readable and comprehensible lines in bold not yet understood concepts or/and nonrunning lines in black themes : given title : ‘hymn to the rising sun’ notes : for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ; perhaps open new tab for side-by-side comparison scribe Ani : pictured from his papyrus , together with his wife […]

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BD CII Rã. to become the word by decree of law (utchu+scroll). [in order for] the boat-construct to make to build by blueprint., [by] to descend (hebrew-H cube). this. place-T of the thigh (uãr-t; note). 9] [in order for?] me. the watercourse to make m-b-soul-adam-like speech for the an-face (s-h’er+). [through?] the qãh’ shoulder (from […]

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BD CVI [by] the T’ept-boat (wormhole from tile to root). of [=for]. to come the solarplane. to hurry. great speech. [to] thou. divine he place-T-m of hail [ámen corner, likely] (‘father’, átef). alike-adam (miá).; [as] thou. dimension. [by] place t-e of the thigh (leg+t). [of] the mixed aspects [of both tiles] (sh-btu). [for] existence (matrix). […]

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BD CI rubric: he. the couch (place-T) of the dead body [in top lampstand] (khat+). [of] the [an-] face (eden’s). [by] the light of the axis (shu, wheel?). [for] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep).; [by means of] place-T of m-b-soul-adam to desire (merit). of [=for]. the true voice. [name scribe, likely]. [as] existence (matrix). [of] […]


BD C click pic to enlarge original title: the book of making strong the khu BD C to double place-T for speech of the phoenix bird rubric: [for] eternity (h’eh’). place-T-e to sacrifice. [in order for] to become the realm-garment. [of] every. light of willpower of speech. which is. the mutilated eden light (Hru,’day’). [by] […]


BD LXXX the doubled-light of saturn (h’etchh’etch+). [through] the place-T-m of the prisoner (=sut,Cain). to become. the dark word of doubled-k (kku+). [for] existence (eden’s). to destroy (=sek)., [in order for] speech and nature (kher). [of] existence (matrix). [for] to come hail as advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).; to become (áu). [by means of] the […]


BD CXLI [names of place-T-e:] the place of hail of hebrew-H for existence [matrix] (Hená+). for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence.; the place of the double-axis \\ (by) place-T-e to sacrifice (maãt\\*). for. Osiris’. existence.; Horus. [by means of] place-T-e to bear up (fa-t). for. Osiris’ (as construct). existence. the place of the word for the […]

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BD XXXIX Set speaking: [by] Ãpep [serpent] (double-root of eden). the speech. [for] Rã., [being] the word for true voice. [as] the things to tremble for. [of] saturn’s house of Horus. [for] the mouth., [by means of] to tow sight (likely,tega+). of [=by]. the Ennead. the word of hail. [for] existence. [as] the word to […]


title: changing the nature of light (the so-called ‘coming forth by day’) click pic for full size map BD LXXI rubric; scribe Thenna: the goal (sep). [of] existence (matrix). [for] millions [of spirits] (h’eh’u)., [by] to sacrifice [in general] (eden) (maã). [for] to become the garment. [ás] every. light (eden’s). [for] existence (matrix).; [by means […]


title: (transformations) connecting the leg to the treshfloor and backbone click pic for full size map BD LXXIV [by] the cemetary below. of [=as]. their (ad.souls). thing of masculinity (thaat). [for] the shores of the solarplane (át’ebuu). [of] the [an-] face (north).; 4] [by] the double treshfloor. [of] me. the passive eden realm [to] me. […]


draft posted: first revision: 17/5/17 scribe: Nu given title: ‘chapters of transformations’ status: 90 %, first revision 17/5 notes: below; about Eve, or revelation-goddess first draft: from draft, many words remained the same; streamlined Renouf link: below situation: red and blue circle see also: bd172, and all bd of (transformation) title: (transformations) essence for the […]


title: (transformations) the golden phoenix and quadruple root BD LXXVII 10] my. head (main). doorkeeper. of [=for]. my. sekhem-power. [is] the throat [between red-blue circle] (h’eti). [to] the corn-god (neperá,tuatIII). [for] my. existence. [by] existence (eden’s). to give.; [in order for] my. torso (centre). to acquire., [and for] me. to become abundance (bãh’,saturn/solarplane). [by means […]


title: 144,000 aspects of the South to the treshfloor for the lionmouth click pic for full size map click pic for full size BD LXXII rubric, Ani: Ani. (the scribe) [of] Osiris’. word of hail.; the goal (sep). [of] existence (matrix). [for] millions [of spirits] (h’eh’u). [by means of] to sacrifice [eden] (maã). to become […]

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title: transferring the quadruple-root to the north side (important chapter) click pic for full size map click pic for full size BD CLXIV rubric: every. serpent (of?) the mouth [the 4 of cross?]., [by means of] the prisoner (su,Cain). [to be] be adam-within. existence (eden’s). nót.; (serpents are not, anymore) he. the side (eden’s; ges). […]


title: complete chapter about the three northern Sba-stargates *used terms: 1] petr(á): upper layer in cube, bordering their iron tcherru-sky, 2] double axis\\thing to sacrifice: the split in the root, to the mid-sba gate, BD CXXV D rubric: the goal (sep). [of] existence (matrix). [for] millions (of spirits). [by] to sacrifice [eden] (maã). [for] to […]

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title: (wormhole) the djed-pillar as oil-well sending up the liquid gold BD CLV rubric: the goal (*pic3). [for] existence (matrix). [for] millions [of spirits] (h’eh’u)., [by means of] to sacrifice (eden,maã). [for] to become the garment. [of] Osiris (as construct).; [by] to come the branch (former ãpp; khet). [of] the word of adam-within. [for] the […]


title: (wormhole) the treshfloor as pupils for eden’s gold BD CLVIII to dress. the land. [as] united [by copulation] (sma). [through] mutilated eden light (Hru,’day’). [as] this (pn). divine word of spirits light. [for] existence (matrix). [by] the throat (between sep circles). to give.; [for] he. the [an-] face (matrix). [by] this (pn). mouth (eden’s). […]


title: (wormhole) the treshfloor being the two islands as the throat BD CLVII rubric: the treshfloor (sep) [for] existence (matrix). [as] the two islands (glyph). the thing to complete. [namely] the garment. of [=for]. the land. united (sma-ta)., [in order for] the mutilated eden light (Hru,’day’). to become perfect (áqr). [as] this (pn). noble word […]


title: (wormhole) Isis’ knot as uterus sucking-out eden’s light BD CLVI rubric: [by] he. the treshingfloors. [for] the [an-] face (north)., to become new. existence (eden’s). nót.; thou willpower for (not ‘protection’,mãk). everything. [of] the divine egyptians.; [but by] the prisoner (su,Cain). [for] the sight (maa). [as] the tool (willpower/speech). [of] thou. nót.; 5] [but […]


title: place of the Root: the four animal-beings and their counterparts BD CLIV note: unusual – but these lines refuse to run; apparently we do not understand enough about it’s content; asap we will revise this entire chapter again; but we need more info about the “4 serpents” and four counter-serpents, because of the importance […]

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BD  CXXV B the not so-negative  so-called “negative confession” – ofcourse eventually, the góal is “negative” — to eden, that is — but the syntax is NOT about “declaring to the gods that the candidate did well”, by pouring every line into an ” i did nót…”; but the character of the legal declarations is […]


LXXXIX Osiris. he. the flesh for the solarplane to encircle (shenbet+)., [by] the original adamite soul. existence (eden’s). word to give speech. the stones the thing of the great pillar (glyph). of [=for]. to become to fill. the gold. [for] existence. [for] the Ba spirit-soul. the [an-] face., to recite.; Forever. the thing of the […]


BD CXXV A [source] see notes in other BD125 B, C to serve (ámakh). [with] all [of]. the true voice. [of] Ani (scribe).: 28] the place of the thing of the Uas-sceptre (see note). [for] all [of]. the gods (matrix). [of] existence. [as] the god. [of] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep).; 27] [by means […]


  BD LXXXI B + A LXXXI B to become the great pillar. [of] the Ennead [pantheon of 9]. [as] the phallus [inversed pillar] (met). [by] he. (text unclear). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.; he (the). existence (eden’s). to be desired. [because of] all [of]. the words of existence for the solarplane (bnu). [as] the speech. […]


textnote: a] SHA, “new north” as “the region of the stacked thes-domes”, b] the graphic is from CT, “map of Sekhet-Áaru”, you see it is, apparently, devided in “horizontal layers”, which may fit very well the stacked thes-domes / ziggurat model; — note the stairway, the leg RT’, and the smaller fractal of Earth’s boat, […]


6] he. the doorkeeper of things. [namely of] the evil images of the mountain (when eden’s). these (tn). to erase (t’er).; Forever. the willpower of Saturn (h’enã). [by] the light (eden’s) inside eternity [of saturn] (h’eh’+). [for] existence (matrix). [of] speech.; [by means of] the prisoner (su,Cain). to revise (sáp)., [for] divine peace [of saturn] […]


rubric: 22] the divine light (matrix). [by] the things for spirits-light by shooting [seed] (eden’s) (sttu). of [=by]. the cemetary below. of [=fór]. he. the one. sight (maa).; [as] their (ad.souls). [an-] face (eden’s). [for] the [an-] face (white hole)., [and so] them (ad.souls). to bow for speech and nature (kher+bow)., [by] the words to […]


27] the true voice. (scribe?, to rise and shine (uben) of beauty (nefer).: [by] the divine he the fortress of the south (glyph). to divinely engrave (Pteh’). [for] existence (matrix).; [by means of] the prisoner (su,Cain). [as?] thou. weight [weight of split-off word] (ut’en). [for] the sons (matrix). [through] the mouth (*pic,white vesica). [of] existence […]


rubric: to become to be renewed constantly [by hebrew-H] (uHem). [in order] of [=for]. he. the existence (matrix). to die. nót.; 41] [by] the light (eden’s) inside eternity (saturn). [of] speech. [for] ãnkh-life. [for] he. the Ba spirit-soul. existence to become new (matrix) (unn).; [by means of] the eden realm. [for] he (the). existence (matrix). […]


link: see BD CXXVII A [by] the land (south). [of] adam-within. [for] to become the great [pillar]. [of] the divine judges (+s). [as] the phallus [inversed pillar] (met). [for] the sky of earth. [of] the thing of adam-within.; to become the great pillar. [of] the divine judges. [as] the phallus. [by] he. the enemies’. speech. […]


link: see BD CXXVII B (me). the doorkeeper. [of] all. evil images of the mountain (t’utu,when eden’s). [as the] wrong [evil/to become new] (un). [as] one (tu). to be discovered (gem). nót.; [to] existence (matrix). to come the root to kh-house (khep). [as] my. desire (mer). [for] me. to manifest (per)., [and] me. to be […]


my. speech. [by] thou. torso (centre). of [=for]. \\ which is (which is for) every. shameful thing (shept). to erase (t'er).,[for] existence. [of] peace [of saturn] (h'etep).; [through] he (eden). within., [for] my. ãnkh-life.;[and by] he. within. thou. ãnkh-life. [by means of] to make aspects offerings in H'etep. [to] thou., [in order for] existence (eden's). […]


the peace [of saturn]. of [=as]. the true voice. [of] Ani.:he. the [sh] pool. [of] justice (maãt). to make the image [through prisoner] (su-sesh)., [because of] the place of the garden for all of the east (abetch,see note). [for] all [of]. existence (matrix). [by] the double throne of the tongue [upon the inverse dome] (nes). […]


the 2nd (sennu). event (sep). to make. nót.;  (read: un-doing their construct)I. know. of. the Lies (geru). [but] I. say. [them] nót.;[in?] the true (dimension) middle. am I. [of] the peace [of saturn] (h'etep). [and] of [=for]. me. to halt. the thing of the Watercourse (eden's). [in order for] existence (eden's). [to] thou. to give.: […]


[by] them (ad.souls). the willpower of saturn (h’enã). [for] the true voice. of Ani [scribe].: the place of the uas sceptre (see note). [for] all [of]. existence (matrix). [as] the god. [of] peace [of saturn] (h’etep). [as] the design (sesh). [for] Osiris. [for] existence of hail. [for] the noble spirits.; existence (matrix). torso (centre). to […]


he (the). Áten-disk.\\ [of] adam-within. [for] the boat of building by blueprint (sqet'nu, amtuat's). [for] he (the). Khu spirit., [as] the boat (glyph). [of] willpower. [for] existence (matrix). [for] thou. [an-] face (north? since áten). to become protection. [of] hail.;[as] he (the). eye. of [=for]. the Tuat house [torus]. to make to illumine [w/light of […]


the true voice. [of] N-Osiris (candidate).:the dome of the word-inside [thes-dome!] (*pic,nut). [as] the mother,, [for] Nekhbet (vulture goddess,above H-cube). [as] one. to embrace. all [of]. the light (eden's). [for] Rã., [by] the staff of rule [river] (tá,adam rule). [of] beauty. [from?] the Manu mountain (*pic). which is. [in] the house of the horizon (*pic,cube)., […]


sorcery (h’eKa). of [=as]. ãnkh-life., [because of] this (his/root) [eden’s]. the crocodile [‘by saturn to birth’] (meseh’). [being!] the prisoner (su,cain). [for] the thing to carry-Off (that root)., [but] thou. nót.; (?) [by] withín., this (pn). sorcery. [of] speech. [as] he (the). [chakra] eye. [in!] the [physical] spine (beqsu). to dwell (h’ems)., [for] hail of […]

BD xxxe

rubric:the places. [of] the houses. [of] the mouth (sing.,eden's). of [=as]. the thing to revise (sápt).;[from?] the eye (eden's?). [as] speech. it. to come [as] imprisoned eden's word ['Way'] (ua). [and it] of [=by]. the prisoner (su,cain). to discover (gem)., [via] he. to give. [to] Horus. [in order] me. to make the son [through prisoner] […]


[by means of] the adamite soul. withín., to become a spirit. [of] the West.; [by] death (a.soul)., to complete. the land. the head (main-land).; to become (by) to found. the great pillar. [of] the thing of adam-within. [for] the speech. [of] the land. [in order for] it. to become united [by copulation] (sma)., [by] the […]


[bý] the double-treshingfloor. am I.; (*pic,white rings)to become healthy. [by] me. to value., [but yet] lacking. [the] to divinely complete (tem). willpower of Saturn (h'enã). [for] existence (matrix). to manifest (per).;[but by] the original adamite soul. withín., [by] me. [for] millions [of spirits] (h'eh'u). the speech. [of] the adamite throne. to make sacred., [in] name […]


[fór] the gods. the willpower like-adam (mmã, weak form). [as] one. he (horus). values (áp). Horus.;[by] thou speech of hail. to go stand upright. [in order for] me (rã). the thing to complete. [but as a thing of] existence (eden's). nót.; [bý] the gods (ad.originals). \\ [of] adam-within. [as] Rã. am I.;[by] within. me., existence […]


he. to become to rise and crowned (khã). of [=as]. 'third' ['not/the dimension/of three'] (khemt). [for] this. Ani Osiris.; of [=for]. to become stable. the speech. [by] eden realm (on existence). [for] existence (matrix). [of] willpower of speech.; to become (áu). [by] the thing of the SBA-stargate. [for] all [of] the god. [as] the Workplace. […]

BD XII or cxx

I am. the olden one (nkhkh)., me. [as] the one to come. [and to] me. to be given. the land (of cube). to plough over [by solarplane] (baa).; [by] my. word. [is] thou. willpower. of [=for] (protection). [as] every. light of willpower of speech. [by] the adamite soul. within.; to become the (legal) rights. it. […]

BD XIII or cxxi

rubric: the bandage to wrap up for burial (qerás). [is] the light of Hru [“day”, but mutilated eden light]. of [=for]. the original adamite soul’s. [an-] face [eden eye]., [as] the true voice. [by] the divine perch of Menu of Youth [same region]. [in order for] existence (matrix). to birth. the word of true voice. […]

BD L b

the words of the great pillar (*pic). [for] the gods. [by] the sins [Heir-glyph]. of [=for]. me. to become (áu). the divine \\ pent [thing existence root (see CT). am I.;the divine images (ãkhemu). [for] the gods. to be birthed. [by] existence (eden's). nót.;to become the truths. my. sight (maa). nót.; (?) [by] to make […]

BD L a

the words of the great pillar. [for] the gods. [by] the phallus (*pic) [pillar inversed] (met). [for] me.; to become (áu). my. \\ thing of the root. am I.: [as] the divine images (ãshemu). [for] the gods. the flesh to birth. [for] existence. [as] the truths. [of] my. sight (maa).; [by] existence (eden’s). [as] root […]


the cemetary below. of [=as]. the willpower (matrix). to be constantly renewed [by hebrew-H] (uHem). [in order] of [=for]. to die (the cemetary!). nót.;[because by] the gods [ad.originals]. [of] the royal south (suten,simple). of [=for]. mé. to become to rise and be crowned (khã).; to become (áu). thou. mystery (sheta). [of] sight (maa)., of [=as] […]


the place of the Ka spirit-double. [in] the house of saturn. [for] open-work engraving (pteh’). [as] the prisonhouse [for the foremost-adam] in the KH-house., [for] the ape (qeft’nu). to become healthy. [by] my. health.; [by?] the place of the Ka spirit-double. [in] the house of saturn. [for] open-work engraving (pteh’). [as]. the prisonhouse [for the […]


16] my. goal,purpose (sep). to advocate (usheb). of [=by]. me. the thing to be understood [backwards] (matrix) (saart). [which] existence (eden’s). [does] nót.; 15] my. divine father. of. me., [after?] thou. youth of destitute (nemeh’+). [by] the body,belly (south,khat). of [=for]. existence (matrix). to manifest (per).; (?) [by means of] the divine he to illumine […]

BD ee

[by?] the divine dimension of the dome of Nu [top of cube]. [as] thou. father (átef). [of] existence (matrix)., [and] the dome of nut [torus dome]. [as] thou. mother., one. to value (áp).; forever. existence (matrix). [of] totality (144,000). [of] thou. torso (centre)., [by] the setcht-flame (in torso). existence (matrix). to revise (sáp). the Nák […]

BD dd

the hidden (ámen). truth. [about] the light (eden’s). [for] existence (matrix). [in?] the house of the tongue. [for] the image (sesh). [of] Osiris. [for] existence of hail.: every. light (eden’s). [as] the Sbait sun-star light. the head (main-light). [of] the [an-] face [white hole]. [for] the one. sight (maa). thou. give.; [as] all [of]. the […]

BD aa

Ani Osiris'. existence. [is by] the Ka spirit-double. [for] existence (matrix). [as] true voice. [of] the land [south]., of [=by]. Osiris. the phallus (met) (*pic). to acquire (shep). [as] the god. the tcha [fire-drill] boat. [for] Hru light [mutilated eden's]. [of] the sekkt evening boat [all óut of white hole]., [by] the adamite throne (ást). […]

BD bb

[by] thou. the foreground [dimension] (h'at). of [=by]. to connect to. to rise and be crowned (khã). [as] the ureaus\\of fat (aspects) to ascend (ãrãt,comp.)., to become sweetness (netchem). [by] thou. torso (*pic,centre). [as] thou. boat (uáa) (*pic,thes-dome). to rejoice [in] (reshá, = the boat of foremost-adam in the sh-pool of the mouth);[by he the] […]

BD cc

the word of true voice. [of] noble Qenna.:[by] the trafficker (garden east,see note) (shut\\). [is] Osiris. [for] thou. to make to worship (s-aush). the [an-] face [white hole]. [of] all the words. [for] the gods. [as] completed people (temu). [of] the two lands. [for] all [of]. existence (matrix).; [by] to make the Law [hebrew-H!] (seHep). […]

BD 127 A

the doorkeepers. all. evil [images of the mountain] (t’u, God’s). wrong [‘not become new’] (un). [as?] one (tu). to become to discover,to find (gem). nót.;  (wont be found no more) existence. to go,come [root to kh] (khep). my. desire (mer). I. to manifest (per). I. to be praised (h’es,saturn). I. enter (ãq). word. them (ad.souls). […]

BD 126

BD 126 the house of the horizon. existence. the innermost sacred place (Eye,south). of [=by]. every. light. to enter,to disturb (tek). to invoke (nás). the word – those who praise,are praised (h'esi-u). the noble spirits. eden's realm. alike-adam (miá). thou. to desire [eden speech RR] (merr). speech. thou. to come (thing of) willpower (ãt). thou. […]

BD 127 B

the land. [of] adam-within. the great [pillar]. the divine judges. (to become) the phallus., the sky of earth. [of] adam-within. the great [pillar]. the divine judges. (to become) the phallus. his. enemies. speech. 22]  the true voice [from below]. mespteh’(scribe). to make by blueprints [from Orion] (qet’nu). to design (sesh). the dome. Osiris. true voice. […]

BD 77

the head,first. the doorkeeper (ár). of [=by]. 10] sekhem-power. the throat (h’eti, saturn, phallus; winged disk=het’t). the corn god [Osiris]  ( Neper). existence to give speech. the Torso (Eye, áb). to acquire (shep). to flood [abundance] (bãh’, saturn+solarplane). he. within. to become a spirit. he. within. to feed,devour. the phallus (pillar). of [=by]. 9] Hetep. […]

BD 15 B

his. Áten [disk]. \\ [of] adam-within (linked,ofcourse). the boat of making blueprints [from Orion] (s-qet’nu). he. the Khu-spirit. of [=by]. the boat of willpower of existence. thou. anunna-face (vesica north). to become the protection. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; his. Eye. of [=by]. the Tuathouse. to make to illumine [w/ saturn’s light] (s-h’etch). the gods. […]

BD 15 A

the true voice [from below]. [blank space for name].  Osiris. Nut [sky dimensions of earth]. the mother (mut+flail=rule). the one (tu). to embrace (qená). (it *may*  read, ” the mother, BY the one (mother) to embrace”, since qená is in the rape-cluster, “to beat”..) all,every. light. [for] the divine light of willpower of speech (rã-glyph […]

BD 78

the nebertcher cobra (boundary/of speech/ master-holder, chalice below solarplane). the adamite soul. [is] the master [all of] (neb). the divine “One” [real-moon] (uã). his, he (the). Eye. of [=by]. millions (h’eh’u, saturn, not:eternities). he. to make ãnkh-life (the imprisoned realmoon does).  ;  + ? millions (see above). 55] he. to seize (shet’). the gods. his. […]

BD 76

the adamite soul. within. to advance. the way (axis,Watercourse). existence. to make. the divine great [pillar]. the god. to become union (t’emt’). thou. within. existence. to become new (un). the white crown [rule around earth, Saturn] (h’etch, saturn light). to shepherd, to guard. [stop?] the white crown (see above). the son (sa). to make to […]

BD 67 I

the SH-pool-land (south vesica). [is] the island of foremost (?) products of Saturn (formost-glyph is unsure in text;  but context is that the SH-pool privide the products of saturn to work with). of [=by]. to rise and shine (uben). the shining backbone (pet’). [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; 5] the great pillar]. Rã […]

BD 66

the god Nu [ the divine dimension of the word-inside]. [of] adam-within. his, he (the). boat (uáa). the front, forepart [of the body?] (h’at). of [=by]. Rã (rã glyph). the thing opened (upt). of [=by]. existence. to hover over,coming to rest (khen). the wing, flying up (paa). 4] the divine axis, Watercourse (eden’s axis). i,me. […]

BD 64

LXIV [rubric:] sorcery (h’ekau). of [=by]. his, he (the). speech of anunna-face (vesica north). language. [is?] myrrh (ant’iu, head-related). of [=by]. to milk [the word from ad.soul] (mesu, strange glyph). the mouth. the thing to open (up). his. existence. to make. the adamite soul. existence. Torso (áb, Eye south). the innermost sacred place (khennu). of […]

BD 189

real themes: to remove the faces from the adamite originals, south; and stealing word as Eve status: very revealing, but 2nd part is difficult the true voice [from below]. [of] the primeval child (this scribe). [of] the covenant (khetem). belonging to? (nes,tongue). the house of the tongue [real-moon] (nes).: Osiris. speech. [of] ãnkh-life. [by] existence […]

BD 65 II

[by] them (ad.souls). the peace (h’etep, saturn). of [=by]. the youth,child (nekhen). Septu (son of Sirius, morningstar). the double-thigh (mentu). [of] ãnkh-life. the flesh (h’a,saturn). [by] the slaughter (shãt, sh-pool). [of?] the gold [eden’s] (glyph; see gold BD99). of [=by]. the hand (t’et). of [=by]. the branch these [two] (‘sceptre’, but ápt+branch; see note).; the […]

BD 181

BD 181 [short rubric skipped, start text:] [by] his. existence (eden’s)., existence (matrix). to stand upright (ãhã). [for] the land. to return (khet). he. to fear. the word of fear (sent’tu). [as] the most-b-soul-adam willpower of speech (ãri). the great [pillar]. [by] sekhem sceptres. it,he. to be victorious (nerr). 23] the pautu primeval gods. the […]

BD 183

the true voice [from below]. Horus. Nut (sky dimensions of earth). the son. [of] divine beauty by existence becoming new (comp.glyph). [by] the divine Torso (eye,south). very great speech (URT', child-glyph, unclear whose). existence. the Torso (the eye). to make ãnkh-life. speech. the hidden,mysterious shetau, sh-pool). tephet-cave (cave of the head, south). speech. he. to […]

BD 186

justice (maãt). flies up. [by] the firedrill-boat (tcha uáa, unclear still). speech. something of great speech (? URT, see note). the neshemt-boat (capturing speech, unclear where). speech. to make. his (set; hebrew-H aspect). cooled-down Dew? (qebh'ita, comp.word, dew = eden's). existence. ferrying from innermost sacred place (khennu). of [=by]. justice (maãt). to make. existence. the […]

BD 99

real theme: mãkhent = the boat/ferrying fróm the sacred-innermost-place (eye south) the willpower-alike-adam";  using imprisoned Cain as 'adams willpower' [because Adam is too dangerous?]  ; the relation between cain and "his mother";  and that of 'gold' and 'making a body'; see for Cain also CT spell **   status: important themes thou. advanced beautified-soul. thou […]

BD 156

real theme: obscure [rubric:] his. treshing-floors (stripping ad.originals, see note). [for] the anunna-face (north). to become new., [for] existence (eden's). [to be] nót.;  thou. willpower like [adam] (mã). everything/masterholder (nebt). the egyptians (rethu). the prisoner. Sight. the gift of speech (ret't). thou. nót.; [=?] within. 5] to become sacrifice [in general] (maã). to become the […]

BD 155

[rubric:] event/matter/ (sep+treshfloor). existence. eternity *h’eh’, saturn). to be come sacrifice [in general] (maã). to become the shes-garment-body (from sh-pool). Osiris. the returning gods (khetu). word of adam-within. alike-adam miá). the season. existence. light. the cemetary below. \\ [of] adam-within (linked). to become perfect (áqer). 4] the noble spirit. of [=by]. his. existence. to become […]

BD 153 A

his. willpower. of [=by]. the divine woman-prisoner (sut\\div.). Horus. the limit (tcher). existence. 35] Rà (rã glyph). his. divine father (átef, adam staff). his. existence. existence. the Eye. this your (connect to). the Maqt-ladders (vertical axis in ankh-torus). [to?] the anunna-face (vesica north). [for] the true voice. [of] primeval child. (etc).; Osiris. to manifest (per). […]

BD 153 B

the multitude (ãshtu). angry, hot flame (serf). 20] these. to embrace (sekhen, sarcastic). to become (áu). within. their (ad,souls, that multitude). heads. the words / in the Workplace (ásuu, stripping originals). to become,was. within. this earth's moon (khensu, not: real-moon). to become,was. within. the kings of the South [nestu] (is Suten, place of Set's royal […]

BD 151

Nebseni (this scribe). the scribe/the design (sesh, the latter). [of] the people by saturn's willpower over the root (comp.word). all [of]. Horus. the phallus [pillar]. the beauties (nefertu). [from] the way (axis, Watercourse). thou. carried-off (those beauties from the way). [to] the place of Õn (ruling Eye, south). [of] adam-within.;  [by?] the great speech. [of] […]

BD 19

[rubric] the treshfloor (of ad.originals,vesica Sep,south). existence. two/double island (?as in 20, but no land gl). true Shes-garment-body (as in 20?). of [=by]. this (root). willpower (ã). the pillar. to become the protection (mãkt). [as,for?] the double treshfloor (see above)., [as being] the star (tua). of [=by]. thou. anunna-face (vesica north). to say.: (….so the […]

BD 20

the KArá shrine (ka-double, same as 4 torches south?). protection in hidden background of saturn (h'a tep). Osiris. existence. this. to value (áp). [by?] this. divine judges (tchanutcha). [in,of?] the phallus (pillar). every. goddess (netert). [and] every. god. who are. the divine judges. the phallus.  [stop?] 10] his. enemies (kheftiu). speech. the true voice [from […]

BD 22

existence (eden's). to extinguish (ãkhem). 8] in the place of the double fire (glyph). [as] the SH-pool-land. of [=by]. the Torso (áb, eye south). the desire (mer). [of] speech. [for] existence (matrix). [of] the advanced beautified-soul.; the terraces which held up the judgement seat of Osiris [in the solarplane] (khet). his. head,first. 7] which is. […]

BD 21

the darkness (gerh', saturn). covering by the solarplane (nebt', chalice). his. new season of Time (unnut, word inside become new). speech. the Torso (áb,Eye,south). the word. to guide. he. within. to command (met'u). the mouth. thou. give. thou. existence. the heads. thou. share,portion (t'enáu, t'en=split-off,tená=1/4 moon). thou. protection in the hidden background of Saturn (h'a […]

BD 63

Forever. his. existence. the word of most-b-soul-adam's willpower of speech (comp.word, rãiu, no Rã!). eternity (h'eh', saturn). existence. to become [by] flesh and bone of the Heir. [in?] the Workplace (of stripping ad.originals, ás). i,me. his.he. limit [of Watercourse] (tcher). ultimate existence (matrix,nn). to yoke forever [by saturn] (neh'eh'). existence (eden's). willpower of speech (rã, […]

BD 63 A

[63 exists of 63, 63A and 63E ] Every. light. within. thou. ãnkh-life (ãnki, unusual). to snatch away,rescue (neh'em,saturn). 5] [in] name [of].: to become to grow (rut'). [by] the passive one of great speech (adam,south)., [so that] the old prince of great speech. to make to strip naked (kefa). the divine Heir to become […]

BD 63 E

the adamite soul. within. existence. the manifestation (pert). this [your] (connect to). the way (axis, Watercourse). backwards 9sa). of [=by]. to travel (shas, soul/new sh-pool). of [=by]. to force his-self (tchesef). 4] to mutilate (h'esq,saturn). to come to beautified-soul the willpower like [adam] (mãá+walk, comp. glyph). the cat (miáu, skin-alike-Adam). the adamite soul. the prisonhouse […]

BD 91

[rubric] the true Shes garment-body. go+come. of [=by]. east[ern]. existence. all,every. [star] gate (glyph, pylon?). anunna-face (north vesica). cord of father? (tef+u/cord?). to restrain, imprison [foremost adam] (khená). nót.; [?] the cemetary below. of [=by]. to become equipped (ãper). [by,as] the noble spirit. of [=by]. he,his. to transform (kheper). he. to become. this (root). mouth. […]

BD 90

Shu (representing pillar+face). [by] the gods who are slaughtering [ in the workplace] (sáatiu-horussp., or gods who are béing slaughtered?). existence. to flee,escape (h'em). thou. speech. say.:to complete (tem). speech. the word to come. to complete. thou. speech. say.:the speech. i, me. [as] one to come (tu). 9] 'knot in the coil'. within. thou. abominations […]


BD CIX this. divine star of the Sba stargate (centre). [as] the god., [for] this. divine hail (text unsure). [for] speech and nature (matrix,kher)., [as] the tooth of the calf [-star] (beh’es, horus). [for] this. divine doubled-house \\[by] the house of the horizon (eden)., [for] Horus’. divine easterners (horus-spirits). [as] the Ba spirit-souls. [by] me. […]


BD CXXXVII B the divine his mother (mut-f). [of] the Án-pillar. [being] the place-T-m through the prisoner (su-t,Cain). [for] the divine eye (utcha)., [by means of] Horus’. double-treshingfloor (sep). [for] ãnkh-life. [as] the house of the T-e of m-b-soul-adam for great speech (*pic,urit+house). [as] the innermost sacred place for the kh-house (khennu). 5] of [=for]. […]

BD 144 the treshing floor (sep, off.:'the beginning'). existence. eternities / millions (h'eh'u). sacrifice in general. body-garment (shes). this. light. of [=by]. servants,slaves. to become,was (áu). he,his. existence. masterholder (nebt). eyes ('people'?). speech. [eyes of speech?] noble spirit. he (set-glyph). to become a spirit. that which is ('reality', ntt). boundary (tcher). the cemetary below. of [=by]. […]

BD 125 III

30] this. tuathouse. which is. the shoulder-east (glyph. branch of ÃRRIT (glyph). his. existence. beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). speech. anunna-face (vesica north) (or: 'above'). thou. invade,enter (ãq). to give [away?]. existence. nót.;  this. tuathouse. which is. the west-shoulder (lit.shoulder/of/west). branch of ÃRRIT (glyph). existence. beautified-soul. speech. anunna-face (or: above). thou. enter. to give [away?]. existence. nót.;  […]


BD CXXXVII A rubric: the goal (sep). [of] existence (matrix). [for] millions (h’eh’u, not ‘eternities’)., [by] to sacrifice [in general] (maã). to become the realm-garment. within., [and so by] he. to come health (utcha). [for] all [of]. the solarplane (B). of [=as]. 55] Osiris (construct)., [and] existence. to follow (shems). [in order] of [=for]. he. […]


BD CXXXVIII to force the words of m-b-soul-adam for the solarplane (biu+). [as] the willpower. of [=by]. he. the T-m of the serpent (tch-t)., [in order for] he. to become protections (mãku). [as] my. divine father’s. word of hail.: Osiris (as construct). son. am I.; [for] me. to become protections (mãku). [as] the willpower alike […]

BD 140

BD CXL rubric: one (1). roasted-meat [sheb-dome] (asher). [for] the flesh of Áf.; one (1). basket (t’ená). lights of the half-month of the q-axis of the hand (t’eq+).; one 1). basket (t’ená). lights to make speech to connect to existence as the god (senther+).; four (4). lights of the q-axis of hail for the solarplane […]

BD 146

[twenty first northern pylon]   57] hidden, mysterious (ámen). designs,characters (skheru). posessed by (kher). the adamite soul. became (áu). the adamite soul. {in}. the smelting fire (báu). [of] existence (matrix). [by] invading hebrew-H (God's house). [by] H'emen?(proto-Horus/80/natron/stability of saturn). [by] speech. to make. to cut,carve (sá). [and] slaughter (t'em). [blank?]. – Osiris. existence. [for] the […]

BD 147

BD CXLVII the giza grand gallery, aka Rama’s bridge rubric: [place-T of] great speech. [for] to battle (ãhã). every. word of the solarplane (bu)., [in order for] (that word by) the [an-] face (eden’s). to be made. nót.; [but by eden] within. [for] Osiris (as construct). [as] the willpower of saturn (h’enã). [of] the “One” […]

BD 14

bd 14 the speech. [in] thou. Torso (áb, south). of [=by]. which are. all (nebu). ashamed of (shept) [of eden's speech!]., to erase (t'er). [by] existence (matrix). [of] peace (h'etep, saturn).[into] he (adam). within. ãnkh-life.;  he. within. thou. ãnkh-life. [by] the aspects offered to Saturn. [of] the adamite soul. [for] thou. existence. [by] existence (eden's). […]

BD 13

[rubric:] the burial (qerás, ás=workingplace,qer=circle,south). [in,of?] the day (Hru, hebrew-H, north?). of [=by]. the adamite soul. [is!] the anunna-face. [by] the true voice [from below] (maã kheru).; the divine Áat-perch of youth. [for] existence. birthed (mes). [by] the true voice form below. [is] ãnkh-life., it. to become. Osiris'. existence. [in] name [of].: to make. the […]

BD 12

BD XII me. [as] the olden one of strength (nekhkh). [and] me. [as] the one to come (tu+walk). [and to] me. to be given. the land (south,eden)., [in order for] me. to plough (baa). [through] my word as thou willpower for. all [of]. the light of willpower of speech.; 3] [by means of] the original […]

BD 11

the willpower like [adam] (mã). it. [as] one (tu). to be snatched away (neh'em). [by] existence (eden's). nót.;  existence (eden's). to give. the speech. he. to become,was. the eternal \\ enemies (h'h'\\kheftiu, saturns eternity\\enemies of horus-spirits). speech. of [=by]. the commands (met'u). the thighs,legs (ret'u, south). of [=by]. wandering-off (shem, adam-related).; the god Tem ('to […]

BD 10

he. to become crowned (khã). of [=by]. the third (khemt, lit.'not/dimension/of 3', trinity). this [root] (pen). [as?] Áni. scribe. [of] Osiris., [by?] becoming stable (men). [by] the speech. [of] eden's realm (nen). [for] existence (matrix). [of] willpower of speech. to become. the house of the Tuat. [of] every. god.;  the Workplace (ás; stripping souls,south). [is] […]

BD 09

the true voice [from below]. [of] Áni. scribe. [of] Osiris.: the way (axis,Watercourse). [of] existence (eden's). to make. every. noble spirit. [and] every. god.; the hail for the beautified-soul. [is] to become equipped (ãper)., I. become a spirit., I. become roayalty (sãh'). [as] Osiris., [and] the gods. [by] he. the father (átef, from the staff […]

BD 08

the gods. [of] willpower like [adam] (mã). of [=by]. the one (tu). he. values (áp). Horus. thou speech for the beautified-soul (árk, one word). to stand upright (ãhã). [as] completion (temt). [by?] existence (eden's). nót.; (eden is not) the gods. \\ [of] adam-within. Rã (glyph). i,me. within. existence (eden's). becoming new (unn). nót.; [?] [but] […]

BD 07

BD VII [by] the double treshfloor (note). [for] me. to come health., [as] me. [by only] having become the root of hail [ámen-corner] (áp+). nót.; [but] \\[by] which. I am., [as] to divinely complete. [by] the willpower of Saturn (h’enã). [for] existence (matrix). to manifest (per).; [by] the original adamite soul. the word of place-T […]

BD 06

within. thou. to devise. protection (mãku). [for] the West (áment, all of earth). [by] this [root]. [of] the East(ern). existence.  sand (shã, crystal matter). to give. [it as?] something ferrying? (khent). speech. to change (ut'ebu). to make to flood (smeh'). the fields (sekhtu, of saturn).to plant (sert'). speech. all, every. light of the opened word […]

BD 05

BD V the praising apes’ (word of divine willpower of hail). torso [centre] (áb). am I.; 3] to swell (bes). [with] ãnkh-life. [for] the divine ram Ba-spirit-soul. [whom] I am.; [being] the place of the word for the word-inside for existence to become new (torso)., [in order] of [=for]. existence (matrix). to manifest (per).; me. […]

BD 04

Osiris'. anunna-face (vesica north). [for] the cultivated lands (ah'tu, saturn). [of] existence. to erase (t'er). existence (eden's). [for] the advanced beautified-soul.;  the twin-fighter gods (reh'u, Set and Horus, but "double god word for saturns mouth"). to open (op). the celestial ocean [dimension] (agba, solarplane). [by] the departing [from SH] (tesh)., [for] me. the primeval child […]

BD 02

BD II my words of ãnkh-life. [of] willpower alike adam mmã, weak form).; [by means of] the land (south,eden). the head (main-land). [by] he. the things to desire. [namely by] the eye. [of] speech., [through] the mutilated eden light (Hru,’day’). of [=for]. place-T to manifest., 4] [for] me. Ani-Osiris.; Osiris (as construct). [by] thou. workplace […]


BD CV Workplace (in top lampstand) speaking to eden, [by] he. the (enemy of the) horus-spirits place-T of he for the kh-house (‘enemies’). [as] the speech. [for[ Osiris (as construct). [for] to make true voice (via ad.soul)., [and through] me. the dimension to purify. [as] my. word of hail.; [and so] thou. [an-] face (eden’s). […]

BD 03

[ in several places dotted lines = missing ]  the place of Õn (hostile universe, ruling Eye south). [of] adam-within. [is,by] the great speech. [of] the house of the old prince (h'etser, house of saturn). of [=by]. his. manifestation (pert). of [=by]. pteh'( the god Ptah, root/saturn). ãnkh-life. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). joyous (h'ã, physical […]

BD 145 part 2

DRAFT part 2 of BD 145: pylons XIII – I and rubric pylon XIII as one. purified (uãb). thou. becomes. thou speech [for] the beautified-soul (árk, one word). hastening to (ás). the beautified-soul.; lamenting (bega). the set-body-cloth to dress in (h’ebs). [as] testing (sáp). the posessions from below (kher).[as] the thing becoming (áut). [in] the […]

BD 150

XV [the word inside / for the beautified-soul / is the word / of the evil mountain] (t’uuá+pot). [by] [aspect / of existence / being encircled] (shenn+cake). of [=by]. the adamite soul. adam-within. ãnkh-life. gods. who are. the beautiful (nefert). West (áment; ‘beautiful West’ is common title). REGION:? XIV the divine-he. something to carry-off (ást). […]

BD 149

Renouf link: below + vignette link BD CXLIX region XIV (E) the peace (of saturn,h’etep). of [=by] (means of). this. adamite soul’s. word to come (glyph).; [and] forever. it (the word). within. me., [and] to come be un-tied (sefekh,seven). nót.; Osiris (as construct). of [=for]. to manifest (per)., [through] the words of the mountain (eden’s). […]

BD 145

DRAFT. [first part of 145, pylons XXI – XIV, rubric moved to end of part II, pylons XII – I ], [possible start of pylon 21],   pylon XXI The seven (7). gods. of. this. pylon (sebekht) (singular: not ‘these pylons’). who are. the divine judges (tchatchau). to become. the foreign land. [by?] the anunna-face […]

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