PT 423


767b] the copper throne. [of] Horus. [for] existence (matrix). [in] its. name. of.: thou. within. the father (átef,staff). he (Horus). values (áp). – [as] Horu. his. speech. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
767a] the season. [of] the dimension. [of] existence. [in] this. thou. name. of.: – the rejuvinated. seasons. [by] Horus'. word. thou. values.;
766d] Within. thou. existence. filled (meh'). [of]. the solarplane house (bu). boundary (tcher)., – his. children. [of] thou. existence. appreciate. – Horus'. existence. given.;
766c] thou. within. [as] manifestation (pert). – [by] the essence of speech of the evil mountain (God's, ret'u). [for] thou. existence. to be tied together (thes).;
766b] within. thou. existence. [by] the wandering-astray (shem). all [of]. the house of the solarplane (bu). boundary (tcher).  – [by] the gods. thou. existence. seized with violence (ákhem ã). [by] Horus. [as] existence (eden's). given.;
766a] thou. within. manifest.  the efflux of speech of the evil mountain. [for] thou. existence. to be tied together.;
765c] the god. [of] existence. [in] thou. name. of.: – thou. enemy's. existence (eden's). [is] the god. [for] thou. becoming new (un). – Nut (sky dimensions of earth). [is] thou. mother. [by] existence (eden's). given.;
765b] thou. speech. [is,by] the god. – thou. speech. [of] natron,salt, crystalline (nether). [for] thou. existence. tying together.. – [by] the cooling-down (qebh'). of [=by?]. maniestating (per). existence (matrix). [in] of.:
765a] Horus'. speech (and nature,kher). [for] thou. existence. [is] cooling-down (qebh'). – these two (ápen, Adam&Eve). [for] thou. to cool down. [for] thou. existence. to be tied together.; – [for] N. [as] Osiris. to invade hebrew-H.;
– to recite [this] spell;

note, eden's realm has to be 'cooled down', or it will annihilate them — in another CTspell (official translation, since we havent got there yet), "osiris cries to Rã 'father my head is burning cool it down";
further, "these two" is a common expression for Adam and Eve, even in the sumerian KAR4 tablets it uses that phrase, "make us bodies from these two, said the anunna"