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he (the). Áten-disk.\\ [of] adam-within. [for] the boat of building by blueprint (sqet'nu, amtuat's). [for] he (the). Khu spirit., [as] the boat (glyph). [of] willpower. [for] existence (matrix). [for] thou. [an-] face (north? since áten). to become protection. [of] hail.;[as] he (the). eye. of [=for]. the Tuat house [torus]. to make to illumine [w/light of […]


the true voice. [of] N-Osiris (candidate).:the dome of the word-inside [thes-dome!] (*pic,nut). [as] the mother,, [for] Nekhbet (vulture goddess,above H-cube). [as] one. to embrace. all [of]. the light (eden's). [for] Rã., [by] the staff of rule [river] (tá,adam rule). [of] beauty. [from?] the Manu mountain (*pic). which is. [in] the house of the horizon (*pic,cube)., […]

PT 430

PT 430 PT 430 780b] [for] the nut dome (torus). existence. to connect to. existence of speech (‘name’, ren)., of [=by]. to connect to. the mother (-T) [in lampstand]. [as] the belly. of [=for]. to connect to. to become double-new (un-un)., + 780a][by means of] to connect to. the torso [centre] (áb+). [of] sekhem-power.; to […]

PT 429

PT 429 PT 429 779b] [by] he (eden). to die. nót.; [but instead, by] the uas sceptre. [of] ãnkh-life. which is (nt). [by] he place-T [in lampstand] (tef,’father’). connected to. the mother (-T) [lampstand]. [of] the belly. of [=for]. to connect to. sekhem-power [torso]., 779a] to connect to. existence (matrix). [of] the khu spirit. [for] […]

PT 270

PT 270 PT 270 387c] he. the root. [at] the side (ges). [of] speech of hail [=north]. [of] this (pu). N (candidate). [as] he. the fire-drill boat [axis]., + 387b] [of] Thoth (t’eh’ut). [for] existence., [by] the wing-axis (tcheneh’). the head (main-wing). [by using] the prisoner (su,Cain). he. the hand (=to give?)., 387a] this. N. […]

PT 368

skip 639a,b] 638d] The adamite soul. [is] the child. [of] Adam-within., – [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [of] great speech. [as] the image (thut). + (next line) 638c] [of] passive-very-great-speech (Urrt, adam’s)., [for] everything (neb). to build (khnem). [in] their (ad.souls). name. of.: – the image of the evil mountain (t’ut, God’s mountain). [of] every. kind […]