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BD 21

the darkness (gerh', saturn). covering by the solarplane (nebt', chalice). his. new season of Time (unnut, word inside become new). speech. the Torso (áb,Eye,south). the word. to guide. he. within. to command (met'u). the mouth. thou. give. thou. existence. the heads. thou. share,portion (t'enáu, t'en=split-off,tená=1/4 moon). thou. protection in the hidden background of Saturn (h'a […]

PT 430

PT 430 PT 430 780b] [for] the nut dome (torus). existence. to connect to. existence of speech (‘name’, ren)., of [=by]. to connect to. the mother (-T) [in lampstand]. [as] the belly. of [=for]. to connect to. to become double-new (un-un)., + 780a][by means of] to connect to. the torso [centre] (áb+). [of] sekhem-power.; to […]