CT 186

CT 186

CT 186 III 87

b] the place of the adamite soul’s word., [by means of?] the áten light-wheel. the coverings to unite (make to reap,s-ma). below.; (note)

[as] the place of the adamite soul’s word. [of] beauty (nefer). [by] place-T which is (nt-t). the foremost. [as] the one. neH-t sycamore tree [eden’s]. below [sic]. [for] existence (matrix). to feed-upon [=on the tree] (unem).;
a] thou. existence. to elevate [upwards] (then). [in order for] thou. to feed-upon., [and so] thou. existence (matrix). to give. speech.;

III 86

i] the divine KAr shrine (sing.). [of] adam-within., [for] this (tn). sweetness (speech for solarplane,bnr). [as?] this (pn). landmeasure [branch+T] (other?). of [=for]. my. ãnkh-life.;
h] the gods (matrix). existences to make (via ad.soul). [for] existence of hail.;
g] [by] the passive place-T of the garment-body for hail (á-shes-t+). of [=for]. the speech of hail (ár)., [for] thou. to devour [=-T of garment] (ãm).;

f] the passive place-T of the garment-body for hail (á-shes-t+). of [=for]. he. the speech of hail. [of] thou. ãnkh-life.;
e] the essences of the adamite soul for Saturn (‘dirt’, h’es+). me. to feed-upon. nót.;
[but by?] he. the speech. [for] existence of hail.;
d] [as] every kind of. of [=for]. sekhem-power., [through] the workplace (ás). [for] this. N’s. ‘reality’ (nntt).;

c] the divine doubled-high-place (qa-qa,thes-dome). [of] existence. to say.: to invade (ãq). b] the divine dome of the word-inside [top lamstand]. [for] hail., [by?] the divine phallus [saturn] (h’enn). [of?] the workplace. [as?] the son-construct \\[by?] the wheel-ring. [of?] the divine bend [at axis] (a-khab). [of] hail.; (note)
a] the house of Saturn as the god. of [=as]. two. islands [place-T for kh-house]., to become.;

III 85

l] Geb. [of] speech and nature. [by] the land (south,eden). of [=as]. three. islands {T+kh]., to become. k] the divine light. [of] speech and nature. [by] the sky of earth. of [=as]. four. islands [-T+kh]., to become. j] Osiris (as construct). existence. [by?] the fire-drill. of [=as]. nine. islands [-T+kh]. [in order for] he. existence. [as] m-b-soul-adam to make.;

i] the foreign land’s place-T of the adamite soul [áshest-T?]. the cord [garment?]. to battle. [through] this. divine great speech. [by?] the workplace (ás)., [for] this. N (candidate). ‘reality’ (other?),
h] the dimension by the seed of place-T to make the sh-pool for the word [matrix] (‘urine’, usesht+). this (to connect to). existence (eden)., [in order for] me. the passive one to make great speech [eden] (‘to drink’, s-ur). nót.;

g] [by?] the staff tá [above gate]. place-T to make to be upside-down head in fire (via ad.soul) (s-skht’-t). this. existence (eden’s)., [by means of] me. to wander-astray [=like them]. nót.;
f] he. within. khemi. nót.;
e] the essence. [for] the Ká spirit-double. [of] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep). +
d] [in order] me. to be fed-upon. nót.;
c] the essence of the adamite soul for saturn (h’es). [as] this. my. abomination.,
b] [in order for] me. to be fed-upon (unem). nót.;
a] the doubled wheel (to make new root,sep). [as] my abomination [T of eden-word for solarplane].;

———– end CT 186