CT 704

CT 704 VI 336

j] the word of willpower to rise and be crowned. [as] all [of]. Horus.;
[by] the divine judges (of fire-drill). of [=for]. the divine words. [of] great speech. [by] which is. the foremost (kh-house). of [=for]. to dwell in.;
the things to become (by) place-T of he-eden doubled sh-pool (shefsheft+). [for] great speech.,
to become the images (to make). [for] the great pillar. this. god.;
[namely by] the workplace. (which) I am.;

the doubled-place-T for doubled-existence (nntt). h] [as] place-T being filled. [for] the sky of earth (north).,
of [=as]. my. word. [for] to be repulsed [by eden]. nót.;
[but instead, as] the hail. of [=by] (means of). g] existence to make (via ad.soul).,
[for?] the places-T of the Ba spirit-soul for the solarplane of willpower (ãbbat).;
my. divine words to follow. [as] the word of adam-within., [as] all [of]. the god. [because by] me. existence. to give. speech.;
to become. g] [by] eden’s double root (ãpep). of [=for]. me. the things for the throne-G.,
[and so by] me. existence (matrix). [as] the most-beautified-soul-adam-like willpower. within (matrix).;

e] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] the mouth. the head (Tao gate). [through] the divine word of Saturn.,
[by means of] me. existence (eden’s). to snatch-away.;
to become. d] my. word to follow. of [=by] (means of). to revolve [root for speech] (pkhr). [as] all [of]. the god.;
[for] the sky of earth (also eden’s). of [=by]. me. to revolve [the root] (pkhr).;

VI 335

s] my. flame [of hail for the solarplane of existence] (nebá). [for] existences to make (via ad.soul).,
[for] the things of the an-face. to come existence. [by] the root for to make the kh-house (via ad.soul).;
r] to force eden-speech by the q-axis (qerr+). to become the word of the voice [of speech and nature]. [of] the [an-] face.;
q] [through] place-T of the east (eden). the things of the foreign land. to become the doubled-cube-H. [for] existence (matrix).;

p] [by] the branch (at place-T for kh-house). existence to make (via ad.soul). \\ (by) willpower (eden’s). [for] vulture-rule of hail.,
o] [through] the divine words. below. existence to make (text). [for?] the speech. to tremble for (by new hand, st’a+).;
n] [and by] he. the sacred. word-inside. the dimension (north).,
of [=as]. the divine light. [by] the tooth [wick-H’ for to make the solarplane via ad.soul] (sbh’+).;
m] [by] the cemetary below. [..damaged..]. the cut-off eden-willpower of it’s sh-pool (shã+). [for] to go repulse [eden] (khsef).;

—- end CT 704