27] the true voice. (scribe?, to rise and shine (uben) of beauty (nefer).:

[by] the divine he the fortress of the south (glyph). to divinely engrave (Pteh’). [for] existence (matrix).;
[by means of] the prisoner (su,Cain). [as?] thou. weight [weight of split-off word] (ut’en). [for] the sons (matrix). [through] the mouth (*pic,white vesica). [of] existence (matrix). [as] he (the). son [speech/of kha] (kharsat=context?).;
[as?] thou. who are. [by] them (ad.souls). within., [for] the “One” (white hole). alike-adam (miá). [as] thou. word. [of] the eye., [and by?] the Ennead [pantheon of 9]. the phallus [inversed pillar] (met). thou. [as] one to come. sta. Rã. existence. to become truth. [by means of] the watercourse to make to ascend [eden’s] (s-ãr). [for] the gods., 26] [as] the willpower of saturn (h’enã). [for] the sky of earth. [and as] speech. [of] thou. to manifest (per).;

[by eden] within., [through] those who are [horus-spirits]. [fór] the gods (matrix). the one. to praise. [namely] the pool of the double knife of the soulpool-land (*pic 1,glyphs). [of] the word. \\of [=by]. the [an-] face (eden’s?)., [in order for] the dimension to drink. [by?] to mix, to intertwine (ãb). the [an-] face. [by means of] the thing of the branch (staff) to cut-off (likely;khett+). [for] the speech. [as] thing of the adamite soul. [as] thou. existence. to become a spirit.;

25] [by] thou. the flesh for the solarplane-house to encircle (shenbet+). [by means of] the [an-] face (eden’s). to inundate with the hidden dimension of Saturn (h’ãp)., [and] to strike [word/saturn] (h’u). [in order for] the garment to spread-out (peg)., of [=by] (means of). to make the middle equilibrium (*pic,s-meter). [for?] thou. garment of the throne [plexus] (g,tu?). [as] the gold (glyph). of [=for]. thou. ornaments (khakeru).;
to make a hidden mystery (s-sheta). [of] the [an-] face (white hole). [through] the Uag-festival [of the Watercourse going to the plexus-G]. which is. the light of the tuat (sbat). [as] Osiris’. existence (matrix).; [by means of] to becóme the original adamite soul [bolt+scroll] (*pic 2,unusual). 24] [in order for?] the h’eb-festival [of completion of the solarplane]. of [=by]. to become united [by copulation] (sma). the words of speech for the an-face.;

[for] existence (matrix). broadness to be filled (?). [of] the olden gods., [by means of] the aspects for the solarplane bý the sh-pool (sheben+). thou. existence (eden’s). to guide.;
to become (áu). the cauldron (*pic,abtu). of [=as]. the skin to make alike-adam (smiá=miáu?)., [by means of] thou. to grasp. thou. fat (eden aspects). [for] existence (matrix)., [as] the ãnkh-life.\\[by] thou. legs (*pic). to return to go dissect (nem+). the thing. existence (eden’s). nót.; (?)
23] thou. mouth (*pic). of [=by]. to divinely to become the tooth [engraving eden eye] (glyph). [as?] the place of Õn. [for] words for all., [as] one. the praised (h’es=h’esat). the stars. [of] existence (eden’s;note). [by?] the darkness (gerh’, saturn+solarplane). as one. to make to wake up (s-res). the two lands. [by] the chalice (*pic). [of] existence (matrix). [as] the fire-altar of the caduceaus-wick by decree of law (three glyphs).;


the [an-] face. [by?] the place of Õn. of [=by,as]. the four (4). [for] thou. existence (matrix). to manifest (per).; [in] the place of the word for the word-inside for existence by the equilibrium (one glyph,tchebãunu). 22] of [=by,as]. four. foods [aspects] (glyph). [in] the place of unawareness [likely Khesem-shrine] (khem+neg+place). the four. foods [aspects]. [for] thou. existence. to manifest.; (note)
thou. torso (centre). [by] the Ennead. to make sweet (s-netchem). to become beauties. [by means of] thou. the lights to make deaf [lights/hand/willpower] (eden’s) (s-ãt’u+). [as] one. to make to wake-up (the lights). [through] thou. the things to transform. [for] existence (matrix). [as] thou. torso in the dimensional foreground (h’at-áb). [for] thou. things to rejoice in (h’ãtu, saturn/flesh). [for] existence., [by] thou. willpower of saturn. [as?] thou. áat-perch of the Ka spirit-double [region] (glyph). [for?] the doubled-divine word \\ of saturn for the mouth (reh’\\u+). [of] thou. existence. to be renewed constantly [by hebrew-H] (uHem)., [as] the house of the thing of m-b-soul-adam (as) the Õn-pillar. of [=by]. thou. to enter (ãq). [by] thou. to manifest (per).; (note)

the sky of earth. of [=for]. Rà. existence (matrix). [as] the passive thing \\ to be renewed constantly [by hebrew-H] (uHemt\\)., [through] Thoth. existence. [for,as] thou. existence. to percieve by the covering of saturn to find (gemeh’+,context?). the place of the word [+ wormhole] (t’epu). [and] the place of the root. [of] the olden gods. [as] one. to praise. 20] the place of battle below (kher-ãhã). [for] the dimension. [by] the mouth., the [an-] face. the one. thou. existence. [as] existence of willpower of hail.;
[by means of] this (to connect to). the cow to come to make the [kha-lake?] (matrix-aspect) (skhat+). [for] the ones to follow., [by] he (eden’s). cow [context] (h’emt). [as?] my. cow (glyph)., [being] the victories. [of] thou. existence., [by] to milk [the cow] (skhar; breast of speech of intestine). [for] thou. (physical) flesh [of saturn] (h’ã). to become protection (Sa). of [=as]. divine intuition [backwardness] (saá).; (note)

to become (áu). the dimension of the dome of Set [top cube] (qerá,to:qerrt). [for] sight (maa). nót.; [but instead,] essence to spread-out (peg+). [over?] the [an-] face (eden’s). to found. the word of darkness (kku). 18] [fór] the house [of speech]. of [=as]. thóu. [an-] face (white hole).; [and by] the chakra-tool (h’emba;for now). the breath-airs [winds]. thou. to can breathe (ssn+)., [through?] the teKa-flame [of Ka double] (tuat V). [for] thou. existence. [of] sight (maa).;
[Through] thou., the dead body [all south] (khat). to become the great pillar. to establish (ger). thou. Ba spirit-soul. [for] existence., [by] to become healthy. thou. existence. [of] ãnkh-life., [as] the divine completed peoples (temu). [for?] the two lands. [for] existence of hail.; (note)

[by] thou. existence (matrix). to make., [by means of]. he (the). speech (eden’s). to Net (sekhet). [in order for] true voice. it to rise and shine as the beauty (scribe name?). [of] Osiris.; [by means of] (eden) within., [as?] the Ka spirit-double. [of] he (the). existence. of peace [saturn] (h’etep)., [and] the original adamite soul. word for the solarplane (bu). [through] speech (eden’s). [by] the divine\\ double-lionmouth (áten+white-hole). to guide. (dangerous!).;
[and] the divine egyptians. to guard. the doubled\\Watercourse [eden’s). \\[for] the thing to unite [by copulation] (smat\\). which is. he. the divine judges [in pillar]. existence. the torso. [an-] face. to become the speech of hebrew-H (Her+,tuat II). [for,as] Rã. existence. [by] the torso. [an-] face. to become the image (tut,matrix).;

to become (áu). this (pu). to command. [through] true voice. he to rise and shine as beauty (scribe?).; existence. to become perfect (‘qr). [for] this. Ba spirit-soul. [as] the West. chakra-tool (h’emba). [for] thou. Ba spirit-soul. thou. existence. the speech (eden’s). to know. [by] existence (matrix). [for] this. to become perfect. thou. to become a spirit. [of] this. great speech. [of?] Geb. [for] existence of hail.;


15] the land (south). [through] thou. existence (eden’s). to open [eden] (sensh)., [for] Rã. [for] existence of hail.;
[through] the sky of earth. [by] the double great door [sba?] (glyph). to open [and become new] (un,matrix).; [in order for] the son to make stable. [by] thou. existence., [and] to cackle [parrot eden] (ngg). the falcon (bák). thou. existence. to rejoice [flesh/saturn]. [by means of] things to transform (khepertu). [for] existence. the light (eden’s). [via] the prisoner (su,Cain). to bring (án)., [and by] thou. speech. to become the pillar. the god., [and] existence. to say.:

to become (áu). thou. speech., [in order] to be approached (teken). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
14] [for] thou. [by] death (dangerous!). to come by to make to ascend the Watercourse of the words of m-b-soul-adam. [across?] the stb-stakes [vertices of cube] (=st’ebu?). [of] existence (eden’s). [who are] these. thou. enemies., which are. [bý] the necks (matrix) (neh’ebtu). thou. to contradict, to counter, to un-do (ãn+inv.walk). [by means of] the heads [ad.originals] (tuat V). [as] thou. slaughtered pieces of meat (shatu). [for] existence (matrix)., [as] all [of]. thou. branches (staffs) (glyph). to battle. [for?] thou. garment (at’áu=?). [as] thou. sandal [solarplane upon cube]. [for] thou. the garment óf the stakes [or ‘to dress the vertices’] (set’eb+). [by means of] thou. existence (eden’s). to acquire (shep).; (note)

[for] the manifestation. thou. to complete. thou. to guard. thou. [an-] face. existence (eden’s). to repulse., [as] one. to be given. to existence (eden’s). nót.;
12] thou. speech. [by] the weights [split-off/words] (ut’enu). [as] the thing to guard., [by means of] thou. the [an-] face (eden’s). [of] existence (eden’s). [with] sand (shãu,tuat V). [as] one. to restrain.; [in order for] (eden to be) within., [and] the passive Sbá-serpent-stargates [of cube] (*pic,when eden’s). who are. [by,as?] the (m-b-soul-like) one. house of fat (eden aspects). [for] speech. thou. [as] one. to give [back]. [to] existence (eden’s). nót.; (note! )

thou. [as] one. to be restrained [just as the foremost-adam to restrain by the word of saturn as the Djed] (tchet’eh’u+). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.; thóu. the one. to be guarded. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.; thóu. existence. to be imprisoned [just as the foremost-adam is imprisoned by the kh-house] (khenrá+). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.; thóu. [as] one. to be valued [to be used by] (áp). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;

11] every. light (eden’s). [for] the time-dimension (matrix). of [=for]. all [of]. the season (matrix,ter). of [=by]. \\he (the). legs (*pic). of [=for]. he to rise and shine of beauty (scribe?). [as] Osiris’. sekhem-power.; [by] \\thou. legs. of [=for]. thou. sekhem-power., Rã. of [=as]. thou. sekhem-power., Rã. of [=by]. thou. to manifest (per).; thou. phallus [inverse pillar] (met). of [=by] (means of). he (the). willpower (eden’s). [for] willpower (matrix). [in order for] the aspects offered in the H’etep-field (*pic). \\[as] the field (sekhet). [for] thou. existence. existence to bring., 10] [as] the place of the horus-spirits. [for] existence of hail.;

[by] the grain of the south [eden aspects in thes-dome] (glyph+shemã). [for] the aspects of the throne of the tongue (nest,plexus). [as?] Geb. speech and nature. [by] the words below. [as] the four. foods [aspects]. my. word. thirsts [for].; [and now as] the grain for the tongue [throne]. [for] Rã’s. speech and nature. [through] the words of speech for the an-face. [as] the foods. [for] the true voice. he to rise and shine of beauty (scribe?).; Osiris. [by] existence (eden’s). within., [as] he (the) willpower (eden’s). [for] willpower (matrix). to become the thing of sweetness. 9] [of] every kind of. of [=for]. existence (eden’s). to be stung [with] (peseh’+passive).;


to become (áu). Osiris., [through] the original adamite soul. [as] the divine father. [for] the thing to bury [the soul] (qerest)., [in order for] the ántt ravine (*pic). thou. existence. [as] one. to tie together.;
[and] Rã. [through] the original adamite soul. [as] the father (tf). [by means of] the original adamite soul. existence. [of] willpower of speech. of [=by?]. the light (eden’s). [for] the thing of the son. who is. [by] the father. [as] one (the father!). to erase.; (note)

thou. the evil word of the image of the mountain (when eden’s). to destroy [by spinning] (kheser;comp.khesem-shrine). 8] [to use the image as] natron [stability/of dirt] (h’esmenu). of [=by] (means of). the nurse and mistress [Eve] (khenemitnu, see note). who is. [for] the beer [aspect] (h’eqt)., [and] of [=by] (means of). the H’ep bull [Adam] (ápis). [as] the milk-vessels [for to make things] (árttu). [in order] of [=for]. thou. the dimension to purify (uãb)., [and by] to make speech to connect to the god (senther+axe). of [=by] (means of). the dimension to cool-down [eden’s] (qebh’,solarplane+saturn).;
[and through] natron (see above). [as] ‘resin used to make incense’ (lights for skeleton/of solarplane?, bet+). of [=for]. thou. (the bone) to cleanse (tur+).;
[by means of] thou. \\ the backside [inversed eden realm]. to purify. of [=as,for]. thou. dimensional foreground [of saturn] (h’at).; [through] the double treshfloor. [by?] the staff of rule the dimension to purify (uãb+tá, river)., [in order for] thou. to become (áu). thou. place. [as] the god. [of] thou. existence.; [namely as] the eye (eden’s). of [=for]. thou. [of] the words of adam-within.; [and as?] thou. walled fortress [keeping ad.originals] (áneb). below. [for] speech. [for] thou. to manifest (per). existence (eden’s). nót.;


6] the land. word of speech for an-face. [as] the speech. [for] thou. to manifest., semkhet+wide=?. the thing to wander-astray [adam-related] (shemt). [for] thou. to be made. [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
[by] \\thou. legs (*pic). the [an-] face (eden’s). [as] the thing to wander-astray., [and] thou. to make. them (ad.souls). [to be] within.; [as] the dimension. thou. the dimension to drink (sur+). [by means of] the pool-dimension of Áteru [northern?] (*pic). [to?] the land of the boat as Net [áat’t, eden-eye region]. [as?] thou. Net (sekht) (*pic,s-áaru?)., [for?] Rã’s. side (ges). [of] speech. [as] the cord of the equilibrium (*pic) (ãq+). [in order for] thou. existence (matrix). [as] one. to tie together.,5] [and so through] the dome (*pic,thes-dome). [of] speech. thou. to manifest. [for] thou. existence to become new (unn).;

existence. thou. portion [curl of Utchat-eye]. [to] the [an-] face (eden’s). [as] the staff of rule tá [river]. to become stability., thou. to become (áu). thou. existence. [through] the Watercourse (eden’s). [as] thou. tool (willpower of speech). [for] thou. existence.; [by means of] their (ad.souls). word to bury. [for] words of adam-within., [and] thou. existence. great door to open [Sba?] (glyph). [to?] the words of the house of Is [m-b-soul-adam+ad.soul] (* pic 3,note). [for] thou. existence. [of] peace [of saturn].; [by] thou. to rejoice [by the foremost-adam in the soul-pool] (shert+). existence (matrix). to become sweet., [through?] the breath-airs (winds). thou. throat-pillar [to level-out,to balance] (khekh). existence., [as] the dimension. [by] thou. belly (south). [for] existence. the aspects (foods). [for] the land of the word as things of the són (‘soil’, satu+). thou. pupil/body (tchet). existence., [through] thou. torso (centre). [in] the dimensional foreground [of saturn] (h’at-áb).; [as] the divine mother. [of] existence. [is] thou. torso.,

thou. existence. [as] one. to tie-up the solarplane by he the qer-cave (qerefeb+,unknown).; [by means of] \\thou. legs (*pic). it. to go extend (t’un). [from to be?] blind (shep=?). [to?] thou. two eyes (áten+white hole). 3] [and?] Geb. thou. existence (matrix). to open [and become new] (un).;
[by] thou. axis (shoulder). [of] the East. the [an-] face (white hole). [as] one. to support and rise (thes)., [and] thou. axis (shoulder). of [=for]. the West. the [an-] face. [as] one. to máke to support and to rise (s-thes)., [and through] them (ad.souls). to gallop (tháthá).(the word) inside. [as?] their (ad.souls). Khepesh thigh (*pic,Ursa). of [=for]. the dimension. the word. existence to bring (ánn).;
[through] the (passive+bábá). to make [via m-b-soul-adam] (ári). to praise [word-inside imprisoned-H] (Hennuu). praise+m-b-soul-adam+hebrew-H. the word of speech to make. [for] this. speech of hail (matrix,ár).; [in order] to become spirits. [by] these (numbering). gods., the four. (ft’u, mountains of he?)., [as?] the four (glyph). [of?] thou. who are. the divine father. [of?] the [an-] face (white hole). to become protection.; (note)

Horus. thou. who are. the divine \\double-lion-mouth (áten+white hole)., thou. who are. the lion-mouth., thou. who are. the true voice. he to rise and shine of beauty (scribe?). [of] the foremost kh-house. [of] adam-within. [of] Osiris.; to recite.:

the house. garment,to dress (glyph). the offering as the coverlet across the top of the cube (h’enkit+). [for] to make to stand upright. existence. [by] the mouth.”;

——– end BD 169