CT 1012


g] the divine light (no rà glyph). existence. decree by law. to become (áu).

f] to untie [sky and earth] (uh’ã). speech. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). husband [hebrew-H] (Hi).

e] to perfect (áqer). [lost]. existence. this. day (Hru, hebrew-H).

d] to untie [heaven and earth]. the prisoner (su). word of beauty (neferu). of [=by]. the m-b-soul-adm. boat of to make by blueprints [from orion] (s-qet’).

c] the adamite soul. the tree of the foremost-adam in áthen [existence/connect to/b-soul] (transit-form of áten/Eden; unclear whát tree). the covering by the word to slay (smau+hair, ‘temple of head’ in dictionary; but ‘covering’). below (kher).

b] the reeds (áaurru, rr; sekhet-áaru). speech for anunna-face. a] the reeds. the speech for the anunna-face. for the beautified-soul. to become new (un).

y] the flesh and bone of the Heir. to make healthy (sic). [by] the foreleg (khepesh).

x] the place of the word-inside Õn. the Ba-souls (solarplane type). the fire-altars (khautu). speech. anunna-face. the divine-doubled branch of doubled-angryness? (sefserfkht+div.div). the beautified-soul. to be angry, hot (serf). to become.

v] the bebes-trees [zizyphus spina christi] (solarplane+bes dwarf). beer measures (h’eqtu). of [=by]. to devour (ãm). the adamite soul. white spelt (bat’t?, solarplane + light of saturn). existence. aspect of death (‘cake+death’). I,my. existence. ãnkh-life. u] within. thou. existence. advanced beautified-soul. this (existence/root). house of the solarplane. of [=by]. the shest garment-body. of [=by]. his speech for the beautified-soul (árf). thou. ãnkh-life.

r] my. existence. to give. speech. woman-prisoner, or: thing of the prisoner (sut; restored glyph). divine sekhempowers. divine great speech. willpower like [adam] (mã). my. existence. to pray (t’ebeh’). thou. existence. to give. speech. existence. [in] name [of].: thou. name. my. existence. to recite?.: the divine light (not rã). [by] the divine daughter (sat+div, Eve?). the divine blossom to carry-off for Sight (as ‘maa áth’, god of 14th áat’). [to?] the Jaw (ãrt, some place in the pillar). [but is] the cord tó eden’s realm. nót.;

p] the land. the sky of earth. the [re] transformation. nót.;
kenemut-ape [mother/of thou/existence]. of [=by]. the pregnant goddess [of the Heir; Revelation-woman]. to sleep  [to make blueprints of] (qet’t’). of [=by]. to birth. his,he (the). dimension. existence. the pregant goddess of the Heir. his,he. dimension. existence. thou. to birth.

m] the divine anunna-face. to open (un). alike adam (MM). my. existence. to manifest (per).

l] to enter. beautified-soul. Sight (maa). to give. thou. speech. to manifest. the beautified-soul. Sight. to give.

k] he. within. to manifest. [by] the SBA-gate. to judge (utchã)(by judging the SBA-gate) (skip j] )

i] [by] he. within., thou. to manifest. [by] the SBA-gate. to judge (utchã). h] [for] the equipment (ãpert, here ãrt). the áakhu-spirit. [as] advanced beautified-soul. the word. to connect to. thou. of [=by]. protection (neHt, hebrew-H, tree south). the great [pillar]. beautified-soul. g] the dirt for? the Ka-spirit-double (?, not ‘vulva’). [of] peace (h’etep,saturn). existence. beautified-soul. peace. nót.;

f]  the beautified-soul. sandals (thebt,solarplane). of [=by]. the adamite soul. speech for the anunna-face. the beautified-soul. to be ploughed over (khent’+thigh). nót.;

e] the b-soul. fingers/10,000ds. of [=by]. [lost]. nót.;

d] the dirt for the ka-double. peace. beautified-soul. to become new (that dirt). nót.;
the dirt [adamite soul+saturn] (h’es). this. dirt. the abomination (but). [for] the beautified-soul. [and] to become new. nót.;

a] the double treshfloor (north+south vesica). beautified-soul’s. abomination. the cemetary below. of [=by]. dirt (h’es). [of] adam-within (sic). by no means to complete (tem+neg.). ;