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what makes this version any different?
– What you see [above] on this homepage, are but a few literal quotes within this site, from the Egyptian Pyramid Texts, which are endless series of hieroglyphs, carved into the tombs of several nobles in ancient Egypt. Throughout the past century, several people have started the huge task of translating them; most of their work can be found online – but we discovered that something was not right with the nature of those translations.

Somehow, they started to become more and more a series of verses which sounded very mysterious but were completely lacking contextual logic….- until we found, that the key to reading them correctly, was to read them from right-to-left, instead of the left-to-right, like the scholars used to do:

……and the result of that right-to-left reading, showed astounding themes and concepts…….in perfectly understandable english, word for word, with very few necessary interjections!

reading direction reading direction

pic of reading direction: courtesy of www.rom.on.ca


**** the Four required vital aspects in order to can read and correctly interpret hieroglyphs *****

1]– the direction of reading —

The problem of “which direction they should be read”, is not new:
scholars have seen that sometimes hieroglyphs faced the one way, then the other, and wondered about that; for example James Allan, who discusses why they might have been reversed, in his book “the ancient pyramid texts”, or Jeremy Nadler, “Shamanic wisdom in the pyramid Texts”, as well as John Anthony West in his “Serpent in the Sky”; but the theories presented in them are not satisfying.

On one occasion, i found a translation of one line, from right-to-left, in an article from the University of Birmingham, UK, from a new-kingdom papyrus which contained a [very corrupt] short version of the Am Duat book; but also here the translation missed the other required aspects to can correctly interpret them were lacking; see next points;

However, what baffled us, is the question of “how could egyptologists, who were undoubtedly familiar with óther old middle-east languages, which are read right-to-left, have somehow Missed that hieroglyphs should be read the same way”….?

2] — the reason why hieroglyphs can be depicted inverse, is because they are a transcript of Sorcery —

as you go, you will understand what exactly we mean with that line;
they were not devised as the modern type languages in use, today, containing the syntax rules we know: but they was devised to express another reality.

People do not think in words, but in ‘pictures’, archetypes, on a subconscious level, which then translates into words, forming sentences; that may very well be the reason, why the string of pictures actually form a perfect running sentence in English. Strange however, is this backwards concept: it shows, for one, that our language is very intimately related to consciousness – which decides how we perceive reality.

– “Backwards” is a most favourite concept in the Spells: the very name Orion, as ‘father of the gods’, has that backwards glyph; meaning literally causing to think backwards…which is indeed what so-called modern man does. The spells describe this thinking as “to walk backwards”, hence the line [on the homepage] “backwards speech is beautiful”, as a very useful concept to rule others by.

this Backwards inversion is not the phrase “as above, so below”, you might have heard: that phrase is wrongly explained by virtually every ‘spiritual site’ on the internet, since they fail to understand the sheer Magnitude of inverted, opposite realms; and because the hieroglyphs are the language of inverted realms, the term ‘sorcery’ is not too heavy: the very nature of that Inversion is mirrored in the words, themselves.

For example, where a word like MES means “birth / the north”, it’s counterpart ShEMã means “the south”; and virtually every cluster has it’s countercluster with the opposite meaning. In above example, you see how the S and the M have like ‘switched positions’, thereby denoting the very opposite.

Factually, the very system of the hieroglyphs is like one giant Fractal puzzle, in many layers, describing the nature of both realms, and their influence upon reality, or perhaps even “creating anóther reality” — that is the sorcery by the spoken word, as described in Book Of Manifestation [usually known as book of going forth by day, but that is not even the correct title!] chapter 1, where Thoth declares the Victory over the stolen word, in order to go gobble them up, to can create this matrix.

…but that is not all:

3] two Realms, mutually opposing one another

– this is related to the main [header] picture on the homepage:
the context of hieroglyphs are only understandable in their meaning, when taken into account, that they express their own dimension [ÕN, Saturn], against the realm, dimension of Scripture [God’s dimension]. We realize that a number of people will not like this idea, cherishing Vague antipathies against Scripture; but this is not about what ‘modern man likes to project into hieroglyphs’ – but about what they actually sáy. Right?

No previous translation has taken this into account.
…yet it is a most crucial factor: for many terms, for example, there are a dozen different words [inside ‘clusters’, as we call them], but the réason that there are several words for a particular theme [for example ‘snare, net’] is because the very glyph determines whether the word describes something in Saturn’s realm, or of God’s realm.

Hence, to read “his enemy”, the very choice of the glyphs used, determine whether the text talks about Horus’ enemy, or describes God’s enemy. It may be clear to you, that the nature of the hieroglyph texts therefore must have its counterpart [enemy] in Scripture: since it fulminates against her.

More amazing — all of the hieroglyphic texts, without exception, describe the beginning of them by their victory, which scripture describes in Genesis as “the fall in the garden of Eden”; which had enormous cosmological consequences, and every PT is full of describing the results of Saturn’s victory, whereby the [glyph] URSHu [biblical ‘Watchers’] have constructed Osiris and Horus out of stolen aspects of Adam….. – This is the very reason, why the pyramid texts are so extensive: because of the describing the enormous transformations [KHEPER] as result of the changed realm, as well as the transfer of many Attributes to Saturn’s realm.

[see cosmology and themes for more]

Therefore, we will show you that the hieroglyphic texts are factually a kind of “photo-negative” from the context Scripture provides; moreover, that every other religion,except Scripture, are merely Masks of the ancient-egyptian one, like the vedic Vishnu is Anubis, the greek Athena is Neith, etc; and all their attributes are related to the original ancient egyptian deities, whom Scripture describes as “fallen [arch] angels”.

4]– Cosmology —

Where the previous three were about reading the glyphs, themselves, it is equally important “to try grasp the idea of what concepts they could describe”, because one can let the spells to say whatever one likes – by projecting a view upon them, and we here realize that danger very well.

Definitely, the worldview wé think we see around us – with a sun and this solarplane – is totally Off: the PT tell that humankind [actually they use the denigrating term ‘plebs’] is living in a Tomb, caused by that solarsystem of which we think is our [only] ‘scientific reality’. Nothing could be further from the truth!

There are, however, no spells which specifically address how that other reality looks like, or what is the positioning of the ‘lakes’ and ‘slaughterhouses’ and ‘palaces’ etc, they address: occasionally, some clue is mentioned in any spell, probably because to them, it was so obvious – but not for ús, who have to reconstruct it by bits and pieces; finding in every second spell another possible clue to the puzzle.

[an exception is a PT, where the writer describes his travelling in the eastern sky [we hope to upload those series, first]; and in the Coffin Texts 460-range, where is described what ‘the fields of Saturn’ look like – but we have not yet found a way to can somehow ‘double check’ what is said there]
insertion: UPD. April 2018:
it has been almost two years since we wrote this introduction; and all above is still Valid;
but in the mean time we did succeed to reconstruct a number of dimensional constructs;
through a rather painstaking comparing and re-comparing which regions the spells address.
We are not there yet — but compared to a year ago, we definitely made progress;

…. in either case: much will be asked from you,
because they use for us foreign terms and concepts, and equally strange words: simply because of the náture of this different realm; terms, which we have trouble with grasping, because of our conditioned one-track mind, caused by our ‘scientific’ way of thinking, and that Ignorance is daily, and deliberately [!] presented to us.

CRUCIAL – please always remember, while reading:
“Sorcery”, [glyph] H’EKAU, H’ from ‘Saturn’, is a dangerous thing:
and even though sorcery as behexing looses it’s power when exposed – to the Truth of Scripture, that is – it will try to blind you in every néxt understanding: because such is it’s nature;

…this is all about two realms, where the Saturn one is mimicking into extremity everything of God’s realm, to such extent that sometimes even from the text it is not clear what side is addressed.

The more you will read, the further you will enter another world of two opposite realms, and that *will* rub Off upon you; because this is no child play, but a war of consciousness. Therefore, if you are an Adamite soul, make sure you stay under God’s protection; because he wants you to learn as much you can, because He wants to get you OUT of Saturn’s matrix Tomb: but it is up to you, you make sure you remain under His protection.

We, of realpyramidtexts wish you a difficult but useful reading!
note please:
…it is a gigantic job to do them, word-for-word, a 1000 PT, and 1200 CT spells,
we try upload as much as possible in the coming weeks,
but you will understand that this is why we said “an ongoing project”.

The lyric of the song is about our theme; how deeply the pantheon hates us, and imprisons adamite soul with lie after lie so she won’t know love; over and over the spells tell of this: how they devise for her to be ignorant of the truth and “know not these things”, to be a prisoner by “backwards speech”; so to keep her, in the last lines of the lyric, ‘blind with no vision’.
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