CT 68

CT 290
I 290

i] [by] the khu-spirit. the word. to sacrifice (eden’s) (maã). to connect to. speech. to stand upright.; [by means of] the word. to connect to. the thes-support (*pic). [for] this (pn). N-Osiris (candidate). h] of [=for]. to manifest (per).; [through] the essence of the word of the mountain (when eden’s). [for] the speech (matrix). g] [of] abundance (bãh’)., [as] thou. beer (h’eqt). [and] food [aspects]. f] [for] great speech. [by] the sh-pool. of [=for]. thou. existence.; [by means of] them (ad.souls). to overthrow (kher). [through] thou. willpower. to strike [word/saturn] (h’u)., [in order for] d] thou. to carry. existence. the speech. [for] the [an-] face. [and] thou. to make ãnkh-life (?unclear)., [through] thou. of [=bý]. them (ad.souls). the double-speak (krkr). to stand upright.;
this. N-Osiris (candidate). to praise (áa). the stars of the perished adamite soul who are not part of the motherland (*pic, áukhemu-seku). [in order to] thou. existence (eden’s). to bow for (kes)., [because by] them (ad.souls). [is] the double-an-face (‘ten+white hole) (h’er2x).;

I 289

h] [by means of] the slaughtering horus-spirits of the kha-lake (khatiu+knife). thou. existence (eden’s). to overthrow.,
g] [and] the pool-dimension of great speech flourishing (*pic sekht-fields,uatch ur). of [=by] (means of). the leg (*pic). thou. existence (eden’s). to keep captive (sqr).; [and by] f] divine great speech. [of] the divine mooring-place (*pic,thes-dome;menát). thou. existence (eden’s). to command.;
e] [through] Shesat = Seshat. thou. divine mother. the word. to connect to. become restored (tcheb+)., d] [by means of] the double-átert shrine. the double-speak (krkr). to stand upright., c] [and] this. N-Osiris (candidate). to praise (áa). he. the divine secondary. [as] the one. nót.;
[for?] the “One”. this (pu). Sba-stargate. (of speech). a] [as] the divine he of things of stability.\\which is. the foremost (kh). [as] the divine-doubled house of saturn (h’et2x). \\[for] speech of hail (ár\\). [for] thou. existence (matrix). to manifest (per). [for?] the divine rekhit plebs. \\ the word. to repulse (khesef). e], [by means of] the great double-door. \\[as] the word. [for] the great pillar. [for] the double-speak (krkr). to stand upright., d] [in order for] this. N-Osiris. to descend hebrew-H.”;

—— end CT 68

A] notes:
…where the ÁTERT-shrine is used in context here ‘for speech to stand upright’,
then it cannot be far from the concept of Ãrrit’s, BD147;
-same as in CT 10 – the relation with the Sba-stargate of speech (light);
perhaps “double-door” is the sáme as double-áteru-shrine etc.?
— plebs, REKHIT, we have not found yet what they can be: perhaps another
term for ÃH’u, ‘multitude’, but then a false one of artificial souls, who have
‘not yet become a spirit’: in CT* there is an expression-glyph like ‘worms’,