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HAVING passed through the EIGHTH DIVISION of the Tuat, the boat of the sun arrives at the NINTH DIVISION, which is passed through by the sun during the NINTH HOUR of the night. The opening text reads:–

“This great god taketh up his place in this Circle, and he addresseth words from his boat to those who are in it. The divine sailors join the boat of this great god in this City. The name of the gate of this City through which this god entereth and taketh up his place on the stream which is in this City is SAA-EM-KEB; the name of this City is BEST-ARU-ANKHET-KHEPERU; the name of the Hour of the night which guideth this great god is TUATET-MAKETET-EN-NEB-S.”
[not visible on any shown plate; but here is his presented line-up:]
“the divine light for/as the star of the adamite soul (glyphs). [as] the divine all [of] [solarplane] (neb). [for] existence (matrix). [as] the protector/thing to protect [by thou willpower like adam] (mãkt). feminine star? (star+TT). (to become) the great pillar. this. god., to go guide. darkness (gerh’, plexus+saturn). which is. the Time-dimension [for existence to become new] (unnut). [for] existence., [in] name [of].:
the words to transform (kheperu+scroll). the ãnkh-life. [by] the images [to make] (áru). ‘advancing the image of the Bes-dwarf’ (best) [from Bastt, leopard]., [by] this. place. [for] existence (matrix). [in] name [of].:
the divine dimension of Geb [earth-god, south] [plexus+solarplane]. of [=for]. to guard (saa). [as?] this. place. [of] adam-within., [as?] the dimension. which is. [by] he (the). peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).; [as] the speech for the anunna-face. this. god., [by] the word to enter (ãq). this. place. [for] existence (matrix)., by the SBA-stargate? for Tuathouse?. existence. [in] name [of].: this. place. [as] the speech. this. god., [by] existence’s (eden’s). boat. [for] the gods to built (qet). to pacify [peace of Saturn] (s-h’etep). [by] the words of adam-within. [for] the gods., [as?] he (the). boat. of [=for]. he. to become to command by decree by law.;
this. qerrt cave. of [=for]. to become the great pillar. this. god. [for] existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [of] peace [of Saturn] (h’etep). “;

… since they are ‘rowing’, it must imply that they are starting to cross the section from the solarplane, B, to the place of rule, North; a clue is the mentioning of BST, [the inversal of SBA], which is no one else as “the leopard-beast of Daniel”, it’s mottled skin representing the forged body construct by Saturn, into the first humanoid with adamite soul – the pygmee Bes; you will please remember that Nimrod was thé represent of this leopard – and later for example the Mayans;
….however, the entire context sadly contains many lacunas still;

The line of text which runs above the upper register reads:–
“The hidden Circle of Amentet, through which this great god travelleth and taketh up his place in the Tuat. If these things be made with their names after the manner of this figure which is depicted at the east of the hidden house of the Tuat, and if a man knoweth their names whilst he is upon earth, and knoweth their places in Amenti, [he shall attain to] his own place in the Tuat, and he shall stand up in all places which belong to the gods whose voices (or, words) are maat, even as the divine sovereign chiefs (tchatcha) of Ra, and the mighty ones of the palace (Pharaohs?), and [this knowledge] shall be of benefit to him upon earth.”

[no line visible anywhere – but this is the presented line-up:]
[second introduction:]
“the land. the head. [main-land]. [for] his. Ba-solarplane-spirits. to become (áu). [by] the house. [of] the three pillars,arrows? (3 for a reason?). which is. the light by,for the fire-drill, fire-stick (light+tcha). ‘as the [three] fire-drills/firesticks’?. of [=by,as?]. the true voice. [by] the divine posessions, below., [for] all (neb, solarplane). two sides (2 x ges). to stand upright., [for] the Tuathouse. [bý] his. house. [of] he [the adamite soul]., [for] existence. [of] peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).;
of [=for]. the West. of [=by]. their (ad.souls). house of he [the adamite soul] [set]. [of] existence (eden’s!). to know., [for?] the land. the head. [main-land]. [..lost..], [by] their (ad.souls). names. to know., [in order] to become (áu). the Tuathouse. which is. [by] the hidden thing (áment). [as,of] the house of fat [adam’s aspects] (ãt+house)., [for?] the eastern (áabtt) [eden’s side]. anunna-face (vesica north). [as] the designs (seshu, from turtle). of [=by]. \\ which is. this. to become to guide. alike-adam (miá). their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s)., [in] name [of].:
of [=by]. existence (eden’s). [is] existence (matrix)., maDE (?, ár+áu). [from] the SBA-gate (?, Tuathouse?,unsure). of [=by]. speech. it. to go build [by blueprint of Orion] (qet’t’). the great pillar. this. god., [for] the peace [of Saturn] (h’etep). [of] the West., which is. the thing (by) the turtle. [by this] qerrt cave. [alt.: ‘which is the hidden, mysterious qerrt cave’].”;

….so akin are the glyphs for ‘stargate’ SBA and ‘Tuathouse’ T’UAT, that when they are multiple, it can only be ‘star-gates’ – since there are, of course, no ‘multiple Tuat-houses’; but when singular, star-vulture-t-house, or star-t-house, it is not always clear which one they imply – but only by context;
…the “their names to know” is rather Eerie: ‘the name’ represents in the spiritual world the nature and power of a being: once one “knows a beings, or construct’s name”, then one rules that being: it cannot be coincidence, that in the Edfu temple a most important part of every morning’s ceremony consisted out of the ‘reciting of names’;
— note: SHETA in several forms may be “hidden,mysterious”, but its root derives fróm the created Turtle: hence we use the phrase ‘turtle’, since ‘mysterious’ on itself will not cover the context;

In the middle register are:–

1. The boat of the sun, with the god AFU standing under a canopy formed by the serpent MEHEN.
2. The, Twelve Sailors of Ra, each of whom stands upright, and holds a paddle in his hands; their names are:–

1. KHENNU, i.e., “the sailor ‘par excellence'” [saturn’s captured] word-inside/to ferry over”;
2. AKHEM-SEK-F, “he/the perished adamite soul/[who is not part of KH-house]“;
3. AKHEM-URT-F, “he/the very great speech (Adam’s)/[who is not part etc]“;
4. AKHEM-HEMI-F, “he/by the-most-b-soul-Adam to escape/[not being part of, etc]“;
“he/the new Time-dimension/to ferry-over”;
8. HEPTI-TA-F, “he/of the land/\\ as the Cube as hidden root of Saturn”
9. HETEP-UAA, “he/the boat [construct]/of peace of Saturn”;
10. NETER-NETERU, “the gods/by? the god”;
11. TCHA-TUAT, “the SBA-stargate’s, or Tuathouse’s/fire-drill boat”;
12. TEPI.

..as usual, the puns are Dark; but the context must be, that they kind of want to ‘safeguard’ their stolen leading aspects, to óutside of the dangerzone — the glyph H’EMI, “to flee, to escape’, is a major indication for this assumption;

The text which refers to these reads:–

“This great god joineth those who will transport him through this City, and his sailors join his boat wherein he is in his hidden form of MEHEN. This great god addresseth words to the gods who dwell in this City, that is to say, to the gods who are the sailors of the boat of Ra and to those who will transport [him] through the horizon so that he may take up his position in the eastern Hall of heaven. Their work in the Tuat is to transport Ra through this City every day, and they take their stand by the stream in this City whereon [saileth] the boat, and it is they who give water with their paddles to the spirits who are in this City, and they sing hymns to the Lord of the Disk, and they make to arise [his] Soul in his forms by means of their hidden words every day.”

“every (solarplane). light of speech of willpower [rã]. [by] the turtle., [as] their (ad.souls). words to go command. of [=by]. it. to become the images [to make] (áru). of [=for]. the Ba-solarplane-spirits., [by] to make the willpower to rise [and be crowned] (khãã). [by?] their (ad.souls). this. divine Áten [light disk]. [‘their this’ is valid]. [for] all [of] (solarplane). existence (matrix)., [as] ‘the words the m-b-s-adam offers to the Ka-spirit-double of Saturn’(h’ekennuiu).;
this. place. [for] the dimension for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [as?] the khu-spirits. [of] existence (matrix)., [by] them (ad.souls). mah’u+pillars,arrows/. of [=for]. the dimensions. to give.; [by?] them? (ad.souls/). who are. [in?] this. place., [for] adam-within. the boat [construct]. [as] the dimension. which is. [by] speech. [of] them (ad.souls). to stand upright.;
every (solarplane). light. [by?] this. place. [as] speech. [of] divine light of willpower of speech [rã]. [as] a thing to ferry-over. [for] the Tuathouse. of [=by]. the Root (P). [as?] their (ad.souls). Eye. [for] the sky of earth., which is. [by] the eastern. Ãrrit [hour I]., of [=for]. he (the). peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
[as?] the speech. [for] the house of the horizon [north] (ákhet). [of] adam-within., [by] the words of m-b-s-adam to ferry-over (khenniu). [for] the divine light. [of] speech. [for] existence (matrix).;
[by] the boat [construct]. the divine things to build (qet). [by] these. gods. [by?] this. place. [by] the words of adam-within. [for] the gods. [of] existence (matrix)., [by] to become the words to command. [of] existence (eden’s). [by] decree of Law.;
to become (by?) the great pillar. this. god. to become Meh’en [wall of Torus] (here nmeh’). [by] the turtle. to guide. of [=for]. he (the). boat [construct]. of [=for]. to become (áu). [bý] the adamite soul. the peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).; [by] he. to build (qet). [by] this. place. [of] speech. of words to ferry-over. of [=through]. the great pillar. [this]. god. [for] this. peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).”;


3. A bearded, man-headed hawk, wearing plumes and horns on his head, seated on a basket or bowl; his name is MUTI-KHENTI-TUAT.
“the Tuathouse/ \\ which is now/the foremost/, \\ by the word to die”;
the plumes [no horns] refer to the artificial double-axis;
4. The ram-god NESTI-KHENTI-TUAT, couchant on a basket or bowl.
“the Tuathouse. as house of the foremost [adam]/” which is now/the foremost/by throne, North”;
[that is, the left-side of the vesica north is now ruling, glyph GET],
5. The cow-goddess NEBT-AU-KHENTI-TUAT.
“the foremost/is the totality/of the solarplane-masterholder/as the house”;
6. A bearded god, in mummied form, called HETEPET-NETER, or HETEPET-NETERU.
“the gods/by the islands/of peace of Saturn” [repeated];
…..that this chalice, the master-holder, is “the chalice supporting the contents of the solarplane construct”, is still comprehensible – but why “in three” escapes us; perhaps it may be related to the earlier mentioned possible ‘three pillars/arrows”, or even relate back to the “three arrows of Rã” in previous VIII hour;

The text which refers to these reads:
“Those who are in this picture in this City are they who give offerings of food to the gods who are in the Tuat; Ra decreeth for them loaves of bread and vessels of beer, and the gods journey on in the following of this great god to the Eastern horizon of the sky, with HETEP-NETERU-TUAT [also] following him.”

“the divine Tuathouse. [for] the gods’. peace [of saturn] (h’etep)., [by] he. to imprison [formost] (kherá). the Staff., of [=for]. the sky of earth (pet). which is. [by] the eastern (áabtt). house of the horizon [north]., [by] the speech. [of] the great pillar. this. god., [as] the staff,branch. [for] the gods. [by] to wander the root of willpower [eden’s] (ãpp). [as?] beer-measures. [and?] aspects (foods-glyph). [for] the divine light of willpower of speech [rã].; [through] them (ad.souls). to become by decree of Law. the Tuathouse. [of] adam-within., [for] the gods. [of] existence (matrix). [by] existence’s (eden’s). aspects of totality [144,000!] (aut+food). to give., [through] them (ad.souls). who are. [in] this. place [!]., of [=for]. these. designs,nature,etc (sekheru). of [=by] them (ad.souls). existence to become new.”;