CT 255


CT 255

main theme: Adam has ‘sold out’ the 7 eden-Torches
 (Adam speaks)

spell overview :

… very readable yet a difficult theme :
subject is still Adam in this series –
to the hand (‘Damascus, eden-stone’) belonged a concept called ‘7 torches’,
which are “goddesses related to the eden-word of willpower” ;
but Adam made these goddesses (and their construct) to descend to the matrix ,
hence the same ‘seven-fold gate theme’ appears again here ;
they now – mainly – serve Râ , our sun , as “providing ‘(will-) power for him”
(RÂ as “the (matrix-) light – of (eden-) willpower – for (matrix-) speech”) ;

introduction : the ‘seven Torches’ theme :

… in Rev. 4 these seven show “upon the sea of glass” in front of the throne ,
and in the chapter before that , Christ holds them in his hand
(as ‘having won them back – out fróm the matrix they were imprisoned in) ,
while later Christ is depicted as “a lamb having seven eyes” ;
Zechariah mentions them as ‘seven eyes’ as well ,
and also Nahum 2 – where they are actually (deFacto) freed from the matrix ;

their nature and function :
… it is very difficult to get a workable grasp of their nature —
because they are females , their main attribute is “the eden-word” ,
yet in some way their specific attribute is “the powerful eden-word (‘lights’)”,

… and because of the connection between “words (‘lights’)” and “(will-) power”
they appear “to maintain the stability of eden’s main concepts”
(whether related to land , physicality , or other) ,
as a Vital concept which Adam stole – in order to protect himsélf by ;

(note : we may therefore have been wrong , previously , in respect to the
strange ‘seven cows theme’ , which may be this torches theme – we’ll revise)

their glyph-names – indicating they were moved from eden tó the matrix :
… only once until now we saw them in a CT spell depicted as “7 utchat-eyes”,
but usually they are termed like this ,
ÁKHEMu URT’U , to right ;
they have “two names” in glyphs
to indicate they have been relocated ,
but this glyph is ‘their eden position’ ;
the ‘passive-glyph’ is important
and also shows in the text (see PDF) ;

the UR-T’(u) part reads as
the passive – stars – of the (eden-) hand (‘Damascus’) – [fór] (matrix-) great speech”;
the Á-KHEMu is a bit more tricky —
the KHEM+neg is usually “unaware, unawareness” (but lit.: not of the KH-house) ,
and a comprehensible reading is
(the stars for the eden-word) – [who have] no (matrix-) awareness (fór matrix-hail)”;

the “awareness” :
that must be a reason “why the matrix can úse them” , command them
(and do not need “to slaughter them” like they do with so many other eden-aspects) ,
likely “because they make the words which matrix-great-speech tells (orders) them to”
compare here Eve and the serpent ,
where the serpent TALKED Eve into a different awareness —
which doesn’t mean ‘that Eve had no own awareness’ (as one of total Innocence) ,
but the serpent … steered , applied her words , into a different type consciousness ;


2) their new name , to right ,
after having arrived in the matrix ,
as ÁKHEMu SEKu —
the problem with SEK “to perish”
is that it needs a súbject : therefore
it can’t be about the stars themselves
(since obviously they have not perished) :
in the tekst , two coffins do add a subject
as “(eden-) willpower” – which makes sense ;
now as “the passive – stars – [of] the (now-) perished – (eden-) willpower +
                    [who have] no (matrix-) awareness (fór matrix-hail)”;

disclaimer :
… it costs much sweating to try formulate the above
but we think the main concept must be correct ;
having this information we should revise Nahum 2 , next ;
(we are sure that the theme is also linked to ‘the seven churches’ ,
but at the moment that theme is simply too complicated for us)

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as parallel text :
and goto page III-364 of the PDF , always reading from down upwards

CT 255

III 364
b) [1x :] Horus’. house. [is by] my (=Adam’s). (eden-) word. [for] (matrix-) existence. ,
a) [as the one by] me. to double (-it) (‘that word’; -Ka). ,
[because] (‘the eden-word’-) to come as the guarded one (‘by eden’). nót. ;

III 363
c) (this word-)
[as] the passive (-stars) (originally-) of the (eden-) hand fór (matrix-) great speech +
[who have] no (matrix-) awareness (fór matrix-hail)”. , + [<< 7 torches]
[in order to make] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;

[because] my. (=Adam’s) (type-) speech. above (‘north’). +
[is by means of] the (7-fold-) ârrt-gates (‘Nile’). +
(eden’s-) place-T to capture (‘fór the dimensional-border’ ; -ntchrt). ;

context so far :
… the 7 gates ÂRRT as “crossing-places for eden-speech of matrix-willpower”,
and the gate shows that the torches cross over to the matrix , next :

II 363
c) [and so they to become] +
the passive – stars – [of] the (now-) perished – (eden-) willpower +
[who have] no (matrix-) awareness (fór matrix-hail). , + [<< 7 torches] [in order to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;

[by means of in] my. (dimensional-) background (‘Damascus / eden-realm’). +
the passive goddesses to encircle. [in order for to] (matrix-) place-T to be tied to. ;

b) [to become there] +
the foremost – double (-but different) shrine (-for speech) (-átert+ , bit unclear still). ,
[and therefore] +
by. my (=Adam’s). (eden-) word. (matrix-) existence. existence to make (‘as concept’). ,
[through] having made the (matrix-) word (which rules-) by decree of law. ;

context so far :
… by the context we can follow that they are now stationed in the matrix ,
inside a “double shrine” called Á-TERT (speech-related) ;
perhaps as a place where those eden-words are connected to matrix-speech ;

a) [partly repeat :] [through ?] +
the foremost – double (-but different) shrine (-for speech) (-átert+ , bit unclear still). ,
by. my (=Adam’s). (eden-) word. (matrix-) existence. existence to make (‘as concept’). ,
[as] to make (matrix-) stability. ; + [<< compare introduction]

III 362
e) [and ? to] the great – (matrix-) house . +
the (eden-type-) speech. (as my hail). to arrive. , +

d) [namely at] the (dimensional-) side. [of] he the (matrix-) root (-P). [for] speech. ,
[for to be] my (?). fire-drill boat. ,
c) [namely as] the boat (-as place-T) of Damascus (‘eden-stone’, -t’p+). + [<< annex] by (or ‘from’). me. (to make to-) descend. , + [<< he is in Damascus]

context so far :
… so , “something was made to split-off fróm the eden-stone (‘Damascus’)” ,
termed as ‘a boat’ (a construct) , which we think is “the station óf the 7 torches” ;
after arriving in the matrix , this same boat became “the (matrix-) firedrill-boat” —
the ‘fire-drill’ must be “the powerful words of the torches” – now directed agáinst eden
(see previous posted spells for this theme) ;

b) [and in it?] the goddesses for the light of a bygone age (?, glyph). + [<< torches] [in order to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
[because by] me. becomes the phallus (‘Nile or pillar’). +
[in order] for. the (matrix-) land. to (make to-) can breathe (‘eden-words’). ; +

a) [namely as] the West (-dimension). [of] all – divine words. [as] existence of hail. ,
[being] the joyful one. [by means of] me. this. to make (-ár). ; [<< sic] III 361
d) [and this all is bý] +
the East (‘Heaven’). [of] all – (eden-) words. [to be for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ,
[because tó] the olden praised one (‘matrix’). me. this. to give. ; [<< sic]

c) [and by means of] the island of the horizon (‘their entire gate-construct’). +
[to be] the (matrix-) language (?, ‘lips’, -spt+). above (‘north’). +
[as] golden lights. [for]. to manifest. ; [<< why ‘gold’?] [and so for] Horus. +
[by] me (-Adam ,3x). the (eden?-) willpower to rise and be crowned (-kha-â). ;

b) [because by that willpower] within (‘the matrix’). ,
the dimensional-garments of ânkh-life (?, glyph). [for] he. (matrix) existence. to acquire. ;

a) [because] Râ. bears up. [which is]. the (matrix-) opened word inside (-him). ,
[and so] by. me. [to be] (matrix-) existence. [through] perished – (eden-) willpower. ;

context so far :
… note how he (=Adam) links the entire previous theme immediately to Râ (our sun) ,
while the prophets declare that Adam devised that sun construct ;
therefore the colour of the text suggests
that Adam’s ówn main concern was ‘to create his own protection’ ,
by devising Râ as a way to make eden-willpower to perish – not his own one ! ,
and he may have seen the cooperation with them spirits as ‘necessary evil’
(though he may not have tóld them so , and consider this spell…) ;

[next : a couple of difficult themes :]

III 360
f) [and so to be] divine (matrix-) peace. ,
[by means of] the (eden-) SH-pool. by. me. to untie (‘7’). ,
e) [to become] the jackal. [of] (matrix-) existence. [by] the foreign. SH-pool.
(or : become the jackal-SH-pool’) ; [<< as ‘standing-place of the 7 torches’ ?] as (?). +
d) Nebt-het (‘Nephthys’). , +
[which] my. word. [for] (matrix-) existence. contains (‘to connect to vulture-rule). ;
c) [2x :] [and] Isis (‘matrix birth-construct at root-P). [=through] me. to suckle (from it). ;
b) [Nephthys being] +
the divine st-dog (at place-T) of the (matrix-) word-inside for the solarplane (-bnnut+).


context so far :
… the concept ‘SH-pool’ is very complex ,
but we suggest that this ‘eden pool-land’
was part óf the eden-stone (‘Damascus’)
as the station-place of the 7 torches ,
as this SH-pool – as ‘boat’ , T’EPT in text ,
which Adam sent off to the matrix ;
the region of the SH-pool now as ‘Nebt-het’
(we need to work out that SH-pool aspect) ;
BNNUT is related to the Bennu-bird ,
but is too tricky for us now ;

Nebthet having ‘the golden lights’
shown in the glyph she sits upon
(and see text) (rpt)

[resumed : closing :]

[as this place which is] [=through]. me (=Adam). [as] the (matrix-) high place (‘hill’). ,
[and so for?] Horus. by. me. the willpower to rise and be crowned. ;

a) [because by] me. [is] the double-willpower. , +
[to be] the (matrix-) speech. [for] the (matrix-) dimension. ; +
III 360
f) [namely by] Râ. [which is] [=through] me. [as] the willpower risen and crowned. ,
e) [alike] my. (type-) speech. above (‘north’). [for] the (matrix-) dimension. ;

d) [closing , probably said by the candidate himself , now :] [through] the cemetary below (‘eden-land’). ,
for. me the (corrupted-egyptian-) adm-soul. (eden-) existence. to double. ,
[in order] to make the foremost one (‘as matrix-existence’).

end CT 255
27.01jan.2021 — submitted — first version — hetreport

‘official’ translation
Water is upon me, I appear as Rê ; water is on my hands, I appear as Horus.
I am exalted as Him of Nubet. I have sucked at Isis, Nephthys has nursed me
in the Jackal Lake, I am loosed in the Lakes of Peace, I will wipe my face with
these (cloths (?)) which are at the shoulders of Rê, I will receive sandal-straps
thence, I will appear as Horus who ascends in gold from upon the lips of
the horizon. Praise is given to me by the lords of the East, acclamation is made
to me by the lords of the West, homage is done before me by the sun-folk,
I go aboard the ship, I cross ot heer side, I enter the Great Mansion,
they establish me at the head of the Two Conclaves, they assign me at the
head of the Two Conclaves, the Entourage is knit together about me by the
Imperishable Stars, the gates are laid hold of for me by the Unwearying Stars,
my double does not linger, for I belong to the House of Horus.”

… okay.


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