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Over the upper register runs a line of text, which reads:
[This is] the hidden Circle of Amentet, where KHEPER uniteth himself to the form of Ra, and where the gods, and the spirits, and the dead hasten (?) in the hidden forms of AKERT. If a copy of these things be made according to the figures which are depicted on the east of the hidden chamber of the Tuat, and if [a man] knoweth it, together with the names [of the gods], he shall journey round about and shall pass through the Tuat, and he shall not be turned back from making himself a companion of Ra.”
“divine light of willpower of speech [rã]. [is] the speech and nature (kh-house). [in] the booth [dome above solarplane] (seh’)., [as] the speech. it. to come. [from] he (the). adamite soul’s. light. [as] a thing. nót.;
[through] the adamite soul. to go to guard. the mouth [north]. [for] the tuathouse., [by] to orbit (khens,earths-moon-related). of. their (ad.souls). names. of. ‘he’[aspect of hebrew-H] (set)., to know [for] the beautified-soul. the word. [of] the tuathouse. [of] existence (matrix). [as] the hidden (áment). house of fat [adam’s aspects] (ãt)., [for] the Ka-spirit-double from the deep place (Ka-beb,comp.). [by] the anunna-face’s (vesica north). images (seshu). of [=by]. which is. this. to guide. alike-adam (miá). existence (matrix). [by] existence’s (eden’s). Eye. [of] the Word. [for] the beautified-soul., [by] the foreign land of ágert [plexus GA, inversal]. [of] existence (eden’s), [by] the turtle (sheta). [..lost one..].,
to guide. [by] the anunna-face. the adamite soul’s. speech. [as] lights. [for] the spirits. [as] the gods. kenst+scroll., [by] rã. [as] the speech. [of] light. [from] the adamite soul (not ‘sekher’)., [by] speech. divinely to transform (kheper-god). [for] the West., which is. to become (by) the thing of the turtle [‘the mystery’] (shetat). which is………………………..”;
[ Budge adds as endglyph “this. qerrt cave”;  but see the problem by ‘introduction’ ],


In the upper register are:–
1. The god PANKHI, who holds an ankh in his right hand, and a sceptre in his left.
2. A beetle, called KHEPER-ANKH, apparently pushing along a zone of sand,  or perhaps entering the horizon.

….yes, the oval can only be ‘the island of the fiery tongue of adamite speech’, the island NSRSER,
where the adamite speech is copied to ferry it to the hebrew-H rule north;
The text which refers to these scenes reads: “Those who are in this picture in the Tuat are in the forms of (i.e., they represent) the births of the god KHEPER, who is carrying his horizon to this City, so that he may come forth into the Eastern Horizon of the sky.”
[ text over beetle and deity:]
“the sky of earth. which is. [by] the eastern (áabtt). house of the horizon (ákhet)., [by] to penetrate (khet). of [=for]. the manifestation (pert). [of] speech. [in] this. place., [by] the speech. [of] his. island (oval-glyph). [as] his. word-inside [nu]., he. to bear up, to raise, carry. to divinely transform. [for] the things to birth (mestu). [as] the images [to make] (áru). [for] the tuathouse. of [=as]. these. designs (sekheru). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). [for] existence to become new.”;


Two serpents, standing on their tails, which cross each other near their tips. Their heads and necks are bent at right angles to their bodies, and in the space between them rests a disk; the serpents are called MENENUI. To the, right is a youthful goddess wearing a White Crown, and to the left is a similar goddess wearing a Red Crown each holds the index finger of one hand to her mouth, after the manner of children, and each is depicted in the act of sitting, but lacks a seat or throne.


4. An axe, symbol of “god,” standing on the handle end, with a disk resting on the side edge of the head. On the left is a goddess who is steadying the axe with her left hand, and on the right is a goddess who is steadying the disk with her right hand; the names of the goddesses are NETHETH, and KENAT, respectively. Each goddess is depicted in the act of sitting, but lacks a seat or throne.

The text which refers to these scenes reads: “Of those who are in this picture [the two goddesses on] the left come forth from the double serpent MANENUI,
MÃNENU\\, “[by] the word/of eden realm/[for] the willpower like [adam’s]“;
and [the two] on the right come forth from the axe SETFIT. They gather together the souls on earth, and they make pure the mighty spirits in the Tuat by the hidden figures which are therein, and [afterwards] they swallow their own spirits (or, souls) after this great god hath passed them by.”
[ text over both scenes, starting at the axe:]
“every (neb,solarplane). light of willpower of speech [rã]. of [=by]. the adamite soul. to (be made into) the fire-drill (s-tcha)., [as] a thing of the khu-spirit.’s. Tool [willpower/speech] (rãt). [for] his. existence (matrix)., [by] the Watercourse’s [eden axis]. light. [as] the thing of protection, protector. [of] the Tuathouse.;
of [=by]. this (word/root). their (ad.souls). Eye [‘this their eye = valid!]. to become the words (or cords) to transform., [by] to become transformations (khepert+scroll). [as] the things of the m-b-soul-adam to transform (kheperiu). [fróm] the Watercourse [eden axis] [tó] the anunna-face (vesica north)., [as] (the anunna-face being) the things to protect, protector. [bý] this (conn to). which is. the light. ‘to carry/the flesh/of willpower’ [?, unclear, Ã+flesh+shoulder]. [as] the thing (?,T). of [=as?]. his. light. the head [main-light?]. [of] his. existence (matrix). this. to make stable., [by] his. light. this. to make to worship (s-uash).,
[by] he,it. the emanation, portion, essence [Eye RX-complex-glyph] (tá). of [=by]. the Watercourse [eden axis]. [for] this (to conn to). the peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).;
[ by] the adamite soul. his. existence. [by] the Watercourse [eden axis]. [of] Light., this. to make stable (men+scroll). he (the) existence (matrix)., [by] the watercourse’s. light. this (conn to). to value [cause they need it!] (ap+scroll)., [as] the things of sekhem-power. [of] for. these. to become the spirits. [of] existence (matrix)., [as] the power [sekhem]. [of] existence (matrix). [for] the existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
the dawn [of the Tuat]. of [=by]. his. existence (eden’s). [of] evil (swallow-glyph)., to make to value (ap). this (root). [as] thing for the gods. [for by] them (ad.souls). [is] the anunna-face (vesica north)., [through] the great pillar. this. god., [by] to wander the root of willpower [eden’s] (ãpp). [ás?] the staff (khet). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). to become spirits., [through] them (ad.souls). the speech and nature (kh-house). to mimick (plint+scroll). to make the willpower [ by the adamite soul] (s-ã+scroll). of. adam-within., [by] the turtle (sheta). to become to guide. the anunna-face (vesica north)., [for] the Dawn of the tuat (t’uat+light). of [=by]. the Tool (speech). [for] the spirits. to open (shesen, soulpool).,
[as??] he (the). hand. [of] the adamite soul [3 glyphs- SET’F]. of [=for]. the land. [of] the spirits. [by] them (ad.souls). [for] existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
to become thou. ‘thing of m-b-s-adam his hand for the adamite soul’ [set’fit, ‘axe, tuat X’]. of [=by]. the adamite soul. [for] the house. [of] the West., to make the double serpent of the word of existence \\ as eden’s realm for the willpower like [adam] ( menenui\\. to manifest (per). these. designs (sekheru). of [=by] the gods. [of] the eden realm [!]., [for] existence to become new.”;

….oftentimes we feel that wé are the Stupid here:
so much information, yet buried under tons of so-called approved context — while the réal context is só difficult, that we grasp for Air to try compose a consistent picture of all:
– first,
this concept of the “hand” – which appears to be the place of original rule of hebrew-H: the “hand-glyph” must have been the D [T’] which was in Adam’s very name, and that he sinned with his hand [masturbation];
the same D becoming the root of the word T’UAT;
the “axe”, depicting the Ennead – the 9 – which is the dimension of  the gods who created this solarplane  after  noahs deluge, 7900BC, built a complete different kind of [post-Eden]  reality: namely our Illusionary present solarplane  of Rã, ruled by the north [ursa major];
see more notes at end of the page;

5. Eight goddesses, who stand upright, and hold an ankh,
in their right hands, and a sceptre in their left; they face the ape god, whose tail is stiffened out under him in such a manner as to form a seat for him, and who holds the utchat, or eye of the sun, on his two hands. The first four of the goddesses have each the head of a lioness and are called:–

[description of puns:]

1. SEKHET,   fields of Saturn, and sekhem-power;
2. MENKERT,   speech making stable;
3. HUNTHETH,   to connect to Saturn’s new type existence;
4. USRIT,   UASIT, by the m-b-soul-adam the spinal nerve system;


The remaining four have the heads of women, and have the names of

1. AMT-NETERU-S,   through the ad.soul the gods’ horn; likely some plasmastream;
2. ARIT-TATHETH,   to connect the land to the Eye;
3. AHAT,   existence to stand upright;
4. THEMATH-ERMEN.   by the axis to bear up through cut-off rule;

22000   22100

The name of the ape-god is AF (?)-ERMEN-MAAT-F.
probably HÃ REMEN F, “his/light [of the Watercourse]/to carry/the flesh [of Saturn]“;
…..the ‘ape’ is the represent, the goal of all these hours:
to have their ape-sons a head, a body being able to communicate and rule;
the eight goddesses, as constructs, therefore serve him – four with aspects of them, and four woman-headed as stolen aspects; his both protruding hands must mean ‘double rule’; he sits upon the invisible cube, denoting the torus Hall; yet his tail has the same form as the curled line below the eye [see picture of the Eye, in notes], which’line is used also in above text as “emanation, essence, portion”, TÁ:
the line can hardly be anything else as the Watercourse, leading up into the Eye, sustaining the ape by stolen aspects; telling is the glyph TÁ, which is the same as “the staff of rule of Adam”, TÁ – just with different T-glyph;

Concerning the goddesses the text says:
“To these goddesses who make the reckoning of his Eye for Horus in the Tuat, Ra saith:–‘Make ye strong your spirits by means of [your] strength, and make the reckoning of his Eye for Horus, stablish ye his Eye for Horus, and make ye Horus to unite himself to his emanation (or, to that which floweth from his eyes), praise ye Horus by reason of his Eye, and stablish ye his first Eye which is in the hands of the god AF-ERMEN-MAAT-F, and utter ye your words on behalf of Horus, O ye who cause to come into being the becomings of created things.’ The work which they do in the Tuat is to utter words on behalf of his Eye for Horus, and to cause radiant splendour to proceed from it each day.”

[ this paragraph is included in the full text, before, within the lines of the terms “curled line” and “Ã+flesh+shoulder”; since the entire section had no break, it implies that all four scenes belong together, and derive causually from eachother, building up to the sitting ape ];

6. Eight gods, each of the first seven of whom holds an ankh in his right hand, and (sceptre) in his left; their names are:–
two snakes as head; to carry speech for stability;
2. NEB-AQET, jackal-headed, the equillibrium of the solarplane master-holder;
3. AMEN-KHU, hawk-headed, the khu-spirits by the hidden stability;
4. HER-SHETA-TAUI, man-headed, the two landsby the turtle for the Dome north;
5. SEM-HERU, man-headed, Horus to go lead;
6. AMEN (?)-HERU, man-headed, TUA H’ERU, Horus to praise by the Tuat;
7. KHENT-AST-F, man-headed, SAAQ ÁST F, he to the adamite throne to assemble:
8. KHENT-MENT-F, a god in mummied form, like Osiris, who wears a White Crown, and grasps a sceptre, with both hands, which project from his bandages.

22300   22301

SAAQ MENTU, “the things of stability to assemble”; as the conclusion, the result, of the preceding deities together: he wears the white crown of speech – the realm of eastern solarplane dome –

The text which refers to these gods reads:
“Those who are in this picture in the forms which Horus made-when this great god crieth out to them by their names, they unite themselves and come into life in the shades which are in the mouth of the great god, and their souls journey onwards in his train to the horizon. They strip the bodies of the dead of their swathings and break in pieces the bodies of the enemies [of Ra], and they give the order for their destruction in the Tuat.”

[full text of this section – until over the figure with two snakes as head:]
“the Tuathouse. of [=by]. ‘he’ [aspect of hebrew-H] (set). [as] the evil to (want to) injure the beautified-soul (neká+swallow). [by] decree by law. the enemies. existence (eden’s). the embalmed things. to make to emit (s-ushu, soulpool). the dead bodies [of spirits] (khatu).[by] to denude (há). thém (ad.souls).,
which is. [by] the house of the horizon (ákhet). speech. it (the speech). to penetrate (khet). thém (ad.souls)., [by] to wander the root of willpower [eden’s] (ãp+walk). [from] them (ad.souls). [to] the sons/Ba-spirits., [through] the great pillar. this. god., [for] existence (matrix). [by] the Mouth [north, speaking creation]. of [=by]. adam-within. the shadows [energy-fields]. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). to can breathe., [for] existences (matrix). [of] peace [by Saturn].;
[by] to make names (s-ren) [!]. of [=by]. their (ad.souls). speech. [for] he (the). beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [as] the word of the mountain (t’uu). [for] the great pillar. this. god., to become (áu). [the situation that] the Watercourse [eden axis]. [by] existence (matrix). to make. to guide., [by] this. designs,nature,etc (sekheru). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence to become new.”;

tenth hour

In the lower register are:–

1. The god Horus, hawk-headed and wearing a disk, leaning on a staff.

….if the gods in previous hours were ‘sitting upon a cube’ etcetera, here he leans upon a staff,
which appears intetionally to stand at an angle – the staff possibly being the Watercourse:
interesting in this context is the line “Lo, thou trustest in the staff of this broken reed, on Egypt; whereon if a man lean, it will go into his hand, and pierce it: so [is] Pharaoh king of Egypt to all that trust in him.”, Is.36;
note how the reed is the ‘beautified-soul glyph’!;
2. lakes of water, in each of which is submerged a male form; these figures are called the “submerged.”
3. lakes of water, in each of which is a male form swimming, turned over on his breast; these are called the “swimmers.”
4. Four lakes of water, in each of which is a male form floating on his back; these are called the floaters,”

= Four lakes of water; containing three different type figures inside each; names see below;
The text reads:

The above text is full of lacunae, and whole passages, consisting of several lines, are wanting; the following version from Lanzone’s edition (Le Domicile des Esprits, pl. ii.) will be found useful in obtaining an idea of the contents of the legends which accompanied the lakes of water:
“Horus saith unto those who have plunged themselves beneath the waters, and unto those who swim, and unto those who float in NU of the Tuat, ‘O ye who have plunged yourselves beneath the waters, who shine in Nu, O ye whose hands cover your faces, who swim with your faces turned towards the water in the Tuat, whose cheeks are filled with water, O ye who paddle in the waters of Nu, whose faces are turned up into the air in the following of your souls, whose souls have been deprived of their heavenly air, and who beat the air with your hands in order to obtain it, O make ye your way in Nu by means of your legs, and your thighs shall not be in any way impeded. Come ye forth in this stream, descend ye on these waves, fill ye HAP-UR, and arrive ye at its furrows, for your members shall not perish, and your flesh shall not decay, and ye shall have dominion over your water, and ye shall have abundance according to my command, O ye whose duty it is to dwell in Nu, together with those who have plunged themselves beneath the waters, and are in [his] following, and whose souls have life.”

[the entire text above the lakes, and above horus, restored from Budge/Lanzone/and visible glyphs is:]
“these. Ba-spirits. existence. to become ãnkh-life. to found [plexus+speech] (áger)., [for] he. the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). to return to (khet). of [=for]. the dimension with words to fill [the North] (meh’u)., [as] the Nu dimension [word-inside]. [of] the words of adam-within., [by] the eden realm. this. which is. this. existence (eden’s). as] existence (matrix). to become by decree of law.;
[by] this. to open the windpipe (pillar), to breath (seqer). this (conn to). the dimension. of [=for]. this. existence to become sekhem-power., [as] this. flesh of Áf [adam’s contents]. [..lost..] the dirt. thou [are]. within. nót.;

he (the). shores [of the solarplane] (utchebu). [of] existence (matrix). this (conn to). go [out from?] (walk glyph). the mooring-post [mená, Eve’s place, plexus]. [by] divine great speech., [as] the hidden inundation of Saturn’s realm (h’ãp). existence (matrix). this (conn to). word to fill (meh’u). [as] the word inside the HenHen cube [copied cube,north] (hebrew-H)., [by] this (to connect to). to invade hebrew-H cube (Ha+walk; or ‘descend to north’). [by] the dimension., which is. [for] existence (matrix). to manifest (per). [by] this (conn to). Mast double-thigh [Ursa Major] (glyph: throne of ad.soul/to reap). to come,to go. HenHennu cube (see above). nót.;
these. legs [south] (ret’). of [=for]. the Nu dimension dome., [by] this (to conn to). to sacrifice (maã). [of] their (ad.souls). word. [as] the hidden root of Saturn [Cain] (peh’). this. willpower., [by] willpower. [of] existence (eden’s). [as] the word-inside to ferry-over [to North] (khennu). their (ad.souls). Dome (glyph). [tó?] the plexus of existence (neg; no det.)., [for] this (to conn to). the Ba-spirits. words of protection. [by?] them (ad.souls).;
[by] the Ba-solarplane-spirits. to penetrate. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). the anunna-face. [by] ‘to make the words of most-b-s-adam to steal for the beautified-soul’ [supposedly “floaters”] (sáthasiu). of [=for]. the dome of the Nu realm [of the word-inside]. [as] the dimension. \\ [of] the word (eden’s)., [by] to ferry-over the word-inside. [for] the beautified-soul., [as] the dimension. which is. [for] existence (matrix). [by] their (ad.souls). words. flesh/ad.souls/for solarplane house (bus,qebsu,beqsu). [as] the Tuathouse. of [=by]. the anunna-face (vesica north)., [by] the words. \ [of] the mixed plexus [mbs-adam+plexus] (ági). [for] hail of the beautified-soul.;
[by] them (ad.souls). the anunna-face. [as] the light. to ignite. of [=by]. their (ad.souls). willpower (Ã). [for] the willpower. [of] the dimension. [for] the dome of Nu [word-inside]., of [=by]. the injured light. (senek?+light). the dimension by words to fill. [for] the beautified-soul., [as] the Tuat house(s). [of] the Nu dome. [of] the word of adam-within., [by] the word. \\ to make to steal from the adamite soul [“floaters”]. [for?] the dimension. [of] the word. \\ from the mixed plexus (ági\\). [for] the dimension. \\ [with] the word of most-b-s-adam to fill (meh’iu). [“the submerged”], [from] the Watercourse [eden axis]. [for] existence for the beautified-soul.,
to recite.”;

…the entire scene looks more like a bizarre “baptism type ritual in three stages”, where the first group of four persons is called “the tuathouse/[of] the words of ad-within/[by] to make to steal words of mbs-adam from the adamite soul”;
the second group of four persons “the tuathouse/[of] words of adam-within/[by] the mixed plexus”,
and the third group of four persons, though most glyphs written right above that scene are lost, “the tuathouse/[of] words of adam-within/[as] the dimension as the word of mb-s-adam to fill with”;
……in this register however the goal appears to be to “immerse the beautified-souls”, within the mixed-realm horus has created; though it is not clear yet why ‘in three stages’;

6. Four female figures, each bearing a serpent on her head and shoulders; the head of each reptile is raised above the head of its bearer, and its tail hangs down her back; their names are:–
[note: only an attempt at the puns — no literal translation! ];
1. HETEMIT, “mbs-adam’s/adamite throne to destroy”;
2. BEKHKHeT, “the branch/to birth”, comp.?
3. TCHETMIT, “mbs-adam/to mimick/by language”;
4. SENTHES, “the adamite soul/hebrew H/to copy”;
…..they appear to represent the beautified-soul 2.0 as “emerged constructs, after the baptism”,
because of their standing-snakes clung to their back/spine;
The text reads:
“Those who are in this picture are they whose forms (or, figures) live by their heads. It is they who shed light upon the road of Ra in the thick darkness, and when he cometh forth into the Hall of the East, SET waketh up and travelleth on with him.”

[text, starting at very right, until over the four goddesses:]
“the adamite soul of imprisoned hebrew-H. [of] he [of hebrew-H] (set)., [for] he. the speech and nature (kh-house). [by] to wander the root of willpower [eden’s] (ãp). [by] the adamite soul of imprisoned hebrew-H (neHes). to rule [by sorcery] (heq). [by] his [hebrew-H’s] (set). East. ãrrit house., [for] he. to manifest. [by] the words to unite, to copulate with (smau). the words of darkness (keku). of [=for]. Rã., [as] a thing from the Wtercourse [eden axis]. to make to illumine [by saturn’s light]. them (ad.souls)., which is. [by] their (ad.souls). heads [of originals,in fire]. of [=for]. ãnkh-life. them (ad.souls). to go guide., this. designs,nature,etc (sekheru). of [=by]. thém (ad.souls)., existence to become new.”;

……as opposed to the four beautified-soul new prototypes, behind the sceptre, this sceptre represents the fallen adamite body — ruled by sorcery, with an incapable head – read, cognitive and spiritual functions, as opposed to the beautified-soul –

7. A sceptre, surmounted by the head of Set; its name is SET-NEHES, i.e., “Set who wakens.”
[neHes = ‘adamite soul waking up in imprisoned hebrew-H”; for text see above].


HAVING passed through the NINTH DIVISION of the Tuat, the boat of the sun arrives at the TENTH DIVISION, which is passed through by the sun during the TENTH HOUR of the night. The opening text reads:–

“This great god taketh up his place in this Circle, and he uttereth words to the gods who dwell therein.
The name of the door of this City through which this great god entereth is AA-KHERPU-MES-ARU. The name Of this City is METET-QA-UTCHEBU. The name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god to the hidden paths of this City is TENTENIT-UHESET-KHAK-ABU.”
[only in Budge – glyphs line-up of introduction:]
“the divine light. [the star]. the ‘despicable’ (see note). the knife of saturn’s word (?,uh’tes). the thing of mbs-adam to split-off violently (t’ent’enit). [in] the place. [for] existence. [of] mysterious (shetau,turtle). ways (questionable). [of] speech. [of] the great pillar. this. god., to go (walkglyph). the thing to guide. [of] darkness. which is. the Time dimension (unnut). [in] name [of].: the house of the shore [of the solarplane] (utchebu). [by?] the high place [of an-face] (qã). [is by?] the prison in the deep place (metch glyph) [of] the hand alike [adam] (met’t).;
this. place. [for] existence (matrix). [in] name [of].: the great door. [of] images. to birth., [by] the words of the root to steer (kherpu). [for] the great pillar. this. god., [by] to invade,enter (ãq). this. place. [of] existence (matrix). the tuathouse/SBA-gate. [of] existence (eden’s?). [in] name [of].: aspect of hebrew-H [‘he’] (set). [of] the words of adam-within., [for] the gods’. existence. it, he. to go command by decree by law., [by] this. qerrt cave. [for] the great pillar. this. god., [for] existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [of] peace [of Saturn].”;

….the context of the paragraph suggests rather an SBA-gate, which is the ‘he’ to ‘go command’;
perhaps related to that is the combination met’t-metch, where metch is ‘prison+tch’, serpent T, yet the previous word is its stedown, T’ – so it can’t be a scribal mistake, and impliéd is that “the hánd is the door in the deep place”..?
CT and BD continuously state “to open the double-door in the south, in order to can open the double-door in the north vesica”; that hardly can be else here as ‘the door of hebrew-H’, aka stargate, but it’s nature described as ‘hand’ – the T’, d, being from aDam;
In the middle register are:–

1. The boat of the sun, in which the god stands under a canopy formed by the serpent Mehen; he holds the symbol of life in his right hand, and a serpent, which serves as a sceptre, in his left. 2. A large two-headed serpent called THES-HRAU, which is depicted in the form of a pair of horns deeply curved towards the ends where they meet. The head which faces to the right has on it a White Crown, and is directly opposite to the face of a goddess, who also wears a White Crown, and is called HERT-ERMENT, and the head which faces the left has on it a Red Crown, and is directly opposite to the face of a goddess, who also wears a Red Crown and is called SHEMERTI, i.e., “She of the two bows.”

The texts which refer to the above read:–
“This great god maketh his journey through this City, in this picture, in his boat, and his sailors, who are the gods, convey him along; this [great] god taketh up his place in this City in the water, whereupon those who live in the water make use of their weapons, and they spring into life at the sound of the working of the sailors, who are gods, [in the boat of Ra].”

The Serpent is provided with two pairs of legs; one pair is turned to the right and the other to the left. Within the curve is a large hawk, which bears the, name of HERU-KHENTI.
….the hawk is “the kh-house’s/dome”, north, which is ruled by horus;
it may be a clue that the serpent has ‘mere feet’, instead of legs – the foot, B, is the solarplane-glyph, the left head going to earth – red crown – and the right head to the eastern solarplane, the white crown of great speech; the first pair of the serpent’s feet are turned one way is ‘to stay connected with the south’;
the context of both goddesses’names we still chew upon;
“Those who are in this picture are they who are on the two sides of THES-HRAU, who is the Soil of SEKRI, the governor of the TUAT. This figure (i.e., the serpent) even in the form in which it is, travelleth after this great god into its horizon, and it entereth in with him in the earth every day.”

3. A boat, wherein lies at full length the serpent ANKH-TA,[the construct of]/the land/[of] ãnkh-life”,
it may depict the to-build solarplane/fields of Saturn; but álso may depict earth, before it is being made into a ring of folded dimensions — compare the SA, protection; and ‘ferried-over’ through the red-crown head of the serpent to the North;
“He who is in this picture in his boat standeth up in the thick darkness in the Hall of the Eastern Horizon, and he taketh up his position in his place every day; he formeth the serpent watcher of the Tuat in the holy place of KHENTI-AMENTI.”
[the text, from the serpent on it’s boat, leftwards across the double serpent and the boat, until end:]

“every (neb,solarplane). light of willpower of speech [rã]. [as] the land. of [=by]. he. to imprison (kherá). [for] he. to enter. he (the). house of the horizon (north)., [by] the great pillar. this. god., to penetrate [that house] (khet). of [=by]. the staff (khet). of [=for]. he. to build (qet). alike-adam (miá)., [by] this. to guide.
the wandering root of willpower [eden’s] (ãp). [for] the Tuathouse. \\ [as] house of the foremost [adam; illegal\\]. [by] the divine \\ speech of the perished-adamite-soul (seker).;
[by] this. son., the serpent (named) ‘the faces/to tie together’. to connect to. the shoulder [axis] (remen?). of [=by,for]. this. designs (sekheru). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence to become new.”:

[continuing the line, from double-headed serpent until the end of the boat:]
“the gods. who are. this. things to build (qetu). [for] existence. to paddle [earth’s-moon-related]. the word of the voice [from below]. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). to open the windpipe [of pillar].; [and by] them (ad.souls). [are] the rudders [moon-related] (áh’u; word/of Saturn). the dimension. [of] adam-within., [as?] the dimension. of [=by]. this. place. [of] adam-within. [as] the god. [of] peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).;
[by] the prisoner [Cain] (su). them (ad.souls). to ferry-over. [by] the gods., which is. [by] he. the things to build., [as] he (the). boat. of [=for]. this. designs (sekheru). of [=bý]. this. place. [of] [=for]. the great pillar. this. god., to go make to build [by blueprints from orion] (sqet’t’+walk).”:

4. Four male figures, each of which has a disk in place of a head; each grasps in his right hand an arrow, with a spear-shaped head, which rests on his shoulder, and is pointed downwards; their names are:–
[for all three groups, an attempt to describe the puns:]

1. TEPTHRA. “the b-soul’s/speech/connected to/the head”(north);
2. SHESERA, “the b-soul’s/speech/[by] the adamite soul/soulpool-sh”;
3. TEMAU. “the word/[from] the cut-off/[hand]“;
4. UTU, “the word/to shoot out/[like the hand’s word]“;

…that their face is a ‘sundisk’, must indicate “the western anunna-face”, vesica north;
the arrow is ‘the adamite soul speech’, coming fróm the vesica now;


5. Four bearded, human-headed figures, each of which has in his right hand a short spear, which rests on his shoulder, and is pointed upwards [to enter the vesica]; their names are:–

1. SETU, “the word/[of] he [aspect of hebrew-H] (set).”;
2. ERTAU, “the word/[of] speech of willpower”;
3. KHESEFU, ” the word/to repulse”; – of ‘he’,
4. SEKENNU, “the word-inside/[for] existence/to perish”;

6. Four bearded, human-headed figures, each grasping with both hands a bow, which he holds above his knees; their names are:–

1. PETTH\\, “\\ (illegally) to connect/the hand (south)/[to] the (new) root (north)“;
2. SHEMERTH\\, “\\ (illegally) to connect/the (pyramid) fiery lakes/[of] the soulpool”;
3. THESU, “to become the word be tied together”;
4. KHA-Ã, “willpower/to rise and be crowned”;

……that they have bows should tell they shoot the words up to the an-face; but that it is over their knees must indicate the place of ‘shooting’ is from the Thigh, south;
the bow is “to stretch out, to extend” the torus, which is the góal of the arrows;


4. “To those who are in this picture with their arrows, and to those with javelins, and to those with their bows, who are in the presence of this great god, and who make their appearance with him in the Eastern Horizon of the sky, this great god saith:–Speed ye your arrows, make ready your javelins, bend your bows, and destroy ye for me my enemies who are in darkness; be ye at the portal of your horizon, and follow ye in my train when I unite myself to those who make adoration to my flesh in the MANTIT BOAT. It is, they who drive back the SEBI serpent of NEHA-HRA in the thick darkness, and when this great. god passeth on into the Eastern Hall of the horizon, they also travel on in the train of this god.”
[full text across all three groups:]
[first fifteen glyphs, until*, only in Budge:]
“to return (khet). of [=for]. this. god (eastside vesica). the speech and nature (of KH-house)., [by] the wandering root of willpower (eden’s). [to] the house of the horizon [north] (ákhet). which is. the Eastern (áabtt). ãrrit house., [by] the great pillar. this. god. *, [by] existence. the words to unite, to copulate with (smau). the words of darkness (keku)., of [=bý]. ‘the serpent face of dirt in the hidden background of Saturn’ (h’a-her). [of] existence., [by] the Sebi-serpent [mbs-adam+stargate]. to go repulse., [of] them (ad.souls). which is. the mãntet-boat [all stolen aspects] (see BD–). of [=by]. flesh of Áf (áuf,here). to praise (t’ua)., [as] the thing for existence from eden’s realm (nn+nen). [for] the peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).;
[by] to penetrate (khet). of [=by]. existence (matrix). this (conn to). house of the horizon. [as] the ultimate stargate. \\ [of speaking] the word of eden’s speech’ [rrut]. [for] the words of darkness (keku). [as] the words of adam-within. [to?] the enemies. [of] existence (matrix).,
[by] this (conn to). ‘evil (of wanting) the b-soul to injure’ (neká+swallow). he,his. ‘lakes of the pyramid of the soulpool’ (shemeru,?). existence. to become the hand as root (north, pet’). [by] this (conn to). ‘offerings, sacrifices of the words, in the deep place’ (ãbbtau, to abbait, appolyon). [for] existence (matrix). to become zodiacal light? (sept’, vesica south). [as] these (conn to). ‘arrows’ (see above). [bý?] (the stolen) Shes garment-body (soulpool)., [for] existence (matrix). ‘to go balance level’ (khekh+walk). [through] the great pillar. this. god., [by] their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). [for] existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
the sky of earth. [by] the eastern (áabtt). house of the horizon. [of] speech., [for] he. the speech and nature (of kh-house). [through] them (ad.souls). to manifest (per). to become the great pillar. this. god., [as] the forefrónt [of Saturn] (h’at, not ‘background’). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). stretching out (pet’tu). below (south). [by] their (ad.souls). ‘offerings, sacrifices in the deep place’ (ãbbtu). below (south)., [by] them (ad.souls). the arrows. [from] below., [as] these. designs,nature,etc (sekheru). [by] them (ad.souls). existence to become new.”;

[text continued over the first four sun-headed spearmen:]
“the divine horus spirit. [of] the West. \\ [as] the (mimicked) foremost-adam kh-house. to become sacred (t’eser). of [=as]. the tuathouse. [of] existence (matrix). [by] this (word/root). serpent’s word to stand upright (ãhãu, tuat III also). [by] every (neb,solarplane). light. [by] he. the adamite throne [ north] (ást,isis). [of] speech and nature (kh-house). [as] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
[by] the eastern. house of the horizon. [of] existence (eden’s)., [by,in?] the ãrrit house. the speech. to unite, to copulate with. the words of darkness. [for] speech. to stand upright., [through] he. the boat. of [=for]. these. designs,nature,etc (sekheru). of [=by] he., [for] existence to become new.”;

A] notes :

we re investigating whether this 2D form may represent
the 'turtle' SHETA, on top of the Cube



pic credit: tinypic - eye
the TÁ as curled line below the eye itself ;
the same positioning the tail of the baboon is in -
....which immediately opens up another cluster [their word-Sorcery works like that]:
SET' is "tail", a stepdown from SET, the deity representing fallen Adam,
where SET' H'EB, "the festival of the tail" , is "the festival of completion of the solarplane, H'EB, by the tail" , the imprisoned Watercourse;
... - the figure REMENU, with two snakes as head, is obscure : likely it is an energetic-spirit-construct used as base to create the Ape;
where the two snakes must represent their Dualism

it may be the model of the turtle,
compare the head, tail and 4 legs ;
and the 12 circles the 12 qerrt-caves or "circles", since qerr is 'circle', too ;
grouped aróund the centre -- which must be a hebrew-H aspect, perhaps SBA-stargate/the Hand
compare the turtle as carrier of the pillar - see vedic 'churning of the milky ocean';
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