PT 273

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, first revision 9/8/17
theme : unaware mothers(T) mix with divine fathers(T) to beget the Ba-spirits
first revision 9/8/17
status : 90%
summary : unaware mothers(T) mix with divine fathers(T) to beget the Ba-spirits
notes : below, pic
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
situation : top of lampstand and above
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
see also : spells in same range ;
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines ; but where
CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using
many abbrevations of concepts -
remark : writer was most intelligent ; showing in the interlocking themes,
foreign concepts : pending
translation : common accepted translation copied at end of page
PT 273

PT 273
403b] [place-T of] the spirits-light masherRt. of [=by]. he. [place-T of] the boiling-pots [of things of another] (ktut). [in order] of [=for]. existence to make. [for] within (the matrix)., [and so by means of?] place-T (for) the kh-house of hail (á-kht). he. existence. [by] the flame of the doubled-adamite soul (to máke the adamite soul?,flame+s-s)., [for] he. +
403a] N’s. existence., [and so] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] he. to cut the adamite soul.[for] speech and nature (kher,matrix). [namely by] Shesmu [butcher-god] (diagram). [for] existence of hail.;
402c] he (shesmu). to repulse (khesef). [for] the speech. [of] N., [in order] to come the word for the solarplane (bu+). [by] to descend hebrew-H., [by means of] this (pu). place-T of eden root to open (up-t,deity).; +
402b] [and so] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] the belly (south). [of] place-T of adam-within., [by means of] he. existence (eden’s). he. to seize [eden] (shet’).; +
402a] [in order for] N’s. existence. existences to make (via ad.soul). [by?] the throat (for?) the hand to fire-drill (?,tcha-t’, unusual). [for?] the divine words. [of] all., [by] the t’es flint-knife. of [=as?]. Khensu (moon). [for] existence of hail.;
401c] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] to fetter [the q-axis] (qas). the one. design (shes). [of] speech., to connect (it) to. the speech for the an-face. [for] existence of hail.;
401b] [and so] existence to make. [in order for] he. existence (eden). to repulse.; [and] existence to make (via ad.soul). [by] he. existence (matrix). [as] protection (sa)., [by means of] the serpent (eden). head (main-serpent). to make speech for the serpent-tch (via ad.soul) [matrix] (‘sacred’, tchser). [for] existence of hail.;
401a] N’s. existence. [by] existence to make (via ad.soul). [through] the cord to make to the dimensional backside of eden (s-peh’+). [fór] the divine word of saturn of the k-axis (?, keh’au,unusual). [of] adam-within., [by] the coverings of place-T the root to open [eden’s] (up-t+). [and] to grasp the hail (ákhemã). [for] existence of hail.;
400b] the things of the opened root [eden’s] (upt+). [for] the willpower of the pool for the plasma-construct (kha-lotus+). [by] the words for the word-inside to bring (ánnuu). [for] all [of]. +
400a] the gods (matrix). of [=as]. ãnkh-life. connecting. of [=for]. speech (eden’s). to feed-upon (unem). [for] this. N.;
399d] [fór] he. the Self (tches). [which is by]. he. the aspects (-T) of totality [=torso] (144,000,aut+). to make. this. N.,
399c] [by] the cord (to?) the equilibrium-region (ãq+,likely). to tie together. to become the place-T of the peace [of saturn] (h’etept+). [for] all [of]. this. N.;
399b] through the prisoner to make the M-realm (via ad.soul) (‘firstborn’,smSu). [by] to cut the bull (glyph). [of] the adamite soul. [for] speech and nature (note)., [as] existence. [by] this. mutilated eden light (‘day’, Hru).;
399a] he. the existence of speech., [as] the hidden (ámen,other?). willpower of Saturn (h’enã). he. to command and to judge., [for] this. N’s. existence of hail.;
398c] Geb [land on cube]. speech. he. to inverse (sa). [in order for] N. to dwell [in it] (hem’s).;
398b] the divine shoulders [axis to bear up] (glyph). (place-T of) the adamite throne. [of] adam-within., [for] all [of]. this (pu). divine great speech. of [=by]. to rise and be crowned. N’s. word of hail.; +
398a] [and] he (word). the spirits. to join [solarplane]. [and so] to equip (ãper). this. N.;
397c] [through] the flame to make speech through the island (áã-nsásá+). of [=as]. +
397b] the words of sorcery., of [=by] (means of). existences to make (via ad.soul). [by] the belly (south). to become filled. of [=for]. the word. [in order for?] the word to come.;
[and so] existences to make. [by] the word to make the M-realm (smu). [by] the word (eden). to feed upon (unem).;
397a] all [of]. the god. existence. (speech) to transform. of [=for]. ãnkh-life. [by] he. the torso. of [=as]. the hand of the imprisoned cube [neHt’] (note). [for] the sky of earth. [of] the Ka spirit-double bull. [as] this. N.;
396d] [by] he. another. of [=for]. the [an-] face. N’s. jackal staffs. [for] the word of hail., +
396c] the flame of the adamite soul for the solarplane (‘image’, bes). to connect to. existence. [for] the house of the horizon. [of] the Ba spirit-soul., [through] the double-eye of eden root [wheel?] (petr+, note). [for] he. place-T of the dimensional foreground of saturn [=torso] (h’a-t). of [=for]. N.; +
396c] [in order] the serpent [eden] (glyph). [as] one. to guide. [for] the word of hail.; +
396b] [by means of] he. the covering of the place-T to open [the root, eden’s] [diagram] (up-t+). of [=for]. N., [by] he. the (three?) uraei [place-T of the word of speech of willpower for hail].; to become. he. the head. [for] N. [and?] the gods. the word of hail.;
396a] by] he. the legs (rt’). below (sic). [for] N. to weave (Neith-sigil). [with?] place-T of the adamite soul. [as] the rudder (h’emu) [of] he. the dimensional background [of saturn]. [for] the word of hail., [and] he. the dimensional background. [for] N. [by] the Ka spirit-doubles., to become. +
395b] he. the speech. [of] N. [as] jackal power., [in order for]. N’s. he. existence. to birth (mes).; to become. +
[by using] the prisoner (su,Cain). to birth.+ the divine he place-T of hail [torso]., [in order] to complete. alike-adam (miá). +
395a] the house of the horizon. of [=for]. N’s. existence. [of] user jackal power.;
to become. the sky of earth. of [=for]. N. [as] the nobles (ad.soul to acquire!,shepsu). [of] the word of hail.;
394c] he. the existence of speech. [by] he. the mother (-T). [of] existence (eden). [being] ignorant. [as?] place-T of the word of the jackal (sabut). [for] all [of]. this. N.;
394b] he. the mothers (mult.). of [=by]. to mix the word [the solarplane soulpool for the word] (u-sheb). [with?] he. the divine fathers. of [=as?]. ãnkh-life. the god., [in order] of [=for]. +
394a] the Ba spirit-soul. to rise and be crowned (khã)., [and so] N’s. existence to make (via ad.soul). [of] sight (maa).;
393c] to come the words for to dissect for existence by the throne-G (gennemu+). [in order] existences to make. [as] speech of throne-G (‘to found’, ger). +
393b] [by] the Aker-gods (prob.Akeru, Watchers). the bones [eden’s,sic] (qesu). to tremble (set’a). [because of] the bow-domes of place-T of the root to stretch-out (petcht+). [for?] to go dissect (?,nemnem+).;
393a] [in order for?] the stars to make the solarplane (sb+). [as] the darkness of m-b-soul-adam-like saturn-realm of hail (áh’i+,cont.). [for] the sky of earth. [as] the tempest-dimension of the root for throne-G of hail (á-gep+).; to recite.;
——– end PT 273
First draft, 13 August 2016
414c] To yoke (for eternity) (neh’eh’, saturn). [by] speech. forever. – this. land. of [=by]. vampiring ãnkh-life. of. N. [by] the Torso (the belly, south). [for] the house of the adamite throne (ást, Isis, north).;
414b] to plow (over) (khebst). of [=by]. the registers. [of] the divine images. Sekhem-power. nót.;
414a] ámen ámen (unknown). khã khã (unknown). Eden’s realm (NN). of [=by]. N. to become. +
413c] their (ad.souls). doorkeepers/images. [of] the willpower. of. their (ad.souls). heads.(ad.originals. , – [by] N.’s. speech. their (ad.souls). spirit. to perish (sek). +
413b] [and] their (ad.souls). bones (qesu). of [=by]. N.’s. existence. to burn., – [by?] the gods. [of] speech. aspects of posessions. [in] his [N’s]. hidden background of Saturn (h’a)., of [=by]. +
413a] N.s. speech (nature,kher). [over] their (ad.souls). spirits., – N’s. body (khat). [is] of [=by]. their (ad.souls). spirit. perishing (sek).;
412c] to yoke (for eternity) (neh’eh’, saturn). [by] speech. forever. the house of the horizon’s (áakhet/eden). [by] the boundary. [of] Adam-within.,+
412b] [so that] it’s. existence. creates. nót.; – he [N.]. hates (mestchtch). it’s (h-of horizons). speech. to create., – [because] he [N]. wishes (merr). existence.[to be] this. his. royalty (sãh’)., of [=by?]+
412a] forever. N.’s. existence. [by] this. boundary. – [and] to yoke (for eternity). [by] N.’s. existence. this. lifetime (ãhãu).;
411c] Every. god’s. existence. knowledge (saa). [of] his (Adam’s). existence. was. devoured.; all [of]. the god’s. existence., [by] divine knowledge. N.’s. existence. devoured.; – his [N’s]. willpower. of. N’s. word. [it’s] royalties (sãh’). of. being snatched away (nehém). nót.;
411b] [and] his. body,belly (khat). of [=by]. thém (ad.souls)., [by] sorcery (h’ekau, saturn). to become (áu). – his [N’s]. flourishing (uakh). flesh of Áf (dead sungod Adam).
411a] the red crown (tesher). [as] word. [of] Adam-within. – [is] ejected from the body (from SH !,sebeshu). [and] it. is consumed by (neseb). N., becoming? (áu). his +
410c] connection to. the Workplace (ás). [for] them (ad.souls). [of] sorcery (h’ekau, saturn). – [as] the ‘hearts’ of [=by]. ãnkh-life. of. N.’s. peace (h’etep, saturn).
410b] the wise ones’ (inversion,saaa). intestines, testicles (smau). [are] of [=by]. N. answering to (usheb). – the crystalline Emerald sceptre (uatcht). [for] N.’s. existence. having devoured (áu ãm). the red crown (tesher). [of] his (adam’s). existence., feeding upon (it), becoming (áu). +
409b] the chakra’s in lower part of the body (beqsu). [as] the knots (thesu). [for] N.’s. existence. designed (h’esb).:
409a] the divine house of the horizon (áakhet/eden). [for] all. of [=by] the white crown (h’etcht, saturn’s speech). to retreat (seben).; – [for] N. to become. the sky of earth’s. word. rising and crowned (khã). [and as] N.’s. existence. constantly renewed (uHem, hebrew-H! )., becoming +
408c] the gods. [of] father. Orion’s (sah’). existence.; – [for by] great speech. [of] Sekhem-power. of [=by]. willpower., his (adam’s). existence. was. given. +
408a] [to?] the firstborn (semsu). [of] speech. [from?] the eldest (sms). god (Adam?). [to?] this. N.;
407d] The house of the horizon. [of] the word. [of] Adam-within., – [is] the word. [for?] all. royalties (sah’). – [as] the forepart/importance (h’at). of. N. [from] anóther.[!], of [=by]. becoming. (áu). +
407c] the great word like Adam? (mumu). [for] the prisoner (wé). his. existence., [which] N. devours.; – his (prisoner’s). way. of [=by]. N. discovered (gem).;
407b] divine great speech. [of] the divine images (adamite, ãshem). destroyed (ãshemu). [because] the divine image (ãshem). [is] this. N.;
407a] the gods. sekhem-power. of [=by]. sekhem-power (some pun again?).; – [is] great speech. [of] sekhem-power. [for] this. N.;
406a] the riverbanks (solarplane, át’ebu). revolve (pekhar). – becoming (áu). the Staff’s (tá,of Adam rule). completion. [as] the double dome of the sky. [by] it’s. existence. going around, revolving (t’eben)., becoming +
405b] Their (ad.souls). eldests (originals!, multiple). inside (pot). the khepesh-thighs. of [=by]. — them (ad.souls). [in] the below (south,khert). cooking-pots (uh’atu). [!] [of] speech., +
405a] [for] the flame (setch, vitro?). [of] his. existence. [as] the word. shooting out (ut’). [to] the sky of earth. to be filled (meh’). [by] the great pillar. [of] existence. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
404d] his. censing (kapt). [of] existence. [by] their (ad.souls). ones. becoming. the (ad.souls). aged ones? (áaáa).; (unsure context of 404d)
404c] [N. this.]. night. [word?]. shesem (sacred place to horus). light?treshfloor?. [his] posessions (ásht). [for] existence (matrix). [by] their (ad.souls). gods (originals). diminished (sher)., becoming. + (first part 404c unsure)
404b] his (Set’s). diminished speech of the SH-pool (sher). of. their (ad.souls). word. above and below., becoming (áu)
404a] [this.N.’s]. Dawn (tuat). [by] his. posessions (ásht). [for] existence. [from] them (ad.souls). [by] Great Speech., becoming +
403c] [from?] their (ad.souls). spirits. of [=by?]. the willpower. [for] N.’s. existence. [as] beautified-soul.; — [upon] them (ad.souls)., sorcery (hekau, saturn). feeds upon. [for] N.’s. existence. [!]; to recite:
403b] The diminished light of SH (sher). [by] it’s. furnaces (ketut!). of [=by]. — they (ad.souls). within. the posessions (ákht). [of] it’s. existence (eden’s). to roast (fess).; ( = to roast they-within-their-posessions, read: to Smelt out)
403a] N.’s. existence. [is by] them (ad.souls). [as] slain sacrifice (rekhes, knowledge). [of] Shesmu (god)., [for] the existence. [of] the beautified soul (canaanite spirit).;
402c] To be repulsed (khesef). the speech. [of] his. transfer (Habu). [by] this. divine messenger opening up (upt). their (ad.souls). belly (khat). [of] adam-within. his. existence (eden’s)., [!] he (the messenger). seizes (shet’). +
402a] [for] N.’s. existence. [by] their (ad.souls). split-off parts (t’ent). healthy (utcha). [the gods]. word. [of/by] every. flint-knife (t’es/7poly). of [=by]. Khensu (earth’s moon). [of] existence. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
401c] They (ad.souls). [are] his/N.’s. existence’s. bones., [as] the one. design. [for] Man (egyptians, rethu). [by] the speech. [of] the anunna-face (vesica north). [of] existence. [for] beautified-soul.;
401b] [N.s. existence] [by] their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). repulsed.; – they (ad.souls). [are] his [N.’s] existence. protection. [by] the serpent’s (glyph). head. [of] sacredness (read: hebrew-H part of vesica). [for] existence. [of] the beautified-soul.; (protection: read, ‘hostage’)
401a] N.’s. existence. [by] their (ad.soul). hidden cord of the Root (sepeh’). [of] adam-within.; – the top/coverings of the head (upt). to grasp violently. [for] existence. [of] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
400b] the opened decrees? (upt). [by] the Kha-lake (south). – [are] brought. all. [to] this. N.;
400a] the gods. of [=by]. vampiring ãnkh-life. — [are] the Men (egyptians, rethu). to feed. [by] this. N.
399d] his. Self (tches). [by] his. aspects of totality (144K). made. [for this N].
399c] [by] the cord (ãq, in pillar). being tied together (thes)., — [as] the peace (h’etep, saturn). [for] all of. this. N.;
399b] The firstborn’s (adam,semsu). [is] sacrificed (rekhes, by knowledge?). existence (eden’s). [is] the day (Hru, hebrew-H). +
399a] his. name. [is] nót.; — [now,] the hidden. willpower of Saturn (h’enã). it. commands. this. N.’s. existence.;
398c] Geb’s. speech. it. is inversed (sa). — [for] N.’s. dwelling (h’ems).,
398b] [the gods’]. shoulder (axis). [to!] the house of the throne of adamite soul (vesica north). [of] adam-within. [for] all — this. great Speech. of. the rising and crowning (khã). [of]. N., becoming. +
398a] his. spirits, to approach — the speech. [of] willpower (ã). [and] to be equipped. [like] this. N.:
397c] The island of the fiery Workplace (n-sásá). of [=by]. +
397b] [the words] [of] Sorcery (h’ekau). of [=by]. their (ad.souls). belly,body (khat). filled with. the ultimate Word (UU). — [is by] their (ad.souls). bowels (usemu). to feed upon.; [not the official translation ‘magic is in my belly!’]
397a] every. god’s. existence. transformed (kheper). of [=by]. ãnkh-life., — [by] he (Adam). [in] the Torso (Eye,south). being cut up? (t’em). little by little? (neH). – [for?] the sky of earth’s. Ka-double bull. [as] this. N.;
396d] it’s. another/other?. of [=by]. anunna-face (vesica north). [by,as?] this. N.’s. mighty jackal staff (of speech,User)., becoming +.
396c] fiery image (Bes-dwarf). connected to. existence. [for] the áakhu-spirit., – [as?] the Ba-soul (solarplane-spirit). [by] the Gift. [of] Sight (maa)., — his. forepart/importance (h’at). of [=by]. this. N. the snake. the one. guided/guiding.
396b] his. top of the head/covering (upt). of [=by]. this. N’s. three. cobra’s (uraei, áàrtu). becoming (áu). — his. head. N’s.. gods. became.
396a] his. legs (ret’u). below. [as] his rudder? (h’emu). — his. Saturn’s hidden background (h’a). N’s. Ka-spirit-doubles. became/were/
395a] the house of the horizon (áakhet). of. N’s. existence. [by] the mighty jackal-staff (of speech,User). becoming. – the sky of earth. of. N’s. noblemen (sheps)., having become?+
394c] his. name. [by] his. mother. [of] existence (eden’s). [of] ignorance (Eve?). – [as] “the Wolf (sabut). of all.” this. N.;
394b] [by] his. mother. of [=by?]. defense (usheb,answer,advocacy). – [and by] his fathers (mult.). of. ãnkh-life., [as] the god. of.+
394a] the Ba-soul (solarplane-spirit). rising and shining., [is] N. [by] their (ad.souls). existence. [of] Sight (maa).;
393c] [as] servants (genemu). [is] their (ad.souls). speech. founded.;
393b] the lion. thou. bones (qesu). thunder (set’bird)., – the outstretchings (sky-form,lit. bows, petchu). hurry (nemnem).;
393a] the stars (sebu). darken? (áh’i, to become dark). – [when] the sky of earth. is flooded (peg);
– to recite [this] spell;
A] notes :
  • line 403b] masherRu and boiling pots
    SHEr would be the lower sh-pool (diagram), of mixed
    speech (r+lion-r), fór willpower of the M-realm, M+Ã,
    [the mãsherR must be light in the north],
    then per context, the KTUT+ must be lower-SH,
  • line 402a] the hand to firedrill,
    if the hand, as executive eden place, is drilled by them
    using the throat [through the tiles] to gét there, it makes sense,
  • line 399d] the Self
    so the Self is bý the 144,000 stolen aspects.....
    interestingly, the 144,000 in Revelation have in common,
    'that they died to Self'....
  • line 399b] cut the bull,
    perhaps a form of glyph REKHI,'sacrificial animal',
    but it's meaning is not altered here ;
    this bull can hardly be anything else as the one cherub,
  • line 399a] of speech [not],
    the other version has 'eden light', therefore inserts 'not' ,
  • line 397c] island of fire,
    next word is 'sorcery' , we may have the seshat-flame here,
    see mural in Seti I tomb, [searching root pages, first page]
  • line 397b] belly to become filled
    usually the 'to fill' directs to the north,
    but the lineup is so weird that he can mean 'go fill the belly
    with evil words, in order to drive out the word' ,
    [wasnt John having similar...? "eat the scroll - it will be sweet
    in your mouth, but bitter in your belly....] ,
  • line 397a] hand
    as executive place ; it can be that now the torso is that place,
    instead of the region in top of lampstand [when eden's] ,
  • line 396a] three uraei
    in one version the common 'multiple' is abandoned, showing three
    stoplines III, indicating he may have meant 'three',
    the area is linked to the 'reap coverings of áten', see diagram,
    ánd to 'three', now,
  • line 394b] the mothers to mix with the fathers,
    an incredible line -cause there's no other way of reading :
    the mother (sing.)in previous line is often referring to a construct
    of theirs - as is 'father' about place-T - , but the multiple here needs
    attention , with the crucial terms to mix and jackal,
    in previous line, Neith was "weaving the places-T", and here he uses
    the same analogy ; "in order for the Ba-soul to rise", who is a mixture
    [AB-leopard cluster] ,
    yet we wonder inhowfar this is meant as allusion to what happens with
    Eve and her other women - see previous posted spells, because why
    the difference here with the 'technical weaving description', before ?
  • line 393b] tempest dimension and bows,
    the bow as their inverted main-dome [see astronomical ceiling pics],
    the tempest-dimension probably as théir side of SHENÁ "hailstorm",
    as the boundary between both realms [compare Revelation],
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