accusing by blowing-up a non-case about “copyright” will not do:
    considered the open nature and kind intention of this site to inform peoples.
  • 6] in closing:
    we, as you and RPT, have not asked for this started information-war.
    But we have only the well-being of the [adamite-] peoples in mind:
    and that in a complete open site, constantly learning and discovering;
    seeking the welfare of YOU.
  • In truth:
    loNe, 3 April 2016,
    as addition to original article above from 12 August 2018.