CT 626

VI 243 — the god Shu speaking, representing pillar and anunna-face;

f] the West. [for] all. am i (nuk).;
j] [as] the divine word. [it's] doorkeeper. head (main doorkeeper). [for] the anunna-face (vesica north)., my. exalted [high place] (qa).; i] [for] the words to flood and fill (meh'u). of [=for]. the house., given. [by] them (ad.souls). [to] me (nuk).;

h] r-r-t, the god Shu as pillar. of [=for]. Osiris'. post-eden dimension (agba). am i (nuk).;
g] [for] he (the). masculine covering (tham). [of] Hemen (proto-Horus). [by] the divine woman [Eve!] (h'emt).;
f] r-r-t, Shu. existence. [for] the divine ancestors (pãtu). [by] the foremost [Adam-glyph!]. to drag., e] [into] the place of Õn. of [=by]. the headcloth-chest [aspects for the head from hebrew-H]. to haul in (stha). d] [to] (the god)Tem ('to complete') [anunna-face,north]., [by] the Thepth'et-cave (south, containing adamite heads). to open (un).;

he (the). 'corner' [attaching point of hebrew-H cube to solarplane, qenbet). [by] Pteh (ptah-god, root of saturn). thou. existence. to make to stand upright (s-ãhã).;
b] [and] Isis (ruling adamite throne). thou. existence. [by] existence (eden's). to make. [for] thou. house. [of] existence., [by] thou. speech. to come., of [=by]. a] to bury [the adamite soul] (qeres]. [for] union (t'emt'). of. existence (matrix).;