CT 141

CT 141 II 174

e] the M-realm. to complete (t’em-m)., through T’em [new-hand] (T’em). [for this N.].,
d] [and so] the dimension [north]. of [=as]. the land (eden?). [of] the M-realm. [and] the sky of earth. [of] the M-realm.,

c] he. [for] the divine ones by place-T of the abzu (abt+). [as this N.]. to embrace [existence to make the kh-house] (skhn+).

b] [for] the dimension (north). [of] speech., [as] the land. [of] speech. [and] the sky of earth (north). [of] speech.;

[and so for this N]. thou. [existence?]., of [=by] (means of). +
a] Geb (land upon cube). to divinely complete (T’em)., [and through?] the divine light (rã). to be hail (hail+passive).;

—— end CT 141

A] notes:

Sq3sq is coffin with different syntax as others,
as CT 142 not easy to can follow;

  • – line e] M-realm,
    see textglyph, column e];
    the extra M should be an object to ‘go complete’;
    alternatively it could be a contraction of ‘to complete’ T’EM and ‘alike adam’ MM,
    but we opt for M-realm, see d],
  • – line e] T’em,
    the squatting deity in column e];
    he is representing the ‘slide’, think of the Tutankhamen shrine is standing upon one;
    perhaps reading “the divine slide for the M-realm by the new-hand”,
    where he represents the rule of their new-hand construct.
    The occasional showing ‘negation’ within the t’em-glyph is not yet clear to us –
    we could read it as “in-complete”, but “divine incomplete” makes no Sense here;
  • The eden-hand (as executive region) was first cut-off by (the lynx) MA-F-T’T,
    “the hand of he-eden to reap”; and T’EM follows upon the action of T’+MA-T,
    “place-T-eden to reap for the new-hand”, the order of glyphs inversed.
  • 1)In tuat 1 a ‘mat’ hangs in the prow of Rã’s boat, as T’EMAT, which must then
    already represent the reaped hand, being ferried to the north;
  • 2) Adam is within this new-hand,
    they dropped the -A from AT’M (Adam) into T’M (T’em), but you see that the
    attributes are all closely linked,
  • 3) and if we extend analogies, TEMAn in scripture belongs to Esau-Edom;
    in Jer. 49 is a line addressed “against the inhabitants of Teman”,
    which we here link to the glyph T’EMIÁ, “land alike-adam’s by the new-hand”,
    a term occasionally used in spells.
    Amos 2 reads “..I will send a fire upon Teman, devouring it’s citadels”,
  • – line d] M-realm,
    first we had “the dimension by the land for the sky of earth by he the divine ones, etc”,
    but the causal reasoning was impossible;
    therefore we consider, since he started with M-realm in e],
    he intended the same in this line also;
  • supportive is here ‘dimension’, as MU, ending upon -M, M-realm;
    and compare similar stanza-form in line b],
  • – line b] by means of,
    though also here an -M, we consider the line to run on,
    either way a ‘by’ would follow, as conclusion;
  • – line b] [existence]
    there is a small space lost, and ‘existence’ could fit here
    (unlikely the adamite-soul -S),
  • – line a] Geb
    we do not yet know what can be the difference between T’EMIÁ and GEB [solarplane B],
    likely Geb is another linked region more North, above this region of the new-hand,