CT 606

VI 219

e] [by] the mysterious hidden words (shetau). the word [eden's]. [by] the word-inside of adam-within (áminu). of [by]. d] the divine Betch bull (osiris). this [eden word] (tn). to repulse (khesef).;
c] he (the). heir (áu,deer). [of] helplessness (bagg). [by] the divine father (tef). [for] existence. to hurry into the walled fortress [holding adamite originals] (senebt). [as] the eden realm (NeN). of [=for]. unguent. to make [it] the thing to dissect (s-nemt).;
closing: a] unguent. [for] health [by walled fortress] (seneb;same). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth [north] (speaking creation).;