Often Used Terms

list of terms, which most frequently appear in the texts;
with brief description of their colour, distinguishing three categories:
Á ‘beautified soul’, “soul” being a generic term – not necessarily ‘adamite’
ÃH’Ã ‘to stand upright’, denoting the angle of Saturn’s realm [!] ÁN often said ÕN, universe of ÕN, enveloping Eden, in southeast
ÁNT ‘ravine, abyss’ in south sky [every ÁN is anunna / ÕN ] ABT’U solarplane [+mountain], compare Enki’s abzu
ÁMENT ‘the West’ [where this earth is now part of] AKERU serpent gods, scripture’s “Watchers” [also URSH] BA a type of spirit-body for canaanite souls [B, solarplane] H’ENÃ ‘willpower of existence of Saturn’
H’EKA ‘sorcery’, by saturn [H’] H’ER ‘anunna-face’, description of a place of rule North of earth [from Horus] NUT every sky-dimension of earth, ruled by saturn
NEBH’ET mimick of Eve, as the house of Saturn for the solarplane
PER ‘to manifest’, as a new thing or being, created by the speech of Saturn
KAM ‘to be black’, ‘egypt’
QÃN Cain, forefather of egyptians [canaanites]

ÁÁ ‘most-beautified-soul’, term for Adam’s essence
ÁF ‘flesh of Áf’, the dead sun-god, Adam, whose flesh [being] they stole
ÁMiÁ ‘adam-within’, having aspects of Adam inside, dep. upon next word
ÁS ‘workplace’, a region in eastern sky, where adamite souls are stripped-down
ÁS-T lit. Isis, the throne of adamite soul in the North of earth
ÃT ‘fat’, as abundance in everything; claimed by Saturn [from Áten / Eden] ÁTEF ‘father’, applied to Adam’s aspects by which Osiris is created [!] ÁTEN the original construct of all of Eden
HA ‘to invade Gods house’, ‘the falling down of God’s house’ [hebrew-H] SU ‘prisoner’, applied to various states of adamite – early form of Set, ‘fallen Adam’
SET a construct representing ús as ‘fallen Adam’, also SETESH or SUT
TÁ the staff of rule of Adam, inversion of áten/eden
mixed / impartial
ÁAU ‘boat’, denoting a concept or construct
ÁABT ‘the east’, everything east of this earth
UR ‘great speech of the word’, to create, with double-RR usually Eden’s
N ‘existence’, either matrix, Eden’s realm, or solarplane, dep, upon next word
NES ‘tongue’, of adamite soul, usually negative
R the authoritative, masculine aspect of [the act of] creating
KHEN ‘to ferry over’, often used, to transfer stolen aspects [see ÁAU, above] KHU saturnian spirit-body, living in the solarplane realm, vampiring upon Eden [H] KHESEF ‘to repulse’, Saturn repulsing God by using adamite soul [S] SA ‘son’, but as in saturn’s son, by rule over the adamite soul [S] SEP ‘treshfloor’ [glyph], to crush adamite souls, from sirius SEPT’t
SEN ‘they, their, them’, referring to adamite souls, usually ‘in this matrix’
SEN ‘secondary’, ‘to clone’, ment as ‘secondary tó them [adamite souls] ‘
SEKHEM ‘power’, available to Saturn by his imprisoned adamite soul [S] SEKHET ‘Net’, the realm in the solarplane, existing by vampiring upon Eden [H] THES ‘to raise, support, bear’, [the North] through adamite soul [S]  
– the list is by no means complete; and many terms have so intertwined aspects, that it is virtually impossible to pút them in ‘categories’; we try to keep the list short though, because bullying with endless notes which make things séemingly very impressive [yet are Off], is not a method we like,
and it would probably only make you to abandon reading, altogether.